VFR into IMC, my SCARIEST flight. Diversion to Cardiff

  • Published on Jun 8, 2016
  • Scariest experience of my flying career so far, unexpected VFR into IMC. As i turned crosswind the fog and cloud rolled in. Massive thanks to the fantastic radar controller who helped me and kept me safe. Spoke to the controller on the return leg. I would recommend the Instrument rating either restricted or full, would have been a massive help here. Should be starting the IRR in the next few weeks. This is a lucky escape, could have been worse. Fortunately Cardiff is very close as Bristol was overcast at 400ft. No chance of getting back into Bristol. Nice 3 hours spent in the cafe. I apologise for the swearing but decided to leave this video un edited as you capture the full effect of the situation. You can watch the return leg in beautiful vfr conditions in the following video in the next couple of days once I've managed to upload it.
    All procedures should not be used for flight training as editing removes context. These videos should not be used in place of flight instruction.
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  • CocoEspada
    CocoEspada Month ago

    The hell are you doing taking off in this? You should never have gone up even with the conditions at the start of the video. Failure on your part of Risk Management. You do get points however for proper emergency diversion techniques.

  • C W
    C W 3 months ago

    That atc controller was fantastic and probably saved your life. I got caught in IMC on an overhead rejoin last week, luckily I was with in instructor who is excellent but I appreciated how scary it was.

  • derSchweiz
    derSchweiz 4 months ago +1

    It is a good thing that you managed to keep calm, get help from ATC, used your instruments properly, avioided getting disoriented and landed safely! There had been VFR pilots out there that flew into IMC that trusted their senses over their Instruments and artificial horizon, got disoriented and spiralled out of Control into the Ground.

  • Stephen
    Stephen 4 months ago

    You survived because you handled it well. You can be my wingman any time!

  • hans van snick
    hans van snick 4 months ago

    You and the air traffic controllers did a great job. Keeping calm and having the aircraft under control. Every vfr pilot should have a practical lesson how it is to fly in IMC. Thanks for sharing this!

  • mancz8
    mancz8 4 months ago +1

    Did you by chance request a special VFR clearance did not not hear if you did?

  • fwb
    fwb 5 months ago +2

    "unexpected" VFR into IMC? Serious? As you start to roll down the runway, there are IFR conditions everywhere. Don't be too embarrassed to turn back. You're lucky you lived to tell this story.

    • Andrew Barnett
      Andrew Barnett 2 months ago

      He had 80 hours TT so not much experience, he got some with this flight. He did well, no panic and calmly dealt with the problem.

  • SweRandom TV
    SweRandom TV 5 months ago +1

    Happend exactly to me. the diffrences was i did 180 and landed downwind. It was quite frighting when the snow started to fall

  • Edward Glasson
    Edward Glasson 5 months ago

    Very scary scary stuff ere bruv. Couldn't see anything ahead of you

  • Alex Ujah
    Alex Ujah 6 months ago

    That's bad? I can actually see the ground out of your window in the video! I strongly suggest you get a IR rating - it might just save your life!

  • los789
    los789 6 months ago +2

    One could see the IMC from the ground and he was within it a few minutes after take off. So a better course of action would have been to delay departure. However good divert and good vid.

    Remember its always better to be on the ground wishing you were up in the air, than to be in the air wishing you were on the ground.

  • Dan Titshall
    Dan Titshall 6 months ago

    While I agree you shouldn’t of taken off in the first place, all these people saying negative stuff is out of order! We’re all human we all make mistakes, we misjudge things but we learn from them, everyone makes them whether they are big or small. I bet all these people saying negative stuff have made mistakes themselves which we could all criticise like they have with you, yet they don’t share them like you have because they didn’t catch them on film or don’t have the balls to post it. At the end of the day you landed safely and that’s what matters because you stayed calm and negotiated with ATC. Yes it could of ended much worse but it didn’t and that’s because of the decisions you made and the calm manner you handled the situation. You could of freaked out and lost concentration and crashed but you kept your cool and concentrated on flying the plane. Filming flights are the best way to learn from your mistakes, share them with others and to possibly provide as evidence. For example, a crash or a near miss. Safe flying for the future! Good lucky with your IR

  • Charles H Geis IV
    Charles H Geis IV 8 months ago

    Unless I missed something,lt looked very overcast and low while you were on ground. What were you expecting to be different once you took off? Just curious

  • romantic340
    romantic340 8 months ago

    Even if you think you will never use it get that instrument rating, and if you get in that situation and the gyro is going round and round reduce power and let go the yoke, 9 times out of 10 the plane will recover itself. think ahead 10 steps and live.

