10 OLDEST Technologies That Scientists Can't Explain

  • Published on Jun 10, 2018
  • 10 Ancient Inventions that Science Can not Explain
    + Greek Fire
    he Greek fire used by the Byzantine Empire in the 7th century is one of the biggest secrets in science.
    + Damascus Steel
    Sword was constructed with Damascus steel. The strength, flexibility and wave-like patterns made them completely unique. It is a fact that they could cut a silk veil in the air, and they could slice a rock without damaging the blade's sharpness.
    + The Voynich Manuscript
    Wilfrid Voynich, a Lithuanian antiquarian of Polish origin got a manuscript by an anonymous author. The content of this manuscript is still unknown. botany, biology, and astrology.
    + The Antikythera Mechanism
    It is is actually a 2000 years old analog computer. The Antikythera mechanism was recovered from the bottom of the sea in 1901, near Antikythera island, Greece.
    + Zhang Hang Seismograph
    Zhang-Hang, a Chinese scientist, and an astronomer from the East Han Dynasty presented this seismoscope in the year 132AD. It is a copper vessel with dragon heads aiming at the cardinal points.
    + Ulfberht Sword
    Many tombs from the Viking age have been discovered all over the north of Europe. Archaeologists have found inside the tombs a total of 171 Ulfberht swords. These swords were made with techniques that were very advanced for that age. They got their name from the inscription +ULFBERHT+ on their blades.
    + The Iron Pillar of Delhi
    This iron pillar, weighing six tonnes and 7.21 meters high, which has not rusted during more than 1600 years, it is still an engineering mystery, located in Delhi, India.
    + The Phaistos Disc
    Luigi Pernier, an Italian archaeologist, discovered the Phaistos disc on the Greek island of Crete in 1908. This disc, also known as the Rosetta stone of the Minoan civilization, and made from baked clay.
    + Roman Dodecahedron
    One of those mysteries is the Roman dodecahedron. It dates back to 200 years AD. It is a hollow object with 12 sides, made-up of brass or stone.
    + Giant Stone Spheres
    More than 500 pre-Columbian stone spheres were discovered in the Sierpe district, in the south of Costa Rica in 1939. The size of the stones ranges from 30 to 257, and they weigh between two kilos and 16 tonnes.
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  • TTI
    TTI  Year ago +22


    • Rubicon3 AtoZ
      Rubicon3 AtoZ 2 months ago

      For God's sake, get a narrator who can pronounce all words, names CORRECTLY!

    • matskatsaba
      matskatsaba 3 months ago

      Not to mention that the manuscript has been deciphered for well over a year by now (in other words, well before the upload of this vid).
      Well, basically the whole video is bs but probably there are enough ignorant/deeply uneducated people who don't know about this yet, while also being unable to do a google/duckduck search.

    • Just Yoss
      Just Yoss 3 months ago

      top 10 doesnt know how to research..

    • vedran ohm
      vedran ohm 3 months ago

      At least spell Voynich properly, considering how many videos on YT have covered it by now you'd think a wannnabe would learn by now how it's spelled before doing a 100'th video on the same matter.

    • jesus rodriguez
      jesus rodriguez 4 months ago

      @Matt*ma* Ghandi adrr

  • cherish4263
    cherish4263 18 days ago

    Roman Dodecahedrons are looms to make woolen gloves. The yarn is woven around the raised nodules in a specific pattern to create the fingers of the glove.

  • Michael Sharp
    Michael Sharp 23 days ago

    The size of the spheres ranged from 30 - to 257 ......... what???

  • Grant Jarvis
    Grant Jarvis 24 days ago

    Viking and Lombards mercenaries were used in Syria by Byzantine Empire. Possible link between Vikings and Syria.

  • David Koch
    David Koch 26 days ago

    Da mas cus not Dam as cus , like the city in Syria! It makes it hard to believe your videos when you can not pronounce a very well known name.

