Making a HUGE 360 Swing #1 Chassis

  • Published on Jul 28, 2016
  • 360 Swings, a swing where you go all the way over.......Lets make one.
    In this video we make the frame of the swing and it takes up my whole garden which must be a good sign, part 2 out next thursday.
    See more amazing projects on my channel or click this
    Sorry for the 4 week break in videos but i had a small holiday and did a tiny bit of TV, also this was supposed to be a small quick project but i got carried away haha.
    Follow me on other stuff yeah
    1st song is by 7Daze and is called "simply unknown" find out more on them here
    2nd song is by March to the grave and is called "Blues and Royals" find that here
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  • Phil Thurman
    Phil Thurman 13 hours ago

    If your not subscribed to pewdiepie

    Eat a lego

  • MBR
    MBR 20 hours ago

    Wow the mounting end on the box section is amazing

  • Chris Davis
    Chris Davis Day ago

    If U build it....eventually it will kill U

  • James Squire
    James Squire 5 days ago

    Is this post-bunker?

  • Fatty Boi
    Fatty Boi 7 days ago

    Is this phineas and ferb?

  • Fortnite Brother
    Fortnite Brother 7 days ago

    in your videos you show that everything is posible

  • Aidan Burnham
    Aidan Burnham 8 days ago

    Can I get this at *_IKEA_*
    Done -get swing at -*_-IKEA-_*

  • Justin Smith
    Justin Smith 8 days ago

    Can you plz not have the music plz

  • Majid ROBLOX
    Majid ROBLOX 9 days ago

    fortnite noob set in real life 😂😂😂

  • Jeremiah chong
    Jeremiah chong 11 days ago

    Gotta feel bad for neighbors there like WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK DOES THIS GUY DOING 24/7 BUILDING A SKY SCRAPER

  • Nutelephant08
    Nutelephant08 12 days ago

    Who comes here just for the British rock music?

  • Rebecca Lentz
    Rebecca Lentz 13 days ago

    where do you put all of these giant builds after your done?

  • VEX Robots
    VEX Robots 15 days ago

    But isn't there too many g forces if you keep swinging 360

  • werts18
    werts18 19 days ago

    Its easy to find his house, just look for a bunker, someone playing with metal and a giant swing

  • Kyle Gamez
    Kyle Gamez 19 days ago

    Now just make it rocket powered... (:

  • Travis M.
    Travis M. 21 day ago

    Does anyone know why British folks call their backyard a "garden"?
    The definition for garden is: a small piece of ground used to grow vegetables, fruit, herbs, or flowers.
    No hate; just curious.

  • Doktor Jönsson
    Doktor Jönsson 26 days ago

    Other wifes: Well atleast he puts up the toilet seat...
    Collins wife: Well atleast he bolts everything together instead of welding it solid...

  • Guy with a Sandwich

    Lmao you can still see in the grass where he built his bunker

  • عبدالله فقيهي

    نفسي اصير مهندس😥📐📏🧪

  • Ha Lanh
    Ha Lanh Month ago

    Hi !

  • Jamie Carruthers
    Jamie Carruthers Month ago +1

    That moment when you remember there’s a bunker under the grass...

  • Venstoma
    Venstoma Month ago

    I like the muse shirt

  • Sinead Le Gear
    Sinead Le Gear Month ago


  • Brinkie B
    Brinkie B Month ago

    0:36 “haza i see you are a man of culture as well.”

  • Dave Dumaresq
    Dave Dumaresq Month ago


  • Bear Mo
    Bear Mo Month ago

    You are a madman

  • dihya kahena
    dihya kahena Month ago

    Imagine if he had engineering qualifications and the perfect equipment, what he could make

  • Rize_ DUTCH
    Rize_ DUTCH Month ago

    Amazing video but the music 👎

  • Enxs 58
    Enxs 58 Month ago

    I thoght that you would be tfue lol

  • Jack Skyforce
    Jack Skyforce Month ago

    at 3:16 you are not afraid to cut your Fingers?

