Stranger Things’ Caleb McLaughlin Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex


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  • John Rayez
    John Rayez 23 hours ago

    Yeezys are hands down the ugliest sneaker!! The shit people pay for because a famous persons name is on it hahahahahah. Clowns

  • Enrique Osuna
    Enrique Osuna 23 hours ago

    TRAVIS SCOTTS FOR 150!?!?!??!

  • Et1209
    Et1209 4 days ago

    *I cant choose....Ill just get all of them*

  • PapaJohnny
    PapaJohnny 5 days ago

    “the thanos kind of lookin ones”

  • Random Person
    Random Person 6 days ago

    lmao Noah got ONE sneaker which was worth a lot more than all these sneakers that Caleb bought

  • Valgyk Agurka
    Valgyk Agurka 6 days ago

    Shorts 500 dollars dude maybe diamonds inside like holy.

  • Charlie Davis
    Charlie Davis 6 days ago

    Caleb do you moisturize? No. 😵😵🙉💥💥💥💥💥💥

  • Memextreme 45
    Memextreme 45 7 days ago +1

    Buys 6 items and pays $1782 and Noah buys 1 and pays $2700 😂

  • Greg Skinner
    Greg Skinner 7 days ago

    he has a real
    suttle way of being honest

  • Owen Gonzalez
    Owen Gonzalez 7 days ago

    He is learning to be KSI with that bandana.

  • SuperSoldierRom
    SuperSoldierRom 8 days ago

    Where are the shopping

  • B.B Joy
    B.B Joy 9 days ago

    Love how Caleb described a yeezy as a “slip on and go to the store shoe”😩I wish

  • Mr. America
    Mr. America 9 days ago

    He tryna be like nba youngboy

  • Jostein Waaberg
    Jostein Waaberg 10 days ago

    He is not humble

  • XxDefaultPatotazxX
    XxDefaultPatotazxX 10 days ago

    joe isn't wearing rags 👏

  • Aranza Ashley Charles Romero

    Can't wait for season 3 #StrangerThingsJuly4

  • Panda Wunder
    Panda Wunder 13 days ago

    I would’ve just gotten yeezys

  • Patrick Miller Gamble
    Patrick Miller Gamble 15 days ago

    Caleb McLaughlin for president!

  • wkeith sasser
    wkeith sasser 16 days ago

    those thanos yeezys

  • Raymond
    Raymond 16 days ago +1

    Cool dude

  • BrickMaster
    BrickMaster 16 days ago

    Str😍nger Things

  • owentheking 5
    owentheking 5 17 days ago

    this dude wears a size 11 and hes 5'5.........crazy

  • Blondies Lifexo
    Blondies Lifexo 17 days ago +3

    Finn should go sneaker shopping next :))

  • Vincent Calafiore
    Vincent Calafiore 18 days ago

    retail shawty

  • Almost Mexican
    Almost Mexican 18 days ago

    kid its aclled nutbreak not recess stuped noob

  • Issa T
    Issa T 18 days ago

    Wtf this nigga bought Travis Scott Af1 for 150? That’d be a dream come true them bitches are sitting at like 300 rs rn

  • Felix Melto
    Felix Melto 18 days ago +1

    In the last stranger things one Noah gets 1 pair for 3000 and he gets all this for bout 1500

  • Yongene
    Yongene 19 days ago +2

    he remembered to put lotion on his dick

  • Raelyn Merida
    Raelyn Merida 19 days ago

    Me and caleb love the same team

  • Official T.N
    Official T.N 20 days ago

    If Draymond Green ever need a to cast a younger version of himself. Cast this kid!

  • YouGuy 891
    YouGuy 891 22 days ago

    Just give me all of the Pharrell’s 😂

  • SexyOstritch
    SexyOstritch 22 days ago

    Who spends 500 for shorts🤔 oh wait...

  • sHOokIE_qUEeN _sHaNE
    sHOokIE_qUEeN _sHaNE 23 days ago +1

    The most expensive shoes I own are like 70 dollars

  • Konnor Loper
    Konnor Loper 23 days ago

    I just want to point out he called the yeezy, thanos

  • jazzy_ 101XD
    jazzy_ 101XD 24 days ago

    500$ SHOrTs?!?!?!
    WhAt Do YoU MeAN?!?!

  • Sir Geoffrey
    Sir Geoffrey 25 days ago

    You can’t really hate on him if he has the money

  • Hi I cool
    Hi I cool 25 days ago

    Joe seemed to enjoy talking to him

  • Sky Gamer
    Sky Gamer 26 days ago


  • Marcus Lacy
    Marcus Lacy 27 days ago

    Childish Gambino sneaker video

  • YSN Label
    YSN Label 29 days ago

    0:48 ricegum lookin ass

  • Hana Sarimin
    Hana Sarimin 29 days ago

    nah fresh vans get skated and then they get messed up

  • NameHere
    NameHere Month ago

    tyler the creator look a like

  • Trent Ultimatcx
    Trent Ultimatcx Month ago

    Wtf Travis Scott af1 for. 150???

  • Samuel Paye
    Samuel Paye Month ago +1

    He's underrated

  • shepherd
    shepherd Month ago +1

    what a cool kid

  • Melina Perez
    Melina Perez Month ago

    Aren't you from what would you do wwyd

  • I comment everywhere subtome

    How the shorts cost MORE THEN THE SHOESSS

  • ShaqKicks
    ShaqKicks Month ago +1

    This guy is so chill

  • Smashtime
    Smashtime Month ago

    I died when he said "Thanos looking ones" LOL

  • Cinematic Galaxy
    Cinematic Galaxy Month ago

    I can't help but feel like he's going to have a sudden huge growth spurt next year. Kid looks like he could grow to be like 6'3".