Sean Evans Tries Some of NYC's Most Expensive Steaks with the Worth It Guys | Sean in the Wild

  • Published on Oct 3, 2017
  • Does it ever make sense to drop $162 on a hunk of beef? Steven Lim and Andrew Ilnyckyj-the hosts of BuzzFeed's hugely popular series, "Worth It"-help Sean Evans answer this age-old, New York steakhouse conundrum. Joined by Bowery Meat Company's Josh Capon (and of course cameraman Adam Bianchi...), the guys chew their way through a $148 T-bone Florentine, a $125 chateaubriand, and a $162 tomahawk ribeye. Find out which cut of meat is really worth maxing out that credit card on an all new episode of Sean in the Wild.
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Comments • 3 682

    PEANUTBONE 8 hours ago +1

    My favorite orgy of guys

  • Taaha Siddiqui
    Taaha Siddiqui 13 hours ago +2

    The chef wasn't fat but he had the voice of a fat man so I still trust him

  • Taaha Siddiqui
    Taaha Siddiqui 13 hours ago

    I am glad you let Sean actually enjoy food for once lol

  • Sarthak Raut
    Sarthak Raut 17 hours ago

    I am shaking, I heard the voice of *Adam* for the first time

  • Tikka
    Tikka 5 days ago

    I didn’t even know this episode even existed 😩😭

  • Anna Lucas
    Anna Lucas 7 days ago

    Why does Adam have on a Clemson dad shirt? Is he even old enough to be a Clemson dad?

  • Natalie Kendel
    Natalie Kendel 7 days ago +4

    That Mafia chef makes me so uncomfortable.
    He needs to stop lingering.

  • Sir J
    Sir J 7 days ago

    0:19 What the fuc is his last name

  • Gemini Gold
    Gemini Gold 8 days ago

    This is the most i see adam talking😂

  • Matthew McDonald
    Matthew McDonald 11 days ago +3

    Can someone tell me how to pronounce Ilnyckyj my brain is hurting trying to figure out how to pronounce that
    Also they are a lot less interesting around sean than anyone else ive seen

  • Cannabissed
    Cannabissed 11 days ago

    damn the chef should fuckng swallow that piece of gunk in his throat

  • boog_masskwé
    boog_masskwé 12 days ago

    I wish I could shoot the shit like that chef. People love that stuff.

  • Sure Clipzy
    Sure Clipzy 14 days ago

    First time I’ve ever herd Adam actually talk

  • john doe
    john doe 15 days ago

    I've actually only ever been hugged by my parents and one teacher. That hit me.

  • SengirShowsU
    SengirShowsU 16 days ago

    Damn i am hungry now

  • jeffrenaud24
    jeffrenaud24 17 days ago

    "is that the segway to eating people?" and no one responds lol. Thats not a good comment....kinda creepy

  • daniel pardo
    daniel pardo 18 days ago

    Oh wow the natural enzymes in the meat? Who knew a dead animal could still catalyze reactions through enzymes 😂😂

  • Sean Wieland
    Sean Wieland 18 days ago

    These steaks are fantastic, but these Buzzfeed man-children exemplify everything wrong with “soyboy” millennials.

  • Sway Ze
    Sway Ze 20 days ago

    The Chef's voice also has dry aged

  • Vinayak Prabhu
    Vinayak Prabhu 20 days ago

    For a moment thought i sean evans and sean lawless were the same person.😂😂

  • Osaki Family
    Osaki Family 21 day ago

    Adam = Skinny Seth Rogan

  • Sergeant Shultz Bear
    Sergeant Shultz Bear 22 days ago

    You could share this steak... Yeah... No

  • MsHannahBrooke
    MsHannahBrooke 23 days ago

    Straight up wasn't going to watch this video if Adam wasn't included.

  • Zachary Karhan
    Zachary Karhan 25 days ago

    You can tell adam grew up in LA

  • 00yomismo
    00yomismo 26 days ago

    Please... this is pink beef, the best beef is red. Go to Spain and try the BEST red T-bone steak that you have never tried. RED BEEF, not pink beef...

  • Jj Soqui
    Jj Soqui 26 days ago

    Have them eat hot wings!!!!!!!

  • Cray2TheZ
    Cray2TheZ 27 days ago

    Many gays in food reviews..

