International McDonald's Taste Test

  • Published on Feb 22, 2018
  • What country offers a McCroquette on their menu? We taste test McDonald's favorites from around the world and try to guess their country of origin. GMM #1281.1
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Comments • 5 121

  • Name
    Name 11 hours ago

    I like Indian McDonald’s, mainly because when I go there the burgers are vegetarian.

  • Mir5
    Mir5 11 hours ago

    "No place that likes mayo more than the Netherlands."
    Have you seen Russia?

  • The Was Myme
    The Was Myme 2 days ago

    Ba ba ba baa baaa j'adore ca (I can't get the accent on the c)

  • Bridgette Taggart
    Bridgette Taggart 2 days ago +2

    "I'm a little bit afraid that there's something I don't like in it, and I just like it accidentally..." ohhh Link 🤦‍♀️😭😂

  • TertleMC
    TertleMC 2 days ago

    They thought Sri Lanka is the same country as India 😔

  • Isaac Yuan
    Isaac Yuan 6 days ago +1

    Rhett and Link called the loaded gravy fries from Australia as poutine
    This enraged Canada, who punished them severely.

  • ShmolKid
    ShmolKid 7 days ago

    Gives all the advantages to link
    Rhett *still wins*

  • Gustavo Garufi
    Gustavo Garufi 8 days ago

    Man I really wished I would had seen something from my country (Venezuela), but then I remembered, we don't have food

  • Brandon Negus
    Brandon Negus 8 days ago

    Y'all should have a crew Darts Turnament but each thing has a dare or something like that on it. And if your dart sticks, you do that thing.

  • Keanna Janae
    Keanna Janae 8 days ago

    Link won in my mind 😂

  • Heaven Lundy
    Heaven Lundy 9 days ago +3

    Should have called it the “Quarter PounDart”

  • captain canada jr
    captain canada jr 10 days ago

    Tu n'as pas dit ca

  • J.P. Hardy
    J.P. Hardy 13 days ago

    13:03 this is what pure joy looks like

  • Abigail Stokes
    Abigail Stokes 13 days ago

    But how’d they even get these items for the episode??

  • Navi Singh
    Navi Singh 14 days ago

    me not ever seeing game of thrones

  • Rockas360
    Rockas360 15 days ago +1

    Poutine has cheese curds! THAT ISNT POUTINE!

  • Latoya Lewis
    Latoya Lewis 16 days ago

    i love gravy loaded fries 😂

  • sesroH oN
    sesroH oN 19 days ago

    Meso HONGRY watching this

  • Aksh Zeola
    Aksh Zeola 20 days ago

    Which mofo told the women that india doesnt eat beef .

  • James Hamilton
    James Hamilton 22 days ago

    When you called that poutine I vomited

  • Austin Berner
    Austin Berner 23 days ago

    Link is really bad at throwing stuff.

  • Dancedance Revolution
    Dancedance Revolution 24 days ago

    When humans congregate in watered areas, shrimp also congregate
    Link, 2018

  • Wesley Diedrich
    Wesley Diedrich 27 days ago

    how do they get these international foods???

    • AcuteGenius
      AcuteGenius 20 days ago

      Their chef recreates them, they are not shipped or anything like that.

  • Chronos 1107
    Chronos 1107 Month ago +4

    "When humans congregate in watered areas, shrimp also congregate." -Link

  • SilverArrow Gaming
    SilverArrow Gaming Month ago

    Australia NEEDS to get the McPaneer.... I need it in my life!!

  • Vash 09
    Vash 09 Month ago +1

    India isn't non beef eating...just some parts. We keralites are known for our beef poratta 😋

  • Josh
    Josh Month ago

    Why does Rhett just give the answer to Link 🙃

  • Km545404
    Km545404 Month ago

    13:05 when I intentionally let my sister win something

  • Malte Anderhagen
    Malte Anderhagen Month ago +2

    yeah, just forget the fact that "Västerås" or as you might call it "Westeros" is a real place here in Sweden

  • Maddy8291
    Maddy8291 Month ago

    Finally indian McDonald’s! Panneeeerrrr

  • Becca Burk
    Becca Burk Month ago

    this game is literally fixed. it's a little messed up that link has a shot at winning then Rhett ends up getting closer the last two rounds literally nailing where the food is from and getting the points. it's not exactly fair,but it's still a fun game though.

