EXCLUSIVE Pokemon Sword & Shield GAMEPLAY!

  • Published on Oct 17, 2019
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  • Galaxy Dragon47
    Galaxy Dragon47 13 hours ago

    do the streems

  • Mike Enoya
    Mike Enoya 13 hours ago

    Just asking is it possible to play pokemon in mobile?

  • Isaiah Monaco
    Isaiah Monaco 15 hours ago

    I dont have a Nintendo switch cause I can't afford it

  • Gmina Topólka
    Gmina Topólka 18 hours ago

    I love this vidio

  • OfficialGamer Sam
    OfficialGamer Sam 18 hours ago

    😭😭 no one will but me a switch so as the sword or shield...😭😭

  • Andrew Lasiewicz
    Andrew Lasiewicz 19 hours ago


  • LunaMoon567 !
    LunaMoon567 ! 19 hours ago

    Why did this not show up on your channel page?

  • XxLifexXYT Minecraft.

    Sword and shield is the most easiest game ever...

  • J Kuebler
    J Kuebler Day ago

    Once u get that game, live stream it. It's so great.

  • ToMtRoOpEr
    ToMtRoOpEr Day ago +1

    Are you going to play the full game now it’s out

  • Tin the hoodie demon

    I want to get the game so badly but I can't cause my birthdays coming up and if someone gets it for me and I already bought it that would just be a waste

  • Jeff Jocson
    Jeff Jocson Day ago

    You're so cute hahaha

  • Scarlett Lewis
    Scarlett Lewis Day ago

    Dan you got I want it I love and ITS NOT UK

  • DurpDude1222
    DurpDude1222 2 days ago +1

    Extreme hype: “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh”

  • peridot gem
    peridot gem 2 days ago

    Phss it's called steampunk sanctuary

  • Ryanna
    Ryanna 2 days ago

    i have kind of a British accent

  • Ninja panda 08
    Ninja panda 08 2 days ago

    Do a nuzlocke

  • Alex Escobedo
    Alex Escobedo 2 days ago

    Game looks good but compared to breath of the wild the graphics are ehhh

  • GoodGachaGamer37
    GoodGachaGamer37 2 days ago

    I thought sword and shield took place in Scotland because the trailer music was bagpipes

  • Bardo Tsa
    Bardo Tsa 2 days ago

    Can you have a series on playing the game?

  • Evan Bone
    Evan Bone 2 days ago

    i think its funny how sword and shield comes out one day after my birthday

  • Harpreet Toor
    Harpreet Toor 2 days ago +1

    How times dan said awesome.


  • pokemon profesor
    pokemon profesor 2 days ago

    Yup it's the greatest

  • Lionico Gama
    Lionico Gama 2 days ago

    What happened to Dr tysonar some thing he was legendary

  • Ohio Is For Lovers
    Ohio Is For Lovers 2 days ago

    I was having regrets about preordering this game because of what people are saying about it, but this got me more excited so I rly hope its good lol

  • Chylly
    Chylly 2 days ago

    Mmmmm I still think that x&y is the best

  • Maria Lopez
    Maria Lopez 2 days ago

    Dan u in Southampton cuz that’s where I live (it’s in UK
    don’t worry about looking in Asia XD)

  • Pip Hupalo
    Pip Hupalo 2 days ago

    Dan made a video with the same thum nail on pokemandanlv45

  • Santhosh Kumar Matcha
    Santhosh Kumar Matcha 2 days ago +1

    play Pokemon sword please!

  • Zelite Dewd
    Zelite Dewd 2 days ago

    Sword and sheild looks amazing

  • Zelite Dewd
    Zelite Dewd 2 days ago

    I’ve never played any of the 3d games i just have their merch

  • TurboLiquidGaming
    TurboLiquidGaming 2 days ago

    What capture card does he use?

  • Team iKONZ
    Team iKONZ 2 days ago +1

    I want to buy this game! But i dont know if i should choose Sword or Shield. Wich version are you going to buy? I hopefully i get one answer on my question! :)

    • Ohio Is For Lovers
      Ohio Is For Lovers 2 days ago

      Team iKONZ im buying sword because I prefer the pokemon in it

  • SZX _Shadow
    SZX _Shadow 2 days ago +1

    Please make a playthrough of it when it comes out

  • Criste Dagunan
    Criste Dagunan 2 days ago

    Pokemon HQ

  • Lanz Edwin Salinas
    Lanz Edwin Salinas 2 days ago

    Plss make a walkthrough

  • Veczey
    Veczey 2 days ago

    “Greatest Pokémon game you’ve ever played” usually when people get paid to say things they try a little harder to hide it but you sir have done the opposite. Might be one of the worst to date with all these cuts they’ve done due to laziness

  • Brick Gamer
    Brick Gamer 2 days ago


  • NeonGenesisX
    NeonGenesisX 2 days ago

    Oh God the lag...

  • Kat Eclipse
    Kat Eclipse 2 days ago

    I am also a fan of pokemon and this game's Drawings is BEAUTIFUL!

    NAMEL3SS 2 days ago +1

    I'm a tiny bit British

  • Galaxy Master llama
    Galaxy Master llama 2 days ago


  • Fury gaming
    Fury gaming 2 days ago

    Your back!!!

  • Mr King anime
    Mr King anime 2 days ago

    What should I get sword or shield

  • Potato Person
    Potato Person 2 days ago


  • GoldenDocSonic
    GoldenDocSonic 2 days ago

    2:11 c-c-Caesar?


  • PheonixStar 56
    PheonixStar 56 2 days ago

    I want to know about pokemon but I don't know how

  • superdankgameplay
    superdankgameplay 2 days ago

    How much is game freak paying you to shill?

  • cheersummit17 /210/
    cheersummit17 /210/ 2 days ago

    8:23 omg galor zigzagoon

  • jojo Cummings
    jojo Cummings 3 days ago

    It’s tomorrow

  • Hayden Hale
    Hayden Hale 3 days ago

    My favorite Pokemon is a TOTODILE

  • Internet Network Systems

    Scorbunny’s Mid Evolution is Raboot

  • DD AND JJ Game and Vlog Channel

    Rival chooses weaker starter
    Dan: only game that can do dat
    Sun and moon: 🤭🤔😐😑🤬😤

  • wiiztec
    wiiztec 3 days ago

    Does it feel good standing on the backs of dead pokemon?

  • Rocknumber gaming
    Rocknumber gaming 3 days ago

    I watch the trailer and I see the trainer Jump for apples sun and moon am I a joke to you

  • Kitty Troublemaker
    Kitty Troublemaker 3 days ago

    "Never before seen"
    We saw it months ago.

  • Johnathan Howard
    Johnathan Howard 3 days ago

    England England England England.
    That grass is soo English
    That house is totally English
    Omg English English

  • Nyrhtak Ingar
    Nyrhtak Ingar 3 days ago +1

    I'm just dissapointed with this game. Not having companion or ride pokemon is SUCH a let down for me.

  • Leo Hicks
    Leo Hicks 3 days ago

    Plz look at this I love your videos you are the best plz look at this

  • Leo Hicks
    Leo Hicks 3 days ago

    Do a nuzlock