International McDonald's Taste Test

  • Published on Feb 22, 2018
  • What country offers a McCroquette on their menu? We taste test McDonald's favorites from around the world and try to guess their country of origin. GMM #1281.1
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Comments • 5 049

  • David MW
    David MW 15 hours ago

    They way they are saying Uruguay is rly getting on my nerves

  • Chris Bieman
    Chris Bieman Day ago

    Leave some for me

  • ky kale
    ky kale 2 days ago

    So weird to see them react to the McKroket

  • Sam Gallant
    Sam Gallant 3 days ago

    as an Australian, our McDonalds is better than all others because we have baken loaded fries

  • Shawn Conway
    Shawn Conway 3 days ago

    Chase seems like he has PTSD from the darts

  • bubs your uncle
    bubs your uncle 4 days ago

    I've watched this video at least 5 times

  • bubs your uncle
    bubs your uncle 4 days ago

    Your videos are my favorite to rewatch

  • SouthWestLondon Bus Enthusiast

    I want mcdonalds now

  • Landon Dutan Pasato
    Landon Dutan Pasato 5 days ago

    You love burgers Rhett you also like a lot of 🍖

  • TheAwesomeAliens
    TheAwesomeAliens 6 days ago +5

    Every Canadian when they started guessing the gravy loaded fries were poutine: "POUTINE HAS CHEESE"

  • Lightnature15
    Lightnature15 6 days ago

    I'm Dutch and I've never heard of a mc. kroket. X)

  • Chase Parker
    Chase Parker 7 days ago

    I swear this international mc Donald’s doesn’t represent the countries well like the Netherlands one is it great in my mind

  • Ewok Nasty
    Ewok Nasty 8 days ago

    why are Chase's shirts so short?

  • HappyCamperIDFK
    HappyCamperIDFK 8 days ago

    the way they pronounced dulce de leche

  • Randy Asencio
    Randy Asencio 10 days ago

    I like how link juss copies Rhett 😂😂

  • Corey Somers
    Corey Somers 11 days ago

    Link looked so sad 😭

  • El Don Dada Draga
    El Don Dada Draga 11 days ago +1

    They showed the Japanese one on india and vice versa lol am I the only one that noticed it? 😹🤧🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Sarah ARIF
    Sarah ARIF 11 days ago

    Lmao they did the “where in the world is superwomen toda-ay” in the intro. Does anybody remember?

  • Dream
    Dream 12 days ago

    "Take me to Vesterås" (Swedish city)

  • Thorn'Tooth
    Thorn'Tooth 13 days ago

    Im surprised that they didn't show the Nasi Lemak Burger...

  • backup cool
    backup cool 14 days ago

    11:00 link kinda sounded like Will Ferrell

  • Cassius Felix
    Cassius Felix 14 days ago +1

    Should do this game with subway

  • Timothy Lengquist
    Timothy Lengquist 16 days ago +1

    I dare someone from Canada comment about how it wasn’t poutine because it didn’t have cheese..

    • DG
      DG 15 days ago

      Not just any cheese, cheese curds.

  • Sweet Pepino
    Sweet Pepino 17 days ago

    Link lost the moment he called that poutine.

  • Yara T
    Yara T 17 days ago

    How do they get a hold of these international burgers? Does their local Mcdonalds make them especially for them?

  • mossattacks
    mossattacks 18 days ago

    All I want in life rn is a mcpaneer
    And for link to eat things like a normal person. Stop sucking on the food lmao

  • JB_XYZ
    JB_XYZ 18 days ago

    How did they get it there????

  • Loki God of mischief
    Loki God of mischief 18 days ago +1

    9:15 nail Malaysia my country oof

  • Jakob Braspenning Pede
    Jakob Braspenning Pede 18 days ago +1

    I can deny your statement about the Netherlands being the most mayonnaise loving country. We Belgians love it way more. The Netherlands love their own strange saus: joppie saus.

  • Beef Jerky
    Beef Jerky 19 days ago


  • Elizabeth Zhong
    Elizabeth Zhong 20 days ago +1

    Link speaking french in the beginning made me laugh so hard

  • OLe Jack Green The weird green guy

    Carmen SanDiego just called and she wants her intro back !!

