Top Asian Music Videos 2004

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  • zoo- sama
    zoo- sama 3 years ago


  • Kratos Zekk
    Kratos Zekk 3 years ago

    Song name

  • Samuel Chun
    Samuel Chun 4 years ago

    name of this song plz

  • zoo- sama
    zoo- sama 4 years ago

    what's the name of the first clip plz??

  • Tejas Patil
    Tejas Patil 5 years ago

    i am surprised u r talking about dicks......????
    dont tease our dicks... one asian dick can fuck ur whole country.... u shortdicks....
    son of slut... asian rocksssssssss.....

  • TheFishSnacks
    TheFishSnacks 5 years ago

    I swear asians are so talented and random they can pull off ANY style..

  • The Cowboy Rides Away
    The Cowboy Rides Away 5 years ago

    I don't care what anyone say ... Asian's are talented and should get more credit in the USA .. and there women are DANG HOT .. Asian women and Spanglish are the most hot in my opinion .

  • Kenya Williams
    Kenya Williams 5 years ago

    I love dis song

  • Cole Smith
    Cole Smith 5 years ago

    hahaha umm that was soooooo funny i forgot to lol because it was rude ur probably some effin geek livin in yo mommas effin basement so haaahahahahahaahahahh

  • 김캥거루
    김캥거루 5 years ago

    7/10 is Korean pop singer OMG I remember that twin girls duo 0:22 even lol maybe shayn,,'too late' lol

  • Bomiie9
    Bomiie9 5 years ago

    It's Se7en - Passion

  • Bomiie9
    Bomiie9 6 years ago

    @giorylhoogdorp It's Se7en but I don't remember the name

  • Cuppy Cake
    Cuppy Cake 6 years ago

    god i feel old now XD

  • She Ni
    She Ni 6 years ago


  • Pawlsome
    Pawlsome 6 years ago

    @JaymsNankervis hey ass hole what makes asians inferior id say ur inferior with u KKK atitude

  • Adam Gallagher
    Adam Gallagher 6 years ago

    I didn't even know gookers made music.

  • 超アルビノ伝説の

    what song please quickly

  • James Brock
    James Brock 6 years ago

    @SoraKH2100 and a pissed white boy who thinks he's asian <3 lol

  • James Brock
    James Brock 6 years ago

    @Hailbreather That's your opinion, so keep it to yourself you prick and get off of the Asian music pages. I happen to be a white American who thinks Asians are the most beautiful people in the world. This of course being (My opinion). I am in a relationship with an Asian. Do not insult other peoples opinions. In other words if you can't say something nice, then stick it up your ass is what I am trying to nicely say.

  • Yuujiro
    Yuujiro 6 years ago

    What is the song called thats playing?

  • Emily HasSwag
    Emily HasSwag 6 years ago

    @JaymsNankervis In some parts of Asia, there are huge people. Shut up, if you knew anything about them, then you would know that they're better than you are any day...big or small

  • Daniela Hull
    Daniela Hull 6 years ago

    if only i knew who the artist were..

  • pathorne2
    pathorne2 6 years ago

    nice song

  • perla gonzalez
    perla gonzalez 6 years ago

    Ummmm I LOVE ASIANS <333

  • chiirox
    chiirox 7 years ago

    what is the name of the first group of girls to appear in this? and what are they performing????
    i've always been curious >w<~!

  • Luca Grayi
    Luca Grayi 7 years ago

    Song is Passion by Se7en

  • endless46
    endless46 7 years ago

    Whats the name of the song??

  • Sherley Velazquez
    Sherley Velazquez 7 years ago


  • dulcikflaviREVEeNGE
    dulcikflaviREVEeNGE 7 years ago

    @Kayleighhxxx1 you're absolutely right,we can be EQUALLY retarded.

  • set2gooo
    set2gooo 7 years ago

    asians have the sexiest hair :D

  • kajsfnv
    kajsfnv 7 years ago

    Does anyone have a link to the koda kumi song at around 1:02. I can find lots but they are all animations, i am after the one where the real 3 girls are dancing. Thanks

  • Gustavo Gorostieta
    Gustavo Gorostieta 7 years ago

    La copia de JLO

  • Annette Neville
    Annette Neville 7 years ago

    Thank you for your comment.....some people are just poorly socialised and have warped experiences..
    Would they refuse life saving surgery from a surgeon who was Asian or Black? Would they turn away a fire crew if there loved ones were trapped in a raging house fire because they were offended by the colours of the crew?

    You cannot change some people's perception of certain races, but you can see how far they will stand next to their principles if their actual lives depended on it.

  • Shannah Herl
    Shannah Herl 7 years ago

    try these:
    BoA, Namie Amuro, Koda Kumi, Nami Tamaki, SoulJa, Epik High, Ayumi Hamasaki, M-flo, gackt, (to name a few)

  • zCautioNz
    zCautioNz 7 years ago

    whats the actual name to this video..?

