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  • worldofgoldenmoths
    worldofgoldenmoths 23 minutes ago

    You creeped me out at first,not gonna lie, but you are absolutely beautiful and stunningly talented at what you do! Kudos! Fabulous!

  • Wanda Velez
    Wanda Velez 2 hours ago


  • Ellen Beauty Joy
    Ellen Beauty Joy 2 hours ago

    I love when you crack jokes, its perfect

  • Ash Tesera
    Ash Tesera 6 hours ago

    gosh! i am realy shocked to see the transformation of befor and after makeup on.i am now really scared dating white woman.i don,t want to have a nightmare after i see this video.i never have excepected this hiden underworld secret of white people fake beauity. i thank God for giving me the perfect skin tone(North East Africa/Ethiopia)

  • Anne Marie
    Anne Marie 14 hours ago

    There are an awful lot of layers of foundational make-up. When did needing so many layers happen?

  • A nicole
    A nicole 17 hours ago +1

    please dont take offensive to this, but you sound like "Mrs. Doubtfire!" I LOVE MRS.DOUBFIRE!! XOXO SUCH A SOOTHING VOICE AND BEAUTIFUL ACCENT

  • beatrice basil
    beatrice basil 18 hours ago

    WOW! That was amazing!

  • riqani 76
    riqani 76 18 hours ago


  • Vala Houy
    Vala Houy 19 hours ago

    What a unique voice! Love it!

  • Martha R Beltran Turriago
    Martha R Beltran Turriago 19 hours ago +1

    No se cómo llegué aquí, pero este personaje da miedo por donde se le vea

  • Влада Лолололо

    У тебя странный акцент ,но мне понравилось😍

  • Belkis W
    Belkis W 23 hours ago

    right, I am now blinded by your eyes!

  • radicallytubular

    You sound so golden age Transcontinental

  • Emmie M'Doihoma Aristangele


  • Carmen Morales
    Carmen Morales Day ago

    I’m glad I found your channel I just sub 🤗🤗🤗👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Madison Brx
    Madison Brx Day ago

    5:47 was so creepy

  • ELI Ivanova
    ELI Ivanova Day ago

    Am I the only one who find this super scary...

  • Vanilla Bae
    Vanilla Bae Day ago

    Why does she remind me of Hannibal Lector 😂😂

  • john miller
    john miller Day ago

    Professional work, do u get paid for this. You should.

  • john miller
    john miller Day ago

    I honestly think that you're talented at dramatic makeup, and I couldn't tell if you're a girl or a boy. If you're trans gender going for the girl look, you are doing a great job. Piece n love.

  • Pam J
    Pam J Day ago

    I wish I would’ve taken English classes with you! Awesome mk tutorial.

  • Taka Tuka
    Taka Tuka Day ago

    not herself anymore

  • Taka Tuka
    Taka Tuka Day ago

    from a zombie to an barby..sorry...its scared

  • Taka Tuka
    Taka Tuka Day ago

    Copletly another Person...

  • Taka Tuka
    Taka Tuka Day ago

    it can be marvellaus when you pimp yourself up..but my question is;what happens when you look in the mirror in the morning? You are You..oke pip up can never be false..but such as?

  • Sandrinha Farias

    Adorei ficou muito bom!!😘

  • Cathryn Ortiz
    Cathryn Ortiz Day ago

    God bless you. U r truly talented. If u r ever in Philadelphia, PA (Home of the Superbowl Champions - The Philadelphia Eagles), please look me up. I would love for you to do my makeup and in exchange we can go go out for dinner and painting. Have a blessed week. Peace and Love. 💖

  • cheyne carson
    cheyne carson Day ago

    i just fucken love everything about you!! that voice and how intense you get haha you have a look in your eyes like you are going to kill me if i don't take ll of your instructions literally. ive got to get me all these products. i was an alcoholic for 10 years and im just waking up!! (haha to make up is what I meant to say) this is amazing xo

  • palehoney79
    palehoney79 2 days ago

    "I do have quite a large forehead... about the mass of Russia"

  • cool af
    cool af 2 days ago


  • Thanuyaa P
    Thanuyaa P 2 days ago

    Does anyone know what the eyeshadow holder at 7:24 is called?

  • Heavens Light
    Heavens Light 2 days ago

    wow, just gorgeous

  • NOA XO
    NOA XO 2 days ago

    Okay idk what this is

  • lin joah
    lin joah 2 days ago


  • Lisa Vivola
    Lisa Vivola 2 days ago

    Oh my, his voice sounds like Mrs. Doubtfire.........

