Anti-Bullying Film - Paper Rose - by Olivia Mazzucato

  • Published on Dec 3, 2012
  • A student learns to stand up to bullying with the help of her friends.
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    "Paper Rose" (an anti-bullying film)
    13-year-old filmmaker, Olivia Mazzucato, presents a story of friendship and hope, encouraging teens to stand together in the face of bullying.
    Synopsis: When Danielle transfers to a new school in California, she is welcomed by Emily, the student council president. But Danielle soon realizes that Emily and her "popular" friends are not as accepting as they first seemed. Luckily, Danielle is befriended by Penny, a peculiar student that urges Danielle to be open to the kindness of others at the school, whoever they may be. Danielle follows Penny's advice and discovers that it's not the first time Emily's bullying has caused trouble at the school. But now, united behind Danielle, the students are able to confront Emily to make sure that the past does not repeat itself.
    Bullying in school is a growing problem, but it's not always as obvious as being shoved into a locker, or being beat up. Bullying can be subtle-words that pick someone apart and make them feel alone and different. And when someone is bullied in this way, they might not get the help they need, because no one sees the bruises. But words can hurt too, and if no one takes a stand, that hurt can have deadly consequences.
    This film was made by eighth-grader, Olivia Mazzucato, and was screened during an anti-bullying assembly for the 6th, 7th and 8th grade students at her middle school. The school then hosted a public premiere for the film.
    For some behind the scenes footage and a scene excerpt watch:
    DVD's available for school anti-bullying assemblies - (visit official webpage at:
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  • Tracey Tugby Tugby
    Tracey Tugby Tugby 3 hours ago

    Pennys so adorable who thinks so
    One like if you want the mean girl to be nice
    One like to help penny make new friends

  • Olivia Wilkerson
    Olivia Wilkerson 9 hours ago

    Penny my dear, rest in peace

  • Addie's Adventures

    I’d didn’t get it

  • gachazamazinglife_ UnU

    Penny is so adorable...2019 anybody?

  • Asyfa Lya Ariffen
    Asyfa Lya Ariffen 2 days ago

    I hate the girl!

  • Creepypasta Lover
    Creepypasta Lover 2 days ago

    I promise I will prevent it from that to happen

  • Barbie Fifth Harmony

    OHHHHH Now I get it maybe bc when penny said it's like no one ever sees me and when Denis looked for penny and she saw her penny disappeared and she went back to heaven but is this a true story?

  • Barbie Fifth Harmony

    I got questions how did Denis know that penny killed herself but she is alive? And did they lie to Denis about penny leaving I'm not trying to be rude but I love this story it was really sad

  • Barbie Fifth Harmony

    I'm confuse is penny the one who killed herself bc of th e bullies? If she did then how is she still alive? Not trying to be rude I love these bully storys in a friendly way

  • CLEETUS iS tHe bEsT nAmE

    everyone: "omg when jake said 'Yes your Highness' was so funny"
    me: this movie is very cringy and the acting is not good at all BUT... the message is good and i enjoyed it!

  • Roxy Wolf
    Roxy Wolf 4 days ago +1

    My first thought of penny was CUTE!

  • Andrea WallSanchez
    Andrea WallSanchez 4 days ago

    Penny is so cute

  • Alyssa _Playz12
    Alyssa _Playz12 4 days ago +3

    1like=How much you wish Emily was Dead not Penny❤️

  • Mannete Jubilee
    Mannete Jubilee 5 days ago +2

    this is sad😔....its not fair to bully others especially on their first day of school

  • Acting Girl
    Acting Girl 5 days ago

    Im not gonna lie .........Penny is so adorable

  • Acting Girl
    Acting Girl 5 days ago

    Emily: hes such a bully
    Me: Like you (puts my shades on and dabs)

  • Vickysmollpotato0
    Vickysmollpotato0 6 days ago +2

    “Yes ur highness” lmaoooo 😂

  • Bol Gg
    Bol Gg 6 days ago

    It great

  • Catzilla_YT
    Catzilla_YT 6 days ago

    I got to admit this was AMAZING great acting skills! :D

  • Tim Contreras
    Tim Contreras 6 days ago +2

    he is dead like the other girl

  • Tim Contreras
    Tim Contreras 6 days ago +2

    he said nobody cold see him and he disapeard so he is dead

  • Diana Carvalho
    Diana Carvalho 7 days ago +1

    Diana Carvalho in a year and a few days ago week to be a very much for your time and a more and in his own way in a new to a more and in his way in a year ago the first and that it to the more to you and I will you have you and I will have to a more to the more to the us in your time and I have a go in to a few of a great deal in his own and of a great deal in a new to have a chance at all times a 0 at all times and to a more and in his way to you for your letter and you have the opportunity 0 at a meeting with me and 0 a great time of his or her and to the new and that is a more to you to you to you and a new year of an 0 of the new and in

  • Hinata Uzumaki
    Hinata Uzumaki 7 days ago +2


  • Emily dances
    Emily dances 7 days ago

    Why am I mean 😔

  • Eve Fallis
    Eve Fallis 8 days ago

    Im not like most people either my brain works differently than others but I lost of friends just like all our brains work differently than others

