Lillard Drops McKinnie! Warriors Sweep Blazers! 2019 NBA Playoffs

  • Published on May 21, 2019
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Comments • 993

  • Garfield Raffington
    Garfield Raffington 28 days ago

    Golden state vs clippers was a much better series

  • J.R. Smith
    J.R. Smith Month ago

    Forget about logo Lillard. It's half court curry now

  • Sanjiv Yt
    Sanjiv Yt Month ago +1

    You can’t spell logo lillard without 4 l’s but you cant also spell logo lillard with any w’s😂😂😂😂

  • depend self
    depend self Month ago

    curry was fouled clearly

  • CK_ Frosteazzz
    CK_ Frosteazzz Month ago +1

    Aye, the Blazers got it next year.

  • ZackT112
    ZackT112 Month ago

    Curry had 2 37 and 2 36 games

  • FNG_Key
    FNG_Key Month ago

    So they call it on curry but not Leonard🤦‍♂️

  • Cj Man
    Cj Man Month ago

    Donkey from the corner was a 2

  • That Guy
    That Guy Month ago +1

    I bet Lebron wishing he was in Cleveland rn

  • Jay Puyenbroeck
    Jay Puyenbroeck Month ago

    Warriors drops blazers

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. Month ago

    bed time R.I.P city

  • City Squad
    City Squad Month ago

    Please gimme some tips on how to do TVclip

  • Sanjiv Yt
    Sanjiv Yt Month ago +3

    The next team Rodney Hood joins is gonna end up getting swept in the playoffs from warriors 😂😂

  • XenoEnderKillaYT
    XenoEnderKillaYT Month ago

    Every kid dreaming of not blowing a double digit lead in 3 games

  • Kerven Metayer
    Kerven Metayer Month ago

    Will Alfonzo McKinnie be able to walk again???

    Find out Next Time on Dragon Ball Z

  • TT 10
    TT 10 Month ago

    Look at all the stephsexuals😂😂😂

  • Yhung Riftr
    Yhung Riftr Month ago

    he just misplaced his feet and then they collide. how is that an ankle breaker?

  • That Guy
    That Guy Month ago

    That's tuff

  • Karan Kalra
    Karan Kalra Month ago

    curry is much better without KD. if KD was not playing the warriors Curry could have been a 5 time Mvp

  • Jose Calderon
    Jose Calderon Month ago

    Blazers in 5
    -Blazers fans yesterday

  • James Mendoza
    James Mendoza Month ago

    Ah man after the game I was looking for a you ain't kawhi leonard babyyyyy. I know I said it

  • Donny_black 25
    Donny_black 25 Month ago +1

    The Worries make me not wanna watch the Finals at all 😒

  • John50 Beach
    John50 Beach Month ago +1

    For the record, that's EXACTLY how many times James Harden steps back. And he gets the and one for it lmao

  • miguel
    miguel Month ago

    hey guys what u think about warriors chances against either bucks or raptors?
    comment below

  • Pingu !
    Pingu ! Month ago

    Are we ignoring that he said "its the blazers last chance to avoid the sweep"

  • Baqueteando com o Rafa

    every Wilt Chamberlain dreams of breaking kid's record

  • Mini-G7
    Mini-G7 Month ago +1

    When warriors are down 18 I ain’t even worried

    OBLAKS.MUSIC Month ago

    I think its better than denver vs warriors lol

  • Kiddsaucy
    Kiddsaucy Month ago

    1:04 😂😂😂😂

  • Beyblade Rox
    Beyblade Rox Month ago

    Dislikers are Blazers fans lol be cuz of Draymomd hitting the three lmfao

  • Diamant
    Diamant Month ago +1

    Blazers in 9

  • Charleyvens Oscar
    Charleyvens Oscar Month ago

    Can u go back to doing those

  • O.r Shoaib
    O.r Shoaib Month ago

    You should do a podcast

  • Troy Fowler
    Troy Fowler Month ago

    What's up boss keep it up more videos

  • Altaf Munnee
    Altaf Munnee Month ago +1

    Curry had 7 threes btw

  • Gaurav Shrestha
    Gaurav Shrestha Month ago +1

    Give that Guy a map!! Where is he going?? XD XD

  • Lil goat
    Lil goat Month ago

    Warriors suck

  • Jordan Colon
    Jordan Colon Month ago

    Did they blazers choke? Or was it that the warriors weren’t trying?

  • Sporting Mixtapes
    Sporting Mixtapes Month ago

    2:17 travel

  • Flawlessbankss
    Flawlessbankss Month ago

    Every kid dreams of breaking Wilt Chamberlain's record.

  • OreoMask
    OreoMask Month ago +1


    Curry: Im still the MVP

  • Intelligence Injection

    Still fought better than lebum has

  • Rey123zroblox
    Rey123zroblox Month ago

    Waiting for the bucks

  • Hira Malik
    Hira Malik Month ago


  • Drew Secky
    Drew Secky Month ago

    Smoove gave up gaming or what?

  • Anti ReverseYT-
    Anti ReverseYT- Month ago

    Defensive Warriors Line up
    PG: Shaun Livingston
    SG: Klay Thompson
    SF: Andre Igoudala
    PF: Draymond Green
    C: Andrew Bogut
    Any changes??

