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  • Chyna Palmer
    Chyna Palmer 48 minutes ago

    oh my

  • Morgan Webb
    Morgan Webb 55 minutes ago

    gorgeous voice, how peaceful. :)

  • Crissyalyce.
    Crissyalyce. 3 hours ago

    I’m sooooooooooooooooo confused

  • IamRochelyy
    IamRochelyy 4 hours ago +1

    No no tbh u got toooooo much highlight

  • IamRochelyy
    IamRochelyy 4 hours ago +1

    Ur voice scares me☹️

  • IamRochelyy
    IamRochelyy 4 hours ago +1

    6:45 the eyebrows 😭😭😭 new trend

  • IamRochelyy
    IamRochelyy 4 hours ago +1

    Yoo is so funny how he speaking so hard like trying to speak harsh😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Samantha Diaz
    Samantha Diaz 5 hours ago

    Glad to know white people are still making themselves darker for money

  • Skeleton
    Skeleton 5 hours ago

    he sounds like nigella lawson but with a deeper voice.

  • Hadde Nakawesi
    Hadde Nakawesi 6 hours ago

    Well that was intense

  • Lacey Walker
    Lacey Walker 6 hours ago

    I’m so confused.

  • lamia habadi
    lamia habadi 6 hours ago

    Are you human?

  • Alice Brum
    Alice Brum 7 hours ago

    I truly am intruiged as to where your accent is from.

  • ash bash
    ash bash 7 hours ago

    The ultimate troll.

  • Robin Weerd
    Robin Weerd 10 hours ago

    voice is a little bit pushed together but that makeup DAMNNNN

  • Vania Nyarko
    Vania Nyarko 10 hours ago

    You speak so elegantly I love it

  • DearArt
    DearArt 12 hours ago

    I absolutely love ur explanations, ur accent and precise use of words! Not that limited vocabulary that is often heard from beauty guru on youtube! Im subscribing😉

  • ruetairat Matoy
    ruetairat Matoy 15 hours ago

    I'm new subscriber..😉😊❤️❤️

  • Erica Scribner
    Erica Scribner 15 hours ago

    I have learned a substantial amount from you about makeup in just one video!

  • Amy Lorenz
    Amy Lorenz 16 hours ago

    it was my first time watching your videos...I got Hella scared😂 but you are cool tho

  • Meg Angela
    Meg Angela Day ago

    I love your sense of humor!!

  • I can’t believe it’s not butter

    this is my first time on this channel, and I’ve been scrolling through the comments for a while, and I’ve only seen 4 hate comments, which makes me happy idk lol

  • xEmpty.Abyssx
    xEmpty.Abyssx Day ago

    After every video of yours I watch, I gain atleast 1 new vocabulary word.
    Today, it was "sacrosanct"
    Thank you.

  • Chlobobo
    Chlobobo Day ago

    This was so helpful. I swear we must be related because I have the exact same nose and my great grandma's maiden name was MacLean.

  • Ttckdos The Tall
    Ttckdos The Tall Day ago +1

    Just me or does he have resting murderer face? I feel like he's staring into my soul it's mildly unnerving ahaha sure he's not like.. heh

  • MsHalloZ
    MsHalloZ Day ago

    You really made me smile with your behavior and the way you Talk! You are stunning! 😊

  • S and R Productions

    You look and sound like a drag queen

  • Skarce;Koherence

    Can "Seamlessness" be a text alert? Like the way he says it is absolutely fantastic.

  • christina Demare

    why do u look so much like Sansa stark ??

  • Ava Johnson
    Ava Johnson Day ago

    Reminds me of a vampire from the 1800s

  • Chris E
    Chris E Day ago

    Hello John, I have recently discovered your channel and I am binging on your lovely videos! You are such a unique and enrapturing presence. Also, your videos brighten my days. Thank you for bringing us such great content.
    A small question, if I may: what is your opinion of cats?