  • Yuliani Mulyadi
    Yuliani Mulyadi 26 days ago

    Is it steal in the museum??

  • imli imli
    imli imli 27 days ago

    you have the coolest voice..

  • kirk mcloren
    kirk mcloren Month ago


  • Jari Sipilainen
    Jari Sipilainen Month ago

    1:16 lol you just say it. just flame thrower. they know how do it, but cant say how they had it then. well they had it or it just fairytale lol. who cares. we have youtube now. everyone do stories and make own changes. 10000 years from now. they dont know how youtube could exist LOL

  • Ryan Wagner
    Ryan Wagner Month ago

    #1 sounds a lot like napalm ?

  • Rory O'Brien
    Rory O'Brien Month ago

    Greek fire is literally just napalm. Well probably less effective or it was quicklime but it was likely very similar to napalm. Being a gelling agent and a flammable material. Also, the narrator acts like we can't make greek fire super napalm is probably more effective it wasn't lost to time. We can also make Damascus steel better than the Arabs who made it. It also wasn't that much better than the spring steel that made up crusader swords. That little ancient mechanical computer is just that a mechanical computer rather advanced for the time, yes, but that doesn't mean we can't explain it with science. We can literally explain all of these except for the voynich manuscript which we are working on and have translated a decent bit of.

  • Ben Ghaxi
    Ben Ghaxi Month ago +1

    Naked women? 👀

  • AZ Villastique
    AZ Villastique Month ago

    Voyonish manuscript is interesting..

  • Bobby Reynolds
    Bobby Reynolds Month ago

    They've found several ways of making various versions of Greek Fire. The never dulling sword is obvious bs, and they've made better ones in Japan for a long long time. The Voynich manuscript was cracked a little while ago, although not completely.... How old are your sources? They rebuilt the anti-kythera mechanism, it's logic, Greece did that better then than we do now. It was in a Greek shipwreck. I'll stop wasting my time... Your video would be awesome if you toned down your claims, you know, somewhere approximately around the point where you wouldn't be making exagerated claims. But I suppose you probably have to on TVclip to compete amongst spoiled, greedy, uneducated Americans (I'm American, but not the other things because I TRIED NOT TO BE, AND I DON'T BLIND MYSELF TO WHATEVER MY EGO WISHES! I KNOW, LOTS OF PEOPLE DON'T, BUT I WISH A LOT MORE PEOPLE WOULD TRY TO THINK INSTEAD OF AUTOMATICALLY CONCLUDING STUPID SELFISH IDEAS FOR NO REASON. I CAN'T BELIEVE THE IGNORANCE IN OUR OWN NATION!) WE NEED FREE EDUCATION AND HEALTH CARE LIKE THE REST OF THE MODERN WORLD!).

  • Roeland Voogd
    Roeland Voogd Month ago

    We have better greek fire called napalm

  • Len Zielenski
    Len Zielenski Month ago

    A knife maker has successfully duplicated the Damascus formula and resulting pattern. FYI

    • stasek tarkowsky
      stasek tarkowsky Month ago

      they didnt, today made knives and blades named as damascus have nothing to do with original damascus, only similar pattern made by forge-welding from several differing pieces, real damascus steel formula is lost

  • Harry H
    Harry H Month ago

    If there is a functional replica, how is it lost technology?

  • Martial Arts Family Fitness

    Voynich manuscript is finally decoded! Google it!

  • Buff Barnaby
    Buff Barnaby Month ago

    Charles Martel kicked their asses.

  • Tammy Cornejo
    Tammy Cornejo Month ago

    If there is no manganese then they are meteoric in nature.

  • raphaelsolo
    raphaelsolo 2 months ago

    At the time of this video's release a Nova documentary on the Ulfbert had been on Netflix for years not only explaining the sword but even replicating it.