  • Tackle Berry
    Tackle Berry 21 day ago

    its a filet of cheese

  • オーウェン
    オーウェン 21 day ago

    I wanna try the netherlands

  • オーウェン
    オーウェン 21 day ago

    You shouldve said "pity patty"

  • kewzzo knabbzo
    kewzzo knabbzo 22 days ago

    Feeling proud of living 2 miles from westeros!

  • Hexmantis
    Hexmantis 22 days ago +1

    play 13:04 at 0.25 speed

  • Buzzmas
    Buzzmas 22 days ago

    Rhett: 2:02
    Also Rhett: 13:04

  • Giovanni moreno
    Giovanni moreno 24 days ago

    So where did u get all those burgers from? 😂

  • Nathan Fisk
    Nathan Fisk 25 days ago

    10:02 - Rhett "Sidgeuation" alert!

  • Robert Deming
    Robert Deming 26 days ago

    Everyone knows they eat their pets in Venezuela

  • DRS
    DRS 26 days ago

    2:43 it’s a fillet o fish minus the fish with the cheese that is looks like fish

  • Alex Fielding
    Alex Fielding 26 days ago


  • Raiju
    Raiju 26 days ago

    13:03 is all that matters in this episode... SPOILER WARNING

  • Kris Rice
    Kris Rice 26 days ago

    The REAL question here is where can I pick up an order of McChase and a side of fries ;)

  • Jetske Ypma
    Jetske Ypma 27 days ago

    Oh my God it's the McKroket! 😂😍

  • Kody Ferron
    Kody Ferron 27 days ago

    Excuse you, poutine has cheese

  • niek
    niek 29 days ago

    I'm dutch and my God, the way you guys described a mckroket

  • Jessie Bowlin
    Jessie Bowlin 29 days ago

    I swear, I’ve considered visiting India just so I can get a fried piece of paneer in my Big Mac. Their reactions just confirm my decision.

  • Anton Andersson
    Anton Andersson Month ago +1

    2:19 well that's also a place here in Sweden. Västerås

  • Queenofwheels
    Queenofwheels Month ago

    The one from Japan is nothing like a poboy. Poboys would never be on a bun.

  • its me
    its me Month ago +1

    Im french and j'adore ca means i love that not im loving it

  • Ruby Harris
    Ruby Harris Month ago +1

    I'm loving Chase in the map shirt, it's adorable!

  • IcePhoenix 33YT
    IcePhoenix 33YT Month ago +1

    Calamari my good sir

  • Spokesman
    Spokesman Month ago

    Yo Rhett def went to culinary school no way

  • Cole Rohatinsky
    Cole Rohatinsky Month ago

    Poutine has cheese

  • idk.its.weird
    idk.its.weird Month ago +1

    Brendon Urie hair.
    But also Brendon Urie hair
    I’ll just leave that there 😉

  • Luke Villanueva
    Luke Villanueva Month ago +1

    Link: Whoa you really hit malaysia
    Nails the philippines

  • Campervan Richard_88

    Rhett: The dart gods once again shine upon me. Hahahaha

  • Yaj Jhajhria
    Yaj Jhajhria Month ago

    At 3:08, as a Desi, I cringed so hard

  • chance shadow
    chance shadow Month ago

    Rhett is such a gracious winner

  • Tehelil
    Tehelil Month ago

    Rhett reminds me of the government he knows everything

  • Hemant Ranga
    Hemant Ranga Month ago +2

    People Sri Lanka is not a part of India😂😂

  • MegaAzornumbers09
    MegaAzornumbers09 Month ago

    Yall they LISTENED to you and now some of these are available in the states fro a short time!!

  • Yousuf Ibrahim
    Yousuf Ibrahim Month ago

    How do they get those sandwiches and ice creams fries whatever it is how ?

  • BearsForLife F
    BearsForLife F Month ago

    Rhett won and yet Link had advantage, but still lost.

  • LA
    LA Month ago

    I honestly believe you guys and this video is the reason why Mcdonald's america is going to have international options coming up soon...

  • RowBird
    RowBird Month ago

    most ppl in the netherlands dont even like Mayo Lmfao

  • Space Wizard Pip
    Space Wizard Pip Month ago


  • Christian Dijkers
    Christian Dijkers Month ago

    Any Dutch people here?