Everything Wrong with Valentine's Day | MeganBatoon


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  • Eduardo Trevizani
    Eduardo Trevizani 11 months ago

    watched this 2x... and stopped at 2'30" (ish) in both times. Consistency.

  • Emily Rose
    Emily Rose 11 months ago

    Okay this is actually great, I'm so happy that I found your channel from watching Shane Dawson's videos!

  • Patrick Neve
    Patrick Neve 11 months ago

    This is really great!! Megan puts a lot of passion and effort into her stuff. I love it.

  • erm4gundr
    erm4gundr Year ago

    I love Garjimmy...

  • Mae Esquilona
    Mae Esquilona Year ago

    Breaking the fourth wall, are we? @sukie

  • Dawn Winchester
    Dawn Winchester Year ago +1

    Elliott is so cute in the thumbnail

  • bananaboomer
    bananaboomer Year ago

    this is still so good

  • pemodin
    pemodin Year ago

    Anyone know the outro song/beat?

  • Angela Corpus
    Angela Corpus Year ago

    breaking the fourth wall like a boss

  • CLPastones
    CLPastones Year ago

    You Are An Angel.

  • missleigh
    missleigh Year ago

    They should do more acting. Getting pretty good. Love the skits!

  • TangentTimes
    TangentTimes Year ago

    That was awesome and hilarious. May more skits please!

  • AshleeWith2Es
    AshleeWith2Es Year ago

    I love this!

  • - ruunmina -
    - ruunmina - Year ago +1

    *I don't like it here*
    *there's no food!*

  • Robert Chambers
    Robert Chambers Year ago

    I would watch these three for half an hour every week; Elliott and Megan have awesome awkward but cute chemistry. add Mike Falzone and Steve Zaragoza as the best friends/gay couple of Garjimmy and we get at least six seasons and a movie.

  • Weng Gozun
    Weng Gozun Year ago +1

    hahaha Amanda made my day :)

  • Jeremy Wong
    Jeremy Wong Year ago

    This sketch is genius! And so well-written

  • Cindy Lan
    Cindy Lan Year ago

    This is the collab I didn't know I needed, but I'm so happy now that it's here.

  • TL
    TL Year ago

    oh Elliott

  • Jess Enright
    Jess Enright Year ago

    Yaaaaaaaaaaas Elliott!

  • SuperCaliFragilisticIBeSuchADopekid

    Who the hell wrote this?! How dare you have the audacity to be brilliant and the nerve to be hilarious!

  • Andrea Jonson
    Andrea Jonson Year ago +1

    Literally me: dang suk....

  • Naya Jakile
    Naya Jakile Year ago

    mlgeneralstore come thruuu

  • Hannah Lynn in Full Color

    yaaeessss! love this video. Valentine's Day is so funny. I love what the friend says... lol it was so deep I missed it.

  • 08Coolster
    08Coolster Year ago

    Your snaps are hilarious too!

  • Inga
    Inga Year ago +1

    I was unsubscribed from your channel for a long time, because I was jealous :( You have perfect looks and you seem like a nice person.

  • Isabella Tan
    Isabella Tan Year ago


  • Osama Jasper Lacaden

    Makedance videos

  • cheapskate102
    cheapskate102 Year ago

    why are there no comments over the fact he got held back like 4 times!!! that part killed me 😂

  • Matthew Castronova

    Well that escalated quickly xD. Great video!

  • Clueless Nerd
    Clueless Nerd Year ago

    there's nothing wrong with my Vday, it's a no date like usual

  • Noor
    Noor Year ago

    I didnt get the last scene?

  • Nyma Khan
    Nyma Khan Year ago

    This was some excellent writing and excellent acting

  • Sinead Paglinawan
    Sinead Paglinawan Year ago +4

    "That's not how sketches work on this channel Megan" I'm dead oh my god

  • Mushroom
    Mushroom Year ago

    He looks more like a sam smith

  • Muthoni Grace
    Muthoni Grace Year ago

    more skits please!!