  • Lenny Penny
    Lenny Penny 8 months ago

    gotta love all the 'expert pilots' in the comments.

    • AKULA689
      AKULA689 5 months ago

      As with all things let trolls troll, he taught us a lesson then uploaded it for us to learn too! Hats off to him high five and any thing else that would mean great job well done......

    • Ben Brown Aviation
      Ben Brown Aviation  8 months ago

      Lenny Penny couldn’t agree more, some of them make for fun reading.
      Thanks for watching.

  • cs512tr
    cs512tr 8 months ago +3

    you did well telling atc you were not ifr rated.
    while i wasn't there, it doesn't look like VFR weather to me at all on the lineup:
    safe flying

  • PilotFun101
    PilotFun101 9 months ago +1

    Thanks for sharing!!

  • Dr59PhD
    Dr59PhD 9 months ago

    Alright enough guys c'mon - he admits his mistake let's let him up for air for bloody sake! I am a bit curious why the controller didn't question him. In the states every controller all the way to runway would have been all over him.. "Dude we have no IFR flight plan on you and if you look out the window..." Then when he got back a stone faced FAA person would have greeted him on the ramp and there would have been a lengthy and awkward "learning session" we call a ramp check and quite possibly further action taken. In this case I'd have done a 30 day suspension with 5 hour remedial training required. Why? Because this was not a true "mistake".

  • Cory Coyle
    Cory Coyle 9 months ago

    Holy mackerel look at that VSI !! You all need a home desktop sim first to get familiar with instrument flying ! Sheesh, glad you made it back!

    • Ben Brown Aviation
      Ben Brown Aviation  9 months ago

      Cory Coyle at the point I think you are referring to I thought I saw a gap to get back into VMC, realised this wasn’t an option. Was always above MSA.
      The desktop sims definitely don’t prepare you for the real feeling of being in IMC, good for being comfortable with how all the instruments work and procedures but that’s it.
      In the following videos you’ll see the progress with instrument flying as I have all of the training videos for the EASA IRr that I took a couple of years ago.
      Thanks for watching.

  • wjatube
    wjatube 11 months ago +3

    Why on earth would a VFR pilot even contemplate taking off with such low ceiling that was plain to see before takeoff, get-there-itis?

  • rallyden
    rallyden 11 months ago

    Good job of flying. I’m sure you are certified for IFR now as you are talented...kept your cool, engaged in the act of flying, navigating and talking on the radio.
    Side question.....in your country, does getting this ATC service require a fee?

  • Digitalbumpin
    Digitalbumpin 11 months ago

    Amazing how all the armchair pilots have so much advice and know exactly how this should have played out and are judging your performance. Fuck off, all of you.

  • TupolevPilot
    TupolevPilot 11 months ago

    Why didnt you do a 180 once you got into imc?

    • Ben Brown Aviation
      Ben Brown Aviation  11 months ago

      In most cases this would have worked, if enrolee for example. In this case I would have remained in IMC on a short left base fro the opposite runway at a very busy airport. If the cloud had been high enough a right downwind to land would have been the better choice. However the cloud being overcast at 400ft, would have meant doing an ILS which at the time I wasn't allowed to do as I didn't have an IR(r). Thanks For watching the video. :)

  • Edward Glasson
    Edward Glasson 11 months ago

    This looks very scary but you did urself proud son and kept it cool innit

  • TiJayFLY
    TiJayFLY Year ago

    I certainly couldn't tell which way up you were pointing in the clouds! This is why I sit at a PC pretending to "fly" airliners, and you're up there in the skies. Bigger balls than I, sir. Well done, and a gripping watch.

  • Paul Dutton
    Paul Dutton Year ago +1

    Don't really know much about this yet the cloud ceiling looked low before departure. Was that not a clue?

  • Jaydapp
    Jaydapp Year ago

    If private pilots got medals, you'd deserve one. Great job!

  • NightWaves
    NightWaves Year ago

    Stick to trying to get lucky with beach weather not flying weather :)

  • Rob Blue
    Rob Blue Year ago +2

    Your "shit landing" is like all of my landings lately. :) The point is to learn, and I know you did and are alive to read this, but... why take off with ceilings that low? Just looked sketchy well before IMC.
    Regardless, you did an awesome job.