  • Heung-min Son
    Heung-min Son 7 years ago

    wow so old TT.TT feels like yesterday when it just came out

  • pathorne1
    pathorne1 7 years ago

    hey i luv international music...can someone give some artist to check out

  • Jaehyoung Ju
    Jaehyoung Ju 7 years ago

    @extremerater92 Don't be a jerk. : )

  • Jaehyoung Ju
    Jaehyoung Ju 7 years ago

    @ugasziz You realize that you have to be more specific, that could be the name of a korean singer, or that you think my comment is pointless. I don't really care what you think, racist people are just as senseless as I am. : ) Now, would you give me a sensible comment?

  • August
    August 7 years ago

    @jxz10 uhm?

  • Jaehyoung Ju
    Jaehyoung Ju 7 years ago

    @ugasziz Dude, why are you so stupid? Why respond to an old comment?
    Anyway, would you like it if I called all white people perverted obese rednecks, saying it's a joke at the same time? Go check out Some other songs, they have foreign non asian fans. Even non Kpop artists like Sungha Jung have tons of "American" fans.

  • August
    August 7 years ago

    @SoraKH2100 hahahahah i was joking. sorry boo. i didn't mean anything i said.... i love asians their like so nice... even after how rude i was they respond politely o_O sorry lol i love ya all

  • August
    August 7 years ago

    @jxz107 atleast they have fans... and a large number of the "fans" are asian.... face the facts and stop acting like you are not inferior

  • August
    August 7 years ago

    @JaymsNankervis so true and funny... but they are also good at destroying their country with pollution to make us goods lol

  • August
    August 7 years ago

    @SoraKH2100 your short and ugly and i have a question... can you see properly under those shut eyes looooooooooooool

  • August
    August 7 years ago

    @JaymsNankervis you made my day i can't stop laughing

  • August
    August 7 years ago

    @JaymsNankervis omg love you your so funny and honest lol... i pity these poor creatures :l

  • August
    August 7 years ago

    @JaymsNankervis uhm yeh hi. how about blacks u cunt : beyonce,alicia keys,chris brown, jay-z,jordin sparks,romeo omg i can go on all day

  • August
    August 7 years ago

    @jxz107 wow lol good job yay us whites ^_^

  • Enrique Alvarez
    Enrique Alvarez 7 years ago

    oo I love asians!

  • 90schild88
    90schild88 7 years ago

    ok YAY FOR BOA XD but ummmm is that hyori lee at 0:51 secs. BOA AGAIN XD
    woot BOA AGAIN AND HYORI LEE 8D at 2:08
    O_O to ho......... XD <3 THIS VIDEO
    Okay wth is this song its addicting i like it 8D

  • Mordecai McFly
    Mordecai McFly 7 years ago

    Its too late at night to come up with an elaborate explanation as to why JaymsNankervis is the scum of the Earth. You suck JaymsNankervis. As for the video, it was okay.

  • Hans Smits
    Hans Smits 7 years ago

    Geil muss man schon sagen=)

  • ritzbitzfei
    ritzbitzfei 7 years ago

    There's really no need to take JaymsNankervis seriously, guys. Just as nobody would take him seriously in the real world. He's obviously just trolling.

  • ritzbitzfei
    ritzbitzfei 7 years ago

    @JaymsNankervis Wait, wait, did you just include MIley Cyrus and Taylor Swift in that list? You have got to be kidding me. LOL, so much for "superior" artists.

  • Valencia Johnson
    Valencia Johnson 7 years ago

    @yokkitokki891 thank you! :)

  • Rose Huang
    Rose Huang 7 years ago

    @vanetta509 se7en - passion (:

  • tonycl568
    tonycl568 7 years ago

    cool bass.

  • blackpkerstr
    blackpkerstr 7 years ago


  • Valencia Johnson
    Valencia Johnson 7 years ago

    so what are the names of these music videos oh and what is the song thats playing in the backround its absolutly amazing

  • Nicktleb
    Nicktleb 7 years ago

    i have to agree with jxz107. i

  • Jaehyoung Ju
    Jaehyoung Ju 7 years ago

    Oh, and I know I'll never amount to people like Miley, I never said that I'm better than her. To be honest, you're the one saying that whites are magically superior to us in singing without any help, maybe it's genetic! XD

  • Jaehyoung Ju
    Jaehyoung Ju 7 years ago

    Well, from what you've told me, I assume you're white(since you are racist to us and Blacks). Maybe I was harsh. I don't think they suck, I just don't really love them the way you would. Look, let's say I am inferior. What about the rest of "your GODLY race": is it okay for them to prefer our music to yours? Hearing aids don't affect opinion! Btw, size doesn't really matter in this case.

  • Jaehyoung Ju
    Jaehyoung Ju 7 years ago

    This is where I come in. You do realize different people like different things. To me(and the majority of people in my former school in CA, save for one mentally ill kid) Miley sucks, Shakira sucks, etc. I didn't know you were racist to blacks too. Pity. Chimpanzees diverged from our common ancestors a LONG time ago, smarty.
    What kind of a reason is that? All right then, post a vid of you singing. I'm sure, do to your lack of pigment, that you are much better than us. : )

  • Jaehyoung Ju
    Jaehyoung Ju 7 years ago

    LOL, so Western artists are all skilled? Take a look at Lil Wayne, Britney Spears, 50 Cent, etc. Not that they're horrible, as they have fans, but do you actually think that they're superior as they're not Asian? I don't really love the Kpop my country's playing, but I'm still proud.
    Don't be a racist, putting yourself to shame isn't what we want.

