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Lauren Daigle - You Say (Lyric Video)

  • Published on Aug 8, 2018
  • The official lyric video for Lauren Daigle's new single "You Say" from her album, Look Up Child, out now!
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    Director: John Gray
    Producers: Lauren Daigle, Joshua Wurzelbacher & Alicia St. Gelais
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  • Kaybreonna Fletcher
    Kaybreonna Fletcher 2 days ago

    I really love this song

  • Karen Shawhan
    Karen Shawhan 3 days ago


  • Ada Chibuife
    Ada Chibuife 3 days ago

    That smile at 3:13 💕

  • abru Nicole Nistaroff

    Sigo luchando voces en mi mente que dicen que no soy suficiente.
    Cada mentira que me dice que nunca voy a estar a la altura
    Soy más que sólo la suma de todos los altibajos?
    Recuérdame una vez más quién soy, porque necesito saberlo
    Ooh oh
    Dices que soy amada cuando no puedo sentir nada
    Dices que soy fuerte cuando pienso que soy débil
    Y dices que soy sostenida cuando te decepciono
    Y cuando no pertenezco, oh, tú dices que soy tuya
    Y yo creo (I)
    Oh yo creo
    Lo que dices de mí (I)
    Lo creo
    Lo único que importa ahora es todo lo que piensas de mí
    En ti encuentro mi valor, en ti encuentro mi identidad
    Ooh oh
    Dices que soy amada cuando no puedo sentir nada
    Dices que soy fuerte cuando pienso que soy débil
    Y dices que soy sostenida cuando te decepciono
    Y cuando no pertenezco, oh, tú dices que soy tuya
    Y yo creo (I)
    Oh, yo creo (I)
    Lo que dices de mí (I)
    Oh, yo creo

    Tomando todo lo que tengo y ahora lo pongo a tus pies
    Tienes todos los fracasos, Dios, tienes toda la victoria
    Ooh oh
    Dices que soy amada cuando no puedo sentir nada
    Dices que soy fuerte cuando pienso que soy débil
    Y dices que soy sostenida cuando te decepciono
    Y cuando no pertenezco, oh, tú dices que soy tuya
    Y yo creo (I)
    Oh, yo creo (I)
    Lo que dices de mí (I)
    Lo creo
    Oh, yo creo (I)
    Sí, creo (I)
    Lo que dices de mí (I)
    Lo creo

  • Mariah West
    Mariah West 4 days ago

    This song is so beautiful I started crying. I have been fighting depression and it’s been really bad over the past week. I’ve been having these really bad thoughts and have been hearing these voices telling me that nobody loves me anymore and that I’m a nobody. Hearing this song reminded me that my God is greater than those voices, that God loves me and that I’m not fighting this battle alone. 😭 God is good 💗🙏🏼

  • Dan Loaiza
    Dan Loaiza 5 days ago

    I broke down and cried when I first heard this beautifully composed song. Brings me such joy now. #ibelievetoonow

  • Gwen stacy
    Gwen stacy 7 days ago

    No se ustedes pero ami esta canción me relaja y me llena de esperanza lo mas importante 🙌💖👍👍✌👌

  • Romana Strasheim
    Romana Strasheim 7 days ago

    You are strong. Yes. Just believe.

  • Tamara Delacruz
    Tamara Delacruz 7 days ago

    I'm going threw so much in life and listening to song and a couple other help me get up out of bed daily thank you God for blessings this beautiful women with such an amazing voice

  • Patrick Johnson
    Patrick Johnson 8 days ago

    I love this song I blast it when it comes on

  • Maimuna Kiras
    Maimuna Kiras 8 days ago

    Your voice is YOU Lauren!!! much love😘😘😘

  • Ngoc-Tri-Joseph Huynh


  • 63 SS 209
    63 SS 209 8 days ago

    Sometimes when we drift from God he reminds us how much we are loved by him . I haven't heard this song in a while , but it just came on the radio and I was reminded... Thank you Heavenly father ❤️🙏🙏🙏

  • Ann Rodgers
    Ann Rodgers 9 days ago

    Thank YOU Lauren! The timing of the release of this song, and of the day I first heard it on the radio, was no coincidence in my life. I needed this. You have done more than you know with this song. God bless you!

    SURA NASH 9 days ago

    Beautiful song from beautiful soul!!! She is very adorable

  • Amber Burkett
    Amber Burkett 9 days ago

    This song has been such an inspiration for my hubby and I we'd love to see her live one day

  • Jenny Andrews
    Jenny Andrews 9 days ago

    Sounds way too much like she is copying Adele's style. The song is actually quite good. The problem I have with it is that it does not sound original. It sounds like a copy of Adele's Somebody Like You when compared to the chord progression. Perhaps Ms. Daigle should explore creating her own style. When I first heard this song this morning I thought it was Adele. I would never want anyone to read a book I have written and think someone else wrote it. I have my own style. Ms. Daigle needs to develop her own style, her own voice, rather that piggy backing off Adele. Sorry if I am offending anyone, but the truth is the truth.