  • Connor Animates
    Connor Animates 28 days ago

    Is nobody talking about how weird Andrews last name is

  • Isaiah M
    Isaiah M 29 days ago

    "steak for dummies" lol

  • Jereme Robert
    Jereme Robert 29 days ago

    love that chef

  • ExxRay
    ExxRay Month ago

    Steven looks drunk

  • Kelly Bryson
    Kelly Bryson Month ago

    Wait, where is Adam from? Hes wearing a Clemson shirt. lol

  • Floren Widjaja
    Floren Widjaja Month ago

    Hot ones with strictly dumpling please!

  • Vedant kale
    Vedant kale Month ago

    That "chef" is one of the most crude and annoying person I have seen.

  • Paul Kinder
    Paul Kinder Month ago

    Did that chef just say that a filet mignon is boring and doesn't have flovor? This guy hahaha

  • Screw You!
    Screw You! Month ago +1

    Dry age= old meat! Nope!!!

  • Screw You!
    Screw You! Month ago

    $148 for a steak with a huge chunk of fat? Screw that!!!

  • Jon Theil
    Jon Theil Month ago

    Yeah....... no food on the planet is worth this much.

  • Wayne Garland
    Wayne Garland Month ago

    What's up with u girls and splitting a steak. Sounds like 4 wifes sitting around the table

  • BlazingRefrain
    BlazingRefrain Month ago

    I can go to a Brazilian steakhouse and pay around 35 bucks to get as much steak and other things as I want. Paying 100+ for one steak is stupid.

  • Nel F
    Nel F Month ago

    What a bunch of goofs

  • Serpinitha
    Serpinitha Month ago

    what a bitch "i wouldn't say that any place has been an outright ripoff"

  • Rahil Sethi
    Rahil Sethi Month ago

    "His eyes are rolling in the back of his head" haha! Reminds me of the song title "You say your best when you say nothing at all"

  • Mo n
    Mo n Month ago

    5:40 Stephen's face when he put that vote de boeuf down 😋... the man has meat sweats and is still hungry

  • Mo n
    Mo n Month ago the chef related to Brad Leon?

  • GBlock LongLiveSiko

    We need more Adam on this channel

  • Tadpole Army
    Tadpole Army Month ago

    Flamin' Youn.

  • The White Mat Studio

    Sean Evans and 2 pretentious millenials.

  • Robert Presswood
    Robert Presswood Month ago

    Top Blade steak is much better than filet

  • aferguson850
    aferguson850 Month ago

    BuzzFeed? Don't have time for butthurt trigger devotees, see ya !

  • Chandana Sheshadri
    Chandana Sheshadri Month ago

    This video is surprisingly feels out of place and those three look bored to death

  • Hattie Lily Thavary Keene - Reinhard

    adam is and always will be the loml😂❤️

  • Emil Kingsley
    Emil Kingsley Month ago

    I love the way that chef speaks, and he's super funny too!

  • salsaman9696
    salsaman9696 Month ago

    Why don’t you have these guys on your show hot ones?

  • Lodogg 3323
    Lodogg 3323 Month ago

    Tomahawks are fine, but you haven’t lived until you’ve had a Prime DelMonico. It’s the cap of the ribeye, usually 2 tied together with string. So juicy and tender, hard to fuck up when grilling too. So much marbling in the meat just keeps it tender and soft. It’s like eating meat flavored butter.

  • eternalnate
    eternalnate Month ago

    If you pay $2000 for any food item you are a fucking scum bag and that is just a fact.

  • Bruno Monteiro
    Bruno Monteiro Month ago

    Thats the new yorker chef from glove and boots

  • No ragretS
    No ragretS Month ago

    Clemson dad?

  • Sweswio
    Sweswio Month ago

    Adam what a god

  • chøke
    chøke Month ago

    I find Steven's hush tone here disturbing

  • The Redeemed
    The Redeemed Month ago

    "can you slice it thinner?"
    dude shut up and eat that sucker.

  • The Redeemed
    The Redeemed Month ago

    whats up with people from new york being all about this super tiiny portion shit?

  • Christian Pinargote

    What an amazing crossover, two of my favorite shows

  • Marc Conradi
    Marc Conradi Month ago

    Sean overshadows these guys

  • hill prenatt
    hill prenatt Month ago

    adam = yes

  • Gamer
    Gamer Month ago

    How do you even pronounce Andrew's last name

  • James Hehir
    James Hehir Month ago


  • Layers [Rares]
    Layers [Rares] Month ago

    Guga puts this man to shame, sadly.

