The Real Reason Steakhouses Are Disappearing


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  • Mashed
    Mashed  3 months ago +600

    Do you still fancy a steakhouse for a big, important meal?

    • MysteryMelon3
      MysteryMelon3 13 hours ago

      Mashed even when I go to a steakhouse I just get a chicken sandwich

    • Mary Light
      Mary Light 22 days ago +1

      Tbh, I'd rather go to Red Lobster for an important meal, good food & not overly expensive.

    • Dennis Olsson
      Dennis Olsson 24 days ago

      Mashed steakhouses arent only american.

    • Marc Andersen
      Marc Andersen Month ago +1

      Bad value for money, prefer to cook home....

  • Galaxy Life
    Galaxy Life 17 hours ago

    Everyone: *looks at thanos* Thanos: What?

  • Bruce Budka
    Bruce Budka Day ago +1

    Not true.

  • Nigel Downey
    Nigel Downey 2 days ago

    Well, I’m just back from a trip to the US, and I can tell you that one of the main reasons steak is falling in popularity is that it is absolutely tasteless! Unless a steak is slathered in some kind of sauce, it’s just a rubbery piece of chewing gum. This is the result of the big difference between American and European farming practices.

  • winddmmy
    winddmmy 3 days ago

    when they tax you ass off you can not afford to go to a steak house!

  • Christopher McKeon
    Christopher McKeon 7 days ago

    They're closing because their food SUCKS. Total crap.

  • capsitan
    capsitan 8 days ago

    Video is making several claims without any references over statistical data. Thumbs down.

  • Tilman Baumann
    Tilman Baumann 8 days ago

    The British TV voice talking about an American issue confuses the fuck out of me.
    Also, today you can totally get far superior steaks with sous vide technique at home.

  • Philippe Benoit
    Philippe Benoit 11 days ago

    not a relic

  • Austin Wood
    Austin Wood 11 days ago

    I eat steak all the time I just cook it at home. It’s cheaper and I can make it exactly the way I want it.

  • Joe12
    Joe12 13 days ago

    I want to open steakhouse when i grow up.

  • KETO Uber
    KETO Uber 13 days ago +1

    small portions....BIG BIG price... goto costco, spend more cook it yourself and pay way less

  • Rob Marley
    Rob Marley 13 days ago +1

    Steak is easy. Buy from a local butcher that buys whole cows (USA raised). Get 1inch thick strip steak, t-bone, or ribeye that is no more than $8.00/lb. Add olive oil, Worcestershire and salt and pepper or your favorite dry rub like Montreal seasoning (marinate for 1hr). Cook on med/high heat charcoal turning once. Let rest for 5mins. Enjoy with potatoes, veggies, and beer/wine. 1 meal at home cost less than $12, or at a steak house more than $40 or $50 plus tip. Experiment, experience, and enjoy.

  • D4RKplayz
    D4RKplayz 14 days ago

    Why do I feel like protesting for plant lives and becoming a meatan?

  • Ben Schwarz
    Ben Schwarz 14 days ago

    using butter to mask the toughness and the texture? thats just how you make a steak

  • Lahkweeshah Smith
    Lahkweeshah Smith 14 days ago

    Huh? You must live in a bubble, I see more steakhouses today than 20-30 years ago. Turn off your iPhone and check for yourself.

  • Sid Miller
    Sid Miller 14 days ago

    Pure bull shit!

    • hg2
      hg2 13 days ago

      Yeah. Trump would call this fluff piece Fake News.

  • Fred Slocombe
    Fred Slocombe 14 days ago

    It's the Internet. Now we want to fix our own.

  • Carl Wakeling
    Carl Wakeling 14 days ago +1


  • Clyde Cavalieri
    Clyde Cavalieri 15 days ago

    Wait! Bad enough they were trashing steakhouses, but near the end they are dissing stripclubs! That is beyond the pale! I will not tolerate such abhorrent attitudes!

  • Jeremy H
    Jeremy H 16 days ago


  • John Hoshell
    John Hoshell 17 days ago

    That being said, I could really go for some Outback Steak House right now.

  • IronheadOfScroteus
    IronheadOfScroteus 18 days ago +1

    We quit buying steak meals at steakhouses twenty years ago when I started learning how to cook a steak better than they did.

