The Dolan Twins & The Friend Who Went Up In Smoke | The Real Cost Presents... | MTV


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  • Dayanara Elizalde
    Dayanara Elizalde 4 hours ago

    That was so gay😂😂

    MALAEKA’S MADNESS 8 hours ago +1

    If they were in stranger things or riverdale🤭😍😂

  • Xx Shuffle Xx
    Xx Shuffle Xx 18 hours ago

    1:09 look how hot oml

    I love Grayson so much it hurts

  • Xx Shuffle Xx
    Xx Shuffle Xx 18 hours ago

    Why aren’t they models and actors yet

  • Pretty Isn't Perfect

    deadass why is ethan so ripped in this

  • the mean or nice one
    the mean or nice one 28 days ago

    They act?

  • Sky N
    Sky N 29 days ago

    "Yeah I'm spooked" love them❤❤😭

  • wateva97
    wateva97 29 days ago

    i want them in Riverdale :s

  • Star Bv
    Star Bv Month ago

    Love them for that

  • Sara Hayee
    Sara Hayee Month ago

    ethans arms are literraly popping at the seams of that shirt 0:36

  • W
    W Month ago

    Lowkey good at acting

  • Roxy HURIWAI
    Roxy HURIWAI Month ago

    I'm glad the guy chased the girls away cause hell to the no am I letting them be with the twins...... sorryyy I got really bad jealousy issues so yeah but im going to obviously let them find their own love and if they do then I will be support them no matter what

  • Amanda Sofia Ascencio

    Is it just me or the girl (that kissed Ethan) from Hawaiian party is actually there?

  • angie viola
    angie viola Month ago

    The twins need to get an acting career in the future not even kidding

  • Denise Vazquez
    Denise Vazquez Month ago

    Love these twins

  • Liliana Kemaldean
    Liliana Kemaldean Month ago

    Ethan and Grayson in leather tho❤️😝

  • Skyee Fam
    Skyee Fam Month ago +2

    the twins are hot and they should act forreal i will totally watch them

  • Crump Madison
    Crump Madison Month ago

    This is a movie or show I would watch everyday like cute twins mixed with scared movie! Me:🙀😵

  • Crump Madison
    Crump Madison Month ago


  • Chaylee McCleery
    Chaylee McCleery Month ago

    Umm ethan's fucking arms 😍😍😍

  • yeet
    yeet Month ago

    if they ever make this an ad i'd never skip it

  • b a h i r a
    b a h i r a Month ago

    Petition for dolan twins to be in netflix movie

  • Sofia McPhie
    Sofia McPhie Month ago

    It’s a really great message, this is awesome

  • ok delilah
    ok delilah Month ago


  • Cogan Family
    Cogan Family Month ago

    the twins legit need to be actors. like omg

  • I dont care about anyone

    I love there hand shakes

  • Hannah Perez
    Hannah Perez Month ago

    That blue shirt on Ethan looks way too tight for him 😂😂

  • Zaniya E!!e'
    Zaniya E!!e' 2 months ago

    Why am I just seeing this? December 18, 2018

  • Brianna Tafolla
    Brianna Tafolla 2 months ago

    Shoutout to the man Alex who scared the girls away :)

  • Erin Allen
    Erin Allen 2 months ago +1

    they dont like the same foods cause ethan hates anchovies

  • Erin Allen
    Erin Allen 2 months ago +1


    ASHTYN OFFICIAL 2 months ago

    Okay but these lines about them being twins is getting old bc like @ famous in love did that to them too smh 🤦🏻‍♀️ but alas they are good actors

  • Chipsy Lopez
    Chipsy Lopez 2 months ago

    Stop sending me to this wack ass page mtv!!!😡 hate these lil fake ass dojer twins. Quit youtube you lames!

  • reeta
    reeta 3 months ago

    are you seeing how tight their sleeves are excuse me

  • Emily Young
    Emily Young 3 months ago +1

    Omg Grayson needs to wear a black leather jacket and black jeans more often... 😍

  • Ramon Urena
    Ramon Urena 3 months ago +1

    that guy posssesed he need exorcist he has demoniac possesion demons cosumed his body make face features or look dead zombie or with little vampire to the mixed smoking is bad never tried it never ever do it is wrong or might end look like that guy scary is isnt it so never ever

  • Ramon Urena
    Ramon Urena 3 months ago

    dolan are excellent way go guys did good

  • Path of the Jade-dragon

    Next time you advertise that’s says imagine doing this here’s an idea: try not to imagine grinding your teeth on a brick

  • Makenna T.
    Makenna T. 3 months ago


  • Linda C
    Linda C 3 months ago +1

    Grayson in a biker jacket 😍

  • Onehappiness Happy
    Onehappiness Happy 3 months ago +1

    They should be actors they are perfect at it tbh.

  • Talen Spivey
    Talen Spivey 3 months ago


  • cAn'T rELaTe
    cAn'T rELaTe 3 months ago

    *Las drogas.* Smh

  • cAn'T rELaTe
    cAn'T rELaTe 3 months ago

    Why aren't they actors?? 100/10. Great work!! And it was for a good cause.

  • Taylor Ann
    Taylor Ann 3 months ago

    They should make a movie !!!!