  • rost Rust
    rost Rust 10 days ago

    I hv play back this song lost count now!!..but still play this song from 1st i heard till not a believer but this song make me feel something..dunno how to describe it..😊

  • Shari Sessions
    Shari Sessions 11 days ago

    I believe

  • Dale Jore
    Dale Jore 11 days ago

    I'm fighting voices in my head right now telling me I am worthless and I am better of dead.

  • JR Savage
    JR Savage 11 days ago

    Thank you Laura, every time I listen to this song I CRY!

  • Kerry Bryant
    Kerry Bryant 12 days ago


  • Joe Ro
    Joe Ro 12 days ago


  • Jennifer Whitehead
    Jennifer Whitehead 13 days ago

    She so amazing and God gave her a talent to reach others. I pray she stands strong in her faith.

  • soulofmyheart21
    soulofmyheart21 14 days ago

    Love this song and love her BEAUTIFUL cd! She is Blessed, thank You for sharing

  • Jonny Angels
    Jonny Angels 15 days ago +1

    Perfectly constructed song and singer. Adele would have liked to have had this one.

  • Lyov Ghazaryan
    Lyov Ghazaryan 15 days ago


  • Davi A Cardoso
    Davi A Cardoso 15 days ago

    Jesus Christ is the Lord
    GOD bless Brazil

    JAZZDRUMMERMAN 15 days ago

    Love it thank you God !

  • Ajeng Masela
    Ajeng Masela 15 days ago


  • kheir jc
    kheir jc 15 days ago

    Life is tough. Often, its so hard that i cant even sense His presence. Often i feel like i m all alone and God has abandoned me. Often i feel so lost that i dont know which way to go and when i ask Him, there is voice no respond at all. It is so hard that many times i ask God to call me sooner to end all the misery and hardship. Still believing in Him for miracle and answer in 2019.

  • MsLisa Royce
    MsLisa Royce 17 days ago

    I wish I had heard this song 20 years ago. I would have felt better about myself then. Thank you Jesus for blessing us with a song to keep us encouraged. 🙌🙌🙏🙏

  • teetime1023
    teetime1023 17 days ago

    I don't know a whole lot about Lauren, I saw some sort of gossip asking "is she really Christian"? Lol... somewhere on you tube, personally as far as this song goes, and how are our world is ...been for too long.....religion has and always will be the human divide. However when I listen to "you say" no matter what my beliefs leaves me with a feeling, a sense of hope, I apologize if I don't fit in a category of religion, I'm no less then ones who are devoted to "each their own"... This woman gave me hope and anyone who can take a moment and truly listen to her words...let yourself believe in something if only for a second.....Their something/someone...look at another human being, really take a look into their eyes..we all have a soul, therefore BELIEF & HOPE is instilled in EVERY HUMAN BEING ..... ALL.
    Thank you Lauren!
    "Teetime's wife"

  • Mai Deuchler
    Mai Deuchler 17 days ago

    Thanks you I give going because of you.🌹🌹🙏🙏🙏

  • HopefulSpirit90
    HopefulSpirit90 17 days ago

    I am working at a job that is testing my spirit every single day. I work at an urban school with an awful, awful administration. I am bullied, verbally abused, and taken for granted. My passion is gone, and I spend my days and nights crying. I wanted to leave my students mid-year, but I have too many bills to pay and no other prospects. Sometimes, I believe all those awful things that are said about me at this place, but then I remember God. Would He really want me to think that of myself? 😔 I hear this song on the radio every single morning on my commute, and I burst into tears. I feel like He’s telling me to keep pushing forward until my contract is up in a few months. God is counting all my tears, and I have to have faith that there’s a greater journey out there for me. “You have every failure, God. You’ll have every victory.” ❤️

  • Juls Hudson
    Juls Hudson 18 days ago

    She is amazing ❤️

  • P4L
    P4L 18 days ago +1

    Thank you JESUS I believe 😍💕

  • hazard04
    hazard04 18 days ago

    Thank you for this song. It reminds me of what my brother used to tell me before he completed suicide. Miss you little brother.

  • Darling Nikki
    Darling Nikki 18 days ago

    I loved this the first time I heard it, this morning & dedicated it to my six children. The lyrics describe how they make me feel, perfectly.

  • Yohana Novianti
    Yohana Novianti 19 days ago

    Jesus bless you Lauren !!

