Malaysia Street Food JB Saturday Night Market

  • Published on Nov 11, 2018
  • Checking out Ungku Tun Aminah Pasar Malam at johor bahru Malaysia
    This night market has plenty of amazing street food to eat, great place to go and fill your belly. All the food we had were delicious except the crabs. Wouldnt recommend that to you guys, they were expensive and not fresh.
    Unlike the KSL night market which open on a weekday, this is open every Saturday.
    Ungku Tun Aminah Pasar Malam
    Address: Jalan Perkasa 5, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah Johor Bahru, Johor,
    Saturday 4pm - 10pm

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  • Jvonne Je
    Jvonne Je 2 hours ago


  • vineka's street food around the world

  • Suzanne Davies
    Suzanne Davies Day ago

    Yum yum yum yum yum!!😜😜❤️

  • Y H
    Y H 2 days ago


  • Moeh teguh
    Moeh teguh 2 days ago

    Ini namanya cina streetfood bukan Malaysia streetfood😕

  • Jennifer Diaz
    Jennifer Diaz 2 days ago

    What is moving in the food he's frying

  • deidra warren
    deidra warren 3 days ago

    I wish my 10 yr old and I could travel

  • はぁねっとNJ
    はぁねっとNJ 5 days ago


  • BangHend
    BangHend 6 days ago +1

    Malaysia looks Like all Chinese people

  • cold_rain
    cold_rain 7 days ago

    Meanwhile kids in America bas as hell smh

  • scnd sch
    scnd sch 11 days ago +6

    As a Malaysian, i strongly recommend keropok lekor....
    With the black sauce (it is sweet and spicy) 😍😍
    My favourite during school time

  • High Class, Low Income

    I’m liking that they’re clean and not using their bare hands.

  • Allan Tj
    Allan Tj 12 days ago

    Lmao his spilled noodle caught fire

  • Love AndLight
    Love AndLight 13 days ago

    to eat any living creature while it's still alive is disgusting in God is not looking down on that being anything good I could never eat anything that is still alive you in this country a killing every living thing and eating it and it's not necessary this is why our oceans are suffering this is why we won't have anything left some things are meant to be for the ecosystem they're not meant to be eaten I just think it's a waste and it's greedy

  • Love AndLight
    Love AndLight 13 days ago

    our oceans are suffering because of some of this food it actually is not necessary to eat a full Lobster Street Food I believe people eat too much in a lot of it's wasted well other part of the country is starving to death

    CLAUDIA SUAREZ 14 days ago

    Extraordinaria manera de cocinar!!!

  • Alicha Ditha
    Alicha Ditha 14 days ago

    Yang lagi goreng ayam tu mirip abang sepupu saya 😄

  • Mari577
    Mari577 15 days ago

    Pomegranate juis small🍶🙆☛⛥⛥⛥⛥⛥

  • Royal Yada
    Royal Yada 15 days ago

    11:32, what’s that?

  • Yow Wen Jian
    Yow Wen Jian 16 days ago +1

    the crabs freaking expensive

  • favixthings
    favixthings 17 days ago +2

    That Okonomiyaki egg looks so good and CHEAP!!!

  • Thomas Paine
    Thomas Paine 18 days ago

    Again, no narration.

  • ebonygentleman79
    ebonygentleman79 21 day ago +3

    1:56 That chicken looks perfect! You can see the juices!

  • k p
    k p 24 days ago

    Lol all yuh ppl really stink boy. In Trinidad here if some selling food like that and d place so dirty, hello no body not going to buy and is health inspector for them.

  • Vampisol Vampisol
    Vampisol Vampisol 24 days ago

    Beautiful nd delicious...only those crab's .

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter 25 days ago

    Not good not explaining details

  • Mel M
    Mel M 25 days ago

    Thanks for sharing your video 😉 guess that you had a lovely holiday!!
    And the food oh my yummy!! ,😋

  • Firesworth
    Firesworth 26 days ago +9

    TVclip recommend has blessed me today. I love the no commentary. Makes me feel like im actually there and its soothing not hearing someones voice constantly while the food is being made. Great videos! 👍
    Edit: typo

  • Nurazrul35 Nurazrul
    Nurazrul35 Nurazrul 27 days ago

    wahhh...look tasty

  • Peter Johnson Ng
    Peter Johnson Ng 27 days ago

    omg Rainbowwwwwwwwwwwwwww Cakes !!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous Guy
    Anonymous Guy 28 days ago

    They're pathetic to call the dish at 20:20 Char Kway Teow like who the fuck in their sane mind would add yellow EGG noodles with RICE noodles (Kway Teow)

  • dean and deanbear
    dean and deanbear 28 days ago +1

    how far is this from KUala lumpur and what's the easiest fastest way to get there without airtravel?

