Melting 100 Lipsticks from Amazon

  • Published on Jan 5, 2019
  • Today we're grabbing 100 lipsticks and exploring the properties within.
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Comments • 3 639

  • fiabeans
    fiabeans 14 hours ago +1

    an accurate depiction of safiya's part in youtube rewind

  • Kiara Ahmed sobah
    Kiara Ahmed sobah 23 hours ago

    Make sculptures with proto putty

  • Bridget Henkel
    Bridget Henkel 2 days ago

    What happens when you mix 10 lb of kinetic sand with 10lb of melted lipstick and put it in the vacuum camber

  • Olivia Evans
    Olivia Evans 3 days ago

    safiya nygaard has done this before copiers

  • Siddharth Parmar
    Siddharth Parmar 4 days ago

    Can you make lipstick slime

  • Tristan N
    Tristan N 4 days ago +1

    You choose to wear white shirts*

  • Tristan N
    Tristan N 4 days ago +1

    Mix it 5:00

  • bribri jones
    bribri jones 6 days ago

    U guys are copying safiya nygaard

  • Rachel Hubley
    Rachel Hubley 9 days ago +1

    Lipstick: Melted
    Safiya's weave: Snatched
    Hotel: Trivago

  • Suchandra Paul
    Suchandra Paul 9 days ago

    How about trying to heat up 100 bars of soap

  • Lunsla
    Lunsla 12 days ago

    Hydrodipping? ?? You mean watermarble?

  • sawera amjad
    sawera amjad 13 days ago

    7:22 i saw a triangle with lins in the left corner

  • sawera amjad
    sawera amjad 13 days ago

    4:41 i saw the king of random logo for a slip second

  • ariannamc_0618
    ariannamc_0618 13 days ago

    theyre coming for saf omgg

  • BaileyPlays &More
    BaileyPlays &More 14 days ago +1

    It does melt I've done this before with lip balm :/

  • Wolf Girl crafts, DIYs, makeup, nails, and more

    Safia nyagra did this already

  • TealFlight
    TealFlight 14 days ago

    Is it really an experiment if everyone already knows exactly what will happen

    EDGAR RIOS RAMIREZ 17 days ago


    EDGAR RIOS RAMIREZ 17 days ago


    СУКА БЛЯТЬ 19 days ago

    I love barbecue chips

    DEATHFIFR 20 days ago

    Everyone needs to just shut the f up you all act like this is the first time I've seen someone make an identical TVclip video before

  • YeetOrBeYoten :p
    YeetOrBeYoten :p 22 days ago

    The black lipstick in the upper right of the pot is me.

  • airexe
    airexe 22 days ago

    Safiya Nygaard who?

  • Clubbedspoon 129
    Clubbedspoon 129 22 days ago

    I love her she’s so adorable omg ❤️❤️

  • gacha is loif
    gacha is loif 23 days ago

    could you guys let them be

  • Garfield Green
    Garfield Green 23 days ago +1

    i am your biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MyNameIz Squid
    MyNameIz Squid 24 days ago

    what happens to orbeez in liquid nitrogen and in a vaccum chamber

  • zUltra
    zUltra 24 days ago

    TVclip rewind science all over again.

  • Hannah D'Amato
    Hannah D'Amato 24 days ago

    I think Nate is a Safiya Nygaard fan...

  • Zoe Jay
    Zoe Jay 25 days ago +1

    It’s like roasting a marshmallow🤔

  • Kevin Xie
    Kevin Xie 26 days ago

    Nate probably got the idea from yt rewind 2018 where the melted lipstick

  • megan bradley
    megan bradley 27 days ago +1

    Naid is now a beauty guru

  • Cody Thomas
    Cody Thomas 28 days ago

    Cali looks pretty with lipstick on

  • Love Birds
    Love Birds 29 days ago

    Are you together

  • MyOwn Meadow
    MyOwn Meadow 29 days ago

    10 things to do after melting lipstick:
    1-molten lipstick for hydro dipping?
    2-lipstick candles
    3-lipstick sculptures

    4-10: lipstick painting (molten or not)

  • MyOwn Meadow
    MyOwn Meadow 29 days ago


    Random, but this is the king of random.

  • sawera amjad
    sawera amjad 29 days ago

    4:34 i saw the king of random logo saw it for a slip second

  • Richard Smout
    Richard Smout Month ago

    Her false enthusiasm annoys me

  • Richard Smout
    Richard Smout Month ago

    Today...let's melt something....again

  • Cami Catron
    Cami Catron Month ago +2

    Don't listen to anyone who says your vids are bad, they are AMAZINGLY cool! Keep on making more! 😃

  • Victor Castro
    Victor Castro Month ago

    Put plaster in a ballonn a few times and do experiment s on it

  • Joel Nkrumah
    Joel Nkrumah Month ago

    4:49. Do you see the sheep in the military helmet?

  • Juliane Gonzalez
    Juliane Gonzalez Month ago

    What are those random letters coming from the side

  • weirdo 07
    weirdo 07 Month ago +1

    after making those nice shapes they cut them in half and break them

  • Gordon Hodnett
    Gordon Hodnett Month ago

    can you make a candy diamond play button

  • LostBoi
    LostBoi Month ago

    This is science somehow... Rewind...

  • Mmkay C:
    Mmkay C: Month ago

    9:04 am i the only one that wanted to ask them where they got that blade because you want it to self harm with?

  • Mie's Stuff
    Mie's Stuff Month ago

    Who else just thought of sofiya nygard when they did this

  • Ruby Kelley
    Ruby Kelley Month ago

    Do something with the plastic parts if you haven’t already thrown them away lol

  • Kip Erin
    Kip Erin Month ago

    I see why nate

  • Cutie Corn
    Cutie Corn Month ago

    8:40 R2D2 is wearing a headband

  • tehpanda64100
    tehpanda64100 Month ago

    why didn't you make a candle from it!