  • Dark94light
    Dark94light Day ago

    I now want to use the phrase "ever so slightly" constantly because John makes it sound so good

  • Princess Kimmie
    Princess Kimmie Day ago +1

    This is absolutely brilliant. I love your voice so much btw

  • Darkdreams2401
    Darkdreams2401 Day ago

    I don’t know why this was in my recommend videos...but it looked interesting...and I don’t know why this is reminding me of a female bob Ross with makeup...oh wait I know why, I just watched the Deadpool 2 bob Ross trailer

  • Tahyung'sSmile
    Tahyung'sSmile 2 days ago

    Now I need you to do asmr

  • Camila Pacheco
    Camila Pacheco 2 days ago


  • Bubble Lover
    Bubble Lover 2 days ago

    Your over here slaying and looking extra while I still can't do my eyeshadow 😭

  • Destiny LauraJo
    Destiny LauraJo 2 days ago

    You ended up looking like Jaclyn hill ❤️

  • AT Nguyen
    AT Nguyen 2 days ago

    looking hot john!

  • Beauty Love
    Beauty Love 2 days ago

    *When i look at his hand it looks like somone else is applying the makeup, because of the skin colour* 💛love the video tho 😁😁😁

  • Sarah
    Sarah 2 days ago

    Your nose contour technique, brilliant. I too have a good nose shaft, but I couldn't seem to get the desired look of overall slimness because of my tip . I cannot wait to wake up tomorrow and try it your method! Much love John, gorgeous look.

  • Alien FromSpace
    Alien FromSpace 2 days ago

    You’re very talented

  • Alien FromSpace
    Alien FromSpace 2 days ago

    Stewie❣️ you grew into your head 🤗

  • Slime Is Life
    Slime Is Life 2 days ago


  • Lara Villasboa
    Lara Villasboa 2 days ago

    You are one amazing human being, thank you for existing

  • Alice Jones
    Alice Jones 2 days ago

    Boy...john has that look of "pay attention to me or I shall kill you" .anyone else notice lol

  • Olivia Jackson
    Olivia Jackson 2 days ago

    I deal with a lot of anxiety. Watching your videos help with that tremendously. Plus, you are absolutely gorgeous. I'm glad I found your channel. :)

  • Ravenspoetry333
    Ravenspoetry333 2 days ago

    YT umsubbed me from you, I've remedied the situation. 🖤💜🖤

  • izzie
    izzie 2 days ago

    i should be doing english revision..homestly this is the same thing tho right?

  • Celia Hernando Alarcia

    I firmly believe this whole video is either a wonderfully dodgy joke or the most cunning shade I've ever seen.

  • Crysus Bu
    Crysus Bu 2 days ago

    Are you male to female?

  • FNAF fan 19998
    FNAF fan 19998 2 days ago

    You seem to be starring into my soul! 😳

  • catecrookmua
    catecrookmua 2 days ago

    Egyptian vibes oooo!

  • thalia Alita
    thalia Alita 2 days ago

    You look so g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s in ur voice.

  • Charlie jons
    Charlie jons 2 days ago

    i only enter the video to listen listen listen😍🎶

  • Sofie Buelens
    Sofie Buelens 2 days ago

    i was not ready

  • Leahography
    Leahography 2 days ago

    Moon tan! I love it.

  • Add my sc - eryn68
    Add my sc - eryn68 2 days ago

    Where is he from?

  • Krystal Hernandez
    Krystal Hernandez 2 days ago

    Holy shit!! Starting at about 5:46, I thought he was going to cut a bitch if I didn't use his technique for nose contour. 😂 I do love his makeup skills though, very talented. No hate, just thought it was funny. ✌

  • Ms Chin
    Ms Chin 3 days ago

    You didn't look weird without your brows... like I've seen others cover their brows and immediately, I'd see a stark difference, but your beauty is ever present no matter what. This was another gorgeous look overall.

  • katherina Aguilera
    katherina Aguilera 3 days ago

    This real voice

  • Stephanie Nielsen
    Stephanie Nielsen 3 days ago

    you look boujee af

  • Paulina Imbert
    Paulina Imbert 3 days ago

    I just found you and I can genuinely say that I love you

  • BellaGlam TV
    BellaGlam TV 3 days ago

    Loveeeeee this look!

  • Seikira Maesonzai
    Seikira Maesonzai 3 days ago +1

    Why is there so many dislikes on John's video? It wasn't like that a few days ago???
    Anyways Love you John!!! ❤❤❤

  • Tabata Cash
    Tabata Cash 3 days ago +1

    I just discovered you with this video and ...you just literally bewitched me. !! ..i have already subcribed too !! Wonderful job John, you are Amazing...and your voice gave me such a relaxing and peacful moment ! Thank you , i will come back soon ! ;)

  • knowsLordhelpme
    knowsLordhelpme 3 days ago

    Is this a transgender?