  • Raspuutin
    Raspuutin 2 months ago

    2:35 literally blew my ears, much obliged

  • Lambretta Ramesh
    Lambretta Ramesh 2 months ago +1

    Nice 👍

  • science carrot
    science carrot 2 months ago +1

    The narrataror sounds like pig trying to talk

  • science carrot
    science carrot 2 months ago

    You know you can still make damscus sword

  • Alex Crowder
    Alex Crowder 2 months ago

    "Could slice a rock without damaging the sharpness" ROFL...... Someone doesn't understand how knives work.....

    • Farquaad Castle
      Farquaad Castle 2 months ago

      That's ok little wibble inferiority complex suffering white boy, how many of your ancestors were cut down?

  • spacecoasttactical
    spacecoasttactical 2 months ago

    Incorrect. The Voynich manuscript has now been decoded

  • donal heffernan
    donal heffernan 2 months ago

    "The Voynich manuscript content is unknown"? Sheer stupidity. The content is known, its meaning is not.

  • Soteriology101
    Soteriology101 2 months ago

    The spheres were probably used in ball mills to mine ore.

  • Joseph Valdez
    Joseph Valdez 2 months ago

    What if In order to find what is hidden in this world is to take a acid trip. Lmao. Hahaha.

  • Boss_andreas 0
    Boss_andreas 0 2 months ago

    Ελλαδάρα 🇬🇷

  • ravinraven6913
    ravinraven6913 2 months ago

    greek fire was used by the greeks not byzantines and used before the 5th century....because Byzantium is in turkey not Greece...how can you even say that sentence without going wait wtf......

  • Richard Stanley
    Richard Stanley 2 months ago

    learn how to pronounce the words correctly;;

  • Ray White
    Ray White 2 months ago

    "It is a fact that they could cut a silk veil in the air and they could slice a rock with no damage" That is so far from a fact it's insane and to be a "you're" guy, that would be two facts. Traaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaash.

  • Irfana Banu
    Irfana Banu 2 months ago


    BLH BSIT 2 months ago

    Damascus steel. The biggest reason it cant be reproduced the raw material was depleted.

  • mechanicaltimi123
    mechanicaltimi123 2 months ago

    How is this channel not shut down??

  • TheInspire96
    TheInspire96 2 months ago

    i know she said "wild fire" but my brain keeps hearing "WAAAGH! Fire" and now i wanna go watch some warhammer 40k lore and theory videos.

  • Mihai Jianu
    Mihai Jianu 2 months ago

    Click Bait Video, title is 10 OLDEST Technologies That Scientists Can't Explain and allmost all of them are already explained

    • John Smith
      John Smith 2 months ago

      Yea fairly stupid title. The first one for example, they can explain it, they just don't know the exact chemical make up or ratios because it was kept secret and none has been found.
      They basically know how it was made, they just will never know if they have the percentages of ingredients correct unless they find a recipe, or some original is found that been hermetically sealed.

  • Maitrayan Ghosh Roy
    Maitrayan Ghosh Roy 2 months ago

    *Damascus Steel*

  • Home iPad
    Home iPad 2 months ago

    Baking powder

  • Toyotarou
    Toyotarou 2 months ago


  • Mish Kosh
    Mish Kosh 2 months ago +6

    voynich manuscript is not a "technology"

    • Malcolm Wolfe
      Malcolm Wolfe 2 months ago

      yet, crazily enough, machine language *is* a technology. hmmmm.

  • hercules colon
    hercules colon 2 months ago

    for the spheres it was for the men of old for the pic of the strongest.

  • hercules colon
    hercules colon 2 months ago

    theres no mystery with greeks fallen angels were the ones supplying the wisdom for there discoverys believe it or not.

    • Athan asios
      Athan asios 2 months ago

      So our discoveries were of ....Satanic nature?

    ŹÉŃÎTH 2 months ago

    Scientists can’t explain


  • Pa Italia
    Pa Italia 2 months ago +1

    I really hope people read comments, most of them are more accurate than the video.

