Youth Fountain - Blooms

  • Published on May 28, 2017
  • Dreambound
    Artist: Youth Fountain (formerly known as 'Bedroom Talk')
    Song: Blooms
    Album: 'Grinding Teeth' (EP 2017)
    Hometown: Vancouver, Canada
    Website: youthfountainmusic
    This will forever be an apology,
    Cause I know somehow it will set me free.
    Can't hold onto the self abuse, it's not your fault,
    I just missed my chance to bloom.
    Everything fades away.
    We'll all meet the same fate.
    Even if you grow old or die alone,
    What difference will it make?
    I'm obsolete.
    So easy to replace.
    I won't deserve a chance at happiness living this way.
    Just another line about the better days,
    Finding peace in what you had.
    I tell myself one day I'll reminisce and say:
    "Things really weren't so bad."
    But I still can't seem to let go,
    So I'm the only one to blame for my bleak view on life,
    Left all alone in the mundane.
    But I know you know what it feels like kid,
    You once loved so much, but hate yourself for what you did.
    So I'll cry for help to find myself in every one else.
    That's not the person you thought you'd be.
    Everything fades away.
    We'll all meet the same fate.
    Even if you grow old or die alone,
    What difference will it make?
    I'm obsolete.
    So easy to replace.
    I won't deserve a chance at happiness living this way.
    It's constant heartache to face the world time after time,
    When you only have so much of it, I feel my life just slip by.
    Is this all even real?
    Is there something more to this?
    All those moments we'll miss when we're knocked back into the abyss.
    Would someone just give me a purpose to have,
    Cause my past can't be the best thing that ever happened to me.
    This sadness just won't stop defining me,
    I lost my chance to leave to a promised land, to feel whole again.
    Well there's nothing left to see but an empty, worthless shell of a man
    And that's nothing to be proud of, I'll never know who I am.
    And with all those late night thoughts,
    Knowing in the back of my head, I'll never see you again
    And you know the older that I get,
    The more surprised I'll be I haven't ended it all yet.
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Comments • 137

  • Daan Proost
    Daan Proost 4 months ago

    So Bedroom Talk changed their name to Youth Fountain?

  • 3feethigh
    3feethigh 7 months ago +1

    This is one of the best songs I have ever heard 🤘🤘🤘

  • Buzz Wolfe
    Buzz Wolfe 8 months ago

    This song hits me so hard in the feels

  • starcream5000
    starcream5000 Year ago

    There is something about this song that is truly beautiful and inspiring

  • Tommy Tanooki
    Tommy Tanooki Year ago

    Who are the vocals?

  • Albatron Zeliodic

    Freshly mashed cream potadas

  • messy jesse
    messy jesse Year ago

    Why is it youth fountain now?

  • Malcolm Strasdin
    Malcolm Strasdin Year ago

    holy shit Cody!!! I love everything ive heard

  • The Goobster
    The Goobster Year ago

    The fact that this song has an excerpt from bill nye makes it so much more beautiful

  • Josh Willard
    Josh Willard Year ago

    From Vancouver, Washington to Vancouver, Canada: thank you so much.

  • Lucas Hood
    Lucas Hood Year ago

    Fuuuck, this is amazing! Makes me cry. Hello from UA/RU

  • Ethan Chamberlain
    Ethan Chamberlain Year ago +2

    Did they change their name?

  • Shanegrimcomicguy
    Shanegrimcomicguy Year ago +2

    Not a fan of the name change.

  • Michael Stephano
    Michael Stephano Year ago

    These guys have such a unique style of music, love every bit of it. Please keep going guys you’re on to something!

  • Ivan Moreno
    Ivan Moreno Year ago

    Dope ass fuken song

  • Terry Jeanmart
    Terry Jeanmart Year ago

    When you listen to Dreambound : 10 videos, 10 new albums from bands you didn't know downloaded.

  • Douglas Dillard
    Douglas Dillard Year ago

    Fucking love this ! Shame this song wasn't released in 2007 ! It would of been huge.

  • farxat abdilei
    farxat abdilei Year ago

    With j.lo und rihanna rih

  • messy jesse
    messy jesse Year ago

    Sounds like the guy from the story so far? Is it?

  • Petroglyphs
    Petroglyphs Year ago +1

    oh shit i just realized that that was bill nye....
    bill nye the bedroom talk guy?

  • Taylor Tait
    Taylor Tait Year ago +1

    Is that spoken word Bill fucking Nye?

  • Grants Paris
    Grants Paris Year ago

    Anybody know specifically where the bill Nye quote is from?

  • Daho_ Ho
    Daho_ Ho 2 years ago

    Voice is pukkkkkaaa ! ✌️

  • Arrktic_
    Arrktic_ 2 years ago

    This is fucking sick. Sort of reminds me of a heavier trash boat.

  • MrPikkabo
    MrPikkabo 2 years ago

    This hits deep, really cool sound and 10/10 lyrics! I Will definitley check out these guys again

  • Ridho Azhari
    Ridho Azhari 2 years ago +1

    Holyshit, his voice lit af

  • MajorRawne
    MajorRawne 2 years ago

    Is that Bill Nye in the background towards the end?

    • Right of Left
      Right of Left Year ago

      Yeah, Bill Nye the "There is 500 genders" Guy.

