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  • Emma S
    Emma S Day ago

    You missed one spooky count

  • Juliana Cattaneo
    Juliana Cattaneo 5 days ago


  • Anna Lotus
    Anna Lotus 18 days ago


  • Gwynevere Isabella
    Gwynevere Isabella Month ago

    I need that bat purse!

  • Emo Hot topic
    Emo Hot topic 2 months ago

    This transition is me from middle school to high w

  • Yumari Nakisan
    Yumari Nakisan 2 months ago

    that should totally be the new you

  • Molly Lenore
    Molly Lenore 3 months ago

    “Ima big spoookerrr” 😂😂😂

  • fireyfoxer
    fireyfoxer 3 months ago

    15:18 the way she is looking at her XD

  • Lamis Zaidi
    Lamis Zaidi 3 months ago

    Seriously how old the fuck is she ?!

    LAURA ANN CHARLOT 3 months ago

    Be really careful with that rotary cutter. The blade is razor sharp and you can cut the tip of your finger all the way to the bone without even pressing down hard. Fiskars is a high quality brand, your Dad did good to pick that one out for you (or did your Mom actually buy it?). Wow, Jillian, you look really nice in goth. Still bright and cheerful Pixielocks, even in that makeup and those clothes - the makeup simply can't hide your smile, dear.

  • Emma
    Emma 3 months ago

    Together, they make harijuku

  • Star Butterfly
    Star Butterfly 3 months ago

    Pixie You are amazing

  • Star Butterfly
    Star Butterfly 3 months ago


    LYRIC LOPEZ 4 months ago

    i have a friend spooky too in the 5th grade now

  • Gamergirl Foxfan08
    Gamergirl Foxfan08 4 months ago

    now I know that a pink princesses can turn into a gothic girl

  • google.angel
    google.angel 5 months ago

    There was a purple wig in the background 😭 but new subscriber 🤗

  • PotatoEdgy Purple
    PotatoEdgy Purple 5 months ago +1

    Personally, I think you look better as goth...but either way, it's your lifestyle, have fun dressing however you want😊

  • вeYOUтιғυl тrυтн

    Literally Marcelina and Pb

  • Manic
    Manic 5 months ago

    Where is that bag from because I need it yo

  • Macey Maynor
    Macey Maynor 5 months ago

    are you ready for his jelly

  • Alex Immortal
    Alex Immortal 5 months ago

    Pixie Locks.... HOLY Cheese you are adorable!!

  • ChibiClee
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  • AWizardMummyandMartian ImUnique

    Where did you get that skirt?

  • M0rgu3 Princ3ss
    M0rgu3 Princ3ss 5 months ago

    U guys are both my styles put together literally I’m like a rainbow goth

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat 5 months ago

    How old is she omg she's adorable I want her as a friend

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat 5 months ago

    They're like sisters that are opposites 😂

  • Sophia
    Sophia 5 months ago

    Slightly triggered that she didn’t clean up the eyeshadow and no mascara or lashes with such thick eyeliner??

  • M.I.N.A
    M.I.N.A 5 months ago

    your cats name is mina, i think....

  • BunnyPlayz Msp
    BunnyPlayz Msp 5 months ago +1

    I like the braids and the color🤪 I love your glasses😫❤️

  • Pinkblink Rosé
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  • Iced Cattuccino
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  • Cynthia kay
    Cynthia kay 5 months ago

    Where did you get the bat purseeeeee

  • Nina The Munch
    Nina The Munch 5 months ago

    omg im ninaaa

    DIVORXES 5 months ago

    Such a lovely video! Fun to watch!

  • Ooodleaddle llama
    Ooodleaddle llama 5 months ago

    13:34 - 13:38 ish
    Not only did pixie accidently quote a Jekyll and Hyde musical number, but immediately after saying that she quoted a panic! At the Disco song. That made my day

  • Miley. Amika
    Miley. Amika 5 months ago


  • triggered
    triggered 5 months ago

    I think it's more of an emo than goth...idk I'm scene. (Alot of people don't know what scene is...look it up)

  • Sabrina Dean
    Sabrina Dean 5 months ago

    This was cringe start from Finnish. Very interesting.

  • Emma Fischer
    Emma Fischer 5 months ago

    I 💯% want your rainbow 🌈 hair

  • Gabby O
    Gabby O 5 months ago

    I don't have cheek bones either but that is good because I am 10 and I am like 5 feet tall and my face is the only thing that makes me look my age! Shmr... :3

  • Karolyni Da Vila - Cellist

    You look good as a goth =)

  • Boo Boo
    Boo Boo 5 months ago

    Aka me and my best friend

  • Orphan The Messup
    Orphan The Messup 5 months ago

    scene from mymusic. her personalitie is exactly the same!

  • Ash Potato
    Ash Potato 5 months ago

    this video was kinda awkward to watch but it was cute

  • Rebecca Bradley
    Rebecca Bradley 5 months ago

    she's so interested in it i love it

  • Bee beethebunny
    Bee beethebunny 5 months ago

    She did u so wrong w that brow...... Eyeliner looks perfect tho

  • Elizabeth King
    Elizabeth King 5 months ago

    These two remind me of a webtoon 😂

  • Anya MacNabb
    Anya MacNabb 5 months ago

    "Blend me baby" -Pixie

  • Chloe Henrich
    Chloe Henrich 5 months ago

    I heccin love your hair
    Btw you would be a good pastel goth

  • corgi porgi
    corgi porgi 5 months ago

    I love you two together you guys are so funny 😂😂🤩❤❤

  • cecilia b
    cecilia b 5 months ago

    She looks so goood as a goth omg

  • Scaryia girl squad
    Scaryia girl squad 5 months ago

    Lots of goth people where pink and pink is exactly goth if it's hot pink

  • casey Revels
    casey Revels 5 months ago


  • KAT Tomlinson
    KAT Tomlinson 5 months ago

    My two personalities peacefully coexisting

  • kwf x
    kwf x 5 months ago

    Pixie you SLAYED that dress style!!