  • Princeton Carter
    Princeton Carter 3 months ago

    that's why I love Grayson he has balls "what happened to your face" 🤣🤣

  • Iasmina
    Iasmina 3 months ago

    Mtv using Dolan Twins for views like usually... Nothing changed

  • freyaeli
    freyaeli 3 months ago

    Grayson in leather...... 😮😮😮

  • Emily S
    Emily S 3 months ago

    “yeah i’m spooked”

  • Jaidyn Evans Vlogs
    Jaidyn Evans Vlogs 3 months ago

    The Dolan Twins are such good actors ❤️❤️

  • Weverthon Gomez
    Weverthon Gomez 3 months ago

    i really need to stop smoking. I am a begginer. so its not gonna be that hard. i never thought tha i'd say that but THANKS

  • Khalea Simpson
    Khalea Simpson 3 months ago

    My boos

  • Winnie Bosecker
    Winnie Bosecker 3 months ago +2

    Alex is the fandom and the girls are the twins potential girlfriends. We scare them away

  • lauren west
    lauren west 3 months ago

    i love the story behind this

  • Mees Mellink
    Mees Mellink 3 months ago

    The dola....
    Me: *CLICK*

  • Secretly. Seavey
    Secretly. Seavey 3 months ago

    Why did they look so hot in those lether jackets? 😍

  • Steph James 73
    Steph James 73 3 months ago

    Grayson in leather jackets. ooof😍😍😍😍😍💕💕💕💕

  • Josslyn Chizmar
    Josslyn Chizmar 3 months ago +1

    When the girl said "how will we know which one is which"😂
    That was low-key funny💜😂

  • Cielo Dolan
    Cielo Dolan 3 months ago

    Grayson shouldve said "yeah I'm sister spooked"

  • Why don't we BESSON
    Why don't we BESSON 3 months ago

    The twins should do acting they're so damn good 😍

  • VEVO Wannabe
    VEVO Wannabe 3 months ago

    Bruh they look like fucking frat boys what

  • Gypsy-Rose Baldwin
    Gypsy-Rose Baldwin 3 months ago

    i swear theyre good at everything smh

  • Gypsy-Rose Baldwin
    Gypsy-Rose Baldwin 3 months ago


  • peachyfeelings 彡
    peachyfeelings 彡 3 months ago +2

    Grayson fine af 🤤

  • Vivian mais
    Vivian mais 3 months ago

    Powerful message

  • Dua'a Wardat
    Dua'a Wardat 3 months ago +1

    Love you guys

  • Zara Iqbal
    Zara Iqbal 3 months ago +1

    “Yeah I’m spooked.”
    Me when I look in the mirror tho

  • Nella Helena
    Nella Helena 3 months ago

    ok i clicked so fast cause i saw my husbands

  • myriam mousa
    myriam mousa 3 months ago

    i’m so happy they’re doing this

  • Nayana John
    Nayana John 3 months ago

    Damn e😏

  • Wahyu Tri Utami
    Wahyu Tri Utami 3 months ago

    My daddies👅

  • h a i l e y
    h a i l e y 3 months ago +1

    G should have said sister spooked

  • What For
    What For 3 months ago


  • Gabriella Carrillo
    Gabriella Carrillo 3 months ago +1

    Aw my boys are actors 😂❤️

  • Victoria
    Victoria 3 months ago

    Knowing the twins they probably laugh during this video

  • Alexis PLAYS
    Alexis PLAYS 3 months ago +1

    I'm so late! 😭😭❤

  • Emilee Mcgovney
    Emilee Mcgovney 3 months ago

    Ya I’m spooked he’s so funny 😂❤️

  • Emilee Mcgovney
    Emilee Mcgovney 3 months ago

    Gray is hot

  • Cam Cam
    Cam Cam 3 months ago

    Ah yes the best way to get through to teens is to tell them that smoking makes you ugly. Great generation lmao. (No shade i was born in 2003).

  • Lesli Xo
    Lesli Xo 3 months ago

    I’m spooked

  • Hana Daily
    Hana Daily 3 months ago

    Their acting is pretty good.

  • Samruddhi
    Samruddhi 3 months ago

    Yes officer right there..Ethan's button up and the leather jackets..

  • Ellie Nancheva
    Ellie Nancheva 3 months ago


  • Joanne Dolan
    Joanne Dolan 3 months ago

    e:so you look like a mummy with the toilet paper off.
    g: yeah i'm spooked
    me: AHH hahahahahhahaha

  • steele the cat
    steele the cat 3 months ago +1

    The *merrel twins* do the rock paper scissors too when they can't decide who should go first
    And most of the time they do the same thing

  • Areeba Tayyeb
    Areeba Tayyeb 3 months ago

    Dolans ❤️❤️💙💙also known as my husbands

  • Ann Margaret Capispisan

    Them wearing tight stuff got me quacking.

  • Popular Loner
    Popular Loner 3 months ago +1

    boys looking good as usual😶💓

  • Aisha xxx
    Aisha xxx 3 months ago

    Love the handshake

  • The Alphawolf
    The Alphawolf 3 months ago

    Oof they can do everything 💜

  • and thats the tea
    and thats the tea 3 months ago

    *ya I’m spooked*

  • Gianna Bella
    Gianna Bella 3 months ago

    GRAYSON looking like a WHOLE SNACC

  • Jenni C
    Jenni C 3 months ago

    Tryna get Eiffel Towered by them lmao 😂🤤🤤

  • Ariana Torres
    Ariana Torres 3 months ago

    the twins in those jackets 😍

  • Yassmine AM
    Yassmine AM 3 months ago

    I was glad Alex spooked the girls away. I know I know they’re going to fall in love with someone in the future but I’m always going to be jealous because those girls are going to be living the life.

  • unique rat
    unique rat 3 months ago

    my children😭💞💗

  • Its Jenna
    Its Jenna 3 months ago +1

    1:36 when the twins see my face

  • Bailey Walters
    Bailey Walters 3 months ago

    Grayson: Yeah I'm spooped
    Me: *Welp I'm changing lanes*

  • agatha hurley
    agatha hurley 3 months ago


  • Zoey Albright
    Zoey Albright 3 months ago

    When they said triple date I’m like WHAT
    greythan shippers: COMING IN HOT AND SPOOCY