  • Get straight to the point

    Mate fkn oath glad u got out of that. Would honestly rather see videos like this then a perfect flight I am currently a ppl pilot with just over 100 hrs and doing my Ir theory test. You saw a problem and did something about it kept the cool thank you for posting. we are human so we are prone to fking up but it shows me how you will never do that again and neither will I .This definitely has taught you and me 😊

  • DundeeDriver
    DundeeDriver Year ago +1

    That was a lot more fun for me to watch than for you to fly. Thanks for sharing!
    My scariest experience was dropping a camera case while flying solo in a glider and being unable to find or retrieve it. Bad airmanship on my part!

    • Ben Brown Aviation
      Ben Brown Aviation  Year ago

      DundeeDriver it was certainly interesting. Had a few cameras drop off before, thankfully not the external one.
      Thanks for watching.

  • Tango Sierra
    Tango Sierra Year ago +1

    It's always a good landing when you're able to have a beer after shuting down the engine ;) I fully agree with the other positive comments. I think you've done a very good job at all. Things like flying into IMC unintentionally has happen to so many other pilots too.

  • Neo Matrix
    Neo Matrix Year ago +1

    Thanks for sharing for everyone to learn. I'm a PPL also so not claiming to be an expert here but just my 2 cents. After you backtracked, you could quite clearly see the weather was pretty terrible in front. Also, after you took off, you seemed to be looking forward, but not really looking beyond outside to where you were going. Maybe keep a better eye on where you are flying next time so you can anticipate better. Awesome that you have your IMC rating now. Good job for keeping calm. If you didn't already, you should pay the controller a visit and thank him. He really did a great job.

    • Neo Matrix
      Neo Matrix Year ago

      OK thanks will check them out. Oh ok that's great you went to visit them. I clicked on your channel and scrolled down and straight away saw a nice screenshot of a VFR on top video haha. P.S You should check out this TVclip channel, some great recreations of similar stories that have not turned out with a happy ending. Very good learning channel though: tvclip.biz/user/AirSafetyInstitutevideos Look for the videos starting with titles of "Real pilot story"

    • Ben Brown Aviation
      Ben Brown Aviation  Year ago +1

      Completely agree, I became task saturated and wasn't concentrating on the changing weather before the take off, I'm lucky the controllers at Bristol are fantastic. After departure its hard to tell on these videos with angles etc. I was looking for a way around the cloud in the right bas area and hoping to go left but that was just as bad.
      If you watch the next video I thank the controller then and have made numerous visits to the tower since.

  • Jon
    Jon Year ago

    I would never have taken off in that situation, but if I ever find myself in IMC as a VFR pilot, I'm immediately declaring an emergency if I can't get out with a 180 turn. Don't count on ATC to fully understand your predicament. The second you say you're declaring, all hands are on deck and you're guaranteed to be top priority.

  • Peter Spencer
    Peter Spencer Year ago +1

    Thanks for the vid Ben, a pilot's worst nightmare. Lessons for us all.... I recommend these to watch.... tvclip.biz/video/_wsa3vhnowk/video.html

  • Andym8910
    Andym8910 Year ago +3

    You did a fantastic job with what was thrown at you. Many people would have carried on regardless and not fessed up to ATC. This should be compulsory viewing for all GA pilots

  • Ahmad Samadzai
    Ahmad Samadzai Year ago +12

    Good flying but you need ground work badly. Gotta learn planning your trips better.

    • Michael Lloyd
      Michael Lloyd 2 months ago

      @cohen200 I agree with the video comments but he took off in what was clearly not VMC weather. I shouldn't say clearly, the camera angle and other factors may make it look worse than it was, but I don't think so. Perhaps establishing some personal minimum above "legal minimums" will let this pilot live a little longer.

