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  • Storie Smith
    Storie Smith Hour ago

    Oh and also, the darker "tan" makes your eyes pop so much! Theyre always gorg!!! You're so talented John!!! Makeup and language is your calling, youre so insanely gifted at both!

  • Storie Smith
    Storie Smith Hour ago

    You're absolutely, flawlessly stunning no matter now you do make up!!!! I don't think its possible for you to look anything less than gorgeous lol i love your moontan and suntan lol

  • lowell hawkins
    lowell hawkins 2 hours ago

    His voice is like calligraphy! Amazing video.

  • Elaine theRainbow
    Elaine theRainbow 19 hours ago

    nice. lol. I thought I don't even need nor have to say this, but yeah, I'm gonna say it, I've tried some Light Tint Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30 to 55 facial lotion/cream products, and those Tint products could/can damage facial and hands skin, I know this and I have to fight my dark spots until those days. I just Caking On those Tint products on my face and hands, and sometimes, even Caking on some fundations, but always WithOut any makeups or anything shinnys whatsoever, then, I found my skin damaged with dark spots. I was born and grown up in Shanghai, had very fine skin, but I lived in California for more than a decade, so I want my skin to be Tinted Without any makeups from time to time. Now, I have a very hard time to do the Color Correcting. so, my point is: Grils, it's so healthy tint looking, but it could cause damage to our skin. lol. thanks for sharing.

  • Toni Washingtin
    Toni Washingtin Day ago

    You know more about this than I could ever know. Unbelieveable!

  • child's soul
    child's soul Day ago


  • Christabel Mbachu
    Christabel Mbachu 2 days ago

    How he look so beautiful without brows is leaving me in awe

  • Gina James
    Gina James 2 days ago

    Out of all the makeup videos that I have loved and with a photo shoot next week, I'm wishing so much that you were in Nashville to do my makeup for it! As you darling are simply amazing..i so enjoyed you sharing this so much and now that I have found you, I must say that I will be watching all of your beautiful work, thanks again your simply beautiful!

  • 티나ً
    티나ً 3 days ago

    i love how he says film

  • Ceptom MUA
    Ceptom MUA 3 days ago

    I’m Nc 45 😂😂

  • Rue Jun
    Rue Jun 3 days ago

    Ur eyes are magnificent

  • Rue Jun
    Rue Jun 3 days ago

    I could watch and listen all day so refreshing

  • ugly rat
    ugly rat 3 days ago

    is this brownface

  • Janelle Daly
    Janelle Daly 3 days ago


  • Orlando Cruz
    Orlando Cruz 4 days ago

    DAMN ! And DAMN! I just love your accent and the way you express yourself. You’re so sophisticated .

  • Elizabeth Lange
    Elizabeth Lange 4 days ago

    So while you were slathering on much-too-dark foundation, you didn't stop and think "Hmm... is this *brown face*?" Cause mate have I got news for you!

  • Janelle Lynn
    Janelle Lynn 4 days ago

    I LOVE your voice..😫

  • Maree Georgiou
    Maree Georgiou 4 days ago

    Your a fucking flop ayri

  • Ceycie Mateo
    Ceycie Mateo 5 days ago

    What does this person identify themselves as?

  • Maya_to _don
    Maya_to _don 5 days ago

    DO YOU WANNA HELP ME PASS SCHOOL ?!?!?!?!?&??!?!?jsofndkfnfkgkkdog I just found you and I’m already in love with you,you’re very unique and different from most beauty gurus and I love that keep going mah g

  • Ellie _xoxo
    Ellie _xoxo 6 days ago

    I didn't realise he was a guy at first oops

  • Miranda VanRemortel
    Miranda VanRemortel 6 days ago

    The most amazing nose contour technique I've seen. Thank you so much ❤❤❤❤

  • Jade Thrasher
    Jade Thrasher 7 days ago

    I prefer pale

  • Faviola Anaya Esquivel

    lol "moon tan"

  • Natalia Powirska
    Natalia Powirska 7 days ago


  • Michael wanson
    Michael wanson 9 days ago

    C est moche

  • Chuck Sellers
    Chuck Sellers 9 days ago

    way better before. call me an old fogey but when a lady wears base too dark for her skin, it looks terrible. always has and always will. Kim K and her self obsessed sisters look smeared with mud. Why anyone would think that looks cute is beyond me. I'm not saying that you have bad looks because before you are a good looking woman.

  • Loretty D
    Loretty D 9 days ago

    Wow very beautiful !

  • SuperHurricane75
    SuperHurricane75 9 days ago

    She looks like a bull- dagging Tyra Banks. "And, for all the things that the media said obout me

  • SuperHurricane75
    SuperHurricane75 9 days ago


  • Valerie Paulsen
    Valerie Paulsen 10 days ago

    I very much...I very much...sorry but by the end.........I wanted to effing scream...this person loves the sound of thier own voice.......me? Not so much.