  • No life plays
    No life plays Month ago

    Is he Australian

  • D.G.B. silva
    D.G.B. silva 2 months ago +2


  • can I get 1000 subscriber? CaN i?

    I hope he build a bunker

  • Gr8WhtMomba
    Gr8WhtMomba 2 months ago

    You secured the cables wrong. Remember "never saddle a dead horse".

  • Dr. Feelgood
    Dr. Feelgood 3 months ago

    Why didnt you add a jet engine??

  • Hunter Davis
    Hunter Davis 3 months ago

    The homeowners association wasn't happy about this one...

  • Cat 101
    Cat 101 3 months ago +1

    Christmas is near

  • Sem Schoofs
    Sem Schoofs 3 months ago

    You've got a really good taste for music

  • The Tyseday
    The Tyseday 3 months ago


  • Wizard3579
    Wizard3579 3 months ago

    *colins swing on 360 swing* Colin’s neighbours “wtf is Colin doing now?”

  • Rani Panchal
    Rani Panchal 3 months ago

    you're the best man in the world

  • Carter Spain
    Carter Spain 4 months ago

    He also has a bunker ,his kid can say to his friends "I have a 360 swing and a bunker"

  • wolakking TM
    wolakking TM 4 months ago

    Even Colin furze can't melt steel beams

  • 426 SUPER BEE
    426 SUPER BEE 4 months ago

    I could use that tubing for a trailer FUCK IT MAKE FERRIS WHEEL NOW ! i bet your neighbors loves ya lmao

  • dis is ma username
    dis is ma username 5 months ago

    This is the first video I watched of yours, not knowing you had a bunker underneath your feet

  • David Dylan
    David Dylan 5 months ago

    adopt me

  • 7up equals Booboo butt crack

    You remind me of drop dead fred

  • Blast to The past reviews

    Now I know where to go when I go to the united kingdom

  • lanzak
    lanzak 5 months ago

    men only want one thing and its fucking disgusting

  • lanzak
    lanzak 5 months ago

    dangerous... i love it

  • Joseph Ulbrich
    Joseph Ulbrich 5 months ago

    The links to your other videos don't work. You can't click on the videos and instantly be brought to them. :)

  • Brad Lloyd
    Brad Lloyd 5 months ago

    I'de seriously love having Col as a neighbour, life would never be dull, so entertaining, I'm becoming addicted to his crazyness !

  • Harry Matlock
    Harry Matlock 6 months ago

    Love your videos man but, were do you put the inventions when you're done with them

  • phuc nguyenluong
    phuc nguyenluong 6 months ago

    i am from việt nam > i love you

  • Luke Mehaffey
    Luke Mehaffey 6 months ago

    Love your music

    VORES_S 6 months ago

    I have For You Mission Build Excavator From Wood and Don't Use Electric In Excavator. GoodLuck

  • FF_Tuttifrutti10
    FF_Tuttifrutti10 6 months ago

    6:08 lol look at colin

  • $4RU-Brawl Stars
    $4RU-Brawl Stars 6 months ago

    ABSOLUTE MADMAN! But damn this is fun to watch

  • Lloyd 488
    Lloyd 488 6 months ago +1

    Your neighbors must think you a nuter

  • Jarred Lyle
    Jarred Lyle 6 months ago

    You should make a roller coster

  • Viral Virus
    Viral Virus 6 months ago

    is that a motherfuckin muse shirt

  • Bob diego
    Bob diego 6 months ago

    Pause at 2:49 and 5:54 does that have a hidden meaning

  • Amy Warren
    Amy Warren 7 months ago

    Love the videos but the music is horrible 👎

  • Hefin Evans
    Hefin Evans 7 months ago

    make a boat engine

  • 임승현
    임승현 7 months ago

    he is definitely british men

  • Reece TheBoss
    Reece TheBoss 7 months ago +1

    Hoo is watching in 2018

  • W Ivey
    W Ivey 7 months ago

    So glad found this channel

  • Toxicwolf
    Toxicwolf 7 months ago

    I remember when this swing was featured on a show called you have been warned

  • Rob Anderson
    Rob Anderson 7 months ago +1


  • Devansh Mahajan
    Devansh Mahajan 7 months ago

    What do you do with these projects once your done with them

  • MargusRebane
    MargusRebane 7 months ago

    Estonians have invented that swing and iths goal KIIKING. Look it up in wikipeedia.