  • Mafia Nails
    Mafia Nails 28 days ago

    I love watching your videos, I just wish I knew what half the food was, as some didn’t enlighten me with knowing the name

  • alessio xu
    alessio xu 28 days ago

    我喜欢吃九层糕 在马来西亚用中文应该不会饿死吧

  • Trọng Minh
    Trọng Minh 28 days ago

    China food?

  • BelDen LitTle VloG
    BelDen LitTle VloG 28 days ago


  • Veronica Jackson
    Veronica Jackson 29 days ago

    wow i can get over how cheap it is.. no wa you can get a piece of fried chicken for $1.20 here .... all there work and they sell so cheap for awesome food wow id be in food heaven there!!! id go there for the food alone! here the food sucks! no way near this food quality!!

  • Nohiro
    Nohiro 29 days ago +1

    If the crabs had amonia taste dont eat them

    • Taako Taco
      Taako Taco 26 days ago +1

      How would they now it tasted like ammonia....until they ate it?

  • Siwei Lee
    Siwei Lee 29 days ago

    WTF? ของไทยโกอินเตอร์ 那么多泰国菜和点心 都是泰国的

  • Sebastereo
    Sebastereo Month ago

    Minuto 6, que fruta es?

    • Tt Buble
      Tt Buble 29 days ago +1

      Se llama jackfruit es súper dulce bueniisima

  • MmNasr Nasr
    MmNasr Nasr Month ago

    يخرب بيتك قذاره الأيدي والمكان

  • Ryan Gunnip
    Ryan Gunnip Month ago

    20:22 "Oysters, clams, and cockles!!!!!" lmao

  • anime gamer
    anime gamer Month ago

    What!? That crabs is RM100?

  • Luke Ak
    Luke Ak Month ago

    In Malaysia,you can eat chinese, Indian,Malay the same time

    • Its_diano
      Its_diano 28 days ago

      And gain 10 pounds in one day😂 jk

  • j.s zhou
    j.s zhou Month ago


  • Navtej Singh
    Navtej Singh Month ago

    Not a single repetition of a food item, I guess! Marvelous.....One Observation: You know all have one thing in common --> A van parked in the back.

  • Anidem9
    Anidem9 Month ago

    Sugar cane juice? So literally sugar juice?

  • Oreo Cadbury.
    Oreo Cadbury. Month ago +1

    5:00 thats not the way you eat it!

    • Zi Xuan
      Zi Xuan 27 days ago

      Oreo Cadbury. you can peel and eat or eat as whole:)

  • van deanvar
    van deanvar Month ago +3

    04:54 why so expensive it's just kuih. Should be only 40sen per pc

  • 터프가이
    터프가이 Month ago +1

    기름 디젤이냐 좀 갈어 씹새끼들아 드럽게 ㅅㅂ

  • Edward Kay
    Edward Kay Month ago

    As a local, nothing looks good here. When you start trying this and that, you spend more than a restaurant's bill; and end up eating crap.

  • Mallikarjun Hagargi

    Wow mouth watering nice video

  • Joyce Clifford
    Joyce Clifford Month ago

    What is he making some kind of omelet

    • Trial Store
      Trial Store Month ago

      Okonomiyaki. Sort like takoyaki. A japanese cuisine

  • shejean
    shejean Month ago

    The ammonia taste (iodine found sometimes naturally in some shellfish) in the crabs is sometimes unavoidable and chefs don’t know it’s there unless they first open the crabs and/or lobsters prior to boiling/sautéing.It’s unfortunate and I would have tried another one or asked for my money back. That happened to me years ago in a restaurant in Mass. where lobster is very popular. It was the ONLY time in my 60+ years of eating lobsters that I opened up a boiled lobster and the iodine smell hit me. The restaurant comped the charge for the lobster and made me a different entrée at no charge. As for the ‘staleness’ in this man’s crab...??? Lobsters and/or crabs are kept in water tanks in restaurants or supermarkets for a long time and are just fine. But, I would assume at a busy street market in Asian counties the shellfish are sold pretty quickly and must be fresh.

  • Benny Nielsen
    Benny Nielsen Month ago

    ...and people wonder why they get runny stomches when eating food from the street. They shift in making food and handle change!

    • Hairizal Dahrin
      Hairizal Dahrin Month ago

      I never got that even after ate street foods for almost all my life.

  • Fandi Vandria
    Fandi Vandria Month ago

    Big boobs

  • Daily Six
    Daily Six Month ago +12

    20:25 I love this one. They did not use plastic😄

    • CirTap
      CirTap 27 days ago +2

      @CharlesV Plays using ceramics, stone goods or glass would be quite complicated for a street food vendor. Unlike plastic paper degrades much better and doesn't end up in the ocean. You can kill tree or fish.😋

    • CharlesV Plays
      CharlesV Plays 29 days ago +1

      Still uses paper tho

  • Miss Z Z
    Miss Z Z Month ago

    Food is great, but all that plastic waste.