  • sweety benoy
    sweety benoy 20 days ago

    Beautiful voice

  • Flower Faith
    Flower Faith 20 days ago +2

    Nice song it really touched my hart

  • Addie Reiswig
    Addie Reiswig 20 days ago

    Thank you Lauren,
    This song is helping me go through self-esteem struggles. This whole song has me crying. God has really shown me love THROUGH this song. I still sometimes struggle thinking I’m worth it. So thank you.

  • Mel Kammermann
    Mel Kammermann 22 days ago

    In Jesus Name, Amen

  • Phyllis Haberkamp
    Phyllis Haberkamp 22 days ago

    Love the song. God bless you Lauren.

  • Juan Sebastian Rubio Lopez

    Beautiful and powerful song. Thank you Lauren Daigle.

  • Lissa Lops
    Lissa Lops 25 days ago

    I just want to buy 10 albums and give them to my loved ones. I love your music!

  • Cynthia Wells
    Cynthia Wells 25 days ago

    Lauren Diagle, thank you for using your God given talent for the good of all man kind. Merry Christmas to you !

  • JASE
    JASE 27 days ago +1

    this is amazing. i have diabetes and your blood sugar goes high and low. the part where it says am i just the sum of every high and every low really hit me ( i know that’s now what it meant by that, but that’s what it means to me) thank you for blessing the world with your music lauren

  • ashley rene
    ashley rene 27 days ago


  • Amanda Chambers
    Amanda Chambers Month ago +3

    When struggling, keep fighting through the pain

  • Calvin Ray
    Calvin Ray Month ago

    Lauren, you have an exceptionally unique, strong and an outright beautiful voice! I was very blessed by this song!! I fully intend to look for more of your music!! May God always bless you Lauren!!

  • Maria Maison
    Maria Maison Month ago

    Wow I love this song! Lauren Daigle sounds so much like Adele! They both have beautiful voices!

  • Guensky Rodrins Vilbrun

    Every time I'm driving, this song is in my mind. I don't know why

  • Kim Thu
    Kim Thu Month ago

    Absolutely, thank you so much for this beautiful song and video! It’s so pure and elegant. God bless you as you conquer more obstacles in your path and make your crooked path straight.

  • sislt777
    sislt777 Month ago

    Lauren's music is anointed and she has a wonderful voice and God is especially using the song You Say to minister to hurting hearts! Lauren stand up for Jesus, confess His name and Lordship to the world instead of being ashamed of Jesus or you will only get to be a stepping stone for others. Your not sure if homosexuality is a sin but the Bible is pretty clear about it. Remember to be friends with the world is to be God's enemy and that's very scary! Hope you repent because time is running out and eternity is running in. I have a feeling you did not write those songs. Hope you consider what your trading for the world's friendship!

    JJESSEE Month ago

    Keep singing about the Love of God!. Jesus said, "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her." John.8.

  • Dustin Whitten
    Dustin Whitten Month ago

    She is also a very popular Christian that gave a green light to sodomy... So that's pretty cool. The biggest, brightest hope for Christians in a long time, buckled and traded faith for fame. You're on your way to the top!

  • Tony Iozzia
    Tony Iozzia Month ago

    Such an angelic voice and great song! Finally an artist with natural talent.

  • MrBartropp
    MrBartropp Month ago

    I can’t really explain what this song has done but what a voice she has, never even heard of her till this song was played on smooth extra while i was laying bricks and i loved it immediately. Had to Shazam it to find out who sung it and now constantly play it on you tube. Absolutely fantastic

  • Claire Usilton
    Claire Usilton Month ago

    This came at such a perfect moment for me. Thank you! All glory and honor is Yours, God. In Christ Jesus’s Name, Amen!

  • Claire Usilton
    Claire Usilton Month ago

    How simple. How wonderful! Amazing! 😊

  • Mike D
    Mike D Month ago

    I believe

  • Sufi O
    Sufi O Month ago

    I am not a Christian at least not traditionally - I am what you would call a new ager but I love Yeshua and this song is gold to my heart and soul - Thank you so much from all that am. I listen all the time and it makes me cry.

  • Lullaby Lc
    Lullaby Lc Month ago

  • Addison Burnette
    Addison Burnette Month ago

    I've tried singing this but every time I burst into tears because it's so meaningful to me 😭😢😭

  • Mary Henry
    Mary Henry Month ago

    PRAISE OUR LORD ABOVE ‼️‼️‼️I’m fighting demons & keep listening to this song for strength

