Top 10 Times Pro Gamers Got Caught Cheating


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  • TNR
    TNR 19 hours ago

    So there is a drug test for people sitting in front of a screen playing a video game. You learn something new everyday.

  • Tundra Wolf
    Tundra Wolf 23 hours ago

    Wait until Forsaken gets here, classic indians

  • Ben Kline
    Ben Kline Day ago


  • Thomas Jung
    Thomas Jung 3 days ago

    Where’s IBP

  • Todd 76
    Todd 76 4 days ago

    How is Adderall cheating if they didn't have anti doping rules in place.

  • boltanadzo TV
    boltanadzo TV 4 days ago

    I miss the old CS GO

  • Jonah Wilson
    Jonah Wilson 5 days ago

    performance enhancing drugs, how exactly does that help you in pro gaming? I understand it being illegal in sports like football or soccer, but E-SPORTS?

  • Ziolek2000
    Ziolek2000 9 days ago

    WTF taking drugs before gaming is not cheating!

  • MastaSmack
    MastaSmack 15 days ago

    Humans are scum and are the reason I don't like getting up in the morning.

    • MastaSmack
      MastaSmack 15 days ago

      I played a game of battleship at my brother's house and his wife was feeding my opponent my ship locations. It was obvious too because she kept looking over to my bros wife every time.

  • jjlenny
    jjlenny 15 days ago

    I am not a gamer, so I didn't understand what "Flex" did. Can anyone help me out? Thanks.

    RADIOACTIV40 16 days ago

    ok here's the thing i can forgive miss pronouncing players names, but Katowice is a city. you SHOULD look up how to pronounce it. no wonder people have get so mad at you guys how much research do you do before videos.

  • TFGenoBatssasin 17
    TFGenoBatssasin 17 16 days ago

    2:49 Arrival To Earth theme. Cause Transfomers lol

  • Taylor Hasal
    Taylor Hasal 17 days ago

    Wtf lol does adderall really make you game better?

  • RedRangerJace
    RedRangerJace 23 days ago

    Unfortunately Overwatch is full of a lot of cheaters these days

  • Benjamin Lipsø
    Benjamin Lipsø 27 days ago

    iBP matchfixing CS:GO

  • 200% SMUG
    200% SMUG 28 days ago

    Eh, what VP did wasn't really cheating. Are they supposed to forfeit a tournament because of bad russian internet? They didn't gain an unfair advantage, and NoOne still plays on the team today.

  • Hungarian Nationalist
    Hungarian Nationalist 28 days ago

    Video Games are not sports.

  • Chris Ortiz
    Chris Ortiz Month ago

    Just the name of video made me laugh pro and gamers in same sentence 😂 drug testing in top of that for performance enhancing😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dj Vann
    Dj Vann Month ago

    If u don't want them to cheat pit them in a seperate room were they can only see their screen or give everyone their own tablet or laptop to watch it on

  • Grael Draven
    Grael Draven Month ago

    So funny and sad that gaming used to be about escaping the real world and playing to have fun. Now its about cheating and trolling others, because miserable people want to bring their miserable lives into gaming. We used to be the worlds world's largest family.

  • Michael With A B?
    Michael With A B? Month ago

    hmmmmm Word.exe

  • Yogi Davincza
    Yogi Davincza Month ago

    WORD.EXE in 2018😂

  • idefiyable
    idefiyable Month ago

    Ye nobody is on Addy anmore...
    Can't expect much from a top 10 list, you sure started out with a real facpalmer.

  • Tidwell
    Tidwell Month ago

    Adderall isn't really cheating.. I was taking Adderall before any pro was taking it back in '05. Also if you Drink 2 Cans of Spike. Its like taking Adderrall

  • kara badger
    kara badger Month ago

    hackers should get the fingers snapped..

  • Jowk Gamer
    Jowk Gamer Month ago

    Where is the best cheater of all time I think it's a "word.exe"?

  • Yeti Confetti
    Yeti Confetti Month ago

    Tf is aderol?

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover Month ago

    Why am I even watching this? Professional gaming is hilarity already

  • Manoloudi
    Manoloudi Month ago

    Number 11 'Forsaken'

  • IntelMuzik Canada
    IntelMuzik Canada Month ago

    Video gaming is not a sport ffs...

  • bismark5566
    bismark5566 Month ago

    Ohhh hoho if you just know what happen lately xp

  • Mayo Gonzalez
    Mayo Gonzalez Month ago

    If you cheat then you’re not a professional

  • Mike Arthur
    Mike Arthur Month ago +1

    Anyone else here after Forsaken?

  • Arman Shaikh
    Arman Shaikh Month ago

    Can you add nikhil in this list (forsaken)

  • DMist Official
    DMist Official Month ago

    Kotaowice :)

  • Hyper10sion
    Hyper10sion Month ago

    Kotawince? Its Katowice. Jesus look UP THE FUCKING PRONUNCIATIONS FIRST.
    And you show The Summoner's Cup for a StarCraft segment?

  • Suppressor
    Suppressor Month ago

    I figured ibp would be somewhere on this list

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah Month ago

    c9 vs fnatic semi finals

  • Royal Baloch
    Royal Baloch Month ago +1

    Forsaken no 1 cheater

  • a21mayo
    a21mayo Month ago

    KQLY lol it’s KOOKLY

  • ivan tan
    ivan tan Month ago

    Who came here for Forsaken
    Sorry for bad englishi

  • Shinobi
    Shinobi Month ago

    Subscribe to me . And i'll subscribe to you

  • Clinton Auman
    Clinton Auman Month ago

    forsaken a.k.a word.exe

  • Godlike GG
    Godlike GG Month ago

    These cheaters are not suitable to be called gamers and they should never enter tge gaming world ever again.

