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  • awildragsappeared
    awildragsappeared 10 months ago +11162

    DO U KNO DA WAE?! yees danny knose de wae

  • unicorn girl Espera

    Can you do more tomadachi life please dan?i realy love it😭😭

  • Extreme Penguin
    Extreme Penguin 2 days ago

    category: gaming

  • Different Girl
    Different Girl 2 days ago

    helloooo dan, you were an absolute inspiration when i was (few yrs) younger, me and my family LOVED U and *still* do, i still remember sitting next to my dad, while he’s buying tickets, i went to th show in australia down in melb...(i’m strayan) with my cousin and they got front row seats, we got back row, but it still was the best moment of my life, i even remember my dad saying i couldn’t get merch..so my cousins got me a toy pug, i even bursts into tears of happiness and *atill love you* till this day, just remember you made most kids childhood, ur fricken awesome dude.
    ~Bella ♥️♥️

  • William Wilkinson
    William Wilkinson 2 days ago

    do u kno da wae no only me and my brothers know the wae

  • shahab alahdad
    shahab alahdad 2 days ago

    😍 🤣😂😂😂🙂😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😄🤣😄🤣

  • Erick Hernandez
    Erick Hernandez 2 days ago

    Make a chanow of Fortnite

  • Julie pellett
    Julie pellett 3 days ago

    dan i feel sorry for you, i can tell that u love peggie so much :( ps. dose she have a grave i dont mean to be rude.....incase i am :( :( *crying emoji*

  • DragonMaster_YT
    DragonMaster_YT 3 days ago


  • Cool gamer plaz 2
    Cool gamer plaz 2 3 days ago

    When I played story mode I cried for the next week and cried all night that day

  • PZCharlie 14
    PZCharlie 14 4 days ago


  • A random person who plays Fortnite

    **does respect emote from fortnite** We have respect for u Peggy. :c

  • Molly Watson
    Molly Watson 5 days ago

    more 3;00am

  • Molly Watson
    Molly Watson 5 days ago +1

    were are the pugs

  • Molly Watson
    Molly Watson 5 days ago

    more happy weels

  • Eve Vlogs
    Eve Vlogs 5 days ago +1

    Hey at 0:10 he already watched it!!!!

  • TheTasty Pug
    TheTasty Pug 5 days ago

    I do it on accident sometimes lol

  • TheTasty Pug
    TheTasty Pug 5 days ago

    Music gets me too dan... I feel you

  • Kacie Burke
    Kacie Burke 5 days ago

    Ah no :( peggyyy

  • EXTRAeb
    EXTRAeb 6 days ago

    Rip peggie

  • super turkey
    super turkey 6 days ago

    my parents say your wierd so i have to watch u in secret

  • Juhancsik Dávid
    Juhancsik Dávid 6 days ago

    you make me laugh

  • Milkshake Wishes
    Milkshake Wishes 6 days ago

    Who ele scrolled through the comments to sde if Turkeyboy55 commented XD


    so sad !!!!!!

  • Mustang Uy
    Mustang Uy 7 days ago

    Help i cried in school cause my dog dies

  • vlogger blobber Persie

    wont my neaf you krasnoyarsk come

  • vlogger blobber Persie

    dan minecarf you now naef

  • Cookies Are my life
    Cookies Are my life 7 days ago

    Did anyone else notice no 9 the no7 in fell off his chair vid

  • Tammy Hearn
    Tammy Hearn 7 days ago

    Am Nana's Gran son

  • Tammy Hearn
    Tammy Hearn 7 days ago


  • Tammy Hearn
    Tammy Hearn 7 days ago

    Fails are so much more funny

  • Collin Christians
    Collin Christians 8 days ago

    Dantdm wont find this comment

  • Prinsesa Cornejo
    Prinsesa Cornejo 8 days ago

    1:20 i know i lost a pig in mincraft and named it peglii and it got lost we did everything together

  • Mr Supercalafragalisticesbealadotas

    Oh I could of just said that in Turkey boys replies

  • Mr Supercalafragalisticesbealadotas

    TURKEY BOY 😸😸😸😸😸😸😸

  • Trevor Bonayao
    Trevor Bonayao 8 days ago


  • Manjulatha B
    Manjulatha B 8 days ago

    Haha so funny

  • Otis Yeoman
    Otis Yeoman 8 days ago

    your videos are hilarious!

  • Aubrey wallace
    Aubrey wallace 8 days ago

    I cried at school and a kid said that I was weak and a noob

  • Z Gamer89
    Z Gamer89 9 days ago

    the worst part is 11:46

  • Noel Shannon
    Noel Shannon 9 days ago

    Listen to you sing Mirror sailboats

  • Yoona Athrinn
    Yoona Athrinn 9 days ago

    So sad pig!😭😭

  • blue _Sourcevirus
    blue _Sourcevirus 9 days ago


  • Alex Woof
    Alex Woof 9 days ago

    bish what if my gender is an attack helicopter

  • Ransom Tube 2
    Ransom Tube 2 9 days ago


  • Laci DeLuca
    Laci DeLuca 9 days ago

    yeah alot of people in my school make fun of me for being a fan of you, it makes me cry sometimes but i love you so much i even got for hankkauh Pj's of you and a mini plush

  • Izaiha Robinson
    Izaiha Robinson 9 days ago

    I’m from the future you have 20 million subscribers on TVclip

  • DerpyLerpyCow Animations


  • mitzie broxson
    mitzie broxson 9 days ago

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii da man him self

  • mitzie broxson
    mitzie broxson 9 days ago

    whos watching this in 2018 leve a comment if you are dont leave one if your not watching this