    • cohen200
      cohen200 11 months ago +14

      "Private pilots should NOT be allowed to record themselves flying". I don't believe you could not be any further from the truth in that statement. A single mounted camera as is the case of this video takes all of 30 seconds to setup and can provide invaluable information for debriefing. I can't fathom how a properly mounted camera situated behind the pilot would in any way be a distraction and I dare say was in no way a contributor to what happened.
      As for removing the video? Why? Do you think someone is going to see this video and think anything other than, gee I would never like to be in this situation so I should be cautious and learn from the mistake of another and I fail to see how this is portrayed as an example to follow, quite the opposite. It's easy to look at the situation with hindsight and say what he should and should not have done from the comfort of your computer chair but in the end of the day, he kept his composure and given the circumstances surrounding him, safety landed the plane, that is what he is being complimented on, not the original error that led to this situation which I feel you are failing to see.
      If anything, this video tells you to keep your calm and talk to ATC when you don't know where you are and can't see outside instead of freezing up and making things worse.

    • eric db7g
      eric db7g 11 months ago +4

      Agree, If he would have spent the time he used to set up his cameras to check the weather then he wouldn't have been in this situation in the first place. This was so obviously not VFR weather, and everyone is saying fantastic job. This is NOT a fantastic job, this was RECKLESS and the lack of planning put other peoples' lives in danger. Private pilots should NOT be allowed to record themselves flying and should be focused more on safety and doing a proper weather brief before a flight. He drifted 10' left of center and took off directly into IFR conditions. This video needs to be pulled down, this is not an example for others to follow AT ALL.

  • LOKI
    LOKI Year ago +4

    Thanks for sharing it , we VFR Pilots can learn from it. Good flying.

  • Gordon Dean
    Gordon Dean Year ago +4

    Stupid pilot. Took of into weather that was clearly not VFR. And then, on T/O spent a significant amount of time LOOKING IN THE BACK SEAT. (Suggestion: On T/O, look where you are going)

    • Ben Brown Aviation
      Ben Brown Aviation  Year ago +1

      d00t Thank you very much for your comment, it’s sad that these people have to leave comments like this.
      I completely agree with flying IMC even after getting the rating. The first few times you are in cloud alone it is very unnerving but gradually gets better. Always a sigh of relief breaking out on top of the clouds. Heart rate certainly goes down.
      I felt that sharing this will hopefully will a learning experience, there certainly was a sense of being over confident and wanting to go and fly. Had I payed more attention to met information or the ATIS maybe this would have been a very different video. It’s is certainly dangerous not to admit your mistakes, prevents others from learning.
      Once again thank you for the nice words.

    • d00t
      d00t Year ago +4

      Ben, do not listen. You made a mistake. You realised immediately what you had gotten yourself into, pulled yourself together and followed the old rule of aviate, navigate and communicate. What you did could have saved a lot of lives that were lost under similar circumstances. I congratulate you on your honesty on posting this as we all can learn from it. Having flown 400+ hours under VFR rules and maybe a 100+ under IFR I can assure you that while an instrument rating is great, by no means it prevents this from happening. What few people understand is that when you fly into IMC on a VFR flight you are nowhere near safe just because you have instrument experience. It simply increases your chances of survival. Having experienced a similar similar situation myself - after having completed my practical instrument training and having flown in "real" IMC - I can assure you I was still scared as hell even if my training told me what to do. I had the training but boy, did I also have loads of luck. If we learn from experience then the experience was well worth it.
      @Gordon Dean: People like you continue to amaze me whenever I meet them in real life or online. Here is someone who puts up his hand and willingly admits he made some bad decisions and the only thing you can come up with is your ignorant, negative and - excuse my language - idiotic comment? Really, is this the best you have the offer?

    • Ben Brown Aviation
      Ben Brown Aviation  Year ago +6

      Gordon Dean As much as I appreciate you are clearly a perfect pilot and have never made a mistake I don’t appreciate your comment.
      I am not a stupid pilot or a stupid person, I made a mistake, people do. Luckily I was able to stay reasonable calm and rectify the situation. I have shared this to show that people make errors and hopefully show others how to get out of this situation or not get into it in the first place.
      The whole looking in the back seat, you weren’t watching very closely were you, the aircraft was stationary. I can guarantee you that if I was looking at the back seat on takeoff I probably would have gone off the side of the runway and this video would be very different.

  • Danny Williams
    Danny Williams Year ago +4

    Having watched a few of these, i think it should be compulsory to train these pilots for both VFR and IFR *before* they are certified to fly solo. The way weather is nowadays, these conditions can role in at anytime and if a pilot is not trained while in the air to deal with this low to zero visibility then they should not be in the sky operating any aircraft, period. It leads to the unnecessary and tragic loss of life!