  • Anthony Truong
    Anthony Truong 7 months ago

    can you launch things out of this like a catapult

  • Jose Quitty
    Jose Quitty 8 months ago

    just watch this video and i come to have a sujestion for your next video you should built a giant fijet spiner

  • ImRakio
    ImRakio 8 months ago +1

    d e a t h

  • diablo si te asustas pierdes

    Yo soy de Argentina

  • boli mi nahui
    boli mi nahui 8 months ago

    chill one time maiby

  • DoxLe Pup /^.^\
    DoxLe Pup /^.^\ 8 months ago

    Why does he remind me of phineas and ferb

  • Kevin Mills
    Kevin Mills 8 months ago

    he also made a ferris wheel ....

  • Kevin Mills
    Kevin Mills 8 months ago

    my grandfather did this about 45 years ago, deff a man way ahead of his time ... random but true

  • Djclay Williams
    Djclay Williams 8 months ago

    I won’t one so bad

  • JackoYT
    JackoYT 8 months ago

    3:42 stick that in there

  • Hans
    Hans 8 months ago

    What is your wife think about all the stuff you do?

  • Purple Unicorn
    Purple Unicorn 8 months ago

    man you're crazy ain't ya'

  • Monkey Jesus
    Monkey Jesus 8 months ago

    Music set to generic rock.

  • panther105
    panther105 8 months ago

    Daddy, It's very nice. But could you make it out of wood instead?

  • Miguel Cardozo
    Miguel Cardozo 8 months ago

    Can anyone say.... rocket powered 360 swing!!!!!!!?

  • Gianni Tello
    Gianni Tello 8 months ago

    Put a jet on the swing

  • Tarantula guy
    Tarantula guy 8 months ago

    How does this guy get his money

  • Josh and Friends!
    Josh and Friends! 9 months ago

    Make a catapult and a massive arrow for it

  • terra terror
    terra terror 9 months ago

    In America, you buy
    In Colin's backyard, he build 10× better

  • Smizoke Mizark
    Smizoke Mizark 9 months ago

    👍 someone why are you doing this to me how are you doing this to me ive tried everything how are you doing this its scary my privacy and security is hacked i don’t deserve this i have enough problems in my life i know your probably in a dark place too if you continue to troll me and get some satisfaction from harming others I’m sorry this is happening to you plz leave me alone or atleast tell me what i can do to prevent you from doing this ive wiped my pc which i had to sacrifice a lot of thing on there is it my social media my phone what is it

  • Double_Sided
    Double_Sided 10 months ago

    your child is bloody awesome

  • Lunar
    Lunar 10 months ago

    Where do you put all this stuff

  • Fat bastard -
    Fat bastard - 10 months ago

    It must be so cool having a dad like this!

  • fabricia oliveira
    fabricia oliveira 10 months ago

    I Love you"re hover-bike dude😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Njoya Habila
    Njoya Habila 10 months ago

    U..realy..have the money to spend...but nice work

  • Flaming Nebula
    Flaming Nebula 10 months ago

    I like your muse shirt

  • Mantis 04
    Mantis 04 11 months ago

    How would your son explain dadys job?!?

  • Daniel Nunya Bidnezz
    Daniel Nunya Bidnezz 11 months ago

    PLEASE tell me you put more than one cable clamp on each stabilizing cable Furze... it is not safe without the second one. :-/

  • Teenage Gamer
    Teenage Gamer 11 months ago

    This man has ridden a jet powered everything, a flying machine of cutty death, and a mobility scooter at 60mph with no leathers, and the 360 swing is the thing that made him scared on camera.