  • Robertas Rajuncas
    Robertas Rajuncas 2 days ago

    Gotta send this To Lithuanian Basketball team, im so tired of Bronze too!!!

  • Alexandra Garza
    Alexandra Garza 3 days ago

    You are mesmerizing. Your voice, your natural features. I wish you joy.

  • Adry C.
    Adry C. 3 days ago

    your natural skin color is amazing , why do you put brown makeup?

  • Melinda Shriver
    Melinda Shriver 3 days ago

    Oh my God. He is plum scary..wow.

  • Markfinka
    Markfinka 3 days ago

    What a beautiful baked face.........

  • Siti Aisyah Tanduyan


  • Sushanna Sepulveda
    Sushanna Sepulveda 3 days ago

    Bravo. Bravo. Gorgeous. Bellisima! Muah.XxX

  • SupremeXZ
    SupremeXZ 3 days ago

    Amazing, I like it very much! Your BLUE eyes are so perfect and so unique! You are some very special person and very gifted! Wish you all the best! Take care

  • Samantha Cruz
    Samantha Cruz 3 days ago

    When you're done can you read us a bedtime story ? 🤗

  • SophieLPS
    SophieLPS 3 days ago

    "Because I do have quite a large forehead, it almost has the sane mass as russia" rofl 🤣

  • Ernests Kalns
    Ernests Kalns 3 days ago

    Сдаётся, что Г.А. набила руку, подрабатывая в порноиндустрии.

  • Ernests Kalns
    Ernests Kalns 3 days ago

    Не скажу откуда растут её руки, но вот глаза визажистки точно именно там. Из "девушек", которым далеко за 18-ть она реально создала Снежных Королев, а красоту молоденьких просто кастрировала. Молодых-симпатичных, как под копирку, превратила в перезрелых шалав. За искл-ем 3:55, если это на свадьбу. Сейчас модно выходить замуж в 35-ть.

  • Kimberly Schwartz
    Kimberly Schwartz 3 days ago

    Wow..I really thought u were woman..its amazing, truly! U look like a woman, even without makeup.You are beautiful, with and without makeup! Why do u shave your brows?

  • reisner38
    reisner38 3 days ago


  • Magdalena Rykaczewska

    You super,perfect!!!namber 1,I'lov you,beautiful!!!😘😘😘😘👏👏👏👍👍👍💝💝💝

  • nictrec cioc
    nictrec cioc 4 days ago

    Geyu matiiii

  • Klingeling Whiteknee

    This is unbeleavable!! This is Art,,,and you,,are an awesome artist!! I love your clip,and i hope to see more from you !!

  • Chevanique Tulloch
    Chevanique Tulloch 4 days ago

    Is this a man or woman

  • jediflower
    jediflower 4 days ago


  • a nomad and a beatbox music

    this is normal?

  • Kayla Lord
    Kayla Lord 4 days ago

    Amazing, a true artist

  • OceanEyes
    OceanEyes 4 days ago

    "It almost has the same mass as Russia." You're too funny! And I love that hint of an Irish/Scottish accent! (I can't tell which, I don't have a very good ear for that sort of thing.)

  • Phine XO
    Phine XO 5 days ago

    You speak very clear 😌👏🏼👍🏼

  • Mae Woodward
    Mae Woodward 5 days ago

    I have so many questions.

  • oluś BK
    oluś BK 5 days ago

    Ale akcent... OMG

  • Nina Doorn
    Nina Doorn 5 days ago

    When I look you in the eyes I have the feeling I’m being hypnotized😶

  • ragged Jeannes
    ragged Jeannes 5 days ago

    Cate Blanchett

  • Hilda Britt
    Hilda Britt 6 days ago

    Also, you had somewhat of a blank canvas to work on..

  • Hilda Britt
    Hilda Britt 6 days ago

    I must say, you are an artist, extraordinaire! You really know your craft. High praise to you! Oh, also I love your accent.

  • Mavit Lucia Padilla Guerreri

    no entendi pero este wey se save maquillar mejor q yo

  • felicity for now
    felicity for now 6 days ago

    Thats to much😐

  • Emna Belhaj
    Emna Belhaj 6 days ago

    This video was super informative, especially the nose contouring part, but I was very creeped out by the accent and the very serious word selection. It made it seem like makeup was a matter of life or death lol. And when he looks straight into the camera and opens his eyes very wide and overpronounces some words like "film" with a very serious expression, it gives me the chills.

