Surviving R. Kelly: Lizzette Martinez (Episode 1) | Lifetime

  • Published on Dec 31, 2018
  • Survivor Lizzette Martinez shares the story of how she met R. Kelly in this clip from Episode 1. #Lifetime
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Comments • 474

  • Roslyn Johnson
    Roslyn Johnson 9 days ago

    Anybody after Aaliyah that messed with him,or allow the kids to be around him are also the blame equally.

  • Roslyn Johnson
    Roslyn Johnson 9 days ago

    She wanted a careers,he didn't discuss,anything with you,so you say, one of his people handed you the number,if you was so talented,why did you sleep with him,I'm sick of this,they are putting him on trial,for something,they let him walk on...smh

  • pbnaj
    pbnaj 11 days ago +1

    they never tell anything that actually happened. This is a hatchet job on this guy.

  • Roslyn Johnson
    Roslyn Johnson 16 days ago

    So you believed,that was your big break,because he called,you never had a conversation before he called you...You wanted something from him.

    • Roslyn Johnson
      Roslyn Johnson 9 days ago

      +Qu een she trash too.

    • Qu een
      Qu een 9 days ago

      That's usually how business's the coercion and exploitation of a minor that makes him trash.

  • OnceUponaSavage
    OnceUponaSavage 22 days ago +1

    At 17, you know what you doing. FOH

    • Qu een
      Qu een 9 days ago

      +OnceUponaSavage Ahahahaha I see I tugged at your soul.

    • OnceUponaSavage
      OnceUponaSavage 9 days ago

      +Qu een you look like one

    • Qu een
      Qu een 9 days ago

      You sound like a predator.

  • music cartel
    music cartel 24 days ago

    Sick man

  • New wine & New creature

    R.kelly doesn't look really tall to me...

  • John Sutton
    John Sutton Month ago

    These golddiggars are just trying to cash in for more money,they were fine with him till they ran out of money,hope they are exposed to be the britches they really are.

  • Shakia Blackwell
    Shakia Blackwell 2 months ago

    So she was 17 when she met him but my main question is WHERE ARE THE PARENTS??? Anita no way I'm letting my 17 year old go out to dinner with some man ... oh he's R.Kelly will guess what mom, dad , brothers and uncles are going too smh I'm more disgusted with the parents than anything but this is the kind of world we live in smh

  • ll cool j
    ll cool j 2 months ago

    What about surviving Mark McGrath, Rob Lowe, Ted nuggen, Iggy Pop..... the list goes on.. You will not destroy us.. you are the real paedo.

  • Adriana Alejandra
    Adriana Alejandra 2 months ago +1

    Another thirsty ho

  • George Mitchell
    George Mitchell 2 months ago

    Unfortunately the law in alot of states is 16 or 17 maybe you guys should try to get that changed 🤔

  • Playhouse Multimedia
    Playhouse Multimedia 2 months ago

    now you got your share of the 💲💲💲💲💲💲

  • Victory378
    Victory378 2 months ago

    I dont believe everything I hear

  • OMG R/T
    OMG R/T 2 months ago +1


  • Bus Town B
    Bus Town B 2 months ago

    I wish you tube would put full episodes on here because I don't know what happened next but

  • Bus Town B
    Bus Town B 2 months ago

    So she wanted her hair and makeup did..and called..why?? Because clearly r Kelly wanted to get at that..she knew if there's wrong doing it's on both sides because it takes two to tango

