• Published on Jan 13, 2018
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    i found a dantdm crying montage.. so let's watch it..
    oh and i also read more of your comments!!
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Comments • 51 227

  • awildragsappeared
    awildragsappeared Year ago +11699

    DO U KNO DA WAE?! yees danny knose de wae

    • misty trevino
      misty trevino 3 days ago


    • RedStrone 228
      RedStrone 228 15 days ago

      lel boi

    • Noob
      Noob 23 days ago


    • Soccer Extraordinary
      Soccer Extraordinary Month ago

      No no no Danny do nott no da wey

    • Roblox Studio
      Roblox Studio 2 months ago


  • Helen Bada
    Helen Bada Hour ago

    Dan see me

  • Milk Rhoads
    Milk Rhoads Hour ago

    I have a box of tissues

  • Oliva King
    Oliva King Hour ago


  • FanWing Dragon
    FanWing Dragon 4 hours ago

    Rest in Peace, Peggy. Don't worry Dan, I've experienced the same thing.

  • CdHanz钦
    CdHanz钦 14 hours ago

    fortnite sucks...off the rug

  • Brent Dolson
    Brent Dolson 21 hour ago

    Sneaky crying montage

  • Xsoise
    Xsoise Day ago

    I've been watching since near the start of mod showcase and still watching in 2019.

  • Robotic Penguin
    Robotic Penguin Day ago

    Isn’t it your video

  • Game Shark
    Game Shark 2 days ago

    4:38 wasted

  • MinecraftFortniteRoblox Pro

    Minecraft story mode ah ahh ahhh ahhhhh ahhh ahhh ah ah ahhhhh

  • shnake attack
    shnake attack 3 days ago

    I just watched the peggy vid and I cried

  • ava cooper
    ava cooper 3 days ago


  • sushi bunni
    sushi bunni 3 days ago


  • Gavin Warne
    Gavin Warne 3 days ago

    cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • octalstingray42
    octalstingray42 4 days ago

    Your not the only one who gets made fun of because watching Dan oh and Dan I finally got your book!?!?

    DRAGOS H 4 days ago

    0:31 perfect pause

  • Alexis Lau
    Alexis Lau 4 days ago +1

    I cried so hard when Danny fell out of his chair so many times 😫😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    J.k. I loved it when Danny fell out of his chair. 1 like= 1 prayer for Danny

  • Phyneas and Fam
    Phyneas and Fam 4 days ago


  • Luke the random1
    Luke the random1 4 days ago +1


  • Mikko Valencia
    Mikko Valencia 4 days ago

    There are 2 dan tdms

  • noa.studios Yeet
    noa.studios Yeet 5 days ago

    What is up with British guys named Dan and falling off chairs😂

  • ItsNotSarah
    ItsNotSarah 5 days ago

    I get made fun of for watching you 😭💗

  • Light Night
    Light Night 6 days ago

    The intro of the crying montage was the BEST SONG EVVAAAAAAAR🎶😁🎶😁🎶😁🎶😁🎶😁🎶😁🎶😁🎶😁🎶😁🎶😁🎶😁🎶😁🎶😁🎶😁🎶😁🎶😁🎶😁🎶😁🎶😁🎶😁🎶😁🎶😁🎶😁🎶🦄🎶🦄🎶🦄🎶🦄🎶🦄🎶🦄🎶🦄🎶🐷🎶🐷🎶🎶😜🎶😜🎶.

    And i cryed also when the pig died

  • Lorna Mane
    Lorna Mane 6 days ago +1

    One more video to uplode dantdm speak tagalog callenge

  • xxxtentacoin _fan
    xxxtentacoin _fan 6 days ago +4

    dan just to let you know there is a video of clips of you swearing

  • Chloe b
    Chloe b 7 days ago +1

    DanTDM is budge Mike really your brother

  • Maryam Khalaff
    Maryam Khalaff 8 days ago

    who the flip is peggy?????

  • Kassie Wolf
    Kassie Wolf 8 days ago

    Whos peggy

  • Carla Mccallum
    Carla Mccallum 8 days ago +1

    Dan my friend is Allergic to water 💦 so he can not cry so he can Drink it but it can not go on his scum Ye that is real

  • Kiarah Ann
    Kiarah Ann 8 days ago +1

    Dan: “Have I really fallen of my chair 10 times.”
    Me: “No Dan. You’ve fallen many, MANY more times of your chair...”

  • Angels Arts&crafts
    Angels Arts&crafts 8 days ago

    Do u no de wea walk qla qla qla qla qla qla qla qla

  • FORTNITE 123
    FORTNITE 123 9 days ago

    you should do some more read your comments

  • King Lego Dude
    King Lego Dude 9 days ago

    435 the chair defeated dan

  • Kaydence Girl 200
    Kaydence Girl 200 10 days ago +10

    Dan: It's just a pig
    Me: NO! Not just A pig .... MY pig!!
    1Like - 1Cry for Reuben

  • Lucas Jundt
    Lucas Jundt 10 days ago

    I still cry about my 🐕😥😥😥

  • Gabriel Martinez
    Gabriel Martinez 10 days ago +1

    The omighty dan taken down by a chair

  • Premps
    Premps 11 days ago

    :( :)

  • Donna Wilson
    Donna Wilson 11 days ago

    Ali’s is coming to beet ya Dan so bewere😱

  • Liam Howard
    Liam Howard 11 days ago


  • Space Life
    Space Life 11 days ago

    *I cried in front of a pink flamingo*

  • Taylor Brady
    Taylor Brady 11 days ago

    your so funny

    EMILEE CHRISTOPHER 13 days ago


  • TheInkNinja
    TheInkNinja 13 days ago

    Ruebens death would have been more sad if he hadn’t turned into a porkchop

  • bethany morgan
    bethany morgan 14 days ago

    *see that changed pretty quickly didn’t it!?*
    Yes dan but doesn’t everything in life 😂

  • Crystal Master
    Crystal Master 14 days ago


  • boi
    boi 14 days ago


  • Sabina PlayTime
    Sabina PlayTime 14 days ago

    I was watching ur Minecraft story mode series before I clicked this video

  • Sharyn Campbell
    Sharyn Campbell 14 days ago

    Let your fart go

  • Kane Webster
    Kane Webster 14 days ago


  • Riley Garsee
    Riley Garsee 14 days ago

    Thank you so much

  • Eric Porter
    Eric Porter 14 days ago

    I don't know why but when a animal dies in a game i get sad maybe because I want to be a vet when I grow up

  • Chris Tube Take 2 2nd channel

    Wait who is peggy?

