Venom - Movie Review

  • Published on Oct 4, 2018
  • After the crappy Venom we got in Spider-Man 3, we have a legit attempt to bring our favorite Symbiote anti-hero to the big screen. Here's my review of VENOM!
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    CHANNEL 99 PRODUCTIONS 17 hours ago

    Why are you screaming?

  • jkbobful
    jkbobful 13 days ago

    it made 850 million so its definitely getting a sequel

  • ElectroShock
    ElectroShock 17 days ago

    Why the fuck would you make an R rated Hellboy but not an R rated Venom. HOLLYWOOD YOU SUCK ASS!

  • ElectroShock
    ElectroShock 17 days ago

    The comics were R rated. So Hollywood should have been more faithful to the comics instead of trying to bring in a larger audience for monetary gain.

  • Hulk Gamer
    Hulk Gamer 26 days ago

    I am glad I don't read comics... I enjoyed the movie a lot

  • Kunisake
    Kunisake 29 days ago

    It's alright. Would've been better if it were rated R

  • eldon Watson
    eldon Watson 29 days ago +1

    It was bad. Like 90's Spawn bad.

  • Bryan McFarlane
    Bryan McFarlane 2 months ago +1

    The storyline itself was literally all over the place and didn’t make sense

  • Kevin Senft
    Kevin Senft 2 months ago

    I feel like I'm the only one out here who thoroughly enjoyed this movie

  • Djordje Čvarkov
    Djordje Čvarkov 2 months ago

    Script makes movies good. Even if it was rated R it would be bad.

  • MikeXeno
    MikeXeno 2 months ago

    They were trying to get venom in the MCU I think that's the reason why they didn't make It R rated

  • Lawrence Manuel Cruz
    Lawrence Manuel Cruz 2 months ago

    🖕 Avi Arad

  • Alex Bassett
    Alex Bassett 3 months ago

    Watched this on a long haul flight. I heard the critics’ reviews but I’ve liked the Venom character so thought I’d check it out. It was a 6/10 for me. The character design and action was awesome, but the story and acting could have been far better.

  • Ozymandias 29
    Ozymandias 29 3 months ago

    I heard they where filming the movie to be rated R but part way through the studio switched up cause they wanted to reach a bigger market and their other properties weren't making enough for them.

  • Tixelpip
    Tixelpip 3 months ago

    Weird, Venom has a 15 rating in the UK? Isn’t that the equivalent of R? Also, what made it a 15? It definitely needed more elements of a 15 imo.

  • The Burger King
    The Burger King 3 months ago

    0:13 in the uk venom received the same rating as all those movies

  • GoneZone
    GoneZone 3 months ago


  • Aryan Hegde
    Aryan Hegde 3 months ago

    You know what this movie needs, Wade Wilson.

  • Aryan Hegde
    Aryan Hegde 3 months ago

    You know what this movie needs, Wade Wilson.

  • Aryan Hegde
    Aryan Hegde 3 months ago

    They were all great characters in a terrible plot.

  • Justin Erickson
    Justin Erickson 3 months ago

    Agreed. Tom Hardy and Venom played out perfectly. The rest of the film..... not so much. I think Sony should just fold to Marvel, give their characters back, and let the MCU do a proper Spidey/Venom film before winding up for an entire phase that ends in Maximum Carnage.

  • emjay2d
    emjay2d 4 months ago

    so heres the thing....... this is still better than spiderman.

  • pris bosma
    pris bosma 4 months ago

    best super hero movie in 5 years

  • Maarten DJ
    Maarten DJ 4 months ago +1

    Just seen it and no alcohol required imo. Somewhat poor script but still a genuinely enjoyable watch

  • Cédrik Thibert
    Cédrik Thibert 4 months ago

    It wasn't PG-13, it wasn't all that violent.

  • Cédrik Thibert
    Cédrik Thibert 4 months ago +1

    Come on it's Venom. The movie is called Venom!
    People ahould have known it was an anti-hero movie.