  • Charolette Hudson
    Charolette Hudson 2 months ago +1

    Let’s not single ONE ☝️ black man out & keep ACTING new about these “CELEBRITIES” having a fetish for young girls but the behavior or their “preference” being accepted depending on who you are!!! 🤦‍♀️
    Are all these examples of Paedophilia but in plan site & it’s MORE examples? We should demand a documentary and request the police 👮‍♀️ to ask for any other victims to come forward? I don’t understand here... 🤷🏾‍♀️
    How about Doug Hutchison 51 and Courtney Stodden 16 years old
    How about Luc Bessom 32 and Maiwenn Le Besco 15 years old
    How about Elvis Presley 25 and Priscilla Presley 14 years old
    How about Tyga 22 and Kylie Jenner 16 years old
    How about Woody Allen 41 and his BABYSITTER 16 years old. Then turned around & MARRIED his STEPDAUGHTER 🤦🏽‍♂️
    How about Jerry Seinfeld 39 and Shoshanna 16 years old
    How about Jay-Z 29 and Beyounce 17 years old
    How about Joel Madden 26 and Hillary Duff 16 years old
    How about Russell Simmons 35 and Kimora Simmons 17 years old
    How about P Diddy 23 and his 1st baby mama was only 16 years old

  • Zero Energy
    Zero Energy 2 months ago

    She should have looked for a job at Taco Bell ...even young kids know better then to give strangers their phone numbers...

  • JaY LoCx
    JaY LoCx 2 months ago +1


  • Gabbybella Moore
    Gabbybella Moore 2 months ago


  • Sheena Cummings
    Sheena Cummings 2 months ago

    All fake all a hoax to trick the dumb masses reading off a script,

  • Nia Bryant
    Nia Bryant 2 months ago

    When she was younger she looked like selena in some photos

    NORRIN RADD 2 months ago

    Stop lying. Guuuuuurl!!!

  • Ben Miller
    Ben Miller 2 months ago

    But what did he do wrong? I'm so confused. Is it that she was 17 years old? You know that's a
    legal age in most countries. What exactly did he do wrong?

  • Basketball Finest 101
    Basketball Finest 101 2 months ago

    Can someone tell me where I can watch these full episodes please ?

  • ricky spanish
    ricky spanish 2 months ago

    *r kelly is insane!!!😳*

  • Mm No
    Mm No 2 months ago

    I wish this was Jason Momoa. I'd sleep with him anyday. A couple years older than a teen but I'm your #1 fan aquaman DIVE DEEP INTO THIS OCEAN

    • TALOS Goat
      TALOS Goat 2 months ago

      One of the issues right here.

  • Miss. Vee
    Miss. Vee 2 months ago +1

    Lifetime... you've cleaned house and hired the right people huh.

  • Ashley Gates
    Ashley Gates 2 months ago

    😭😭😭 but I love r Kelly’s music 😭😭😭😂

  • Helen Shaw
    Helen Shaw 2 months ago +5

    Go and get a job.

  • Phi phi
    Phi phi 2 months ago

    where can you watch the full episode?

  • Castrol TV
    Castrol TV 2 months ago +7

    If you were not raped you are not supposed to be called a survivor women fall in love with wrong men everyday.

  • Vin21st
    Vin21st 2 months ago

    R Kelly is innocent

  • Mr Krona
    Mr Krona 2 months ago

    This only has 255k views? Lol I thought this was a big deal xD

  • stackz dollaz
    stackz dollaz 2 months ago

    Y they wait till they like 40y/o to say all this tho

  • Dr Cheats
    Dr Cheats 2 months ago +1

    They're Selling Their Kids For Money.

  • Chris J Productionz
    Chris J Productionz 2 months ago

    We need that Surviving Hugh Heffner

  • Andrew Garfield
    Andrew Garfield 2 months ago

    When will there be surviving Bryan Singer??

  • May M.
    May M. 2 months ago

    He’s black and not in jail. I bet if he was in jail then everyone would be it’s because he’s black. Not everything is about race all the time.

  • leslie loudermilk
    leslie loudermilk 2 months ago +1

    This show should be called I got dumped and now I'm mad because that's what it looks like. They all got dropped for the next chick and now they're all mad

  • AbsoluteMdot
    AbsoluteMdot 2 months ago

    These women knew good and well what was up! R-Kelly should of known better too!!

  • Tsung Shang
    Tsung Shang 2 months ago +6

    Wtf did these women expect, a pumpkin carriage?

  • Maxine Wells
    Maxine Wells 2 months ago

    Oh, He Had A Latina, Now She Talking? What's Her Name Never Heard of Her!!! Riding The Publicity Train🤑🤮Disgusting, Period!