  • The Flow State
    The Flow State Month ago +1

    🔥BEWARE ! Long ramble. Not skimmed for Grammar/Spelling🔥
    She's legit. Just because she blew up & became mainstream doesn't mean we have to think that she's deserted her core values.
    2yrs and 9 months ago I was given the first sign in my life. I chose to walk a path that I knew would be full of challenges.
    I LOVE that the Lord has made this the hardest 2 and a half yrs of my life. HE'S TESTING MY WILL !! He believes in me.
    As for Miss Lauren Daigle It doesn't matter to me that she has mainstream melodies, sounds like Adele ( how about ADELE sounds like Daigle?) I honestly don't care that she went on satantic worshipping Ellen Degenerate. It's bigger than Lauren.
    Her attaining mainstream status means that she has the ability to help ppl who wouldn't go near Christan music . Once she brings them closer to God (by means of a good beat doesn't matter to me. Her job is complete once this is done The rest is up to the person. . For me personally I didn't hear God because I stumbled upon a hot christian song on Spotify . But for a lost soul listening to Nikki Minaj all day it's a start
    CONGRATULATIONS ON ALL YOUR SUCCESS LAUREN !! I pray you continue to keep yourself humble as you explain in this beautiful song. . You have given us no reason to think that ANYTHING that some have claimed about you is true. .
    As for this community it is drenched with pure non judgemental love. You can feel it thru THE SCREEN !! For me it's just another sign that continues to move me forward. You took me out of hell father. Thank you for making this so difficult. I had LOTS to repay. Thank you Jesus for showing me signs (literally) when at my lowest . Signalling that I'm going in the right direction and that life is about to change in an amazing way. I may need guidance to complete the end of my walk. For now I'm so blessed to be loved and to finally be able to once again RETURN love ten fold. God Bless you all and Merry Christmas

  • Sheila Brown
    Sheila Brown Month ago

    Fantastic xx

  • Love The Good News
    Love The Good News Month ago

    Share this blessing with others and spread the Light

  • kayleigh Jackman
    kayleigh Jackman Month ago

    Lovely shop xx

  • Grace Balogun
    Grace Balogun Month ago

    I love this song so much. I had to make a cover of this. Do check it out.

  • shara joy parayno
    shara joy parayno Month ago

    Great song

  • Kelly Nguyen
    Kelly Nguyen Month ago +2

    This song is helping me thru my bipolar depression. Thank You Laura Diagle for this uplifting song


    Thanks God great video !

  • Betty Chukwumezie
    Betty Chukwumezie Month ago

    Oh goodness if we didn't have our Lord

  • Francois Noel
    Francois Noel Month ago

    J'ai ouvert mon coeur et il est entre comme jamais j'aurais crut Merci des mes crie et il a entandut Merci pour lauren,et sa creation

  • Yvonne Oakes
    Yvonne Oakes Month ago


  • Rachel Rabanales
    Rachel Rabanales Month ago


  • April Byars
    April Byars Month ago

    ON you have any questions about it

  • Mike Kollin
    Mike Kollin Month ago +1

    Such an Amazing song.
    Love Communication Understanding: ❤️

  • superstar alora
    superstar alora Month ago

    You look 👀 weird

  • sierra LaPointe
    sierra LaPointe Month ago

    Beautiful ❤️

  • jackie cleveland
    jackie cleveland Month ago

    Absolutely LOVE this song and how she sings it! AMEN, NAMASTE & BRAVO!

  • Scot Peters
    Scot Peters Month ago

    I keep coming back to this song. I'm so broken, Lost and I feel so guilty for the way I live my life. Satan has me right where he wants me.

  • kostas gelos
    kostas gelos Month ago

    THATS!!! a fucking

  • Midnight The Kitten

    Has anyone else noticed how similar this is to Someone Like You by Adele? She even has a similar singing style to Adele... copying is horrible, especially since this ended up being on the radio...

  • Rick Rascon
    Rick Rascon Month ago

    I hope she never sells out.
    keep it real for god never let money take over.

  • Rick Rascon
    Rick Rascon Month ago

    Alpha and Omega

  • Emme Garcia
    Emme Garcia Month ago

    This song really speaks to me. It just shows me that God loves me and made me in HIS image and that he has a perfect plan for me. Thank you for the inspirational and beautiful song Lauren!

  • Alison Kinney
    Alison Kinney Month ago

    I found out today at school that I made the talent show for my high school. I'm so excited I can't wait

  • Alicia Ramsdell
    Alicia Ramsdell Month ago


  • donald hamilton
    donald hamilton Month ago +1

    Does anyone else find tear drops on their phone ?

  • Erzsebet Bari
    Erzsebet Bari Month ago

    I love it !💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  • puppyloverraindow11 Roblox

    Fav song

  • Kelsi Kay
    Kelsi Kay Month ago

    You sound like so much like adele

  • Solveig Øynes
    Solveig Øynes Month ago

    My tears are falling, love this song

  • Patrick Marvin
    Patrick Marvin Month ago

    i love her voice

  • Marie s
    Marie s Month ago

    We need an aucoustic of this.

  • Dani T
    Dani T Month ago

    Bella canción 💓