  • Nathan Schultz
    Nathan Schultz 2 months ago

    The real mistery is the philosopher stone

    • Joey Del Mars Jr.
      Joey Del Mars Jr. 2 months ago

      its no mystery that they used human as the main ingredient

  • Nathan Schultz
    Nathan Schultz 2 months ago

    It's not Damascus steel it's wood steel or woots steel I can do it I was trained in all the old ways

  • Nathan Schultz
    Nathan Schultz 2 months ago

    I can make Greek fire

  • thomas blackwell
    thomas blackwell 3 months ago

    Aliens did it. Fuck yourself.

  • thomas blackwell
    thomas blackwell 3 months ago

    Which took basic engernering.

  • thomas blackwell
    thomas blackwell 3 months ago

    linguist. Can masrurbate while rich. Poor masturbates. Are stupid

  • thomas blackwell
    thomas blackwell 3 months ago

    Yoynich mbv ever asked a liguist.

  • thomas blackwell
    thomas blackwell 3 months ago

    Ask a mill Wright. You dont know how shit works? ASK A RANDOM GUY. WE STILL MAKE DEMscuis

  • Whale Cat
    Whale Cat 3 months ago +1

    That last symbol at 3:07 ...
    Where have I seen it....

  • Rigo Maldonado
    Rigo Maldonado 3 months ago


  • pete cartwright
    pete cartwright 3 months ago


  • Nelson Darwin Pak Tech
    Nelson Darwin Pak Tech 3 months ago

    i want damascus steel sword at any cost,,,which i will not pay,,,ok,,,

  • Carlos DeNevier
    Carlos DeNevier 3 months ago

    shut up ... woman

  • mechanicaltimi123
    mechanicaltimi123 3 months ago +1

    Someone has discovered the roman dodecahedron as a looming device used to make gloves. Strike 1 off this top 10 list

    • Josh Hayl
      Josh Hayl 2 months ago

      🔵 @10:21 you will see that the object is just too large for that purpose!

  • Caleb wild Tiger
    Caleb wild Tiger 3 months ago +2

    The manuscript is actually the oghma infinium from the elder scrolls

  • Yung Dong
    Yung Dong 3 months ago

    She couldn't even pronounce Crete.

    GERALDINE KING 3 months ago +2

    How do I get to the video on Vicks vapor rub

  • West pac
    West pac 3 months ago

    As usual, the uninformed making false statements based on their lack of knowledge. E.g. Spheroidal stones are found all down the East coast of the South Island in New Zealand... so much for the statement that "this technology does not exist anywhere else on Earth" - yeah thanks for that uneducated and uninformed opinion based on pulling information out of your arse and claiming it without checking its veracity first. I suspect if you check out Scotland or Ireland you may find there are more there as well. Others are also found in Africa... so thanks for your uninformed bullshit claims. Anyone want to check? Type in Google 'Moeraki Boulders'.

  • Arka Chanda
    Arka Chanda 3 months ago +2

    11:09 small smooth and silky stone.
    Like of you get the context. Dislike of you don't lol

  • Arka Chanda
    Arka Chanda 3 months ago +1

    8:40 excuse me? Luigi?

  • Anime Note
    Anime Note 3 months ago

    um, yeah idk where your info about damascucs steel, but, your pretty far off. Damascus steel is still used very commonly today. True, the original material used is no more, but blacksmiths nowdays stil use variations of it quite comonly.

  • Storm ise Champ
    Storm ise Champ 3 months ago

    Maybe the inventors of the first idols of idolatry used those technologies
    Some Humans from the ancient times invented the first idols of idolatry
    Sorry Interfaith people but Idolatry is ANCIENT and NOT new.

    • Mamma Kaye Lee
      Mamma Kaye Lee 3 months ago

      Why the apology to the Interfaith? Do you think these people haven't read History books? Or the Bible, which is filled with Idolatry?

  • None Yo
    None Yo 3 months ago

    Liquid fire. Ummm oil maybe?