  • mateus jose
    mateus jose 2 months ago

    THIS IS LIKE...COMPLETELY BULLSH...@WE TIL SUPPORT RnB king instead all that lies and liers, none show videis or photo, this guy and girl are using u 4 money, rhey really dont care if it really happened or not, LIVE FOR R.KELLY GOD, ONLY CAN MUTE U.

  • Atmospheric Pressure
    Atmospheric Pressure 2 months ago +1

    Typical teenager huh? What about the curious thirsty teenager? No personal accountability? Ok cool.

  • Big Boy
    Big Boy 2 months ago +1

    From King of RnB to King of Pedophilia

  • Thorazine Farms Remembers
    Thorazine Farms Remembers 2 months ago +2

    They should have done don’t talk to R. Kelly BEWARE!! PSA’s at all the local middle schools and high schools

  • Sandeena Jackson
    Sandeena Jackson 2 months ago +1

    N she called smh

  • Pete Rock
    Pete Rock 2 months ago

    Cold blooded.

  • Destiny Honaker
    Destiny Honaker 2 months ago +1

    Dom/Sub is not a crime. They was fully willing participants. PERIOD

  • Johnnie Ochocinco
    Johnnie Ochocinco 2 months ago

    So you looking for a big break... he not even now you can sing 😂😂😂 stop this b%^*+ them who call who? 😂😂😂

  • Spivey Kenneth
    Spivey Kenneth 2 months ago +17

    If he messed with under age white girl he be Finnish

  • Jewell Casey
    Jewell Casey 2 months ago +47

    All these girls were looking for a come up... Smh

    • Nikki Matika
      Nikki Matika 2 months ago +4

      Can you even hear yourself.
      Nothing justifies what they went through

  • dre hunter
    dre hunter 2 months ago

    Team R Kelly how many people gone hate that i'll wait Killwaukee Stamped

  • S Briggs
    S Briggs 2 months ago +3

    Yes young girls are so naive thats how he wants it-He preys on that.

    DANDY TERRY 2 months ago +56

    For any and everyone who has never set foot in a newsroom......hear me clearly. NETWORKS DO NOT PAY FOR INTERVIEWS. Im a 20-year news vet. I don't care what you heard at the barbershop. At MOST they were flown to the interview site and put in a hotel. That's it. No one interviewed on GMA, Today, CNN, (outside of network correspondents) gets a check. If people were paid for interviews, it would bring into question the validity of their claims. There is no way Dream Hampton or anyone on the production team put a line item in their budget to pay for Sparkle. If they did....don't you think she would have had better bangs?

    • MGTOW Mike Swagger2themax
      MGTOW Mike Swagger2themax Month ago +1

      women got married at 13 in the bible just saying is god the king of Pedophiles? Is he so dumb that he made women able to have a baby at that age as it seem you people think he made a mistake doing this yet you live? could we be smarter than he is? He of made them only able to have kids at 18 as we are now the gods and maker of all thing who need this god anyway right? why did he do this can anyone tell me why as I find it very strange that he made it this way just saying.

    • MGTOW Mike Swagger2themax
      MGTOW Mike Swagger2themax Month ago

      +DANDY TERRY yes I do ty

      DANDY TERRY Month ago

      Like......i' wouldn't be surprised in networks paid for Amanda Knox's childhood photos. so naturally she would interview with whomever bought the pics. But she didnt technically get paid for the interview.

      DANDY TERRY Month ago

      +MGTOW Mike Swagger2themax to your point. i agree. and i will give you some insider info. Networks DO NOT pay for interviews, but depending on the nature of the story and how high profile it is ( it a real "GET") they may "pay" for photos. You see how that works?

    • MGTOW Mike Swagger2themax
      MGTOW Mike Swagger2themax Month ago +3

      but its free promotions to keep it out there with books deal etc so they do get paid one way or the other.