  • Zain Khan
    Zain Khan Year ago

    I volunteer to take suki to lobsters of red

  • Emily Z
    Emily Z Year ago


  • Nenex
    Nenex Year ago

    "Did you just go meta?"

  • futurehue
    futurehue Year ago

    This may be your best skit yet. Definitely on another level.

  • Delaney Watene-Taie

    I really enjoyed the screenplay of this sketch! Quite refreshing from what I usually see on TVclip. Like I'm a Batoon fan, but all that dialogue and lively tone from one person can become a little too much sometimes. It's pretty cool to see a Batoons script spread to a few different characters. Well done you guys! I'd love to see a collab with you writing on a Wong Fu vid. I feel like they've kinda got a tried and true video formula for their videos and could do with a little bit of what you've got. Kinda like ice cream and cola. Where Wong Fu is like super sweet, very 'vanilla'-ish, and Batoon is like gona frickn explode if you shake it too much lol
    Well this is starting to get quite long now sooo ✌😊

  • learning to love
    learning to love Year ago


  • Lazarus Siu
    Lazarus Siu Year ago +1

    Amanda broke the 4th wall so casually

  • Phil Chao
    Phil Chao Year ago

    just wish there was more of her in that red dress. she looks so beautiful!

  • KyrraDailey
    KyrraDailey Year ago

    I loved this! Literally me every "Valentine's Day" haha.

  • Indie Guy
    Indie Guy Year ago

    The script is amazing, who wrote it?

  • LonelyMind
    LonelyMind Year ago +1

    I dont get it, what are they saying in the end? (last scene)

  • Tressa Scott
    Tressa Scott Year ago

    LOL loved this!!

  • RJackson
    RJackson Year ago

    Running a collab train on SF hosts/people I've definitely had an internet crush on at some point.

  • k11a22i33
    k11a22i33 Year ago

    Saw you on a react video, thought I'd check out your channel, watched a few of your videos and have to say liked the content 👍🏼
    Gonna subscribe 😊

  • Denielle Lopez
    Denielle Lopez Year ago +1

    Amanda 😍😘😍😘😍😘

  • Kristen Sawyer
    Kristen Sawyer Year ago

    Holy shit do more skits! This was amazing!

  • Its HAYl3yy!!!!!!

    only retards celebrate this stupid day

  • Its HAYl3yy!!!!!!

    loser day for loser people 😂😁😃

  • adam
    adam Year ago

    What kind of camera did you use for this ?

  • MechanicalPencilful

    Quality... right thur

  • Steven Steel
    Steven Steel Year ago

    This is so deep I think I found oil 😱

  • AlexCru58 *
    AlexCru58 * Year ago

    Lol nice sketch! 👍

  • Travel Fam
    Travel Fam Year ago

    Megan, please extend this.

  • Lee Yani
    Lee Yani Year ago +1

    I'm an angel

  • PoLoBreak
    PoLoBreak Year ago

    thats a lota jokes

  • ExNami
    ExNami Year ago

    The comedy in this is so high level i'm barely able to keep up.

  • Nicole Raqueno
    Nicole Raqueno Year ago

    *my reaction to every situation in life: **2:52*

  • richie harrow
    richie harrow Year ago

    Lmfao... what ...the ...fuq. That was awesome 😂

  • Gs6 GSG
    Gs6 GSG Year ago

    Megan, can't explain it but you look different. In a good way! Almost like grown up, but with the great personality! Keep up the great work!