  • Alexia Sanchez
    Alexia Sanchez Month ago

    Rhett looks like a little school boy

  • dogstorm13
    dogstorm13 Month ago

    Link ~ "Who doesn't like cheese?"
    Me ~ "Me"

  • Dudeman9339
    Dudeman9339 Month ago

    Link the most nonsensical buffoon I've ever seen on youtube.

  • Joe Tracey
    Joe Tracey Month ago +1

    Am I the only one bugged by them saying poutine is just fries & gravy?

  • Taylor Stockam
    Taylor Stockam Month ago +4

    This is an old ass video but im gonna do it anyway... the sandwich pictures for Japan and India are mixed up

  • Wally
    Wally Month ago

    How do you get other countries sandwiches?

  • Noa van Opstal
    Noa van Opstal Month ago +2

    Great, now I’m craving a mckroket

  • Cuban Pete
    Cuban Pete Month ago

    I think they accidentally used the photo of the Japan burger for India and vise verca.

  • Bo Bina
    Bo Bina Month ago


  • skorpion
    skorpion Month ago

    “A Royale with Cheese” :)

  • Jon B.
    Jon B. Month ago +1

    Its not a poutine if there is no cheese boys! Good try tho

  • Zelda Henson
    Zelda Henson Month ago +1

    "Excuse me while I eat this entire thing." LMAO, oh Rhett.

  • Zelda Henson
    Zelda Henson Month ago


  • Justin R
    Justin R Month ago

    “Why is everybody doing the same thing, All around the world?

  • Mistress of weirdness 84

    Oh I’m sorry dude

  • C.I.A
    C.I.A Month ago

    DULCE de Leche

  • Sharmin Ahmed
    Sharmin Ahmed Month ago

    You guys know that paneer is literally translated into cheese and some people do eat beef there.

  • iHasCutie Pie
    iHasCutie Pie Month ago +2

    Rhett in the beginning: I want link to win this one

  • raeanne goulet
    raeanne goulet Month ago

    It’s pronounced put-in not poo teen

  • cartoon alien
    cartoon alien 2 months ago

    Default the game entirely aim at chase🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Aren Barthel
    Aren Barthel 2 months ago

    2:43 it’s a filet o fish. - fish with the chees tha is looks like da fich

  • TheIkaika777
    TheIkaika777 2 months ago +1

    In Hawaii McDonald’s has Siamin/Ramen.

  • Darsh Shah
    Darsh Shah 2 months ago +1

    why is sri lanka also highlighted in the map along with india

    • HUMAN !!!
      HUMAN !!! Month ago

      scrolling through the comments just to see if anyone noticed

  • Little Luna
    Little Luna 2 months ago +1

    I feel sorry for Link, you accidentally almost hit a guy with a dart once and no one ever lets you forget it 😂😂

    • Joe Tracey
      Joe Tracey Month ago

      He didn't hit him (as far as I seen) he just throw it with Chase standing right there

  • Peter Bockholm
    Peter Bockholm 2 months ago

    Västerås is a town in Sweden. :-)

  • Sanjay Sohal
    Sanjay Sohal 2 months ago

    Rhett how’s lunch

  • Haley Derks
    Haley Derks 2 months ago +1

    "i'M afrAiD iLL acCiDENtaLly liKEe it" mature ur palette u uncultured swine

  • Jensen Schulz
    Jensen Schulz 2 months ago

    Japan has some taco bell lettuce

  • Jared Sundstrom
    Jared Sundstrom 2 months ago +1

    Idk why but I always root for Rhett to win these dart challenges

    • Little Luna
      Little Luna 2 months ago

      It's just funnier when Link loses all the time.