  • Izzy Babb
    Izzy Babb 10 days ago


  • Untitled Gaming
    Untitled Gaming 10 days ago

    U are such an ispiration to me to make my own channel **I'm crying**

  • Ciaran Hickey
    Ciaran Hickey 10 days ago


  • Arty Crafty Allyxx
    Arty Crafty Allyxx 10 days ago

    Dad your so funny

  • Karla Prasad
    Karla Prasad 10 days ago

    Zorgo defuse 6:23 Zorgo defuse 6:27

  • jason mc cabe
    jason mc cabe 11 days ago

    DanTDM play undertale 2 saw it on think noodels big fan

  • Kaylem Rutherford
    Kaylem Rutherford 11 days ago


  • Jamey Rantucci
    Jamey Rantucci 11 days ago

    In my school everyone makes fun of me for watching you :(
    HAH but I don't care
    *stoopid school*

  • Mya Fewell
    Mya Fewell 11 days ago

    I love you

  • Adam Lauzon
    Adam Lauzon 11 days ago

    Scribe to turkey boy

  • Knuckles
    Knuckles 11 days ago

    I guess fortnite is actually replacing misadventures

  • Lauren Watkins
    Lauren Watkins 11 days ago

    Toy chica 😱

  • Snorlax Slasher 9090
    Snorlax Slasher 9090 11 days ago

    Rip Peggy plus new hello neigbour mode it’s a new act its act 6

    FLAQUITOMANUEL 11 days ago

    Dan this was a life lesson video 😝

  • Chattapat Thimaporn
    Chattapat Thimaporn 12 days ago

    I am not watching the video that your gonna watch in 1:45 cuz that made me cried earlier ago

  • Tyger Tamer
    Tyger Tamer 12 days ago +1

    People judge me to

  • Judi Watkins
    Judi Watkins 13 days ago

    I cried my eyes out😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Niaomi's Life
    Niaomi's Life 13 days ago

    I hate fortnite

  • Meme
    Meme 13 days ago

    but dan your not male or female.. you are emo

  • Ryl Playz
    Ryl Playz 14 days ago

    i remembered when ruben died i cried with dan

  • puppet the derpyiest
    puppet the derpyiest 15 days ago +1

    4:54 but he stole your videos XD

  • Elijah Dockter
    Elijah Dockter 15 days ago


  • Rileigh O’Sullivan
    Rileigh O’Sullivan 15 days ago

    I’m still into UNDERTALE yea....

  • Elijah Dockter
    Elijah Dockter 15 days ago


  • Mama van D
    Mama van D 15 days ago +1

    mor roblox

  • Nurbazlin Abu Bakar
    Nurbazlin Abu Bakar 15 days ago

    du u now ta way

  • Samara Holland
    Samara Holland 17 days ago

    i feel so bad for u 😭

  • RayIndoVlogz
    RayIndoVlogz 17 days ago +1

    TurkeyBoy55 is back

  • GGhaliaXXXI
    GGhaliaXXXI 17 days ago +1


  • Carol Kwiatkowski
    Carol Kwiatkowski 17 days ago

    Me hi

    My friend kicks me in you know where

  • Carol Kwiatkowski
    Carol Kwiatkowski 17 days ago

    Play More Rocket Leage

  • Marietta Lewis
    Marietta Lewis 17 days ago

    ( /)
    _ _

  • Fox3Gamer Girl
    Fox3Gamer Girl 17 days ago

    dantdm i been watching lots of other people play vr chat and its innapropriet for me... its weird...

  • Joshua McGrath
    Joshua McGrath 18 days ago

    *Ali-A intro intensifies*

  • N.J Selassie
    N.J Selassie 18 days ago

    2:46 I'm a newcomer who is Peggy?
    Sorry for your loss, Dan

  • Mardiana Tengah
    Mardiana Tengah 18 days ago

    84K👍 4.1👎 , that you got!!! Lime..........

  • Mardiana Tengah
    Mardiana Tengah 18 days ago

    165K VIEW!!! , that only you got😠💪 , heh😒

  • Mardiana Tengah
    Mardiana Tengah 18 days ago

    AHA! HA! HA! , you only to become youtuber ahahaha , do,n have GANGS , LIME BRO!!!

  • Mardiana Tengah
    Mardiana Tengah 18 days ago

    You know dantdm i'm have MUCSLE after i'm big😠💪

  • Mardiana Tengah
    Mardiana Tengah 18 days ago


  • Mardiana Tengah
    Mardiana Tengah 18 days ago

    My name in TVclipR is J.E.X , after i'm BIG , OK!!! , UNDERSTAND!!!😠💪

  • Mardiana Tengah
    Mardiana Tengah 18 days ago

    After i'm BIG and i'm not a kid NOW😠💪

  • Mardiana Tengah
    Mardiana Tengah 18 days ago

    I'm going fight dantdm vedios and all TVclipR lose to me😠💪

  • Thiago Gittens
    Thiago Gittens 18 days ago

    why did the chicken cross the road. to get away from you cause he thought ugly was contagious. jk its just a joke

  • Riya Rocks
    Riya Rocks 18 days ago

    Fun Fact! men cry from 1-17 times a year

  • Kyle Balmes
    Kyle Balmes 18 days ago +1

    Its ok peggy is dead you have many blessing to your pet

  • Kyle Balmes
    Kyle Balmes 18 days ago +1

    Its ok peggy is dead you have many blessing to your pet

  • DiamondSquidJoe
    DiamondSquidJoe 18 days ago

    Me: they stole yeh vids:

  • Cor Breedt
    Cor Breedt 18 days ago

    i luv u

  • Keisha Mitchell
    Keisha Mitchell 18 days ago +1

    Just love this video