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  • cityfashioncentercom Clark

    this is scary that someone could do this

  • cityfashioncentercom Clark

    do not even look like the same person no one would even recognise you

  • cityfashioncentercom Clark

    looks almost black

  • samiam2088
    samiam2088 8 hours ago

    "Imagine how tragic this would be if it were irrevocable"

  • designerdreams x
    designerdreams x 8 hours ago

    u make me uncomfortable.

  • rotting viscera
    rotting viscera 18 hours ago

    I love your voice!

  • Katie Stoddard
    Katie Stoddard 19 hours ago

    The way you speak, makes me feel so un-intelligent.

  • Елена Гукова

    что ж каждый день такой красивой не ходишь?

  • Julie Oliveira
    Julie Oliveira Day ago

    Tô é passada

  • Francesca
    Francesca Day ago

    3:59 Magnolia Crawford called and she wants her nose back

  • Brittney Gearheard
    Brittney Gearheard Day ago +1

    You hands down have the most captivating voice I have ever heard "in person". Your vocabulary is magnificent. Listening to a make up tutorial in a highly educated vernacular is intriguing.

  • Jeepergirl
    Jeepergirl Day ago

    Beautiful ! Thanks for sharing all your techniques.

  • Savage Vargas
    Savage Vargas 2 days ago

    Horrible!! Just horrible!!! Ewwwwwwww

  • Happy Girl
    Happy Girl 3 days ago

    Boy or girl 🙂

  • adelwils kamilah
    adelwils kamilah 3 days ago

    The voice, scary me

  • Eliott R
    Eliott R 3 days ago +1

    “It almost has the same mass as Russia” - I died

  • Isabel Muñoz
    Isabel Muñoz 3 days ago

    Ahora habria q tener esos ojos!!!

  • Isabel Muñoz
    Isabel Muñoz 3 days ago

    Que buen trabajo! Bravooo!!

  • Jessa Ann
    Jessa Ann 3 days ago

    This is the most scary tutorial Ive ever watched. 💔😂

  • babybluex
    babybluex 4 days ago +1

    I love the way he talks and the sound of his voice also he has a great sense of humour.

  • Jacks Sosa
    Jacks Sosa 4 days ago

    Do you mean Zoeva??

  • Gail Adie
    Gail Adie 4 days ago

    You look like Jaclyn Hill with the tan foundation and your eye makeup.

  • Josie Hodder
    Josie Hodder 4 days ago

    What does irevequibale mean

  • Crazy for Being so Lonely

    Very handsome

  • Ksenia .v
    Ksenia .v 5 days ago

    “I’m going to apply a little bit of that around forehead as do I have quite a large forehead. Its almost the same mass as Russia” *I’m dying*

  • Fandom Trash
    Fandom Trash 5 days ago

    How do I address John? He? Her? They?

  • Yvonne Charlton
    Yvonne Charlton 6 days ago

    Absolutely Fabulous Darling X

  • Tammy Smith
    Tammy Smith 6 days ago

    Amazing and beautiful. But I thought you were gorgeous before you started!

  • Luxxurious Pearls
    Luxxurious Pearls 6 days ago

    He gave me a 12 midnight feeling watching a scary movie..😵

  • Roxanne Russell
    Roxanne Russell 6 days ago

    your eyes are amazing

  • Simply Me
    Simply Me 6 days ago

    we love a tanface queen

  • SaltandHoney UT
    SaltandHoney UT 7 days ago

    The end result looks like an alien.

  • Diamante negro
    Diamante negro 7 days ago

    Puagggg que asco

  • it's saturday night hoes

    I have quite a large forehead, it's almost the same mass as Russia.

  • nikath yasmeen
    nikath yasmeen 7 days ago

    SHe looks horrible

  • Kayla Burk
    Kayla Burk 7 days ago

    Im sorry but you're voice is like dark but love ur um... Make up look 😍

  • Tawanna Jackson
    Tawanna Jackson 8 days ago

    that's not gold everything that glitter ain't gold and she ain't even glittering with that make up and tan that's not even her real face it's made up and look biege lol

  • Tanya B
    Tanya B 8 days ago

    You forgot your ears.

  • Evelin Ay
    Evelin Ay 8 days ago

    I really felt that "take care" at the end, I don't even know what happened but I feel so determined to take care of myself now??

  • Momi Ambar
    Momi Ambar 8 days ago

    Me da asco esa mujer...

  • MyInspiredGlam
    MyInspiredGlam 8 days ago

    I love it

  • noodlesafistaken
    noodlesafistaken 8 days ago +1

    Hands down best nose contour I've seen in ages. Looks like a nose job. Flawless.

  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname 8 days ago

    Was not expecting such a full, sophisticated voice. Please read for audio books.

  • Desi Lea
    Desi Lea 8 days ago


  • samantha simon
    samantha simon 8 days ago

    You look better tanned. Start taking melanin shots.

    KXLXH 9 days ago

    what part of Britain is this guy from?

  • Raissa Ifelo
    Raissa Ifelo 9 days ago

    He speak like Michael Jackson

  • Jaci Cain Sumner
    Jaci Cain Sumner 9 days ago

    It's so creepy I want to keep watching

  • Michelle Allen
    Michelle Allen 9 days ago

    Is this a joke? This guy (girl?) just taught us how to create the perfect cheeto face. Thanks for that.

  • Delix86
    Delix86 9 days ago

    No le entiendo ni madres...ok si le entiendo pero debo decir que su ingles es algo satisfactorio de escuchar ❤❤❤ I love the way he talk.

