Leveled Up Women Love Themselves More Than Most

  • Published on Jul 22, 2019
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  • Zola Hill
    Zola Hill 9 days ago

    “Brown skin girl by Beyonce get your power back” 😆 I love it

  • Laura Toribio
    Laura Toribio 14 days ago

    Girl, I wish I had been exposed to your coaching a long time ago. Your advice is detrimental to the well being of what woman need yesterday, today and in the future.
    God Bless you. Yes, Self Love!
    Girl, you need to come out with self Love Make up,

  • Vanessa Epps
    Vanessa Epps 16 days ago

    Favorite channel ever ❤️👸🏾

  • Cloud Ninee
    Cloud Ninee 17 days ago

    Shera what if it’s a personality/convo thing, like not everybody got chemistry with everybody , there gonna wanna be with someone who that flows better with 🤔

  • Marta Manno
    Marta Manno 18 days ago

    yes !! 👏
    the personal chef, 💰
    the cleaner, 💰
    the maid !! 💰
    thank you Shera ! 💎💎💎

  • Mildred L
    Mildred L 19 days ago

    Wow great for 40

  • Lukhwinder Lally
    Lukhwinder Lally 22 days ago +1

    "I am the guest of honour". Loving it!

  • Positivexpert
    Positivexpert 22 days ago +1

    The dusty wanted me back when he couldn't pay his S class and his wife was pregnant and was fired and I leveled up with a multi millionaire. I told him get out and stay out of my life.

  • Brandi M. C. Gacheru
    Brandi M. C. Gacheru 25 days ago

    Good morning SheRaSeven1, speaking of leveling up. I've recently met a sugar daddy. We've only been talking for a week now. He's very much interested in me, however, I've never had a sugar daddy before. I was wondering if you could give me some direction on what moves to make, if any. Thank you :-)

  • Love & Light
    Love & Light 27 days ago

    When a male is over horny he is a Dusty

  • M E
    M E 29 days ago +3

    Progress not perfection; let them watch your earlier videos and be inspired to just start, to just do it

  • Jennifer Kates
    Jennifer Kates Month ago +1

    Girl you 40? Damn girl you really take care of your self.you make not scared to age.

  • Traveling Soul
    Traveling Soul Month ago +1

    Oh no she did NOT whip out the "Dust Cutter" ....😂😂😂😂😂
    I'm am fully flat lined

  • LovelyMayhem
    LovelyMayhem Month ago


  • MagieNoir 💖💖
    MagieNoir 💖💖 Month ago +3

    "I was supposed to hit the wall at 30 but it just never happened." 😂😂😂

  • Her opinion
    Her opinion Month ago +4

    You look good. Send you love from Johannesburg 😘😘😘. Thank you for teaching women to love themselves.

  • Tiffany Payne
    Tiffany Payne Month ago

    girl you are so funny a gremlin..could it be Greta the gremlin...Lol}{:

  • Rian Hardy - WPG-C
    Rian Hardy - WPG-C Month ago

    I love you! Hire a maid and burn all the food! Got it!

  • Cherish Love
    Cherish Love Month ago

    Gotta love them haters

  • Shantez Tolbut
    Shantez Tolbut Month ago +1

    This video here literally just changed my life. The lion king breakdown was amazing. I’m just... amazed right now... this is amazing. I love you Shera!

  • Melisa Erlanson
    Melisa Erlanson Month ago +2

    You are so beautiful! I've really been working on myself thanks to you and your videos.Ive always been an emotional type and always got hurt and never loved myself.Now I'm loving myself and putting everything i put into a man back into me.Much love from Waco Tx!!!

  • audreytrvs
    audreytrvs Month ago

    Hello ladies!! Where is the best place to purchase wings online?

  • Pepette Hawtin
    Pepette Hawtin Month ago +2

    You are getting more and more beautiful

  • Coaching Your Dreams, Inc.

    Gurl, start a channel called NO MAS DUSTY’S OR DUSTY-X 🤣 I am loving 🥰 this, talk about them Dustys gurl because the women will feel awful when they try to hang with the Dust!!

  • Coaching Your Dreams, Inc.