  • Crystal cave Diamond cookie

    This made me cry don't bully kiddos make friends and don't let the sadness deafet you and don't end up killing your self I wish friend's but I'm a little bit harsh but I have to if I change I won't be able to stand up for my self make sure to get the right friends and don't feel left out like I did I'm my class there were 10 or 11 Kids we were 13 but one of my classmate made one of my friends kill them self for bulling I have 10 but know I have 5 don't pick the Rong friends

  • Kermit
    Kermit 8 days ago

    Let’s be honest. Penny is the friend we all wish for

  • iigingergeek
    iigingergeek 9 days ago +1

    "Hey, do you need help?"
    Me: *lol he asian boi*

  • Ajeeya Malik
    Ajeeya Malik 9 days ago


  • Ciara Solorzano
    Ciara Solorzano 9 days ago

    The saddest most happy video I have ever seen

  • La'Mya Woods
    La'Mya Woods 10 days ago +3

    When Dani found penny killed herself had me crying so hard😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Kc Black
    Kc Black 10 days ago +2

    F*****co u Emily it's your fult Penny is dead 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠. like if u think penny didnot deserves this and if u think Emily should go to hell

  • Josey 123me
    Josey 123me 10 days ago +4

    “They’re not really my friends, they’re just the only people I know” jus same😐

  • Halfmoonrising
    Halfmoonrising 10 days ago +4

    “Yes your highness” that cracked me up!!!

  • Brooke Foster
    Brooke Foster 10 days ago

    Penny is so adorable

  • Doreenjonah jonathan
    Doreenjonah jonathan 11 days ago

    Dat is adevil wat ashame

  • Daniella Pinos
    Daniella Pinos 11 days ago +4

    Penny is a little angel 👼 she killed her self she used a metaphor for everything and she was adorable. leave a like you think so too

  • Dane Smith
    Dane Smith 11 days ago

    I think penny was the one who killed herself

  • Smooth
    Smooth 12 days ago +2

    That one anime show poster i could find in the whole show lol. Ralphie: I'm in Danger :D

  • Chelsea Esteban
    Chelsea Esteban 12 days ago

    Ok but the guys is cute

  • Isis Blackhearth
    Isis Blackhearth 13 days ago


  • Mikaelyn Hill
    Mikaelyn Hill 13 days ago

    I hate when people let other people take over them self and don't want to fight back and tell me if penny is really dead if she's not send a pic please because she was very cute for real so sad

  • Neji En
    Neji En 13 days ago

    M looking for the great bullies

  • Olivia Meuer
    Olivia Meuer 14 days ago

    How is this not a movie? The way they put this together with the characters and the twist at the end was genius. If this was a movie, it would be so viral.

  • Gacha Liv
    Gacha Liv 15 days ago

    Noooo! Penny what happen

  • Jayy J.
    Jayy J. 15 days ago

    Penny was my fav!!😊

  • Gynae Manns
    Gynae Manns 16 days ago

    Idk why I like penny so much she just so adorable

  • Ashley Garcia
    Ashley Garcia 16 days ago

    Oh wow like 7 years ago this came out😂🥴

  • Ashley Garcia
    Ashley Garcia 16 days ago

    Mmhmm "good hands" 😑

  • Alanna Daniels
    Alanna Daniels 16 days ago

    Penny is so cute

  • Alanna Daniels
    Alanna Daniels 16 days ago

    Yes your highness I’m dying bruh

  • Sienna_ Disney
    Sienna_ Disney 16 days ago +1

    I ❤️ Penny!

  • Reshma Das
    Reshma Das 17 days ago

    That ' i speak english~.....' got me laughing! Dude you underestimate too much bahaha!!!!!

  • SarahInTheYTWorld
    SarahInTheYTWorld 17 days ago

    Wait did penny kill herself ??? 😨😰😰😨

  • Caleb Johnston
    Caleb Johnston 17 days ago

    Jake is my guy

  • Sherita Johnson
    Sherita Johnson 17 days ago

    So sad 😔😞🙁😣😖😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Koirtlyn Ervin
    Koirtlyn Ervin 17 days ago

    Penny is a good person

  • []ItzGacha{ }Sunshine[]

    I almost cried when they said penny died

  • Bandcapow Nameabcdefghijklmnop

    Penny is adorable even though she's disabled people don't see anything but a disabled person no one ever pays attention to their personalty I would know I'm deaf I've gone to a deaf school and have met kids that have had to wear helmets been put in wheelchairs and have even needed guidance in the school but there all special in some way just like penny she has this cute adorable voice

    1 like= 1 hug for a disabled person

  • Official.Jayla Jayla
    Official.Jayla Jayla 19 days ago

    Penny is sweet

  • Oki It Memes HUN
    Oki It Memes HUN 19 days ago

    Penny died😭
    Rip Penny❤️

  • Anearah Walker
    Anearah Walker 19 days ago

    I cried when I found out penny was dead 😢

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood 19 days ago

    Wait... Was Penny dead the whole time?