  • inna shut
    inna shut 9 days ago

    Such a trans,😑😱😱😱😱😰

  • Mee-Mee's World
    Mee-Mee's World 9 days ago

    The voice reminds me a Robin Williams when he played Mrs. Doubtfire! I love it it’s very Soothing

  • H D
    H D 9 days ago

    Amazing transformation.

  • finnnley. equestrian
    finnnley. equestrian 10 days ago

    *T H E S H A F T A N D T I P*

  • Humaira Muntaha
    Humaira Muntaha 10 days ago

    he has got a bogie in his nose 6:09

  • namook1965
    namook1965 10 days ago

    That was funny!

  • Poodleinacan
    Poodleinacan 10 days ago

    I don't think makeup does good to your skin...

  • Afomia Ayele
    Afomia Ayele 10 days ago

    I love it when John says "buff"

  • Kat Wethington
    Kat Wethington 10 days ago

    I love your makeup and you. But your voice, can you read me bed time stories every night till I die pls

  • Berenice Sanchez
    Berenice Sanchez 11 days ago

    Sounds like Siri

  • A Owens
    A Owens 11 days ago

    I’m a NC30-35 and I don’t find it the least bit “tragic” that my skin color is “irrevocable”. Hell, you liked it so much that you decided to do an entire makeup tutorial on it. I wasn’t going to pass judgment about your little journey in blackface, but how are you going to co-opt the beautiful golden shade and then talk shit about it? I find beauty in all skin shades and I hope that your comment was just a miscommunication, but you should seriously consider how offensive and careless it was.

  • L R
    L R 11 days ago

    Someone should do a count on how many times he says lifts

  • L R
    L R 11 days ago

    Um hey thats how most people contour the nose btw

  • Jadryl Veloria
    Jadryl Veloria 11 days ago

    Least you didn’t get balcked faced

  • Just Relaxing and stuff

    I don't even put on make-up, buy I love your attitude so much its worth watching a 23min video of you

    RYBEN THE ONE 12 days ago

    You surprised me again Mclane !!!!

  • Herman Fernandez
    Herman Fernandez 12 days ago

    it sounds like this individual is like super over thinking their own speaking voice this accent sounds SUPER forced and un-natural.

  • aliza Khan
    aliza Khan 12 days ago


  • Shruti Singh
    Shruti Singh 12 days ago +1

    this is scary

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 13 days ago +1

    My kind of look. Love it!!

  • Jenna Hunt
    Jenna Hunt 13 days ago

    Robin Williams?

    VANESSA 13 days ago

    13:30 matte orange like your head

  • alisezalise
    alisezalise 13 days ago

    Wow!!!!! Beautiful!!!

  • shy scent
    shy scent 13 days ago

    if loki has another brother, it must be you😂

  • Alice Hart
    Alice Hart 13 days ago

    Half of the words you say I didn’t even hear in my whole life😂😂👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  • jan khan
    jan khan 13 days ago

    very nice voice. I Like U

  • Madison Minton
    Madison Minton 13 days ago

    Imagine taking a woman home and she took her makeup off to this 😦😦

  • Hajrah Imran
    Hajrah Imran 13 days ago

    Does he know the brush names by heart bruh??

  • Shanplus3
    Shanplus3 13 days ago

    Is this a guy or a girl? He/She is SUPER creepy. 😱😱😱

  • Avery Itdoesntmatter
    Avery Itdoesntmatter 13 days ago

    “My forehead has the mass of Russia” same John, same

  • Agnieszka Błaszczyk
    Agnieszka Błaszczyk 14 days ago

    Aż tyle tapety!!!!!! Masakra!!!!

  • Roly
    Roly 14 days ago +21

    Does make me laugh seeing this pale white hand doing this while you had such a tan look

  • Ken Pusey
    Ken Pusey 14 days ago

    She's giving me the ice queen in the lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

  • Madhury Ankita
    Madhury Ankita 14 days ago

    Is he a boy

  • Conscious Vegan Cece Love

    This is one of the Best Makeup video I ever seen,and remember " "ever so slightly",lol

  • Maggie Be
    Maggie Be 14 days ago

    Did you know the Irish accent is one of the best in the world...what are you doing...

  • Cheshire JessiCat theFAM

    You are so gorgeous!! ❤

  • Sonny Skye
    Sonny Skye 14 days ago

    These videos are so relaxing.

  • Josie
    Josie 14 days ago

    "I do have quite a large forehead.. it almost has the same mass as Russia". SAME

  • Ava Rex
    Ava Rex 14 days ago

    When they started talking about shaping the nose I got really scared

  • Momma Coexists
    Momma Coexists 14 days ago

    #1 Love that accent, guess you do get that a lot. #2 love this video and the way you explained it detailed, #3 I honestly appreciate this, so I subscribed & #4 You have such an amazing attitude, that it makes you so dang beautiful without the make up!. You are so fantastic.

  • Margaret Richardson
    Margaret Richardson 15 days ago

    i love this so much 😂💖 "daz iz the eyez complet"

  • Beance' Jenkins
    Beance' Jenkins 15 days ago


  • Lynda Bell
    Lynda Bell 15 days ago


  • 73Stargazer
    73Stargazer 15 days ago

    Their voice and accent is amazing and soothing, but everyonce in a while they get super intense and it's a little scary.

  • 73Stargazer
    73Stargazer 15 days ago

    "Imagine how awfully tragic this would be if it was irrevocable." possibly my favourite sentence ever

  • superade1000
    superade1000 15 days ago

    Amazing!!! Wish you could make my face up. Would love to see what I would look like 🙂🙂🙂xx

  • Andrea Suarez
    Andrea Suarez 15 days ago

    I really like your dialect 👍Peaceful voice 🌅

  • shabnam aijaz
    shabnam aijaz 15 days ago

    Perfect teacher of make up