    U Gooooo Queeeeennnn!!! Lovin ALL!! 👑

  • Tiffany Walker
    Tiffany Walker Month ago +10

    I love the way she say Dusty’s it’s so aggressive. I feel all the contempt. Lol

  • sheila gibson
    sheila gibson Month ago +1

    Thank you I'm working on myself more and more and I found your Channel it's such a blessing I have dropped Dusty's and leveled up on myself number one my self-esteem

  • starr carter
    starr carter Month ago +1

    How do I dress classy without looking like a church girl.

  • Bri 78
    Bri 78 Month ago +3

    I recently ghosted a dusty. He's been trying to hit it for years but I never let him. He was really starting to piss me off because everytime we'd try to have a normal convo he say something about coming to my place. NOPE just done, he's never did anything impressive enough for me to take that step. He invited me to go to a wedding with him this past week and I didn't bother even texting him. I just walked, I can do better

  • Brenda Niño
    Brenda Niño Month ago +15

    It doesn’t matter what color you are. It matters how u feel about the color u are.” Thank u so much for this gold. I had to stop what I was doing haha to replay it. I am taking ownership of my brown skin instead of falling for my past illusions and things that I believed from others mouths in the past. My color is elegant!

  • Makeup by Merlissa
    Makeup by Merlissa Month ago +4

    Omg lol yes the dusty prevention community centre and hotline!!

  • Abk Knight
    Abk Knight Month ago +2

    You're the truth

  • TruthFan
    TruthFan Month ago +1

    I recently discovered you, great channel.
    Thank you for thinking of us and sharing your wisdom.

  • StRaWbeRrYsasha
    StRaWbeRrYsasha Month ago +4

    I OFFICIALLY LOVE YOU SHERA! for what you said at @ 35:23
    "Letting an old man slob bust on you and you still gotta get up and go to work"

  • Lola Patton
    Lola Patton Month ago +15

    I love myself so much... I married myself..... may sound crazy, but 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
    I bought myself my ring
    I wake up every day asking God how I can love myself today...
    Meditation, prayer, working out, working on myself....
    In the pursuit of self actualisation

    • Positivexpert
      Positivexpert 9 days ago

      Charlotte did it in Sex n the City!! She married herself. I bought I nice Saks Dress, shoes, foot creme and a floral perfume. Ladies please stay away from heavy perfume because it comes across manly. Floral even in the fall it is feminine!!

    • Lynn Morris
      Lynn Morris Month ago +3

      Lola Patton I love it! Good for you hun! Working on myself as well!😊💕

  • Marquette
    Marquette Month ago

    Hey Shera, love your videos, you should create "dusty gifs" for social media. Or maybe a dusty emoji lol. I tried to find some and couldn't

  • peekaboots01
    peekaboots01 Month ago +2

    Jay Z is not ugly. He has pretty eyes.

  • Veronica Foreman
    Veronica Foreman Month ago

    People can see my glow up n I've got so many ugly woman inside n out hating...and I LOVE IT!!WATCH ME WALK AWAY LIKE A GODDESS..WATCH ME!!

  • Veronica Foreman
    Veronica Foreman Month ago

    I love this video!!!your hilarious and smart.😘

  • C. Wood
    C. Wood Month ago +2

    I was DEAD at the lion king breakdown 😂😂🤣

  • Amanda Fae
    Amanda Fae Month ago +4

    Accomplished men don't even have time for social media, let alone TVclip, unless it's for their business. I don't have time for social media anymore, either. I only use it for intentional networking and promoting my businesses.

  • Heart of Gold
    Heart of Gold Month ago +1

    If a maid took your man, you need to level up and have maids clean when your man is at work. If you get a live in they should be a granny or gay guy/no competition.

  • FayFayDeeCaramelLadyBugLaugh

    Oh, so the few haters Beyonce has is a problem Mariah Carey has more haters than Beyonce and Janet Jackson, Beyonce just wants everybody to like her and I don't see that shit as normal because realistically everybody cannot like you stop living in a very tale lady everybody doesn't need to like you if your Beyonce she's a goddamn human like the rest of us


    Yesss i love it...this is so true about us

  • Ciarra Me'Shell
    Ciarra Me'Shell Month ago

    "What's yo theme song"

  • Maria M
    Maria M Month ago +4

    Take a dusty field trip to see Lion King😂😂😂

  • Janet Munyirich
    Janet Munyirich Month ago +36

    I went to the beach the other day and suuuure could've used some icecream BUT the only ice cream shop in proximity was literally called 'captain Dusty's' lmfaooo !!! I was likeee what the! Lemme tell you, I walked right past it!!!!😅😂😂😂😂 can't be sending out mixed messages to the universe 😆

    • Hanscuit
      Hanscuit 11 days ago


    • Nekita Goddess
      Nekita Goddess 28 days ago


    • Syteria
      Syteria Month ago

      Sugar Right! Just say no thank you!