  • Raul Perez
    Raul Perez Month ago +1

    That chef needs to clear his throat

  • Bill Lindsey
    Bill Lindsey Month ago

    Steaks all looked beautiful. It would be nice to see their takes with the same steaks prepared with just salt and pepper, leaving off dipping them in beef fat or drenching them in butter.

  • voetbal12
    voetbal12 Month ago

    How many beta males can you fit in one video?

  • Mister Turk Turkle
    Mister Turk Turkle Month ago +3


  • Michael Tayon
    Michael Tayon Month ago

    I'm happy to get a thick Chuck Steak! ;)

  • Thomas the Tank engine

    I find it funny that the chef said that the tomahawk was the best steak known to man. Someone's never tried picanha

  • Moist Mate
    Moist Mate Month ago

    buzzfeed guys were really underwhelming

  • Michael Garcia
    Michael Garcia Month ago


  • Jax
    Jax Month ago

    i cleared my throat while watching this video.

  • Dream The Impossible Dream.

    And they say Infinity War was the best crossover event in history...

  • O.L. Chung
    O.L. Chung Month ago

    The Editting is so different

  • Cody Carmack
    Cody Carmack Month ago

    So apparently I'm the only one who thinks sean is dressed like dr evil

  • Snapple Trolling
    Snapple Trolling Month ago

    Gold leaf food is a scam. It contributes nothing to the flavor or texture. It's there to make a $100 burger a $1000 burger.

  • Tyler Winningham
    Tyler Winningham Month ago +1

    6:50 ..... Umm holding what?

  • Bradley Marger
    Bradley Marger Month ago

    The Holy Trinity, The NY strip, the fillet Mignon, and the Rib eye

  • Theo Sprague
    Theo Sprague Month ago

    Yes!!!! Genuis colab😁😁😁😉😁😁😁😁

  • Johnny !i!i
    Johnny !i!i Month ago

    I fucken hate that asian dude

  • kohlby bride
    kohlby bride 2 months ago

    Sean really knows how to do a quality intro

  • Allar Aaver
    Allar Aaver 2 months ago +5

    What i love most about Sean is that he is as succsessful as he is, without being loud or acting like he's been hit with cocaine every 30 min. Chill and straight to the point, not overly emotional and screaming at the mic.

  • Vladimir Enev
    Vladimir Enev 2 months ago

    The problem with the "Worth It" series is that they don't want to offend the chefs. Every time they say something is "worth it" they should have to pay for it with their own money. I bet the attitudes would change then. I don't think they would spend 2000 dollars on a pizza or hundreds of dollars on steak.

  • Bluberry Productions
    Bluberry Productions 2 months ago +2

    They say that infinity war was the biggest crossover in history...

  • Midnight Shadows
    Midnight Shadows 2 months ago

    I see Steven on a video, I watch the video.

  • Jaqueline Madrigal
    Jaqueline Madrigal 2 months ago

    Adam is a dad??

  • Guy Jimmy
    Guy Jimmy 2 months ago +1

    As bad as Buzzfeed is as a whole, these dudes are pretty good. Why haven't they broken off and just started their own channel to make their own money already?

  • Ayy It’sJoaquin
    Ayy It’sJoaquin 2 months ago +1

    Worth it hit ones? WEE NEEEEDS IIITTT

  • Chimnayee
    Chimnayee 2 months ago

    Steven didn't get his cheers 2:39

  • djvallfor2
    djvallfor2 2 months ago +1

    That chef is a character

  • TheMaloney
    TheMaloney 2 months ago

    Share with 4 people? He’s gotta be fucking kidding. What is he, a girl?

  • Giovanni Krueger
    Giovanni Krueger 2 months ago

    There's no need to shout Adam

  • Prism - Rocket League & More

    Adam I so cool and chill

  • Dee Cohen
    Dee Cohen 2 months ago

    Just started watching your show recently and I am really digging it. And now you’re collab-ing with one of my favorite channels! Yay!

  • Kevin Sommerville
    Kevin Sommerville 2 months ago

    Andrew, Steven and Adam should do Hot ones with Sean!