  • Ron Entropy
    Ron Entropy Year ago

    Haha!!! I bet nobody got or understood that this was ONE BIG OUTBACK STEAK HOUSE VALENTINES DAY COMMERCIAL. This is Outback Steak House' # 1 biggest night (once a year) to make BIG Money... Coming in at a whopping # 2 every year is competitor Olive Garden... Research shows that the majority of this serge of people is based on single customers hoping to find love on Valentines Day... GREAT JOB MEGAN, CAST & CREW!!! You really got everybody (((subliminally))) this time! -Just like COKE? or PEPSI?... LOOK PEOPLE TVclipRS HAVE TO MAKE MONEY SOMEHOW AS WELL TO PAY THEIR BILLS. Bye Victims!!! Poooof!

  • Amr Abo Shala
    Amr Abo Shala Year ago

    Wow this is some quality sketch :D.. Me likey

  • Miguel Nuestro
    Miguel Nuestro Year ago

    hahah sadly, i work at outback. this was awesome.

  • Spodrmen
    Spodrmen Year ago

    love both of yous

  • Diana Chipres
    Diana Chipres Year ago

    Dislike Elliot!

  • Melvin Kim
    Melvin Kim Year ago

    This was amazing!!!!!

  • Callie
    Callie Year ago

    These are too good! I really enjoyed it. ❤

  • Carlo Anton
    Carlo Anton Year ago

    hahaha Sukie went in on it!

  • Ralphy Puro
    Ralphy Puro Year ago +1

    dat monologue doe :]

  • Johnny Braccia
    Johnny Braccia Year ago

    I watched this for Elliott. 'Cause he fucking rocks, even if he's not ripped on Tide.

  • Monica
    Monica Year ago

    they look good togetheeeeerrrr

  • Nikki P
    Nikki P Year ago

    Loved this video, nice critique too

  • Gabby Martinez
    Gabby Martinez Year ago

    This was really odd but still amazing.

  • flatstanley
    flatstanley Year ago

    Anyone know what the outro song is? It's so calming.

  • DArtagnan010
    DArtagnan010 Year ago +4

    Please make a series out of this!! ''Everything wrong with ....'' with the same cast.

  • katsu films
    katsu films Year ago +1

    we need more amanda!

  • cozy boy RJ
    cozy boy RJ Year ago


  • courtneyfoliaki
    courtneyfoliaki Year ago

    still don't understand why you're underrated. such wit!!!

  • Austin Sabado
    Austin Sabado Year ago

    nice video megan! keep it up!

  • Dolphinately
    Dolphinately Year ago +7

    I need an Amanda in my life to call me out on my shit. From where can I purchase one??

  • Cranomsha ___
    Cranomsha ___ Year ago

    i cannot express how much i love elliot morgan

  • Franchesca Arcilla
    Franchesca Arcilla Year ago +1

    Sukie! 😂 Incredibly adorable. 😍. Great job, Meg. And hi there, Garjemy. Don't know if I spelled it right tho.

  • Jennifer S
    Jennifer S Year ago


  • Justin Credible
    Justin Credible Year ago

    Microphone/audio needs improvement.

  • busaj383
    busaj383 Year ago

    Ha ...good stuff 😊

  • John Palcon
    John Palcon Year ago +1


  • Max skinner
    Max skinner Year ago


  • Jehovanny Garcia
    Jehovanny Garcia Year ago +1

    somebody is either super tall or super short lol

  • Reel-Living Films

    this was such a beautifully well thought skit megan!!

  • Jules Ceniza
    Jules Ceniza Year ago

    More skits like this please! Lol

  • Let's Eat!
    Let's Eat! Year ago

    Gorgeous as always!

  • S Dompson
    S Dompson Year ago

    THIS IS THE FUNNIEST THING EVER AND I WILL ALWAYS QUESTION WHY THIS DOESN'T HAVE 10 MILLION VIEWS yes i spoke in caps thats hw serious i was about hw much i love this!!!!

  • Taylor Chan
    Taylor Chan Year ago +8

    This is brilliant

  • M N
    M N Year ago +1

    sukie lol😂😂😂😂

  • Drew Jackson
    Drew Jackson Year ago +1

    Plssssss do more of these