    • Syteria
      Syteria Month ago

      Yessssss! Bad energy... lol

    • Sugar
      Sugar Month ago +4

      thanks for this reminder. I need to stop giving my number to Dustys even if I know its just to ignore when they reach out.

  • john miller
    john miller Month ago +5

    You crack me and my wife up just being blunt and down to Earth ! You ARE special!

  • dana bartee
    dana bartee Month ago

    You are a nice lady❤❤

  • dana bartee
    dana bartee Month ago

    Thank you for all of the advice❤❤

  • Cammie0127 Cammie0127
    Cammie0127 Cammie0127 Month ago +1

    Way to go SheRa always on point

  • Deja Pointer
    Deja Pointer Month ago

    I already have a generous boyfriend and sd but youre helping me step my self up. Something i was literally blind too. Just never a thought

  • Apolonia 138
    Apolonia 138 Month ago +13

    While watching this, my package from Sephora came: more LaMer baby💜💜💜We must have a beautiful canvas in order to properly apply makeup🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Amanda Cintron
    Amanda Cintron Month ago +2

    Wow Shera, you look 30yrs old💖😍😘✨

  • Angela Davis
    Angela Davis Month ago +2

    I've been following this girl on social media for a while. She went from seriously dating a mid six-figure man to being married to another a MILLIONAIRE man. AND SHE IS DARK-SKIN with 2 kids. Moral of the story ladies....YES! Colorism is an issue in our community. BUT BABY if you are leveled ALL THE WAY UP and have a sweet personality, YOU WILL LAND THE MAN OF YOUR DREAMS. This girl I follow is dark-skin and incredibly beautiful. She is dressed to PERFECTION in EVERY PHOTO!!

  • Shahana Style
    Shahana Style Month ago +5

    I don't even notice the colour difference in your daughters. People are reaching. Anyway, I'm so sick of women who look like me using complexion as an excuse for their failures.

  • vevo maxx
    vevo maxx Month ago +11

    Clothes hair make up massages colonics gym membership pedicure manicure facial

    • Tired Siren
      Tired Siren Month ago

      @Les Lavy it's ok, I thought you were sugaring and maybe had connects. 😉😌

    • Les Lavy
      Les Lavy Month ago +1

      Tired Siren lmao 😂 sorry 😐 I can only afford for me.

    • Tired Siren
      Tired Siren Month ago

      @Les Lavy help a sis out. 💋💗

    • Les Lavy
      Les Lavy Month ago +1

      vevo maxx I am getting all those and I am 23. Shit is amazing 😉

  • SayconTalks
    SayconTalks Month ago +2

    1:36:28 Girl that Lion King trip is right! the feminine energy of the Lionesses was so real! and Mufasa was serious! Scar was trying to wreck shop LOL 😂😆😂 Nala bounced when Simba was acting dusty!! lol 🙌🙌🙌 That feminine energy reminded him of his greatness!

  • Hannah's World
    Hannah's World Month ago +1

    Nothing to bring to some dusty table 🤣🤣🤣

  • Rosalina
    Rosalina Month ago +7

    Woww shera you always speak right through my soul.💕. I watched your video yesterday but couldn't watch it till the end finish.. Then today at work i was telling my co workers how i think about 50/50 and a man taking care of me and was called all kinds of names..
    So today after work i continued this video and you were just saying the things i encountered at work.. the name calling delusional, unrealistic but as stubborn as i am😅, i stood on my beliefs and told them, " am not his mama, neither his roommate to be doing 50/50 ..to be a bob the builder chick for him to use me till he gets to the top and finds another young girl to spend money on, yall should do you and i am gonna do me best of the best..simple😊😴.. "
    But their negative words do motivate me to get the lifestyle i deserve & also prove them wrong, like you said before..life is like a movie and we are the superstar💁🏽‍♀️💖