How To Make The Best Italian Meatballs - Bobby's Kitchen Basics

  • Published on Oct 26, 2018
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    This is the second installment of my kitchen basics series, and I am sharing my best ever homemade Italian meatball recipe. These meatballs are juicy, light, and the flavor is off the charts. It's all about using the 3 different meats for this meatball recipe and soaking some bread in milk to help lighten the meatball texture. I like to sear these these homemade meatballs in a hot pan to help form a tasty crust before finishing them in some homemade marinara sauce. I hope you guys enjoy my best ever recipe for homemade Italian meatballs and try them for yourself! Let me know what other basic recipes you wanna see and make sure to share! #KeepOnCooking Dessi & Bobby XOXO
    Meatball & Sauce Recipe:
    Turkey Meatballs:
    Chicken Meatballs:
    Low Carb/Fat Meatballs:
    Lamb Meatballs:
    Macros per meatball, recipe makes 13 meatballs:
    53 calories
    8.9 grams of fat
    1.67 grams of net carbs
    1.76 grams of total carbs
    10.9 grams of protein
    Less than 1 gram of fiber
    Macros per ½ cup of marinara sauce:
    60 calories
    4 grams of fat
    10 grams of net carbs(12 total carbs)
    2 grams of fiber
    2 grams of protein
    offset spatula:
    14 inch non-stick pan:
    microplane zester:
    olive oil dispenser:
    my pepper mill:
    platter for meatballs:
    oil splatter guard:
    non-stick tongs:
    metal sheet trays:
    pyrex glass mixing bowls:
    metal sheet trays:
    cast iron pan:
    lime & lemon juicer:
    wood cutting board:
    the rest of my gear:
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  • Laura in the Kitchen
    Laura in the Kitchen Year ago +100

    Give me some of those meatballs!!!!! So yummy looking!! My nonna would be proud! 👌🏻

    • Catspaw
      Catspaw 7 months ago

      Hey Laura, look Bobby you got another star chef's approval thank you so much for telling us that you can cook anything with olive oil I just bought some avocado oil I threw out the remaining castor and veggie oil I had in my kitchen.

    • Johnny Gallati
      Johnny Gallati 10 months ago


    • E FUDD
      E FUDD Year ago +1

      You can't cook as well as he can!

    • kenkev 1
      kenkev 1 Year ago +4

      Well done you had a great approve with doesn't get better then that. Spread the love ppl.....nice💕

    • Mich8bebe YT
      Mich8bebe YT Year ago +1

      what Laura doing in here....

  • K13ZONGZ
    K13ZONGZ 23 hours ago

    how to make this recipe with 5 lb of meat

  • Joseph Babica
    Joseph Babica 3 days ago


  • zemekiel
    zemekiel 5 days ago

    What kind of balls are flat on the sides?

  • 101 Life
    101 Life 5 days ago

    Sorry Bobby, I am confused. Other tube said coconut oil has a higher smoke there's conflicting opinions of the claim. Is there any way we can test them side by side once and for all, 😅? Love your postings on Tubes. Thanks.

  • frank mcintosh
    frank mcintosh 6 days ago

    I mean ground beef ground pork ground veal

  • frank mcintosh
    frank mcintosh 6 days ago

    How much of each beef half pound or full pound

  • safe nsecure
    safe nsecure 23 days ago

    Great Video. All your tips and advice are spot on. Nothing is worse than watching and learning a recipe video with bad tips. Some people just want to make videos. You have done your homework over the years and it shows.

    TONY ANZELLINO 25 days ago

    Hello fro Western Australia. I could eat meatballs all day. My mom and nonna used to make meatballs like this, but they used bread crumbs and a few eggs. Milk was in short supply which is why the use of eggs. Thank you for the informative video.

  • Maxine Jacobson
    Maxine Jacobson 26 days ago

    I always put the meat mixture on a cutting board, press it gently into an oblong about an inch and a half high, cut it into squares the size that you want the meatballs to be, then shape. This way they’re all the same size and you don’t have to keep digging into the mixture.