  • Cap E8
    Cap E8 Month ago



  • Kunal Sharma
    Kunal Sharma Month ago +1

    Banned cheaters by country
    Usa- 12.9%
    Russia- 9.7%
    Bretain- 5.1%
    Sweden pewdie- 4.5%
    Canada - 3.2%
    France- 2.9%
    Turkey- 2.4%
    Denmark - 2.2%
    Romania- 2.0%
    Norwegen- 1.9%
    Austria- 1.88%
    Brazil- 1.77%
    Now shut ur mouth

    DR.STRANGE Month ago

    Time for re-upload
    Where is our king (word.exe)

  • Zay Zay
    Zay Zay Month ago

    Adderall? How is that a performance enhancing? Just helps focus its not even doping lmao

  • ᗯᕼITE
    ᗯᕼITE Month ago

    forsaken omagoud he's legend!!!!!

  • Frost Gamer
    Frost Gamer Month ago

    How tough are you?
    How tough am I? I once threw not 1, but 2 eSports games

  • Ice_Wallow_Come
    Ice_Wallow_Come Month ago

    forsaken forsaken forsaken

  • TubhPlays
    TubhPlays Month ago +1

    Whos here from Word.exe?!

  • codejunki567
    codejunki567 Month ago

    Calling someone "and idiot" on twitter. Oh the irony

  • maradona all skills rekoj

    Idiots sit next to each other what do you expect

  • Trance
    Trance Month ago +1


  • Manoj Chauhan
    Manoj Chauhan Month ago


  • Nándor Tóth
    Nándor Tóth Month ago

    Forsaken lol

  • muhonen2
    muhonen2 Month ago

    There wasnt rule that he couldnt check strats from word.exe

  • I'm Noob
    I'm Noob Month ago

    Pro gamer??? Pro gamer don't need cheats!!

  • Ivan Alexander
    Ivan Alexander Month ago

    Who is this Forsen guy cheating?

  • Kindeep Singh Kargil

    Comment section has turned into forsaken now. Hell i bet the guy is just getting more publicity with this, i didn’t even know who the guy was until he cheated.

  • Your Allopen
    Your Allopen Month ago +1


  • Nico Laurent Mendoza

    Add forsaken the word.exe master

  • Neal R
    Neal R Month ago


  • davidexoa
    davidexoa Month ago


  • zPrism
    zPrism Month ago

    it's Top 11 now thanks to Foresaken

  • Viral Gaming
    Viral Gaming Month ago

    Came here after foresaken. incident 😆


    U forgotten forsaken dude 😂 rofl

  • Rick's Biggest Fan
    Rick's Biggest Fan Month ago

    How is aimbot even fun, unless your baiting people?

  • nam ?
    nam ? Month ago

    Get your word.bak at right now

  • Remz Playz
    Remz Playz Month ago +1

    So many new comments about forsaken now lmao


  • Poop Emoji
    Poop Emoji Month ago


  • kimberlou,kimberlous kimberlat,kimpertos

    You are more talktive

  • Etha Anderzuik
    Etha Anderzuik Month ago

    Top 10 Times You Have Wasted Your Time:
    1.) Watching Videos on TVclip
    2.) Reading Online Comments
    Read more

  • TNP_ Kloud
    TNP_ Kloud Month ago


  • Progressive
    Progressive Month ago

    lol the Ads activated my Google assistant

  • Kerpii ツ
    Kerpii ツ Month ago

    Rip india gaming

  • UnWantedNightMARES
    UnWantedNightMARES Month ago

    Forsaken brought me here.

  • niksack
    niksack Month ago

    Words.EXE is a hella of a programmer.

  • Brandon Hall
    Brandon Hall Month ago

    Who here from forsaken and now cheaters are in your reccomended

  • Justin Sanson
    Justin Sanson Month ago

    You think adderal isnt a drug? Tell that to 18yr old me taking 2 adderall 30s and playing super smash bros for 18hrs straight on a LAN at home.

  • Beck Lea
    Beck Lea Month ago

    Y was when u said screenpeeking while playing golden eye with ur brother I litterly did that when I was younger

  • Marko R
    Marko R Month ago

    foresaken gang

    GOYAT GAMING Month ago


  • KaSt0Ltstst
    KaSt0Ltstst Month ago +3

    Why no indian players? OH NVM forsaken

  • ditistygo
    ditistygo Month ago

    *cough* foresaken *cough*

  • 2001 Faker
    2001 Faker Month ago


  • dexter morgan
    dexter morgan Month ago

    This is why I quit pc a few months ago

  • Lemi Kadriaj
    Lemi Kadriaj Month ago +1

    where is foreskin at
    *oh wait*

  • jason black
    jason black Month ago

    Next update add bobs and vagene i mean INDIAN FORSAKEN plz

  • Cool Boy
    Cool Boy Month ago +49

    This video was in my recommendation because I was watching forsaken memes

  • The Best
    The Best Month ago

    Where is Foresaken?

  • Naughty Morty
    Naughty Morty Month ago

    John cena.exe

  • L.A HJR
    L.A HJR Month ago

    you should update your list now 😆😆

  • Esqandar Dan
    Esqandar Dan Month ago

    dont worry guys, forsaken its just another tech support from India that has a knowledge of word more than 10 years

  • ComputerTheGamer
    ComputerTheGamer Month ago

    Number 1 : Forsaken
    Number 2 : *Forsecond*

  • Karan Chauhan
    Karan Chauhan Month ago

    Where is forsaken....

  • White On Fire
    White On Fire Month ago

    Forsaken’s careerisgone

  • muhd asraf
    muhd asraf Month ago

    6:06 is not cheating. Its organizer fault.

  • Dimitri Asimov
    Dimitri Asimov Month ago

    You’ve got the wrong idea of “cheating” in some cases.