      THECAVE Year ago +1

      They are trained to an extent on ifr. That's how he flew and landed safely. He used his instraments. Great video post by the way. If you ever end up in that situation again stop looking out the window and just look at your instruments. Rely on Air Traffic Control to route you around traffic. The number one way you lose control in IMC is looking at the clouds.

  • blastman8888
    blastman8888 Year ago

    Not easy to see if your able to see the ground or not from the camera angle being low in the cabin I could tell when you got above the fog at least you could reference the flog with the blue sky good things turned out okay. I'm sure in the UK fog is common occurance have to be trained to deal with it. 24:00 I can see the ground although not good not sure if it's flat there or you have terrain looks like you can see enough to reference off of.

  • Toffy B
    Toffy B 2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing Ben. Yes, agree with another comment here, it's good to swear at yourself on occasions. I'm planning a solo (tyro) flight from East Midlands to Cardiff flight in July so thanks for this video. Looking forward to cake & tea at the cafe. Great to know how helpful and professional ATC were in helping to get you down safely. Bet you were really relieved to get on the ground after the experience - in that case it was a great landing :)

  • richard c
    richard c 2 years ago

    nicely handled fly the plane advise ATC of problem (which you did) take the vectors from ATC and climb with ATC clearance go thru the cockpit checklist ....you can fly IFR you proved it to yourself and to us....i'll fly with you IFR no problem.........

  • Tim Kirk
    Tim Kirk 2 years ago +4

    Great Video ben. Great flying under pressure. I highly recommend a bit of swearing to releave the pressure. events like this are all part of the flying curve. if we don't test ourselves we don't grow as pilots.
    I had a close call coming out of Le-Touquet. as we were climbing out, the cloud bank rolled in. I returned with haste, and 2 minutes after taxying in the airport was shrouded in mist, for two days. My passengers got a taxi to calais the next day and a boat home. I got to spend 24hrs in Le-touquet. Safe flying ben - Tim

    • Ben Brown Aviation
      Ben Brown Aviation  2 years ago +2

      Tim Kirk thanks. That's a great story. Wish I'd done the same although by the time I'm in a downwind ish position it's 400ft overcast.
      Was tempted to edit that out. Bit embarrassing but wanted the whole video to be on here.
      Thanks again for watching.

  • Captain Jose Omar
    Captain Jose Omar 2 years ago

    Hey mate just wondering how many intrument flight hours experience did you have when this happened?

    • Ben Brown Aviation
      Ben Brown Aviation  2 years ago +3

      Jose Omar Thanks for the view. At the time, no experience at all. Now have 16 or so in actual IMC.

  • Rikaxxe
    Rikaxxe 2 years ago +5

    I echo all the sentiments expressed below. Coped brilliantly. I would be interested to know how many hours Ben had when this happened. A good pilot will recognise a problem and deal with it successfully as Ben did. An excellent pilot will also share his/her experience/errors with others so that they can benefit/learn from and hopefully avoid them. Nuff said!
    I did an IR(R) (currently lapsed) which I would urge anyone who flies the British isles (especially Scotland) to do. Back this up with regular IMC sessions on even a simple computer flight sim (FSX etc...) with basic controls and the chances of a tragic IMC accident (even after rating lapse) are hugely reduced. Steel balls for the way he coped and even bigger steel balls for sharing it with others - not always easy for alpha types!
    Just a thought which might help other pilots reading this, but I was always taught carb heat and pitot heat on, in or around visible moisture. I didn't see Ben do this but apologies if I missed it.

    • Ben Brown Aviation
      Ben Brown Aviation  2 years ago +2

      Rikaxxe thank you very much, won't be making that mistake again. The IRR is one of the best bits of training I've done so far. A must in England. Gets you out of trouble but as you say need to keep current.
      At this point I had just over 80 hours. The pitot heat went on but the carb heat was left off but tested a few times.

  • londonpommie
    londonpommie 2 years ago +9

    Very nicely handled, at no point did you ever look more than mildy pissed off as you flew the aircraft and got on with your day. If that's how you react to 'scariest experience' then you'll have no problems in your flying life.
    Nice teamwork between Bristol and Cardiff ATC to ensure you could concentrate on flying.
    Congrats on getting your IR(R) !!

