19 Strange Things That Only Happen In India

  • Published on Mar 15, 2018
  • We've put together some mind-blowing facts about India. It is a country where strange and unique things are possible. You will be amazed to find out what unusual traditions this culture is full of. India is the second largest English-speaking country in the world where followers of all the world’s major religions live.
    There are crazy rich people in the country who build personal skyscrapers for their families and people who neglect modern culture. Here, there are 6 seasons in a year and a specific head gesture for agreeing. The divorce rate in the country is super low. No surprise India is home to the biggest family in the world.
    Genius local farmers have invented a very special use for Coca-Cola and Pepsi, and IDs for cows. More than that, the Indian people invented many things we all can't live without: from buttons and shampoo to wireless communication and cataract surgery.
    Preview photo credit:
    A UP policeman: By Siddhartha Shukla, CC BY-SA 2.0 creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0, www.flickr.com/photos/siddharthashukla/2197119516/in/photostream
    Indian Police Service Officer of 1987 batch, Dr. C. Sylendra Babu IPS: By Diwan07 at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0 creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0, commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=49087588
    Animation is created by Bright Side.
    Music: Sahara Rains - Hanu Dixit
    Six seasons in a year 0:24
    A specific head gesture for agreeing 0:57
    Extremely polluted air in major cities 1:25
    All the world’s major religions 1:59
    Home to the biggest family in the world 2:24
    The second largest English-speaking country in the world 3:10
    Policemen are paid for having mustaches 3:36
    Cows carry ID 4:04
    Spices galore 4:40
    Low divorce rate 5:14
    Pre-wedding detectives 5:45
    Home of the “Love Commandos” 6:11
    No locks, no worries! 6:40
    An innovative way to use soda 7:15
    Gold-clad housewives 7:43
    Skyscraper home 8:13
    The monkey menace 8:57
    The mystery of Sentinel Island 9:28
    The land of great inventions 9:58
    -When planning a trip to India, remember there are 6 seasons there.
    -Don’t misunderstand the Indians if they give you a bobbling head gesture.
    -Be aware of that one day in Delhi is equal to smoking about 50 cigarettes due to pollution.
    -You can meet followers of all the world’s major religions in India.
    -Travel to Batwang village if you want to meet the biggest family in the world.
    -Take note of that India has around 125 million English speakers.
    -Policemen with mustaches are paid extra - just imagine that.
    -If you visit India in the next few years you will notice that all cows have IDs.
    -India is the world’s leader in spice production - make sure to try some.
    -Find out the secret of the super low divorce rate in the country.
    -Indian families hire private detectives to investigate the prospective bride or groom.
    -There is a support group for couples from different castes called the “Love Commandos”.
    -Believe it or not, there is a whole town with no doors or locks on houses, shops, and even the bank.
    -You might want to try using soda instead of expensive pesticides like the Indian farmers do.
    -It’s hard to believe but Indian housewives own 11% of all the world’s gold.
    -The richest man in the country lives in a private skyscraper.
    -You can apply for a job of a monkey handler.
    -Never try to visit the Sentinel Island - it’s really dangerous.
    -We are all grateful for the many inventions India has given the world.

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    BRIGHT SIDE  9 months ago +1553

    Six seasons in a year 0:24
    A specific head gesture for agreeing 0:57
    Extremely polluted air in major cities 1:25
    All the world’s major religions 1:59
    Home to the biggest family in the world 2:24
    The second largest English-speaking country in the world 3:10
    Policemen are paid for having mustaches 3:36
    Cows carry ID 4:04
    Spices galore 4:40
    Low divorce rate 5:14
    Pre-wedding detectives 5:45
    Home of the “Love Commandos” 6:11
    No locks, no worries! 6:40
    An innovative way to use soda 7:15
    Gold-clad housewives 7:43
    Skyscraper home 8:13
    The monkey menace 8:57
    The mystery of Sentinel Island 9:28
    The land of great inventions 9:58

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      usama saud 21 day ago

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    Rishad Islam 9 hours ago

    The use of sweet soda as pesticides

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    Maglish 14 hours ago +1

    I'm from gods own country ,Kerala

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    technical sumit 21 hour ago

    2 one was absolutely correct



  • amazing ANIMALSSS

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    SUPRIT Minajagi 2 days ago

    nothing surprised me, because I am from India.

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    Bilquees Farooqui 2 days ago

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    abiral chetri 2 days ago

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    Gurkirat Badyal 2 days ago

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    Sudip Timalsina 2 days ago

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    Niru’s Channel 2 days ago

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    Sunny Daulatkar 3 days ago

    #3 is not something we are proud of, but i believe we will figure it out and reduce it too!

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    Gavigamer X 3 days ago +1

    i am a indian and hindu and i wanna tell that indians treat cows like Godness

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    Basanta Dangol 3 days ago +1

    I guess that Nepal also has six season s

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    The Tripper 4 days ago

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    Vaishnavi Selvam 4 days ago

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    Why you didn't consider South Indians also India ppl ryt??
    India is a good diverse country
    United ppl
    Many more culture n festival which differents from State to state
    But we are all India
    But u consider only northern part ....?? Why

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    At thumbnail sylendra babu IPS from our district

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    #2 is just wrong ,
    I am from India , and never seen anyone nodding that way for consent.
    We nodd up -down , as anyone would do in other parts of the world.
    #7 polican ate not paid at all for mostache , my uncle is in UP police.
    Disliked for this point.
    Sorry for my bad English.

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    SUGAT DAHIYA 9 days ago

    Chaturanga's real pronounciation is. (. Shar-ranj. )

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    TravelGuru Ashish 9 days ago

    0 is discovered by an indian. Imagine the roman numbers calculations in todays world and space programs without 0 (zero)

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    zero (0) comes from India

  • subhasree lahiri
    subhasree lahiri 9 days ago

    i am indian..but i had no idea about most of these facts!!!

  • sunstar chauhan
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    There are 6 season in Bangladesh also...but as you know it was a part of Pakistan which was again only a part of India...so it won't be to wrong say.... And we just made a boundary on earth that won't make weather to divide either⛅⛅... plz don't get me wrong But it is a fact and u can't deny it.....We made difference not them. .....

  • Kavita Tyagi
    Kavita Tyagi 10 days ago

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  • S Mallick
    S Mallick 10 days ago

    In last point you perhaps forget to recount decimal system which was indigenous invention of India ,reached Europe via Arab. So much know this as Arabic system. Later known as Hindu - Arabic. But most are reluctant to recognise as Indian system.

  • S Mallick
    S Mallick 10 days ago

    the head gesture is not always affirmative. If one nodes beck to front vertically down & up or repeats it is affirmative. If it is done left to right again right to left horizontally then it is negative.

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    Screen? "6"
    subscribers? "25 million"
    Hotel? Trivago

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