  • Erick Draws
    Erick Draws 4 months ago +1

    no alcohol for me! i could watch this movie on a fast and still love it!

  • Erick Draws
    Erick Draws 4 months ago

    i loved this movie no alcohol required! seemed too short i was having such a good time! first time ever i disagree with jeremy

  • Bianca P
    Bianca P 5 months ago

    I loved Venom.

  • James Buck
    James Buck 5 months ago +1

    HATED every single moment of this film. I've never been so bored and so irritated by a superhero film..I would rather watch Spidey 3 venom any day of the week compared to this. Seriously. 100% honest opinion.

  • Serhat Topkaya
    Serhat Topkaya 5 months ago

    What if the story went on like that?

    Venom organizes a meeting to make peace and calls Avengers...Venom Spider-Man , Iron Man , Hulk ,Thor, Ronin , Captain America , Black Panter , Vision , Doctor Strange + THANOS. What if he clings to all of them?...Think about that..I think that would be very interesting...
    Yes Let's get your thoughts

  • Dalton Brooks
    Dalton Brooks 5 months ago

    If this was a fresh new story..watchable. But Venom is an iconic character and has been for decades. This film did no justice for him

    • MHMD
      MHMD 3 months ago

      Wtf ?

  • Kentucky_18
    Kentucky_18 5 months ago +1

    I think it should have been a good time no alcohol required, it was anything spectacular but I enjoyed it

  • Ryan lol
    Ryan lol 5 months ago

    Venom is rated r here

  • Golden HD
    Golden HD 5 months ago

    No Spiderman
    Every thing was in the trailers
    Repeat of I AM VENOM so annoying

  • 2ReAL0317
    2ReAL0317 5 months ago


  • Sam Monaghan
    Sam Monaghan 5 months ago

    I do agree venom should have been rated R. But hopefully Carnage vs Venom will be rated R.

  • Daniel clough
    Daniel clough 5 months ago

    I loved the movie. The villain wasn't great but I didn't care really. It's like gotg, Ronin wasn't a great villain, but it works anyway, and imo venom does too. I saw it last night with my mum and bro and I honestly think it's one of my fav marvel movies. I agree with the R rating thing tho, it was a fifteen here in England for some reason but it needed more violence. And yeah I would absolutely LOVE to see another one with carnage in it, but if it's a man eating alien in a serial killers body and mind, they cannot create a censored movie, no way.

  • bubba bojanglez
    bubba bojanglez 6 months ago

    I litterally just finished watching this movie (late to the party i know) and why is absolutly no one talking about the scene where venom is all like "I want to save your planet, you changed my mind eddie". This is the scene LITTERALLY comes after the scene where he gets the symbiote sepreated from his body and eddie expresses his joy knowing that the syimbiote will now dies as he walks out the room. Not only that, but eddie has done absolutly nothing (before or after) to make this scene believable, or even make sence, all he's been doing is trying to survive with little to no regard or care for the "parasite" inside him. Also, that part where vemon introduces himself as vemon was "meh" rather than them chooing the name for a reason like in the comics. And thay part where venom says, "I'm kind of a loser on my planet." Seriously, wtf?? Came off as a big "huh???" For me. Kinda like imagining symbiotes im highscool bullying each other or something. Lol.. Also, riot and venom having the same voice was kinda wack.

  • Savior Of My Own
    Savior Of My Own 6 months ago +1

    You are being nice with this one.. Is the most Boring POS ever

  • DENNED Vlogs
    DENNED Vlogs 6 months ago

    Making a movie rated r doesn’t make the movie better.

  • Robert Jackson
    Robert Jackson 6 months ago

    Venom was the best movie of 2018. I'm bored by most movies but not Venom. I loved that they made a movie where a bad guy is the lead.