  • Megan Richards
    Megan Richards 2 months ago +3

    Face like that you should be grateful he took a interest 🤪

  • Pretty Lil humble girl
    Pretty Lil humble girl 2 months ago +2

    We need surviving Kevin Spacey, Surviving Jermaine Dupree, Surviving Baby , Surviving Weinstein, and so many others also these parents and other people that aided in his sick behavior need to be jailed!!!

  • noirchild58
    noirchild58 2 months ago +95

    Did anyone notice R Kelly's older brother Bruce's comments? He said, "So he had teenage girls. I like older women. It's just a choice." No, Bruce, it's a FELONY. Bruce seemed totally okay with his brother's behavior. No big deal. Bruce also seemed puzzled when younger brother Carey defended himself against accusations by Robert's attorney that he [Carey] was the one shown on the tape with the underage girl. Apparently R offered Carey a six-figure settlement IF he would take the blame. Bruce said, "I'll never understand why he didn't take the money. He could have been rich." Is that SICK or what?

    • Jada Brown
      Jada Brown Month ago

      +Charolette Hudson right he is not the only one

    • Charolette Hudson
      Charolette Hudson 2 months ago +1

      noirchild58 Let’s not single ONE ☝️ black man out & keep ACTING new about these “CELEBRITIES” having a fetish for young girls but the behavior or their “preference” being accepted depending on who you are!!! 🤦‍♀️
      Are all these examples of Paedophilia but in plan site & it’s MORE examples? We should demand a documentary and request the police 👮‍♀️ to ask for any other victims to come forward? I don’t understand here... 🤷🏾‍♀️
      How about Doug Hutchison 51 and Courtney Stodden 16 years old
      How about Luc Bessom 32 and Maiwenn Le Besco 15 years old
      How about Elvis Presley 25 and Priscilla Presley 14 years old
      How about Tyga 22 and Kylie Jenner 16 years old
      How about Woody Allen 41 and his BABYSITTER 16 years old. Then turned around & MARRIED his STEPDAUGHTER 🤦🏽‍♂️
      How about Jerry Seinfeld 39 and Shoshanna 16 years old
      How about Jay-Z 29 and Beyounce 17 years old
      How about Joel Madden 26 and Hillary Duff 16 years old
      How about Russell Simmons 35 and Kimora Simmons 17 years old
      How about P Diddy 23 and his 1st baby mama was only 16 years old

  • dominicanoUSA
    dominicanoUSA 2 months ago

    we need surviving harvey weinstein

  • Stacey Jones
    Stacey Jones 2 months ago

    Stop always looking for a dollar the wrong come up could get you right where you at.

  • Egypt Land
    Egypt Land 2 months ago +1

    So young and confused. ...people do anything for money and fame. .....

  • Kelly R
    Kelly R 2 months ago

    i really wish i could watch this in the UK

  • pookie lyles
    pookie lyles 2 months ago

    Why is R. Kelly still a free man??????

  • Jiraiya Sama
    Jiraiya Sama 2 months ago

    I just can't help but laugh at these females. If it takes you this long to say something, just go ahead and carry it to your grave.

  • Ray Russell
    Ray Russell 2 months ago

    At this rate we need to dig up slavemasters because they took advantage of black girls and boys too

  • Crypto Bellz
    Crypto Bellz 2 months ago

    "Survivor" as if he kills them 🤣🤣

  • Carley Quinn
    Carley Quinn 2 months ago

    Anyone have a link so I can watch this

  • Andrew Robinson
    Andrew Robinson 2 months ago

    R Kelly won’t be surviving R Kelly.

  • Niashe
    Niashe 2 months ago +1

    she knew at 17 not go at no grown man. No excuse yall knew that man was like that. You only saying something now because andrea said something. Nobody wants to take responsibility or their actions.

  • Monica M
    Monica M 2 months ago

    Where can I watch the doc?? I'm not from us

  • Mike Lamar
    Mike Lamar 2 months ago

    I don’t feel bad she would’ve done this if she became a huge celebrity

  • mayramarzi11
    mayramarzi11 2 months ago

    Why she lying

  • Cole World
    Cole World 2 months ago

    What disease did she say she caught from R Kelly?