  • qwerty asdfg
    qwerty asdfg 2 years ago +29

    3:13 excerpt from Bill Nye: "I think about mortality continually. I won't say constantly but everyday. And so watching ourselves die is to me overwhelming evidence that there is no life after death. And the troubling, troubling consequence of this is you don't have to be perfect just have to be good enough."

  • ContributeTothe Chaos
    ContributeTothe Chaos 2 years ago +1

    holy shit, this band, this song, these lyrics, hot damn im in fucking love, i have to listen to every song they've written now and I must see them in concert

  • Cyan Clyde
    Cyan Clyde 2 years ago

    there's 2 singers here guys. the one who screams, and a gritty pop punk singer.

    • Cat The Meow
      Cat The Meow Year ago +1

      Nope just one guy in this song two other songs they have out features both singers

    • ninjalemurdude
      ninjalemurdude 2 years ago +1

      Cyan Clyde They both do both I'm pretty sure. 😂

  • LastChanceGiven
    LastChanceGiven 2 years ago +1

    I can't stop listening to this song. It's phenomenal.

  • Narrjjah
    Narrjjah 2 years ago

    Someone can help me? what he said at 3:13 to 3:34???

  • Miloz
    Miloz 2 years ago

    Sounds like Emo Antiflag, loving it xD

  • Mihajlo Zorić
    Mihajlo Zorić 2 years ago +3

    this is sick af

  • sørrowful tears
    sørrowful tears 2 years ago +1

    At first I thought this band was screamo but now that I listened to it carefully I think it's kinda more post-hardcore -ish

  • Tom Seiple
    Tom Seiple 2 years ago +2


  • Bookoowookoo
    Bookoowookoo 2 years ago

    Amazing! Hope to hear more from these guys :D

  • IJKhanatte
    IJKhanatte 2 years ago

    Anyone able to interpret what is said at 3:12 ? The spoken word that ends with "you don't have to be perfect, you just have to be good enough."

    • TKellzzz
      TKellzzz 2 years ago
      It seems to be taken from this video! It took me a couple times to realize it was Bill Nye talking haha

    • taylor knoll
      taylor knoll 2 years ago

      lyrics always in desc

  • Abaddon
    Abaddon 2 years ago


  • NoitoraGilga
    NoitoraGilga 2 years ago

    Kinda reminds me of Close Your Eyes.

  • SlaughterFerret
    SlaughterFerret 2 years ago

    Dreambound has a lot of misses when it comes to good music. But every now and then, sometimes, they not only get it right, But they get it perfect.

  • Luka Mali
    Luka Mali 2 years ago

    you guys gave me a great life motto with that be good enough part..much love

  • Tanner Gouzie
    Tanner Gouzie 2 years ago

    is the talking part bill nye the science guy??

    • TKellzzz
      TKellzzz 2 years ago +1

    • Connor P
      Connor P 2 years ago

      Kevin Meyer I actually messaged the band on FB and he said that he cut some parts from a Bill Nye talk and put them together

    • Kevin Meyer
      Kevin Meyer 2 years ago

      Right?? I am looking everywhere trying to find where that quote comes from. It sounds 110% like Bill Nye.

  • Ryan Cromer
    Ryan Cromer 2 years ago +7

    Dreambound should just start a label 😩

  • KasperAS
    KasperAS 2 years ago

    This is so fucking good. Keep it up guys.

  • BeyondTheStillWaters
    BeyondTheStillWaters 2 years ago

    reminds me slightly of To close to touch with the screams. I'm digging the vibe

  • AssassinWeed
    AssassinWeed 2 years ago

    I need more! Love this

  • Kenneth Ricker
    Kenneth Ricker 2 years ago

    Love this song ❤

  • Muhammad Farrel .xhiigen20.

    the vocalist like trash boat's vocalist

  • DayZOfAmaZe
    DayZOfAmaZe 2 years ago +38

    You can hear the raw fucking emotion in his voice, the pain, the angst and every single feeling he's feeling. I fucking love it

  • Ancient Water
    Ancient Water 2 years ago +1

    would be cool if this band could create a song ft that girl from stateside band

  • ashley
    ashley 2 years ago

    Bands like these i really love, the screaming is what i live for

  • Robert Lewis
    Robert Lewis 2 years ago +21

    dreambound have delivered us band after band of just pure excellence in the scene. honestly somebody buy dreambound a beer. bedroom talk have a new fan in me and hopefully many more now and to come

  • Zaida M.
    Zaida M. 2 years ago

    These lyrics are just perfect.

  • Andrew Spencer
    Andrew Spencer 2 years ago


  • Benjamin Vasseur
    Benjamin Vasseur 2 years ago

    Absolutely amazing song !

  • Juan Sebastian
    Juan Sebastian 2 years ago

    I would like to know exactly what kind of musical genre is this? Very good song!

    • Ally
      Ally 2 years ago

      Juan Sebastian sounds like mid 2000s post-hardcore to me. I'm getting some Silverstein/Saosin vibes from it

  • Adam Meikle
    Adam Meikle 2 years ago

    Anyone know the quote in the song. Btw, killer track :)

  • NoSpicy
    NoSpicy 2 years ago

    I hope these guys explode in popularity. Well deserved. Holyhell

  • sturdywings
    sturdywings 2 years ago

    This is gorgeous