  • IamGeliam ._.
    IamGeliam ._. Month ago

    It’s cause he activated take over

  • Aswin A
    Aswin A Month ago

    GSW sweep the Bucks 4-0

  • King-Anonymous 18
    King-Anonymous 18 Month ago

    Id rather see the the thunder vs the warriors

  • WhiteSkull
    WhiteSkull Month ago

    Leonards wife told him how to shoot

  • okc thunder blue white orange nation

    That Muslim kanter talked shit 🤣 go to Allah bro

  • okc thunder blue white orange nation

    Look at that Muslim kanter reaction 🤣

  • Aaron Neville
    Aaron Neville Month ago

    That dunk on Draymond tho

  • Logan Fischer
    Logan Fischer Month ago

    Didn't talk about the fact that curry and dray both had triple dubs?

  • Young Ball
    Young Ball Month ago

    Warriors for life

  • Xeed029
    Xeed029 Month ago

    That was a nasty ankle breaker. Had him all tripped up.

  • savion haywood
    savion haywood Month ago


  • The Kid
    The Kid Month ago

    the fact that the blazers could’ve been up 3-1 🤦‍♂️ disappointing

  • TheJet Trainer
    TheJet Trainer Month ago

    Lol curry tried that harden step back cheese

  • thoomas2333
    thoomas2333 Month ago

    Durant better dont come back for the finals

  • lucas kain
    lucas kain Month ago

    Seth curry should of shot the game winning shots

  • Liam C
    Liam C Month ago

    28pts in elim game is not primetime

  • Tyrektnosaur
    Tyrektnosaur Month ago

    lillard tried to copy kawhis game winner

  • Chinedu U Ukaonu
    Chinedu U Ukaonu Month ago

    I’m lowkey upset Portland didn’t put up a right but go Warriors 😂

  • CruztyCrabs
    CruztyCrabs Month ago

    1:55 was only a 2 by draymond

  • Nike Easy35
    Nike Easy35 Month ago

    That was the slowest side step ever

  • Im Snxppin
    Im Snxppin Month ago

    they teach you in rec ball not to cross your feet lmao

  • Stephan Bosevski
    Stephan Bosevski Month ago

    Curry travelled on purpose change my mind. He did the same thing in the clutch against the Kings

  • Ingagi
    Ingagi Month ago

    Steph is coming for that Finals MVP

  • So long Gay bowser
    So long Gay bowser Month ago

    Is it just me or does meyers Leonard travel every time

    PR1NCETD0T Month ago

    Lmao the warriors can literally go to Toronto to watch game 4 if they really wanted to. They gotta scout both teams anyways.🤷‍♂️😂

  • Trey Trevor
    Trey Trevor Month ago

    2:25 James Harden

  • Trey Trevor
    Trey Trevor Month ago

    He dropped harder than my grades

  • Cristian Hernandez
    Cristian Hernandez Month ago +1

    Kawhi : Can we beat the warriors if we beat the Buck’s?
    Curry : Hold your laugh in my playlist

  • Ivcota
    Ivcota Month ago +15

    Dame Time: I took Mckinnie's ankles
    Curry: What did it cost you?
    Lame Time: The Series...

  • Noah C Cornelius
    Noah C Cornelius Month ago


  • Satrim
    Satrim Month ago

    Blazers have done well considering everything. Sucks they threw all these leads tho.

  • Jfw London
    Jfw London Month ago

    Who remembers the rhino smoove needs to bring it back

    FADE CLAN Month ago

    Warriors bucks for finals?

  • jan rodriguez
    jan rodriguez Month ago

    Curry top 5 dont @ me

  • Tuấn Trần
    Tuấn Trần Month ago

    *Every kids dreaming of avoiding swept by the Warriors*

  • i am Barry Allen
    i am Barry Allen Month ago

    i guess Lillard's time needs a recharge

  • Dylan Thompson
    Dylan Thompson Month ago

    Smoove should recap all games for ESPN.

  • Gastros Wings
    Gastros Wings Month ago +1

    Dang, talk about almost making it out of the war in one piece then have your ankles broken before it’s concluded.

  • Curry Empire
    Curry Empire Month ago

    Every kid dreams of sweeping a NBA team

  • Trey
    Trey Month ago


  • Ismael Hounnou
    Ismael Hounnou Month ago +1

    I need to hear that SPLAAAAAASH that Chris Smoove always says🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • alfafaka
    alfafaka Month ago

    Seth Curry will always be remembered for the Travel Call, not for his bball

  • alfafaka
    alfafaka Month ago

    Portland BLOW...........................leads.

  • BornAbnormal
    BornAbnormal Month ago

    Dame thought he was Kawhi going for that corner 3

  • Gabriel Castro
    Gabriel Castro Month ago

    Not a single comment about Leonard, how?

  • ha ha
    ha ha Month ago

    If lillard saw the seconds if be stopped and fake pumped he probably would have tied for 2OT

  • Krislaps Porzmingis
    Krislaps Porzmingis Month ago +1

    Why did Dame take all of their shots down the stretch? CJ had bailed them out against Denver, maybe he could have done it again

  • Detroit Mi Dunkin
    Detroit Mi Dunkin Month ago

    Fake Warriors fans in the comment section 😁🤣😂

  • Orangebuds
    Orangebuds Month ago

    Blazers are dogshit

  • AC Medina
    AC Medina Month ago

    Literally Nobody:
    Rodney Hood: *gets swept by the warriors 3 years in a row*

  • Ah Eh
    Ah Eh Month ago

    Kevin Durant is not needed in GSW lmao

  • Jabrony Lin
    Jabrony Lin Month ago

    Blazers should be up 3-1

  • William Marshall
    William Marshall Month ago

    I'm disappointed in the trail blazers tbh. They had 3 games where they had double digit leads but just couldnt hold on to them till the end. If they could they would've been up 3-1 right now. Shame