  • Daniel Bethea
    Daniel Bethea Month ago

    Make a crayon and lipstick candle

  • Kostanj42
    Kostanj42 Month ago


  • Lucas Sylvester Andreasen ASF1E

    rip lipstick r2d2

  • Unicorn Poop
    Unicorn Poop Month ago

    What happens when you melt 100 oil pastels

  • Gabriel Phillips
    Gabriel Phillips Month ago

    Let's take a look at the video. there's a P, then a Y, then a 9, then the logo, then an A, then at 7:20 there is something I've never seen before, it looks like the logo reimagined, then an E. please let me know if I missed anything.

  • Teagan Rose
    Teagan Rose Month ago

    you didn’t come up with this idea

  • Maria Medellin
    Maria Medellin Month ago

    "I've seen this done before" but didn't give credit to Safiya. Smh.

  • Augusta Yeager
    Augusta Yeager Month ago

    see if you can take the colored parts of colored pencils and melt it or do something else with them?

  • Galactic Goat
    Galactic Goat Month ago

    Where did you get all of that lipstick?

  • Taha Aarsiwala
    Taha Aarsiwala Month ago

    Try keeping that in vaccum chamber

  • Mary Laska
    Mary Laska Month ago

    Can you make a cardboard rope

  • Kim Weatherford
    Kim Weatherford Month ago +2

    I wana do that so much👌😱💖

  • dogs 4life
    dogs 4life Month ago

    You guys copyed safiya nygaard and even did not say that you took her idea

  • Shantanu Karn
    Shantanu Karn Month ago

    That wasn’t Nate’s idea he saw it on TVclip rewind 2018

  • MattyWolfBoi019
    MattyWolfBoi019 Month ago

    Safiya Nygaard did it better.

  • Khanhvan Vo
    Khanhvan Vo Month ago

    I feel so bad for those lipsticks, they should let me have them instead :

  • TheDumbStuff
    TheDumbStuff Month ago

    Can u melt 100 gum and make stuff with it?

  • TheDumbStuff
    TheDumbStuff Month ago

    I wounder what u will melt next and how much it will cost

  • Virtual Vidz
    Virtual Vidz Month ago

    Nate looked like a feminist proyester

  • call me jewel
    call me jewel Month ago

    Question: how much did you spend to buy those?😆

  • Kai M
    Kai M Month ago

    Bad Makeup Science

  • Zooleyy TTV
    Zooleyy TTV Month ago +2

    Safiya Nygaard has left the chat

  • Vuduy giang
    Vuduy giang Month ago


    *King AND Queen of random*

  • Aiza Kazmi
    Aiza Kazmi Month ago

    Are they a thing cuse if the aren't there sooo cute together

  • Crystal Miller
    Crystal Miller Month ago

    Why dont they ever use bowls and water in the pan? Plus safiya has done this too

  • Meow
    Meow Month ago +1

    "this was Nate's idea" don't lie, hun, it was Safiya Nygaard's

    • Z-Rex
      Z-Rex Month ago

      She doesn't own the idea of melting lipstick bucko

  • Maria Rose
    Maria Rose Month ago

    *LIPSTICK EVERYWHERE* ...this is a girl's worst nightmare😰

  • JohnDoesRevengePlanZ
    JohnDoesRevengePlanZ Month ago +1

    nice way to make a 10 min video

    ERIN CARR Month ago

    Safiya Nygaard did this

  • JohnDoesRevengePlanZ
    JohnDoesRevengePlanZ Month ago +1

    they already did this on TVclip rewind 2018

  • Kremit _Frog
    Kremit _Frog Month ago

    Its rewind time

  • vids roberts
    vids roberts Month ago

    Um who is that lady

  • Karen Reta
    Karen Reta Month ago

    Umm, no.
    It was Saf's idea.
    Months ago.
    Do your research, and credit the right creators.

  • mrvns fineist pilot

    What is your budget

  • Ryan The Epic Guy
    Ryan The Epic Guy Month ago

    Now where did I see this before?

  • Kokobonk Bonker
    Kokobonk Bonker Month ago

    If you melt the lipstick can you use it in a chocolate fondue fountain?

  • Nerds Rule
    Nerds Rule Month ago +3

    Safyia Nagard. I spelled that wrong lol I should know I'm a long time subscriber.

  • Elizaloves Candy
    Elizaloves Candy Month ago

    Melt a 1000 lipsticks!

  • SimplyStimulating
    SimplyStimulating Month ago

    These videos are so entertaining

  • Liza Piashko
    Liza Piashko Month ago +1

    i have the same stove as you

  • Jaycee Peloquin
    Jaycee Peloquin Month ago

    Safiya did this first ✌

  • Sophia Pardo
    Sophia Pardo Month ago

    why does the crown keep showing up with letters and numbers?

  • bff vlogs
    bff vlogs Month ago

    You should make a candy shape lipstips

  • Fabiana Vitale
    Fabiana Vitale Month ago

    They didnt credit her... Wow ;-;

  • Lydi@
    Lydi@ Month ago

    Safiya Nygaard ripoff

  • Coconut Army
    Coconut Army Month ago

    Who else is sort of pissed because safia nygaard already did this?

  • Avery Fera
    Avery Fera Month ago

    you arent the first people in the world for everything. everything about this girl gets on my nerves like do yall really know nothing about lipstick do some research it hought they were supposed to be smart

  • violet k
    violet k Month ago

    Take a shot every time he said soft in the first minute