  • BreeanneX
    BreeanneX 7 years ago

    one more thing. that first video clip
    shown what is the name of that video.

  • BreeanneX
    BreeanneX 7 years ago

    @SoraKH2100 i totally agree. i actually like asian music alot. Its just like music in america actually, just in another language. I only wish i knew what the lyrics were saying. :P

  • Knightmare6
    Knightmare6 7 years ago

    Both the same artist, Namie Amuro

  • xTomodachix
    xTomodachix 7 years ago

    they are good at annoying you :P
    dont listen to it if you dont like it...

  • stillthesam
    stillthesam 8 years ago

    If u don't know the song, look up se7en, the singer who's singing

  • Andybato
    Andybato 8 years ago

    Whats the name of this song on the vid?

  • xps2020
    xps2020 8 years ago

    help please. I am looking for a music vid where a hot asian chick is singing and is surrounded by lots of little blue/purple speakers. The tune is really catchy and sounds new. Its not in English so I wish to find it. thanks

  • snowy64
    snowy64 8 years ago

    what r the songs from the music vids?????????

  • weirdTiKii01
    weirdTiKii01 8 years ago

    May someone please tell me what the name of the song that is playing is called?
    ty (:

  • kajsfnv
    kajsfnv 8 years ago

    Just wondered if someone can tell me singer/song in white at 2:16 please

  • omgihavenoidea
    omgihavenoidea 8 years ago

    @khmercupcake thank youu <3

  • khmercupcake
    khmercupcake 8 years ago

    @omgihavenoidea it should be ''passion'' by se7en.

  • omgihavenoidea
    omgihavenoidea 8 years ago

    love it!!
    btw, what's the name of the song??

  • Jwen7836
    Jwen7836 8 years ago

    and also, where is dbsk in this? are they the ones in white?

  • Jwen7836
    Jwen7836 8 years ago

    anyone know who's at
    0:13-0:14 and 2:17-2:25, guys in white dancing
    0:20-0:25 guys in white around two girls in black
    1:00-1:02 orange haired solo singing
    2:30 two performers probably the same as .20-.25
    ? Please and Thanks!
    if anyone needs any of the other videos/songs look at pollikoboshi's comment or ask me, I saved his comment haha.

  • Jwen7836
    Jwen7836 8 years ago

    thanks you're so awesome!

  • Septra Ortis
    Septra Ortis 8 years ago

    there should be a list of the music groups so peple, such as myself, would know who they are. and just so then they, and me, could listen to them more often...please. i would be very grateful.

  • ThisIsYC
    ThisIsYC 8 years ago

    Passion or Pasion?

  • Saykoden
    Saykoden 8 years ago


  • kajsfnv
    kajsfnv 8 years ago

    i saw 10 minutes clip - is it a compilation of various times she has performed the song or did she actually go thru heaps of wardrobe changes many of which only feature for a few seconds. I would like full clip as she appears here at 2:07 if it was a different appearance

  • bengtig77
    bengtig77 8 years ago

    Awesome dance moves!!

  • 1sornram
    1sornram 8 years ago

    [korean song] Lee Hyo Ri - 10 minutes

  • kajsfnv
    kajsfnv 8 years ago

    anyone have a link to the full hyori clip featured in this video. thanks

  • ronaj95
    ronaj95 8 years ago

    oh thank u so much!!

  • ronaj95
    ronaj95 8 years ago

    waaa!what band at 3:01 to 3:12..i love it!!and the song in this vid!?!who sang it?!?!

  • Eveline Lievaart
    Eveline Lievaart 8 years ago

    the one on 0.15 is maybe namie Amuro i saw a picture on wikipedia of J-pop she looks alike I think, but i'm not sure

  • Ulzzangkutie
    Ulzzangkutie 8 years ago

    se7en - passion

  • Vientós Inuzuka
    Vientós Inuzuka 8 years ago

    so hot! 2:06 Lee Hyo Ri!!

  • IHeartHimxT
    IHeartHimxT 8 years ago

    whats the song?

  • tshav ntuj kaj nrig
    tshav ntuj kaj nrig 8 years ago


  • Antonio Maldonado
    Antonio Maldonado 8 years ago

    omg my eyes and ears are bleeding.

  • J
    J 8 years ago

    who are the 2 girls in black and wht song were they singing at 0:20 to 0:24 and who are the 3 girls at 1:02 to 1:04?

  • J
    J 8 years ago

    who are the 2 girls in black from 0:20 to 0:24? and wht song are they singing?

  • Plainer Void
    Plainer Void 8 years ago

    what is the song of this vid

  • Plainer Void
    Plainer Void 8 years ago

    what is the song of this