  • WildWolf 12354
    WildWolf 12354 6 months ago

    They didn’t make it rated r because they wanted to be able to have Spider-Man and venom in the same movie

  • Its Just For Me
    Its Just For Me 7 months ago +1

    Well it turns out you didn't need the r rating to make money

  • Auba Sanchez
    Auba Sanchez 7 months ago +3

    Riz Ahmed was amazing.

  • M.T.S The Shark Movie Reviews

    Venom is not R cause 💲

  • David Mora
    David Mora 7 months ago

    It could've been better especially visually wise it looked a bit cheap

  • robert turni
    robert turni 7 months ago +1

    He deffinetly killed alot of those cops
    He used one as a hammer
    He threw another through a concrete pillar

  • Amethyst Wolf
    Amethyst Wolf 7 months ago

    Honestly I don't think it was bad but I wish there was more gore and blood of course the origin has been alter because of no spiderman but that makes it a bit weak plus Eddie brock relationship doesn't seem real but I love the chemistry with venom and Eddie I had fun watching the movies but it could have been better

  • DoomBoogie
    DoomBoogie 7 months ago

    Honestly, I've seen PG rated Venom in animated series and it was fine. I don't see the need to make it Rated-R (gruesome scenes and language, maybe some darker material? I don't see what it adds). To me it was just a sloppy film. Clearly some parts of the team understood the character basics and the other were trying to shape it into something new. To me, it's more about it just not being a great movie overall.

  • Dave The Rave
    Dave The Rave 8 months ago

    This movie really would’ve benefited from an R rating. It has a pretty great horror movie vibe at times, so if they went all out with it, it would’ve rocked.
    As is, I still enjoyed the movie

  • Luis Lopez
    Luis Lopez 8 months ago +1

    Seems like i'm in the minority. I finally got around to watching it and to me it's one of those movies you have to tune off your brain and. Just take in all the action...had inconsistesies up the buuutt.

  • DragonKirby
    DragonKirby 8 months ago

    I like the movie,I loved the action,venom and riot look cool,venom and Tom hardy dynamic was (of course) the best thing,I love the whole idea if a host doesn’t work the host and symbiote dies,i did find the villain boring,UNTIL riot connects to him and becomes this monster of blades and weapons,making him more powerful than venom,the way he’s defeated makes sense,also I love the nod of venom wanting chocolate when asked for food when they don’t eat humans,also the scene wear one guy is connecting well but since he can’t eat the symbiote starts to eat him from the inside out,is creepy,I enjoyed it,since I’m not a comic book guy i don’t know everything,I’m a bit upset that Spider-Man wasn’t referenced,but since a sequel is happening (hopefully) we get to see venom’s TRUE rival in carnage

  • Vsro
    Vsro 8 months ago

    Best ending
    Eddie: NO
    Eddie: NOOOOOOOO
    Eddie: fine....
    Me: having the time of my life

  • A N
    A N 8 months ago

    Should've been like Deadpool, but it was like Green Lantern.

  • D M
    D M 8 months ago

    The movie felt weak to me. Not how I pictured venom

  • Matt Thornton
    Matt Thornton 8 months ago

    So I finally watched it and....
    The action scenes were good but that's about it. The reason for why the symbiote wants to stay with Eddie and claims to be a loser like him made me go, "What? Okay this is stupid!" Not to mention Tom Hardy was mumbling half of his lines to the point where I couldn't understand him. They did a great job on the design of Venom and the banter between Venom and Eddie, but sorry, I they got more right with the Venom in Spider-Man 3 than this movie.

  • Hiltsy ArtNstuff
    Hiltsy ArtNstuff 8 months ago

    Just got around to watching it. The movie doesn't start untell the 50min mark or so (almost turned it off it was so boring in the beginning), and I agree I did not care about the girl or the "bad guy".

  • Matien Azemy
    Matien Azemy 8 months ago

    Not a big fan of it (even though I was really looking forward to it) 5/10

  • RenegadeMikeTV
    RenegadeMikeTV 8 months ago

    Yo great movie review I’ll have to check it out!! ✌🏼