  • Aurora Oruci
    Aurora Oruci 6 days ago

    Amazing i love it !!!

  • Hannah Moody
    Hannah Moody 6 days ago

    The blue eyes are cool just thought it may look more natural if you could add maybe hazel or brown eyes but the blue is nice 👍

  • Daniela Reyes
    Daniela Reyes 6 days ago +96

    I feel like this person invented the English language

    • Tabitha Tascione
      Tabitha Tascione 22 hours ago

      I feel like this is the most accurate comment I've ever read

  • Samira Junkersdorf
    Samira Junkersdorf 6 days ago

    Your way of speaking to the camera is fucking creepy

  • lusine agabekyan
    lusine agabekyan 6 days ago

    Omg your voice is so cool I love it

  • Apo Ynal
    Apo Ynal 6 days ago +1

    Looked like a witch hhhhhaaaaa hah hahahahahahahaa

  • Katrina bartley
    Katrina bartley 6 days ago

    wow!! youre so talented!!

  • Fabiola Yañez
    Fabiola Yañez 6 days ago

    Me faltó ver tus manos maquilladas por que son blancas como la leche y no se ve bien con tu cara tan tostada

  • Loogie Loo
    Loogie Loo 6 days ago

    At the end you look like my ex-room-mate..(that means you look beautiful and all)..but in the beginning of the video...in spite of all the spots...you are 1.000 times more beautiful.

  • New Life
    New Life 6 days ago

    I love he accent and voice so classy and elegant........

  • Anthony Vogler
    Anthony Vogler 7 days ago

    your tan looks way too dark

  • Marta Maciejewska
    Marta Maciejewska 7 days ago

    Wow! 💖

  • Alisha //
    Alisha // 7 days ago

    your voice is so soothing

  • Helen Day
    Helen Day 7 days ago

    Does interpol know about this?

  • Terrayo Meran
    Terrayo Meran 7 days ago

    Exceptional bone structure.

  • Nina Shin
    Nina Shin 7 days ago

    You are amazing as white woman. You are so talented. Congratulations.

  • Karen Greene
    Karen Greene 7 days ago

    Beautiful diction and brilliant advice. I need you in my life 💓💓

  • Solo Eldritch
    Solo Eldritch 7 days ago

    that is MAGIC!! i never wear makeup because the stuff i can afford i am allergic to..very not good. :D

  • Nikkey's Place
    Nikkey's Place 8 days ago

    Your voice just makes me happy lol

  • Shawna Males
    Shawna Males 8 days ago

    I HATE a fat tip! 😘

  • Михаил Болелов

    А когда она проснется с любимым человеком, будет так же как и 17мин.39сек. назад. Лучше природной красоты нет.

  • Alina Tatariya
    Alina Tatariya 8 days ago

    I have the same white skin, I want to be darker skin, n I tried the dark foundation, but I'm looking like a gost(((

  • Andy Simmons
    Andy Simmons 8 days ago +2

    Willam brought me here! ☺️☺️☺️

  • Billie-Jo Bratton
    Billie-Jo Bratton 8 days ago

    You talk so beautiful and eloquently 👌

  • Viloriz Vegazo
    Viloriz Vegazo 8 days ago

    very very nice, you stayed very well

  • The Hectic Channel
    The Hectic Channel 8 days ago

    holy fucking shit

  • m marti
    m marti 8 days ago


  • Maxie Moore
    Maxie Moore 8 days ago

    am i the only one who got a Boy George vibe here? :-)

  • Heidi P
    Heidi P 8 days ago

    What I wouldn't give to have someone like you to do my makeup! Fabulous, you are!

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  • I dk
    I dk 9 days ago

    Myyy this person accent is so soothing

  • ischwi
    ischwi 9 days ago

    You've turned your beautiful male face into a womans carnival mask. Let just your eyebrows grow again and all is ok.

  • Julie Rochforte
    Julie Rochforte 9 days ago

    You look "Drop dead gorgeous!" but I fear I would need a science degree to carry it off. Plus my bathroom isn't big enough for all those different products, (nor is my memory up to figuring out what each one is for and what order it's applied). If you're ever in Australia I would LOVE you to make me up to look like that though. You are a true artist.