  • Ezekiel Major
    Ezekiel Major Month ago

    No pasta to go along with them?

  • Gerard D'Amour
    Gerard D'Amour Month ago

    Mmmmm...I definitely want a taste of his crusty, moist meatballs! I could take a mouthful!

  • Jeanne Strauss
    Jeanne Strauss Month ago

    I am trying that recipe this week for my husband! I know he will love them!🌻Thank you!

    • SituationGanng 300
      SituationGanng 300 Month ago

      Jeanne Strauss Can you let me know how they turn out pls ? i cook for my family and currently my grandpa is known for having the best meatballs and i wanna take his spot lol

  • takfi
    takfi Month ago

    I am out not a pork eater🤚

  • Michael Petty
    Michael Petty Month ago

    Omg Bobby. Will you marry me please. Lol 😂

  • Jason Shoraka
    Jason Shoraka Month ago

    Good video I might make spaghetti tonight only thing is when you cut the meatballs and half it looked like it had too much breading too much bread crumbs inside and not enough beef, other than that everything is awesome!!!

  • Jason Shoraka
    Jason Shoraka Month ago

    Good video and lots of information thank you!

  • AkaniTV
    AkaniTV Month ago

    YASSSSS these look amazing. I love your videos but I wasn’t sure if I’d see you using bread in your recipe. THANK YOU for using real bread soaked in milk. I’ll be making these tomorrow! 😁

  • Liz Middleton
    Liz Middleton Month ago

    Thanks Bobby for the great recipe. I got to make them tomorrow. I m going to try it.😉😉😉

  • Noah Smith
    Noah Smith Month ago +1

    The most important lesson I learned from this video is the value of the splatterguard!

  • Jake Graham
    Jake Graham Month ago

    Shiny ass forehead tho

  • Yeshua
    Yeshua 2 months ago

    Great job, good tips

  • Sylvi Astaire
    Sylvi Astaire 2 months ago

    yummm! but I neeeeed to not watch your cooking videos when I'm fasting! *saves to watch later*

  • Joshua Walton
    Joshua Walton 2 months ago +1

    I really like your knives, what kind are they?

  • khorshid khatir
    khorshid khatir 2 months ago

    Thanks Babby for always giving tips on your recipes! I made meatballs and chicken wings with your recipes and they were super delicious and tasty😘🔥

  • Marilyn May
    Marilyn May 2 months ago +1

    Where's the sauce recipe?

  • kuei12
    kuei12 2 months ago

    Veal is baby cows. You should be ashamed!

  • Cliff P
    Cliff P 3 months ago

    Is it as good as subways meatballs?

  • Blanche Addona
    Blanche Addona 3 months ago

    Italian Meatballs - where is the garlic and parsley ???

  • mikeymikedh
    mikeymikedh 3 months ago

    This is an olive oil commercial.

  • Josh Baker
    Josh Baker 3 months ago

    I'm sure the answer is below, but can you make these ahead and store in the freezer?

  • Titose
    Titose 3 months ago +11

    Yo this man can cook. He's not just mixing stuff together you can literally see he knows what he's doing. Amazing

  • Ken Riccio poems
    Ken Riccio poems 3 months ago +1

    the only guy on the net that knows how to make real Italian meatballs..

  • Diana West
    Diana West 3 months ago +1

    Love those meatballs..gotta try them...BTW, my Mom taught me the breadcrumb in milk trick for moist great (and she’s not Italian!) ☺️💕

  • Megan Jarvis
    Megan Jarvis 3 months ago

    Bobby, any recipe without veal, without pork, haven't eaten either of these for years. Please and thx 😁

  • Lina Cetrulo Mayor
    Lina Cetrulo Mayor 3 months ago

    Can you actually make a video of the turkey meatballs like you did with these meatballs please

  • 1 deep
    1 deep 3 months ago

    See Gordon Ramsey that's how make the best meat balls u should really start watching real chefs in the kitchen instead of always complaining LoL ha E-pic.)