  • Franco Ralli
    Franco Ralli 2 years ago

    Dear Ben, I do appreciate your stayed calm and didn't panic, which is very difficult to obtain. I have two questions: 1) don't you think that you were already in IMC before take off? 2) Once you realised that you were encontering deteriorated visibility conditions why you have not decided to return to the airport of departure?

    • Franco Ralli
      Franco Ralli 2 years ago

      Dear Ben, thanks for your reply. ATC personnel are there to assist us, especially if lives are in danger. I have landed in a restricted military airport due to poor visibility and was welcomed by the Italian Air Force Duty Officer.

    • Ben Brown Aviation
      Ben Brown Aviation  2 years ago +2

      Franco Ralli Hi, good questions. I wasn't IMC until takeoff as the cloud was 600ft agl which at bristol equates to 1200 amsl. Bad conditions and looking back I 100% wouldn't have gone. As I got into what was essentially a mid field downwind position the cloud was reported at 400agl. Perfectly fine if I was confident enough to do an ILS to near minima but since I had only ever done this in VMC I was certainly not comfortable doing that then with Cardiff being just about VFR. Also some people have been saying I should have done a 180 turn and landed back on the runway. Not a great idea at bristol as ATC would not have been happy with me doing that as it would have conflicted with any potential traffic. At Kemble maybe. Cardiff was my best option as I could stay with a radar controller and have a VFR arrival. Hope this answers your questions.

  • Modular Pilot
    Modular Pilot 2 years ago +3

    You know what Ben, yes you ended up in IMC but you did all the right things. You asked for help, you stayed calm and most importantly you made it back down to the ground safe and sound!

  • jwood237
    jwood237 2 years ago +1

    Great video and thanks for sharing. I thought you did a fantastic job. Bristol and Cardiff ATC were marvellous too. I have a IR (R) but still find flying in IMC daunting although I'm working hard on getting competent and confident but find it difficult. Keep up the great work.

  • The Flying Reporter
    The Flying Reporter 2 years ago +33

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Well done for continuing to fly the airplane, and for not panicking. I was dead impressed with ATC for recognising straight away the dangers you faced, and they began helping you immediately. They coordinated with Cardiff, who turned the opposing lights on for you, and Bristol were fantastic making sure that you didn't change frequency or turn without it being okay for you. Flying in IMC is not easy even with a rating, but you managed to stay straight and level without, that saved your life. This video is an excellent example of the dangers of IMC for non-rated pilots, but also the exemplary skills of ATC.

    • Ben Brown Aviation
      Ben Brown Aviation  2 years ago +7

      The Flying Reporter Thanks for the comment. Couldn't agree more. Bristol air traffic are always very professional and more than willing to help us GA pilots. They are very good at juggling slow VFR and all the jets.
      Great place to come and do an ILS, and grab some food at the flight lounge cafe. Just passed the IRR which I was waiting to start at the time. Got a practice skills test video ready to be edited with an extra camera.
      Ps I'm a big fan of your page.

  • MagentaLineAviation
    MagentaLineAviation 2 years ago +1

    Well done that man, had a similar situation at Jersey. Staying calm is very hard.

    • Ben Brown Aviation
      Ben Brown Aviation  2 years ago +1

      MagentaLineAviation Thank you very much.
      Glad I did stay calm. Could have ended very badly.

  • p13ddd5 gg
    p13ddd5 gg 3 years ago

    what date / time of day was this out of interest ?

    • Ben Brown Aviation
      Ben Brown Aviation  3 years ago

      +p13ddd5 gg wasn't sure if I should post it but the club were happy about it. Not going to do that again till the IR is complete. Handled it alright till the swearing, just frustration I think 😀 thanks for watching it.

    • p13ddd5 gg
      p13ddd5 gg 3 years ago

      +Pete Judge and seeing things like this will give me a kick too into getting the ir(r) done !

    • p13ddd5 gg
      p13ddd5 gg 3 years ago

      +Ben Brown cheers ben. good for you for posting that flight. probably my worst fear when flying. you handled it well.

    • Ben Brown Aviation
      Ben Brown Aviation  3 years ago

      5th June around 9am

  • SDJR7F88
    SDJR7F88 3 years ago +1

    Certainly a bit of an experience. The radar crew were sure very helpful indeed.

    • Ben Brown Aviation
      Ben Brown Aviation  3 years ago +1

      Certainly was, first time it has happened. That's why I like flying out of Bristol because the controllers are amazing, always helpful even when they are busy.