    • Kate Hollaway
      Kate Hollaway 2 days ago

      knowsLordhelpme no, just a man who is a makeup artist and likes to do makeup :)

    BEST MEDIA 3 days ago +2

    "Girl look how fucking orange u look" hahahah, gorgeous ❤️

  • Bethy Newb
    Bethy Newb 3 days ago +1

    Let's just take a second to appreciate his accent omfg it's so fancy

  • Bethy Newb
    Bethy Newb 3 days ago

    He looks well creepy when he stares at the camera I'm freaked out

  • Tatiana Terza
    Tatiana Terza 3 days ago

    blue eyes definitely pop out on bronze skin!

  • Vanessa Kay
    Vanessa Kay 3 days ago

    Oml I live for that cream contour palette 😫😍

  • sugarhoney
    sugarhoney 3 days ago


  • Jungkooks timberlands

    How is his voice so... Majestetic and classy??

  • emer green
    emer green 3 days ago

    Moon tan😂😂😭😭

  • mia stonem
    mia stonem 3 days ago

    Hi John lol

  • Ben Weimer
    Ben Weimer 3 days ago

    Holy crap I actually threw my phone when I saw your face 😂

  • Luna Lexy
    Luna Lexy 3 days ago

    I am scared

  • kayla anne
    kayla anne 3 days ago

    I can't with his voice I'm having an orgasm

  • Emma Xx
    Emma Xx 3 days ago

    Not the voice I expected.

  • Grace L
    Grace L 3 days ago

    Love it , your voice sounds like Mrs doutfire ❤️❤️xx

  • Anaeya Kelley
    Anaeya Kelley 3 days ago

    Sounds like that high in authority alien off of Lilo and Stitch calling out experiments when he gives brush numbers...brush number "126"

  • Elida Bukvic
    Elida Bukvic 3 days ago +1

    I feel like he's a serial killar

  • SlowlyDyingMagikarp
    SlowlyDyingMagikarp 3 days ago

    you know... with darker make on on the fair skin...I CAN FINALLY SEE WHAT PEOPLE ARE DOING TO LOOK FABULOUS MORE CLEARLY.
    Usually it just blends with their skin tone and im just like "I can't tell what they did.. like at all.." So- this video was cool.

  • Shayri Garg
    Shayri Garg 3 days ago

    Does anyone know of a non mattifying loose powder?

  • Nikera Eulin
    Nikera Eulin 3 days ago

    Your voice is so calming

  • [ K ]
    [ K ] 3 days ago

    i'm mesmerized. this is the first video i've seen of yours and i am shOOK 😍

  • Marilina Jiménez
    Marilina Jiménez 3 days ago

    I love everything about this film.

  • Ian Varela
    Ian Varela 3 days ago

    Is seh a male or a female?

  • Angel persuasion
    Angel persuasion 3 days ago

    I’m gonna start saying “ever so slightly “ hahaha so cute 😂😂😂

  • Rainbow Unicorn
    Rainbow Unicorn 3 days ago

    Where his eyebrows sorry this is my first time watching

  • Rainbow Unicorn
    Rainbow Unicorn 3 days ago

    I legit thaiugt he was a girl but sorrey

  • Cindy Likersa
    Cindy Likersa 3 days ago +5

    Don’t know why but you really freak me out but I kinda like it😂 great vid

  • Grace Gadsden
    Grace Gadsden 3 days ago

    Is that a real accent

  • SimplyMaddi
    SimplyMaddi 3 days ago

    um... what did I just watch? 0.0

    • La Belle Hyūga
      La Belle Hyūga 3 days ago

      A very intelligent, very talented person with the voice of a mythical creature doing his makeup.

  • annie acosta
    annie acosta 3 days ago +1

    hearing him compare his forehead to the size of russia with his very classy voice is the best thing ive experienced today

  • DawnOfTheSmurfs
    DawnOfTheSmurfs 3 days ago

    John are you Scottish? Or have lived in Scotland? I keep hearing a slight Scott twang in there

  • angela Quillen
    angela Quillen 3 days ago

    Your voice is gorgeous as well as you but that voice. Love!

  • Olivia Campos
    Olivia Campos 3 days ago

    This is the first video I've ever watched of yours. I immediately subscribed! Your technique is flawless and I really appreciate how genuine you seem! Keep it up ❤️

  • Raluca Rusu
    Raluca Rusu 3 days ago

    How I used to do my make up in middle school