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood 19 days ago

    Penny was so cute though😭😭 U told my self half way through If I have no friends in high school I would want someone like Penny. When Danielle said how do you know her? And the words started I began to cry cause I figured out Penny killed herself instead of going to the art class...

  • Taylor Myers
    Taylor Myers 19 days ago

    This is so sad😭😭♥️🤞🏼

  • Kaycee DeCoria
    Kaycee DeCoria 19 days ago

    Is this REAL!!!!

  • Potato Lucy
    Potato Lucy 20 days ago

    Why is jake a mood????

  • button . babu
    button . babu 20 days ago +1

    she's so adorable everyone can be different always and they can change nicer to nicer

  • Morgan Barrett
    Morgan Barrett 20 days ago

    I’m so glad this is a movie and penny didn’t actually die irl. If anyone touches that sweet lil munchkin imma drop kick them

  • Haley Loyd
    Haley Loyd 20 days ago +7

    She was so sweet and adorable 😖😣💜 R.I.P Penny

  • I'm Taken
    I'm Taken 20 days ago +2

    Bro did Penny just disappear

  • ava cake 123
    ava cake 123 20 days ago

    Penny killed herself😭

  • onii chan
    onii chan 21 day ago +2

    bullys are low life losers wasting there damm time but u never know some change

  • onii chan
    onii chan 21 day ago

    jakes a real one

  • XxShadow xX
    XxShadow xX 21 day ago

    Penny is so cute I wanna be her friend lol

  • Cathi Bratter
    Cathi Bratter 21 day ago +2

    That girl that was being nice to the new girl sounds like Megan Mcarthy

  • Gulzar Chowdhury
    Gulzar Chowdhury 22 days ago

    Amazing video I cried

  • vocal queenlaiah
    vocal queenlaiah 22 days ago

    That's fucked up she is mad racist for that you don't think she speaks English based off of the way she looks😢😢😢😢😠😠😠😠😢😢

  • Nikcol Sapp
    Nikcol Sapp 23 days ago

    I love penny she is so cute😍😘

  • BellaNight Shade
    BellaNight Shade 24 days ago

    omg I feel so bad this is so sad 😭

  • Jenny Zathang
    Jenny Zathang 25 days ago +1

    Awwww Penny's Adorable!

  • Manorama Singh
    Manorama Singh 25 days ago

    When Danielle was going to enter the lab room her hair was open but when she entered her hair was not open

  • Latisha Jackson
    Latisha Jackson 25 days ago

    And the truth came out penny killed her self

  • Latisha Jackson
    Latisha Jackson 25 days ago +3

    I love Penny she so beautiful OMG!!

  • Haley K
    Haley K 25 days ago +2

    When you see penny’s face... LOL 😂

  • Manorama Singh
    Manorama Singh 25 days ago

    Penny is too adorable and her cute voice,Omg!😊

    But may I know why Emily insult or not, in the line I don't know how things worked in India??!

  • Animation Stuff
    Animation Stuff 26 days ago

    Do you ever feel like you don’t fit in ?

    WhAT dO yOu ThInK

  • ur mom.
    ur mom. 26 days ago

    Emily- go away Jake
    Jake- “yes ur highness” **in sarcastic voice**

  • Amber Esparza
    Amber Esparza 26 days ago

    I think it was Emily's fault that penny killed herself but the others did have a chance to stand up to her but they felt scared to help her

  • Alex_7jv221 hi
    Alex_7jv221 hi 26 days ago

    thats not right to just bully its not kind

  • Cat Girl Gamer
    Cat Girl Gamer 27 days ago

    So sad 😥😥😥😥😪😢😢😢😢😢😥😢😥😪

  • Killamadesmk Robinson
    Killamadesmk Robinson 27 days ago

    Penny was the one that didn’t get any help and she killed her self and she vanished at the end I had to watch it again and then I got it so it was sad 😭😭😢😥😱😱

  • kawii plays gacha life

    Penny killed herself :(

  • brooklyn deleon
    brooklyn deleon 28 days ago

    These bullying needs to stop and I wish I could speak up

  • Hannah White
    Hannah White 28 days ago +1

    Your skin isn’t paper so don’t cut it
    Your body isn’t a shape so don’t judge it
    Pills are not food so don’t eat them enless you have to
    Your life is not a movie so don’t end it

  • Hannah White
    Hannah White 28 days ago

    Your skin isn’t paper
    Your body isn’t a shape so don’t judge it
    Your life isn’t a movie so don’t end it

  • Mia Foltz
    Mia Foltz 28 days ago

    Penny is like a therapist if I was Dani and I needed someone to talk to I’d be next to penny in seconda

  • Mia Foltz
    Mia Foltz 28 days ago

    Me raging:


    • satisfyingslime1454
      satisfyingslime1454 19 days ago

      What does that matter she didn't want it in her hair calm down kid

  • Mia Foltz
    Mia Foltz 28 days ago

    Aw I love penny she is so cute