  • Emily Blue
    Emily Blue 5 months ago

    Pixie and Manny is me and my friend group. I dress really Kawaii and they aren't goth but theyre the gayest emos

  • Jenn Marie Weston
    Jenn Marie Weston 5 months ago

    Whats kenzies youtube? Or does she have one?

  • Bloody Mascara
    Bloody Mascara 5 months ago

    Anyone else know the difference in the before and after. I feel like the tone of voice changedddd😍😍😍😍

  • Liz Loves Shrek
    Liz Loves Shrek 5 months ago

    i loveeee the grey wig on u

  • Sophie Loves Horses
    Sophie Loves Horses 5 months ago

    That just got dark get my pun there

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  • callmewanderer
    callmewanderer 5 months ago

    This video feels like the customer service phase of a friendship

  • charlie j
    charlie j 5 months ago

    insert the “when i say i want a goth gf this is what i mean” meme

  • i lish
    i lish 5 months ago

    Talk about polar opposites

  • Nolublu
    Nolublu 5 months ago

    My god you forgot the mascara?! But still very cute of course.

  • ayli
    ayli 5 months ago

    u guys look like marceline and princess bubblegum hahah

  • oursparklingplanet
    oursparklingplanet 6 months ago

    pause at 1:57. you're welcome xD

    MAK REACTS! 6 months ago

    Wow, she left a huge chunk on the forehead, unblended! She's afraid to touch her face...👨‍🎤

  • Astroo Fox
    Astroo Fox 6 months ago

    So ok I love the goth gf aesthetic. It’s my weakness and I already find pixie so adorable. I’m weak this is the best video thank you

  • Cat Cela Ojo
    Cat Cela Ojo 6 months ago

    The spooky count definitely missed a few spookies

  • Nikita Jeanne
    Nikita Jeanne 6 months ago

    Why are you soooo pretty ;-;

  • Audrey 451
    Audrey 451 6 months ago


  • AlienLee
    AlienLee 6 months ago

    It's like seeing two polar opposites

  • Кира Максимова

    Кто из русских?

  • Milo
    Milo 6 months ago

    13:40 YOU LOST ONE "spooky" WORD

  • Tato_is_Drawing FOREVER

    Pixie locks I'm new and I watch a few of your vids and I really like Dem :3

  • Quyen Truc
    Quyen Truc 6 months ago

    Can u do another room tour video ur has change so much

  • Caroline Olivia
    Caroline Olivia 7 months ago

    I’m in love! I love both styles soooo much. I’m always pink and cuteness and then in fall I’m like THIS IS HALLOWEEN 👻

  • Miza Ge
    Miza Ge 7 months ago

    I want to make you guys as Sims Roomies!

  • brenna audrey
    brenna audrey 7 months ago

    this is totally goth-in-a-box but i somehow love it!

  • Winston & Maddie
    Winston & Maddie 7 months ago

    Pixie as a goth is just Abby from NCIS 😂😂😂

  • LisaFrank39
    LisaFrank39 7 months ago

    I just wanna know where the boots came from

  • CKat
    CKat 7 months ago

    You look like the person who would suit like all the looks. So far it's proving correct

  • Kam X maK
    Kam X maK 7 months ago

    Kenzie looks mad at your pink

  • SophisticatedPajamas
    SophisticatedPajamas 7 months ago

    I think if Pixie was ever going to go goth, she should be a pastel goth. I think it would really suit her ^-^

  • amani juma
    amani juma 7 months ago

    kwopwopwkwopwkpwo transformation

  • pan and confused
    pan and confused 7 months ago

    highkey lowkey ship them

  • metal_ girl
    metal_ girl 7 months ago

    Oh my god you're so beautiful in goth

  • Lorelei Kurowski
    Lorelei Kurowski 7 months ago

    you guys would make a really cute collab channel lol

  • official kii
    official kii 8 months ago

    What is the term of fashion if you like both styles ???

  • Burgundy English
    Burgundy English 8 months ago

    Lol every time someone says burgundy my heart just stops a little because that's my name!!!

  • My My
    My My 8 months ago

    To much PINNNNK but its cute

  • NORTH Line
    NORTH Line 8 months ago

    Wish I could see how you looked without the glasses! But it was fun 😘

  • Staria Dream Tea
    Staria Dream Tea 8 months ago

    It was so lovely of Kenzie to buy you that Bunny Surprise! 🐇

  • Ear Buds
    Ear Buds 8 months ago

    Going in my fave vids ♥

  • Jewels
    Jewels 8 months ago

    I love when you transform your self into different looks , and you rock all of them

  • walking on clouds
    walking on clouds 8 months ago

    this low key reminds me of the two ends of the lesbian fashion spectrum meme (ps love the video!)

  • Terra Szczypiorski
    Terra Szczypiorski 8 months ago

    TBH I like the goth better

  • Alysha Steed
    Alysha Steed 8 months ago

    Wow it actually suits her well tbf fair play to her.. 😂

  • Chiharu Dawn
    Chiharu Dawn 8 months ago

    I feel you would make more of a pastel goth.

  • Alyssa Kirchoff
    Alyssa Kirchoff 8 months ago