  • Valerie Paulsen
    Valerie Paulsen 10 days ago

    Effing amazing.

  • Valerie Paulsen
    Valerie Paulsen 10 days ago

    It is Claudia from corrie.

  • butpriestly
    butpriestly 10 days ago

    He really does treat makeup like it's art and I love it

  • Dorota Izabela Kanarek

    The hell!!! So envy your talent! Beautiful result! Such a unique person. And that beautiful accent. Perfect for English costume movies.

  • Izipunn
    Izipunn 11 days ago

    why the dislikes?

  • Laura Murray
    Laura Murray 12 days ago


  • xanthromera
    xanthromera 13 days ago

    I'm fairly confident that if the world went to shit and we were forced to return to hunting and gathering, this dude would not find employment.

  • mimi x
    mimi x 13 days ago

    You make me feel like unsubscribing every youtube makeup artist just so i can have you there and have my youtube account dedicated to only watching you . Trully satisfying, never want to miss a second of you speaking

  • coolkids3511
    coolkids3511 13 days ago

    sEaM leESSHsSsSShs

  • Heather Segovia
    Heather Segovia 13 days ago

    He would’ve been perfect if he were in AHS Coven... I’m getting Myrtle vibes

  • Hugo Navarro
    Hugo Navarro 16 days ago

    Beautiful, i preffer This shade of skin

  • Cesar Rosas
    Cesar Rosas 16 days ago

    Willam brought me here and I don't regret it.

  • Nola Albritton
    Nola Albritton 16 days ago

    My ethnicity is mainly the British Isles, and I have the same nose struggle as you! Very long, thin bridge, and then a very wide tip. Now I know how to contour it. Thanks John 💜

  • Depresso Espresso
    Depresso Espresso 17 days ago

    Shes like the Bob Ross of makeup

  • Katharina Reider
    Katharina Reider 17 days ago

    OMG,what is this😖😖😖😖😖😖😖

  • Annette McCabe
    Annette McCabe 18 days ago

    U look like Danni minogue with this make up.

  • John Neptali Tan
    John Neptali Tan 18 days ago

    It felt like I was having a yoga session 😌

  • Dmitry Podgornyy
    Dmitry Podgornyy 19 days ago

    you won't go to paradise

  • Dmitry Podgornyy
    Dmitry Podgornyy 19 days ago

    I want to throw up

  • Dmitry Podgornyy
    Dmitry Podgornyy 19 days ago

    you have to get braces

  • Agi2502
    Agi2502 20 days ago

    Ok wow i love you

  • jessica asare
    jessica asare 20 days ago +4

    Is this Trump's daily makeup routine

  • Kya
    Kya 20 days ago

    me: weird flex but ok
    John: *there is definitely an equilibrium between how fascinated i am by this and how strange i also find it*

  • Amelia Katherine
    Amelia Katherine 20 days ago

    You shall

  • Faizal Khan
    Faizal Khan 21 day ago +1

    The look
    The look
    The look

  • Faizal Khan
    Faizal Khan 21 day ago +1

    Gurl it was like mona lisa or smtg

  • Tetagonic
    Tetagonic 21 day ago

    You look so handsome 💕6:40

  • oldpennyloafers
    oldpennyloafers 21 day ago

    I love everything you do....but...the only thing that gets me is how low down on the cheeks the highlighter goes.

  • steph soppanish
    steph soppanish 22 days ago

    Is this a real accent???? Where are you from??!!! This sounds like when my friends try to do a British accent and fail terribly lol

    • Mizako 96
      Mizako 96 19 days ago

      steph soppanish He’s Scottish I believe

  • Lizzy Bee
    Lizzy Bee 22 days ago

    Like two different people. Gahhdamn

  • Lizzy Bee
    Lizzy Bee 22 days ago


  • Faultty
    Faultty 23 days ago

    I love the way you say many things, including the word ‘seamlessness’.

  • josephmeow13
    josephmeow13 23 days ago

    He looks like Michelle visage in the thumbnail!

  • uh ok
    uh ok 23 days ago

    a vampire version of Bob Ross

  • Tudor Dumi
    Tudor Dumi 24 days ago +1

    James Charles left the chat

  • Zoe Brown
    Zoe Brown 24 days ago

    I've never heard the word 'substantially' pronounced with such elegance until just now

  • ein Klippenspringer
    ein Klippenspringer 24 days ago

    4:13 This is greatest thing I've ever heard in my life. 😂

  • Exterminator 1
    Exterminator 1 24 days ago

    I don’t like this look at all, but I like how you talk, I am just listening

  • K S
    K S 24 days ago

    Damn boy you scared me somehow in the way you talk (with your underteeth show) cuz it look agressiv when ppl talk with their underteeth. NO hate! It was just my first impression (and it honestly didn´t changed till the end of the vid), but I watched it completely, cuz u r wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better in makeup then any girl I saw before. *hago* and stay as u are

