I Really Wanted Glasses And Now I Regret It

  • Published on Jun 21, 2019
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  • Jess Chew
    Jess Chew 7 minutes ago


  • Honey Subs
    Honey Subs 9 minutes ago

    *i dont even wear my glasses 😭☹ rip to my eyes*

  • Kia Sallis
    Kia Sallis 46 minutes ago

    I thought she was going lose her eyesight, however I felt like I walked into school lecture 👎

  • TheFoxChannel F0
    TheFoxChannel F0 2 hours ago +1

    Eye surgery is scary 😰😰😰😰

  • TheFoxChannel F0
    TheFoxChannel F0 2 hours ago +1

    I'm really obsessed with glasses they're sooo nice now I'm getting glasses for reading

  • XxMidnightGamerxX YT
    XxMidnightGamerxX YT 2 hours ago

    T H I S
    C H I L D
    I S
    N O T
    G R A T E F U L
    F O R
    H E R
    E Y E S

  • owo
    owo 2 hours ago

    When I take off my glasses, everything is a blob. And my lenses are so *T H I C C* that they don't even fit in my frames. Plus, I'm only twelve and I see worse than most adults over the age of forty. I think it's from reading too much because I got glasses in first grade and my family didn't have internet nor any electronics besides my sister's Nintendo DS. That's what I get from reading too many god damn Clifford books.

  • elian villa
    elian villa 2 hours ago

    Well I never wanted glasses but I never regret it yeah it it hurted a lot but it ended up fine and some people look uglier but I looked more handsome it was like if I was made for glasses

    DONT EVEN TRY 3 hours ago

    Really? You're so god damn lucky that you don't need glasses.

  • LMD Danna
    LMD Danna 3 hours ago

    My prescription is 20|400

  • Avani Yates
    Avani Yates 3 hours ago

    What if you cry??

  • Thedarksqaud
    Thedarksqaud 3 hours ago

    Heres a story i was walking to school and my mom said there is is and i was like were and she like there.meh mine:not my problem i was a kid and i was small

  • K.A Stream
    K.A Stream 3 hours ago

    I wanted glasses when I was little and now I have them because I can't see from a distance.
    It sucks, especially when it rains

  • Karma Morgan
    Karma Morgan 4 hours ago +2

    Her: I really want glasses now I regret it
    Me: There is something called FAKE glasses🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Vennie XD
    Vennie XD 5 hours ago

    what if she starts to cry?

  • some.sketchy .stuff
    some.sketchy .stuff 5 hours ago



  • Drago bro
    Drago bro 6 hours ago +1

    4% kid about lose eye sight 96% about eye surgery guide :/ :/

  • Cassandra Bruneau
    Cassandra Bruneau 7 hours ago

    Why did she do that

  • Cookie Monster
    Cookie Monster 8 hours ago +1

    I know how u feel I have glasses too ☹️

  • M C
    M C 8 hours ago

    Why purposely ruin your damn eyes? Ever heard of fake glasses? It's a struggle to have glasses.

  • TwEeK0
    TwEeK0 8 hours ago

    Oof i got scared i thought she did something to make her blind

  • ‘-[ sleepy lunatic ]-‘

    The channel was MinuteVideos even though this was ten minutes @_@

  • Abcdefg Hijklmnop
    Abcdefg Hijklmnop 9 hours ago

    Why didn’t she just were fake ones

  • Ūñkñøwñ Føx gāmęr

    Girl; I want glasses!! I made myself wear glasses. OH? My eye sight gets more bad?!
    eH I’ll keep them forever
    People who had to have glasses and hate it: *OH REALLY?*

    *what she said in a nutshell*

  • Otaoe MSP
    Otaoe MSP 11 hours ago +2

    How did she not blink for the whole surgery???

  • Serafina Barayandema
    Serafina Barayandema 13 hours ago


  • Serafina Barayandema
    Serafina Barayandema 13 hours ago

    Your vision got worse idiot the kids in the story are stupid im sorry not trying to be mean its just stupid

  • Serafina Barayandema
    Serafina Barayandema 13 hours ago

    Why do you want glasses its stupid

  • ShotCauliflo
    ShotCauliflo 13 hours ago

    that never was popular

  • Metric Synhiny
    Metric Synhiny 13 hours ago

    I don’t know why but I want glasses and braces too that’s why I have this Snapchat filter as my profile. 😅 I’m weird... but I do need braces I have a slight overbite and my teeth sort of split idk if that makes sense but yeah...😅

  • Martin Lambert-jones
    Martin Lambert-jones 14 hours ago

    Dat girl is stupid as tuck , why would you want to wear glasses ,I wear them and it can be a pain