  • nwo61333
    nwo61333 Month ago

    Where is this place in JB? When it's opened?

  • Suka Beda
    Suka Beda Month ago

    Love it. I really enjoyed it

  • Rashvina Sugrash
    Rashvina Sugrash Month ago

    Wow crab

  • Дмитрий Ветров

    Явное отсутствие антисанитарии

  • Ramy
    Ramy Month ago

    Traditional cakes are way better than hipsters cakes.

  • belmont801
    belmont801 Month ago +5

    The vendor at 9:30 is a ripp off and and you can tell he takes advantage of good hard working people..

  • The Tuang
    The Tuang Month ago

    It seems good, fingers want to try .. I'm a beginner TVclipr, my channel about street food Indonesia and its surroundings, please help friends so that they can succeed by watching or sharing my videos .. Thank you

  • кукишь смаслом

    как тараканы, жрут канцерогены и не дохнут...

  • travel2lover
    travel2lover Month ago

    😲 wow 😮amazing 😉delicious 😋
    ‏🇸🇦 Welcome 🇸🇦

  • Abby :v
    Abby :v Month ago

    Woah :0

  • Verren
    Verren Month ago

    otak" punya indonesian

  • Chrisauntae Irons
    Chrisauntae Irons Month ago

    @ 11:15 👌🏻

  • Richard Lamarre
    Richard Lamarre Month ago +4

    That Okonomiyaki looks interesting, I'll have to try some one day.

  • dofphoto
    dofphoto Month ago

    I think i got dysentery from watching that crab part.

  • Hmm whatever
    Hmm whatever Month ago

    9.53 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Adriana Freitas
    Adriana Freitas Month ago

    Ele tem que olhar em volta do está muito sujo, higiene nota 0

  • Silent WaR
    Silent WaR Month ago

    Pipi tong nag vivideo n to wlng eksplinasyon kung ano Pgkain ano lasa...hahahaha

  • Guilherme Teixeira
    Guilherme Teixeira Month ago

    21:10 que cara louco... Vai ja perder os dedos ......

  • ▼・ᴥ・▼
    ▼・ᴥ・▼ Month ago +1

    Pls try our Filipino Street Foods ☺️

  • Teresa Cristina Nogueira Gusmão de Oliveira

    The best of all is the jackfruit ... I love it too! 😋 Another thing, do they know of the benefit of the pomegranate peel too?

  • ya ya
    ya ya Month ago


  • Tai Ayam
    Tai Ayam Month ago

    Lebih murah di indo

  • Greta Pellegrino
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  • Eyonce Revenge
    Eyonce Revenge 2 months ago

    What plant is that at 5:32

  • Crazy Candy Crush
    Crazy Candy Crush 2 months ago

    Is Chinese pasar malam separated from Malay pasar malam?

  • Ambient Walking
    Ambient Walking 2 months ago +2

    Nice! I'm hungry already! Maybe I should pop over to JB tomorrow!

  • Raeysu Anabet
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  • Mcrien adventures channel

    I found your channel accidentally n now u become my inspiration ...I hope I will have a subscriber like yours after this ..

  • G. E.
    G. E. 2 months ago

    The vendors touch the money and handle the is one of the dirtiest things.

  • 民主
    民主 2 months ago


  • Nhịp sống krông buk

    I like video my friend.. I hope Every day wath

  • Mohammed Faizal Bagath
    Mohammed Faizal Bagath 2 months ago

    Why the buying customer face doesn't show😕😕😕😕She's looking gorgeous 😍😍😍

  • Baektae Jeon
    Baektae Jeon 2 months ago

    I want that jackfruit soooo bad

  • WhatThe Pineapple
    WhatThe Pineapple 2 months ago

    21:00 is that (ganna juice - Hindi) sugar cane juice but in india we've a little more hygienic one

  • WhatThe Pineapple
    WhatThe Pineapple 2 months ago

    2:30 that lady is so cute😊

  • Erebe Olorunsan
    Erebe Olorunsan 2 months ago +2

    Uma maravilha de vídeo like👍

  • Sayuki Syu
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  • eviljagtech
    eviljagtech 2 months ago

    13:22 In America with have kids to damn lazy to take the trash out

  • اصول العراق Ss


  • prakash chandra
    prakash chandra 2 months ago

    I liked

  • Mud Skipper
    Mud Skipper 2 months ago +1

    the crabs looked awful

  • Hicky Snow
    Hicky Snow 2 months ago

    so much oil