    • sd4590
      sd4590 2 months ago


  • bitchero ateme
    bitchero ateme 2 months ago +1

    But wait a minute you used R kelly for your big break ... so who has been used ?

  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas 2 months ago

    They go get at kellz like they did Bill Cosby.

  • Lorie Jamaican Natural
    Lorie Jamaican Natural 2 months ago +1


  • Kingpin A LeGeND
    Kingpin A LeGeND 2 months ago

    LifeTime... should Call... LifeStyleee!!😅😅😅😅

  • R H
    R H 2 months ago

    This clip had NOTHING illegal in it.

  • Seymore Cake
    Seymore Cake 2 months ago +10

    I have a hard time believing these females

  • Jessics Watkins
    Jessics Watkins 2 months ago

    All these women 🤧

  • T cnBrooklyn
    T cnBrooklyn 2 months ago +1

    Listen I believe some of the women but this the problem I'm having these woman all are of age so wtf are we doing. I mean they making these choices and he got them brainwashed but they are adults

  • Camila Nkwenti
    Camila Nkwenti 2 months ago +5

    Thieves , gold diggers...who thought they had hit the jackpot and decided to sit there until they milked it all ...i don't support him but how much did R Kelly spend on you people? Those expensive and all...just shut up....!!!!

  • sebastian zeon
    sebastian zeon 2 months ago

    this is it youre going to make it

  • Tay -Tay Razors
    Tay -Tay Razors 2 months ago +11

    I will be watching and praying for women.

    • Jayden Craigie
      Jayden Craigie 2 months ago +1

      Tay -Tay Razors yeah like praying for women would do anything smh

  • Thirty-Three Hip Hop
    Thirty-Three Hip Hop 2 months ago

    The Black Community gonna have to arrest this man themselves, cause the powers that control the criminal justice system just don't care.

  • Shawnee Tate
    Shawnee Tate 2 months ago +4

    I lost all respect for R Kelly. I understand that he was abused, but you don’t have to carry out that cycle of abuse. My heart goes out to all the victims.

    • YNW Meliodas
      YNW Meliodas 2 months ago

      Too late shawnee shoulda thought about that before 12 play lmao.

    • disco19025
      disco19025 2 months ago +1

      A lot of people lost respect for him in the early 2000s when the first allegations emerged. Plus he literally married a 15 year old, with the general population knowing this since the 90s.

  • Manny
    Manny 2 months ago +1

    A survivor? Was she in danger of her life?

  • e
    e 2 months ago

    So why didnt you leave? Did you cry for help and nobody listened? How long was your relationship?

  • treyyyTell’dem
    treyyyTell’dem 2 months ago +10

    Why would you call a him ( a real man) knowing that you were underage?????? It wasn’t an appointment for a record deal or anything related so why would go seeing him? Girl

  • kiesha matthews
    kiesha matthews 2 months ago

    And he better watch his back people don't play when it comes to minors🤒🤒🤒🤒😲😲😲😲😥😥😥😥

  • kiesha matthews
    kiesha matthews 2 months ago +6

    Men being getting away with stuff like this only because he famous people take notice 🤒🤒🤒🤒

    • Qu een
      Qu een 9 days ago

      +Esteban Cartegena You are deflecting. Are you a predator?

    • TylerxFatale
      TylerxFatale 2 months ago

      But turning in someone famous and having a documentary can open the eyes to a lot of people so they can stand up if they see something suspicious. If famous people can get locked up for something like this then the rate can go down and, even if it's just by a little bit, that's still hundreds even thousands of lives saved from predators. Next up is Harvey Weinstein ❤

    • Esteban Cartegena
      Esteban Cartegena 2 months ago

      women are just as guilty look at all these female teachers getting locked up for sleeping with students as young as 13

  • EritreanMusiq
    EritreanMusiq 2 months ago +100

    So she called him and slept wjth him to get on and now she tryna get paid for lying lol.

