ScHoolboy Q - Dangerous (feat Kid Cudi) [Official Music Video]

  • Published on Jun 26, 2019
  • ScHoolboy Q - Dangerous (feat Kid Cudi)
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    Music video by ScHoolboy Q performing Dangerous. © 2019 Interscope Records (Top Dawg Entertainment)
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  • S E C XXI
    S E C XXI 9 hours ago

    I'm feeling dangerous, I'm feeling nauseous
    Road left me crazy, soaring, I wanna
    Smoking and faded, I got enormous
    Drinkin' and swangin', I'm feelin' dangerous

    [Verse: ScHoolboy Q]
    Greet me by my hand 'til you teach me to float
    Head is in the cloud with my stomach below
    Somethin' 'bout this feeling, I felt it before
    Took this pill and it swallowed me whole
    Pinch me on my arm, is it Heaven or fun?
    If I don't come back, had a hell of a run
    Taste you through my nose, smell the death on the tongue
    Can't get high enough to get over the hump, huh
    How many friends around me helping me lose?
    How many excuses until I'm excused?
    Shadow my morning, I ain't dreaming it right
    Ain't no way a flower could bloom in the night
    Family tried to warn me, couldn't keep me away
    'Til I figure flying, I better escape
    But flying ain't flying when you're stuck on your ass
    Pleasure took my driver and caused me to crash, uh
    Took me forever, we was stuck in the mud
    Chicken crossed the road to get out of the hood
    Was drawing this darker feeling, feeling my face
    Somebody go hand my drug dealer a case (Case)
    Bass on the Perc' and activating the sub (Sub)
    Sold my heart and soul, that's a hell of a drug (Drug)
    Take this here, introduce you to love, uh
    Take this here, introduce you to love

  • Siyabonga Ajalas
    Siyabonga Ajalas 14 hours ago

    Passion met sound and they made an immortal child named art

  • DaseDesigns
    DaseDesigns Day ago

    Damn I wish they'd do a breakdown with Genius for this beat man, so fucking crazyy

  • Jake Courtel
    Jake Courtel Day ago

    Schoolboy Q is probably the first gangster rapper that makes hits, but at the same time doesnt glorify this type of shit. The way he makes his music is honestly amazing. In my life, hes the first guy to explain what really goes down in this type of lifestyle. John Muir is a great example. Im telling you, there will be no one that makes music like he has.

  • Никита Никитин

    q как всегда в своем стиле. Респект и уважуха поцу! Спасибо что есть!

  • Abraão Alberto
    Abraão Alberto Day ago

    Xaga pt sant- Bandido

  • Alex Emissário
    Alex Emissário 2 days ago

    Grand theft auto

  • Capiiital
    Capiiital 3 days ago

    Great message. This is what the world NEEDS tto hear.

  • Minty
    Minty 3 days ago

    If this was shot were i think it was then me and my mom used to leave for like a 3 months in an rv brings back memories not good but memories y’kno

  • real alex
    real alex 3 days ago

    This beat reminds me of "JoebuddenprobablythinksIcantrap"

  • From Universe 024
    From Universe 024 4 days ago +1

    this video giving me GTA online flashbacks bruh.

  • John Howell
    John Howell 4 days ago

    same vibes from Kendrick’s outro on Swimming Pools. TDE gotta quit playing and let Q and Dot do their own take on Boyz n the Hood

  • T - BEATZ
    T - BEATZ 4 days ago +1


  • Jackthewicked
    Jackthewicked 4 days ago

    I love this album

  • Allinthe Trap
    Allinthe Trap 4 days ago

    This shit hits harder when you’re high af

  • Caio Thiago
    Caio Thiago 5 days ago +1

    Copiou o Sant

  • Redmond Wei Hao
    Redmond Wei Hao 5 days ago

    Gave me the same vibe like Jay Rock's OSOM with J Cole.