  • Izabella Orban
    Izabella Orban 3 months ago

    I just made the softest and tastiest meatballs ever, thanks to Bobby!!!

  • aaron oasis
    aaron oasis 3 months ago

    Awesome will be trying this recipe thanks 😃

  • Walter Brice
    Walter Brice 4 months ago

    Awesome, thank you Bobby!

  • Brigitte Frégault
    Brigitte Frégault 4 months ago

    Made those today. I did not have ground beef, pork, and veal. I used venison meat. They came out delicious! The best meatballs I ever made:)) And your marinara sauce recipe is the best! You're awesome! Thanks so much for all your great videos:))

  • Kewl Beans
    Kewl Beans 4 months ago

    i call shenanigans dude. try deep frying in olive the fire dept before you start cooking.

  • whoyoukidding1
    whoyoukidding1 4 months ago +4

    The main reason I don't deep fry with olive oil is that it costs about $25 per gallon.

    • Genny Palumbo
      Genny Palumbo 2 months ago +1

      Neither do us italians, it s just stupid and waste of money

  • Carol Benson
    Carol Benson 4 months ago +1

    I watched your video on the meatballs to see if your recipe was any different than mine..but actually its just about the same as mine. I do one other recipe that just uses Italian sausage and beef. Your meatballs look superlicious!

  • Richard Woods
    Richard Woods 4 months ago +1

    Great recipe.. I will have my kitchen staff order all of the ingredients from New York delis and prepare this meal for me in California. Thanks-

  • Avelino Crespo
    Avelino Crespo 5 months ago

    Another vulgar recipe. Now all american citizens are italians, la mamma, la nonna. Ridiculous.

    • sarah zeppelin
      sarah zeppelin 2 months ago

      Timothy, meatballs are an American made dish... It's a sad day when you don't even know your own culture.

  • Whitney Martinez
    Whitney Martinez 5 months ago

    What meat do you recommend if you keep a Kosher diet?

  • Nici Devine
    Nici Devine 5 months ago

    Looks awesome 👏🏻 !!!

  • Robert Marshall
    Robert Marshall 5 months ago

    you need a larger bowl to mix that up in.

  • CK Loder
    CK Loder 5 months ago

    This recipe was delicious!

  • Maria Serpa-Gauvin
    Maria Serpa-Gauvin 5 months ago

    Meatballs look amazing! Going shopping tomorrow to make my own

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    Katherine Cornette 5 months ago +2

    Just wanted to say how I appreciate your videos! You are a great teacher! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  • Via M
    Via M 5 months ago

    I’m eating spaghetti right now but I wish I had meatballs!

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    Andre Robinson 5 months ago

    Looks👀 so so Delicious 😋👌🙏

  • superneat12345
    superneat12345 5 months ago +9

    New frames need analyzing; click Analyze.

  • Little Dorrit
    Little Dorrit 5 months ago

    I have moral problems with veal and the way it is produced.

  • Harry Bond
    Harry Bond 5 months ago

    He needs to use a much bigger bowl when mixing, was painful to watch

  • Bobs Youruncle
    Bobs Youruncle 5 months ago

    Sorry but I don't work in grams. Meatball are on point but I don't have time for conversion tables.

  • SSG Squidward
    SSG Squidward 5 months ago

    i'll try these minus the egg and bread

  • Jeff Childs
    Jeff Childs 6 months ago +1

    So, I followed your recipe last night except no veal (could not find) and garlic powder (I am allergic). This was fantastic. tks

    • Jeff Childs
      Jeff Childs 5 months ago

      @Spiffy Ify Tks for the info, but I am kinda picky about where I shop. I go to an old fashioned butcher who has all organic beef, including grass-fed. I turns out that they have veal in the frozen section.

    • Spiffy Ify
      Spiffy Ify 5 months ago

      Jeff Childs if you look for a meatloaf mix at the supermarket it usually comes with 1/2 of each already put together in a pack