    • ohmychickenballllls
      ohmychickenballllls 2 months ago +1

      Kish B. Hey, i just wanted to point out you can be “black” and Hispanic. Latino/Latina is just a culture or ethnicity.

    • Kirbythekrib
      Kirbythekrib 2 months ago +2

      Real talk bro these people so blind 😂😂😂

    • Bobby Marlin
      Bobby Marlin 2 months ago +1

      My Username lol stupid I’m just stating legal and cultural facts , U what u only have is ur opinion nothing else . 17 years old is no child . U can get married at 16 in England , and France for example , u could quit school and work at that age in the 1990 , society back in her days views u as an adult ( at least in 3/4 of the world )

    • My Username
      My Username 2 months ago +1

      Bobby Marlin someone needs to look up your internet history. You sound like a pedo.

    • Bobby Marlin
      Bobby Marlin 2 months ago +3

      EritreanMusiq yes please smh she was 17 years in 1995 not 2018 , how many people commenting here were born of mothers as young or maybe younger than her in the mid 90s .... also last time I checked legal marriage age was globally 16 years old in some part in Europe it was even 14-15 during the 90’s ... very smart of her to tell her story in 2018 as if it happened to a 17 years millennial young woman

  • It is what it is
    It is what it is 2 months ago

    Didn't none of them get a record deal though.Just heavy dick.I blame the parents.

  • Villen 310
    Villen 310 2 months ago

    Young hoodrat

  • Demond Hobson
    Demond Hobson 2 months ago +232

    We need that surviving charlie sheen next

    • bwalto21
      bwalto21 2 months ago


    • TheSonOfTheSun
      TheSonOfTheSun 2 months ago

      Don't forget Ted Nugent, Paul Walker, Rob Lowe and the Catholic church.

    • Ouna Ma'at Ra
      Ouna Ma'at Ra 2 months ago


      BIGASHA COWBOY 2 months ago

      He’s got HIV. GOD DID WHAT WAS RIGHT!!

    • Camille Ragland
      Camille Ragland 2 months ago +1

      Bryan Castillo R kelly is disgusting anyway? Are you serious? Plus Kevin Spacey is in court right now. Did you miss out on Harvey Weinstein? Really?

  • Pretty Ricky
    Pretty Ricky 2 months ago +3

    I don't feel sorry for any of these women, they out themselves in that position (pun intended)

  • Carolyn Steele
    Carolyn Steele 2 months ago +17

    Now see everyone had an agenda

  • Melanin Goddess
    Melanin Goddess 2 months ago +87

    I personally don't feel sorry for her or any of these women they were all groupies searching for stardom. Nobody was held against their will. Old enough to know right from wrong.

    • 78desertgirl
      78desertgirl 2 months ago

      She was not woman. She was 17. He had no responsibility in this to you? It’s all their own fault? Wth!!!

    • popnpeaceprincess
      popnpeaceprincess 2 months ago

      Melanin Goddess neither can r kelly but ok

    • Content Davis
      Content Davis 2 months ago

      +Giovanna Vignoni true!

    • Giovanna Vignoni
      Giovanna Vignoni 2 months ago +1

      Mental manipulation is similar to being held against your will. The power dynamics between a grown man and a teenage girl is way skewed. What he was doing is *GROOMING* them. No different than other pedophiles or even cult leaders. You may look back and think that you wouldnt have fallen for the same traps as they did but you probably would have.

    • Melanin Goddess
      Melanin Goddess 2 months ago +1

      +Ruta Tautuaa Bless your heart it sounds like you were reffering to yourself. No, I wasn't "fast" when I was 14, if that's what you were asking. I'm exhausted with these stories of women who "willingly" spread their legs, perform acts then...cry victim after they got used up then discarded. Now it hurts after the fact? Women need to be held accountable for their actions too. I brought up priests because someone said I was "defending "predators". You were real quick to say that was the church's problem. Smh. you got no "empathy" for the children but sympathizing "whorish" behavior. I'd say you're part of the problem as well. Please explain what "pain" these women have that calls for "empathy" I'll wait..