  • OG' 05
    OG' 05 5 days ago

    Referência Xaga feat Sant-Bandido name song

  • Rapha Cs
    Rapha Cs 5 days ago +2

    Vim pra compara o clip com o do xaga e Sant - bandido. 👍✌

  • Rajack Oliviera
    Rajack Oliviera 5 days ago

    Vim pelo SANT! KKKKK

  • Im Jaebum
    Im Jaebum 5 days ago +2

    sant e xaga

  • Lucas Rafael
    Lucas Rafael 5 days ago +1

    Xaga e Sant - Bandido

  • Pajé
    Pajé 5 days ago +2

    Xaga - Bandido Part. Sant

  • j w k s f p
    j w k s f p 6 days ago +3

    xaga x sant. eh o braza!! 🔥

  • Guilherme Benetti
    Guilherme Benetti 6 days ago

    Xaga - Bandido part Sant .. (mandou um salve nas referencias gringas) 👻

  • Jéferson Santos
    Jéferson Santos 6 days ago

  • Wendel Kayllan !
    Wendel Kayllan ! 6 days ago

    Vim pela tal referência do Sant

  • Ashton Smith
    Ashton Smith 6 days ago

    the lyrics themselves are abt drugs and pain. “cant get high enough to get over the hump” he cant get out of the situation hes in. no matter how hard he tries, he believes hes meant to forever live this life of pain & misery. “based on a perk, activatin a sub” subs are used in opiate addiction. most people who take them started out on percocet.
    “sold my heart and soul, thats a hell of a drug” and as everyones saying at 00:45 you can see the look on his face. its BLANK FACE.
    the video itself shows the difference between passionate, anger fueled revenge and calculated, cold blooded revenge. (guy on right, lets say its cudi) quickly runs to shoot him & slowly backs up after it happened, quite literally watching what he did and slowly hes backing away from his actions. q is walking at the same speed the entire time and gets right next to him, execution style.
    either way, as it says. an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. itll be a viscous cycle of never ending torment, looking out 24/7 for when theyll retaliate.

  • Вечно Молодой

    no bad

  • Alex Antero Furtado
    Alex Antero Furtado 8 days ago

    Schoolboy is back

  • unsn 88
    unsn 88 10 days ago +1

    ScHoolboy - your life is very real.

    AJP FILMS 10 days ago

    Schoolboy q needs to be in a movie

  • Branden Stocks
    Branden Stocks 11 days ago +1

    this probably my favorite song of all time

  • ThisIsSharkAttack
    ThisIsSharkAttack 11 days ago

    "Chicken crossed the road just to get out from the hut" somehow this bar really sink in...

  • Will Myers
    Will Myers 11 days ago +1

    1:33 it uses the same sample from Prima Donna by Vince Staples

    • David Branchal
      David Branchal 7 days ago

      DJ Dahi produced it. must've recycled the sound, but its sooo fucking good.

  • Mikey Skates
    Mikey Skates 11 days ago

    Am i the only one who watches shit like this and really thinks about it and tears up a little

  • Mark Hampshire
    Mark Hampshire 11 days ago

    this song fucking slaps

  • MurderousGoat
    MurderousGoat 13 days ago

    Q reminds me of that awkward kid in high school who knows he runs like a bitch so he speed walks through the halls

  • Patryk Z Passata
    Patryk Z Passata 14 days ago

    Best Moment 2:35!
    R.I.P School Poop

  • Ivan Pirogov
    Ivan Pirogov 14 days ago +2

    They did not shoot the second guy, and he called for reinforcements.

  • Unmxsterxd
    Unmxsterxd 14 days ago

    Song of the year

  • Suleyman E.
    Suleyman E. 16 days ago

    whole video is masterpiece but worst ending i've ever seen

  • Toni090100
    Toni090100 16 days ago +1

    I wish that this was longer!!

  • UR-NEXT_01
    UR-NEXT_01 16 days ago

    I watched this for the first time while high, and to me this was scarier than any horror movie I've ever seen

  • Burdegg
    Burdegg 16 days ago +1

    Fuck you, respect Poland

  • Logan Armer
    Logan Armer 16 days ago +1

    Dark Mac Miller vibes anyone???

  • TheKilleR
    TheKilleR 16 days ago +2

    wypierdalaj plebsie

  • Patryk Pelczarski
    Patryk Pelczarski 17 days ago +3


  • kondzio ącki
    kondzio ącki 17 days ago +3


  • Jameer Jabali
    Jameer Jabali 18 days ago +1

    This song is an instant classic

  • monspiet
    monspiet 18 days ago

    I woulda lost it if he opened the door like in GTA

  • vende
    vende 18 days ago +3

    boring music stfu

  • LoMeinL
    LoMeinL 18 days ago

    .75 speed hits a lil different

  • Kamil Półtorak
    Kamil Półtorak 18 days ago +2

    Ale gowno

  • Peezy B
    Peezy B 19 days ago

    Schoolboy Q could be a kickass actor

  • Psychedelic Love
    Psychedelic Love 20 days ago

    Took this pill and it swallowed me whole

  • Delta Nine
    Delta Nine 20 days ago

    Is this heroin

  • jwp adaś
    jwp adaś 20 days ago +3

    boring music dmn

  • teddy
    teddy 20 days ago

    this song must be in gta 6, no cap💯💯

  • douchebag friend
    douchebag friend 20 days ago

    "Sold my heart and my soul
    thats a hell of a drug
    take this here
    introduce you to love"