  • Uri Gutierrez
    Uri Gutierrez 15 days ago +1


  • PizzaPie IsAwesome
    PizzaPie IsAwesome 15 days ago

    This is how much I love dan

  • Creative Potato girl
    Creative Potato girl 15 days ago

    2:15 "I cried in front of a pink flamingo"

  • Cohen Tiger
    Cohen Tiger 15 days ago

    play duck season

  • iman A
    iman A 16 days ago

    imagine dan playing vr fnaf thooo

  • g0ombaahh Fortnite Username

    Duck Season

  • Theresa Hernandez
    Theresa Hernandez 16 days ago

    Ruben is so sad :(

  • Matthew Wilson
    Matthew Wilson 16 days ago


  • Garryn Ray
    Garryn Ray 16 days ago


  • Air cooled Archie!
    Air cooled Archie! 17 days ago

    07:42 people made fun of me for liking sonic. they still do now.

  • Dark Savage
    Dark Savage 17 days ago

    Hey Dan You'll probably never see this, but because of how funny you are, and how inspirational you are, you have helped me through thoph times. I love you and your videos! I wish I could meet you in person but my family is not poor, but we don't have $$ eaither. I love you!!!!!!

    AADILA A.R 17 days ago

    Tuky boy you are back

  • Xavier Irizarry
    Xavier Irizarry 17 days ago

    RIP Peggy

  • Halle Townsend
    Halle Townsend 17 days ago

    you are awesome and your videos are really really amazing:)

  • Frisk LOL
    Frisk LOL 17 days ago

    I hate Fortnite

  • Art In Stars
    Art In Stars 18 days ago

    Yes my mu mu has Patagonia and she has lit a

  • Setp Grollheat
    Setp Grollheat 18 days ago

    ваши видео потрясающие! Команда TDM хороша для присоединения! Do you understand?

  • Isabella Bengtson
    Isabella Bengtson 18 days ago

    Y'all wanna see our boy cry

  • Oliver Murakozi
    Oliver Murakozi 18 days ago

    Dan watch Pat and Jen they live in Florida and there funny

  • Oliver Murakozi
    Oliver Murakozi 18 days ago

    Play sporty games DAN!!!!!!!!

  • Oliver Murakozi
    Oliver Murakozi 18 days ago

    Dan don't know da way

  • Shannon Hudnall
    Shannon Hudnall 18 days ago

    Your amazing at fortnite dan

  • Boo Lee
    Boo Lee 18 days ago

    Where's Dr trayorus these days

  • Kathryn Margaret
    Kathryn Margaret 18 days ago

    listen up! dan if your reading this then I

  • Bridget Tuft
    Bridget Tuft 19 days ago

    Dan do duck season I saw a different video and LOVED it

  • Reds commentary
    Reds commentary 19 days ago +1

    Dan should play rocket league on a video

  • Wolflee66
    Wolflee66 20 days ago +1

    Hoi Turkey boi

  • Rowan Dobson
    Rowan Dobson 20 days ago +1

    Number 2 is so scerry

  • Super Cat
    Super Cat 20 days ago

    Are you ever going to play recroom again?

  • Dánjal Jacobsen
    Dánjal Jacobsen 21 day ago

    its ok shhh

  • GamingMaster75 X
    GamingMaster75 X 21 day ago

    Turkey boy your wrong fortnite is bad

  • Adrian Owens
    Adrian Owens 21 day ago


  • Joseph Haverly
    Joseph Haverly 22 days ago

    How on earth is this a minecraft video look in the description

  • KittenGamezYT
    KittenGamezYT 22 days ago

    Poor peggy

  • KittenGamezYT
    KittenGamezYT 22 days ago

    Nah u don’t need a hair cut

    BLACK SHADOW 22 days ago

    Do you know da we

  • Emma McHugh
    Emma McHugh 22 days ago

    Love your videos so funny this one was lol

  • bcooper305
    bcooper305 22 days ago

    4:26 I DIED OF LAUGHTER!!!1!

  • Lilly Bennett
    Lilly Bennett 23 days ago

    Don’t worry I cried to when Ruben died😞

  • Diamondshark
    Diamondshark 23 days ago

    My classmates make me not watch you but I ignore them

  • Aimee Malfroy
    Aimee Malfroy 23 days ago

    Dan, do u know the way

  • ALEX Curran
    ALEX Curran 23 days ago

    piggle poo!!!!!!!!!! ####

  • EdwinB Salas
    EdwinB Salas 23 days ago +1


  • EdwinB Salas
    EdwinB Salas 23 days ago +1

    Peggy i pray for you



  • Dinomations Gaming
    Dinomations Gaming 23 days ago


  • Liliana Scharding
    Liliana Scharding 23 days ago

    What you said is true and it has happened to me before a lot.

  • Ryleigh Rivera
    Ryleigh Rivera 23 days ago

    I nose the way 👃 Dan nose da way