  • Sy’rai Jadè
    Sy’rai Jadè 25 days ago


  • Anya Gimei
    Anya Gimei 25 days ago

    Oompa loompa doo pa di do

  • Charlotte Beim
    Charlotte Beim 25 days ago +1

    I loveeeee you so much!!!! You are so relaxing and beutiful as a small youtuber ( not self promoting) but your an inspiration ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Deba Dev
    Deba Dev 26 days ago

    Amazing eyes

  • theysayshesbeautiful
    theysayshesbeautiful 26 days ago


  • Kitty Lara
    Kitty Lara 26 days ago +1

    The cheeck bones wow!!!! Love it

  • Rissah TheDoll
    Rissah TheDoll 27 days ago

    I love the way you say liftss am I weird or is it really soothing?😩😂

  • LaDonna Wimmer
    LaDonna Wimmer 27 days ago

    amazing work!! WOW!

  • lilly anne
    lilly anne 27 days ago +2

    The only person on TVclip that has me pausing the video and googling words

  • Paige Spencer
    Paige Spencer 28 days ago +1

    Your voice raised my credit score, put a million dollars into my bank account, raised my grades, cleared my skin. I'm now immortal.

  • johnny's papa
    johnny's papa 28 days ago

    Your hand compared to your face was hilarious

  • Jinta Juna
    Jinta Juna 28 days ago

    Where are your brows?????????

  • The Jenny and Andrew Extravaganza and what not

    John I really enjoyed this makeup tutorial and you are just gorgeous very pretty and what not I just had one suggestion for you I used to shave my eyebrows off and keep them very short so that I could basically have the look like you do but I'm so much happier now that I finally grew my eyebrows back in so if you ever want to do that so that you feel more ready even when you're not wearing any makeup just let your eyebrows grow out and don't pluck or trim them until they're completely grown out and then go in and sculpt them and trim them and then just from them then on you can tweeze the Strays for a sculpted shape I know that you like the easiness of having your eyebrows this way so if you don't like my advice just brush it off your shoulders love your channel you're just gorgeous even without eyebrows XOXO like I said I'm 39 years old myself and all throughout my twenties and younger and even through some of my early 30s I have such scant eyebrows and I just felt so crazy looking without my eyebrows I was always always dashing for an eyebrow pencil so my dear it's just food for thought love you dear XOXO

  • The Jenny and Andrew Extravaganza and what not

    Your eyes are amazing,, just such a pretty color, darling.

  • Erin Moriarity
    Erin Moriarity 29 days ago

    Where have you been all my life??

  • Angelof YouTube
    Angelof YouTube 29 days ago

    Töbe yareppim

  • Gab17 D
    Gab17 D Month ago +1

    is this edward culling from twilight's more attractive and talented gay cousin?

  • Gab17 D
    Gab17 D Month ago +1

    im not even interested in makeup but this dude is so intense that its funny lmfao i love this

  • Sierra Larson
    Sierra Larson Month ago

    John where have you beeeeeen it’s been like a month since you posted. You’re legitimately my favorite TVclipr. You’re so hilarious one of the few people on TVclip that actually make me laugh out loud. You’re so smart and you give me a different outlook on life you’re Q & A videos have helped me a lot and I’ve learned so much from you. Please post more of whatever kind of videos you want! Any video of yours is entertaining because you’re in them. Miss ya! -laura (I’m on my girlfriends TVclip account because i thought mine has been logged in for the past year so now it has my algorithm set up and yeah lol)

  • Ghostie
    Ghostie Month ago

    U deserve more clout than everyone else in the beauty community u actually have a science behind ur makeup

  • Zoe Pamute
    Zoe Pamute Month ago

    The only TVclipr I would not skip ads for

  • Amelia Art
    Amelia Art Month ago

    is it bad that you remind me of morticia addams?

  • Spongebob Thornberry
    Spongebob Thornberry Month ago +1

    John took one for the pale team here. "Moon tan" and "Sea of orange" 😂 there are so many possible quotes in John's videos.

  • Monique Crevier
    Monique Crevier Month ago

    I kind of love you tan :)

    • Monique Crevier
      Monique Crevier Month ago

      Also love thicker brows on you. You're so beautiful.

  • potterhead 279
    potterhead 279 Month ago

    I personally think that your English is impeccable

  • LilZiddy TV
    LilZiddy TV Month ago


  • lyric smith
    lyric smith Month ago

    english class teaches me nothing compared to you

  • lyric smith
    lyric smith Month ago

    you talk like a queen from the older days but i like it

  • caryn coley
    caryn coley Month ago

    I just know you talk like Danny Dyer when the camera ain't rolling.

  • Darcy Burrows
    Darcy Burrows Month ago +6

    *”I do have quite a large forehead.”*
    *”it almost has the same mass as Russia.”*

    *absolute royalty*