  • Kaiydence Sabelko
    Kaiydence Sabelko 14 hours ago

    I like glasses and never had surgery and don’t want it /(I might pass out if I do/) “=“ and I love my glasses

  • WolfGirl_Playz GachaZ
    WolfGirl_Playz GachaZ 14 hours ago

    ιѕ ιт нυят

  • Jacob Wells
    Jacob Wells 15 hours ago

    You could’ve just gotten glasses without the prescription

  • Łįľý ţhě Ğáłàxý

    So glasses is good but i dont like to get a glasses becuse im pretty no not this im didnt like those

  • That One Weird Kid
    That One Weird Kid 17 hours ago

    Her: wants glasses ruins eyes
    Me: my natural eyesight

  • Maya Shania
    Maya Shania 18 hours ago

    I would rather have braces

  • unicornYT roblox rolx1246

    Well when i was younger than 7 my parents buyed me glasses well i didnt want glasses i dont wear glasses at home at school only cause in home is boring i know i NEED too wear it at home too sooo R.I.P M.E

  • NekoRose Chan
    NekoRose Chan 20 hours ago +1

    Does the Lasik hurt? I'm asking cuz I will need to get it soon and I'm nervous 😅

    • Clear Gold
      Clear Gold 17 hours ago

      NekoRose Chan It shouldn’t hurt. They drop numbing eye drops to numb your eyes so you don’t need to blink.

  • Daily Biscuit
    Daily Biscuit 21 hour ago

    My vision is soo bad that if I see black specks my eye might get deattached

    MYSTERY AND ADVENTURES 21 hour ago +1


  • juan Carlos club
    juan Carlos club 21 hour ago

    SHE IS a nerd dont worry im nerd TOO lol

  • purple cream
    purple cream 21 hour ago

    *has glasses and braces*
    Me: *checks watch* YUP IM GONNA DIE SOON

  • Green The Dino
    Green The Dino 22 hours ago

    I wish I had good vision and not have to wear glasses... this ungrateful bitch

  • Piper Hill
    Piper Hill 23 hours ago

    Im siting here crosseyed no glasses

  • pugo Chandler
    pugo Chandler Day ago

    Is it just me or does this music sound like sims 4

  • ッᴄʜᴀʀ
    ッᴄʜᴀʀ Day ago

    I regret it too but now I have contacts

  • Vviip
    Vviip Day ago

    velma origin story

  • Pip and DapperGrape

    Then get fake glasses

  • Elmo
    Elmo Day ago

    I'm a boy and I am short and have glasses but people don't like me so shut the fuck up about it being a trend

  • Vanna Orange
    Vanna Orange Day ago

    Eat carrots!

  • the popular ducky

    This is FLIPPING summer


  • Hexty
    Hexty Day ago

    So why did she regret it?

  • Bunny Boy
    Bunny Boy Day ago

    :Fact_bats have really good eyes

  • Pookie NumNums
    Pookie NumNums Day ago

    Why the hell would someone go through all that and be so damn stubborn and try to go home by themselves instead of just calling someone or setting up someone to take you home a head of time. I don't get it.

  • Lily Chitambar
    Lily Chitambar Day ago

    I was expecting her to be like “one day I decided I wanted glasses so I dumped bleach into my eyes and the next day I woke up blind” but I guess we’re not getting that

  • gacha kitty
    gacha kitty Day ago

    No MINECRAFT😥😥😥😥😦😦😦😦😧😢😢😢😢

  • Katt Lol
    Katt Lol Day ago +4

    Can we talk about how misleading the thumbnail is.

  • Starspawn
    Starspawn Day ago

    *That's not how it works*

  • Star Boy
    Star Boy Day ago

    Does it hurt? ;-;

  • Ana Marija Krile

    Who ever made this video is STUPID AF ! I'm sorry but that is just a true fact .....

  • Horsegirl12
    Horsegirl12 Day ago

    It sounds like the Sims music..

  • Angela Frandsen
    Angela Frandsen Day ago

    I had this operation it hurts like hell

  • Its Golden flame

    I got glasses🤣🤣

  • Shooting stars Forever

    This is really ONE min

  • aoi the weeb
    aoi the weeb Day ago

    my mom wants to get eye surgery and now i feel bad


    06:05 ok so her hand comes out of her head

  • Cadence Savoie
    Cadence Savoie Day ago

    Yeah i also wanted glasses but now that i watched this im not going wear them!

  • Fardus Abdi
    Fardus Abdi Day ago

    Eyes: *Perfect*
    Gets Glasses: ~Regrets It~
    People Who Have Glasses: *~WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, ARE WE A JOKE?~*

  • Natasha Knox
    Natasha Knox Day ago

    I always wanted to have glasses when I was t o and all my seven years i went to Claire's accessories and bought take glasses and they have cheta pattern on th e arms