  • Paul Roberts
    Paul Roberts 18 days ago +1

    Why would anyone go out for a special meal and only have a healthy meal. Healthy meals are fine for every day at home but if I am having a birthday, anniversary etc. Forget the healthy options.

  • Willy Ng
    Willy Ng 19 days ago +1

    When you serve good food at reasonable prices with attentive service, people will come.

  • BereZone
    BereZone 19 days ago

    "kobe" beef KOBE BRYANT

  • f23948
    f23948 19 days ago


  • Lincoln Paul
    Lincoln Paul 20 days ago +2

    Standard of living has dropped and most people can’t afford eating out very often. Thus medium priced restaurants are going out of business

  • Screw The Net
    Screw The Net 21 day ago

    So if steak houses were such HUGE epic parts of american ritualistic life, where they go? I dont know a lotta people that hit up steak houses, including friends and family. Hmm...Personally I am not gonna listen to a british chick about"american culture".

  • james bruton
    james bruton 21 day ago

    dam vegans

  • Mary Light
    Mary Light 22 days ago +1

    One of my guesses was right- they're way too expensive, which is kinda sad, since I haven't tried a real steak for at least 7 yrs I think?

    ZGERMAN 23 days ago

    I had a 30 oz. porterhouse at the trump hotel in DC, it doesn’t get more Primal than that 😀

  • Dennis Smith
    Dennis Smith 23 days ago


  • Scungio
    Scungio 24 days ago

    There’s plenty of steakhouses in NYC

  • Mr.SnugglyDick
    Mr.SnugglyDick 24 days ago +1

    Vegan's dream report

  • Batatz Batatatz
    Batatz Batatatz 24 days ago +1

    Tell that to salt bae!

  • Rich Ovejero
    Rich Ovejero 25 days ago

    Another example of the state of the economy.

  • James Dodson
    James Dodson 25 days ago

    Daily Reminder: Socialism always ends in starvation and genocide

  • J RM
    J RM 25 days ago

    Who says there disappearing? Ponderosa, really? That doesn't count! Independent steak houses open up all the time!

  • There's a Fly on your screen

    Going vegan is okay but shoving it in everyone's faces is not.

  • Paul Pithers
    Paul Pithers 25 days ago

    people crying about meat need to go suck there thumbs in the corner and stfu

  • J.R. Productions
    J.R. Productions 25 days ago +1

    Why go to a steak house if you can make it yourself. Lol, this video is bullshit.

  • Jimanez47
    Jimanez47 25 days ago +1

    If i was in a restaurant where people would fight for animal rights i would order a big steak as noticable as i could hoping for it to be prepared a little bit to late to ask the waiter. EXCUSE ME! WHERE IS MY STEAK. then i would consume it with a smile and tried to enjoy it as much as i can and show it even more smiling to the people fighing for the rights.

  • Anthony Taylor
    Anthony Taylor 26 days ago

    Because they cost to frickin much

  • Paddy O'Donoghue
    Paddy O'Donoghue 26 days ago

    What a load of bollocks.

  • Don B
    Don B 26 days ago

    What the real cause of this is the regulations are put in under the Obama Administration a man by the name of Cass Sunstein who wrote the book, "Nudge" a study in how to move people in ways they don't want to go by using regulations. He said he wanted that position because it gave him ultimate power. Regarding beef, he said he would drive prices up through regulatory policies so people couldn't afford beef anymore. Thus lowering greenhouse gasses.

  • shack adoodledo
    shack adoodledo 26 days ago

    The only steak houses that will survive are the ones that can offer a whole package for the price. From a pretty waitress, tasty fresh bread, great appetizer choices, great deserts, a great ambiance, and of course a good steak. The steak house will never die.

  • viclloyd1
    viclloyd1 26 days ago

    This is BS. You cant get near an Outback anywhere any night here in FL.

  • Jimmy Rice
    Jimmy Rice 26 days ago

    Texas Roadhouse great steak's

  • Jimmy Rice
    Jimmy Rice 26 days ago +1

    I eat meat, less meat now from dollar Tree. One dollar buys a nice sirloin. Excellent meal

  • christopherscooper58
    christopherscooper58 26 days ago

    Salt your steak in salt 1 hour before you grill. Wash off salt. Pepper the steak and then do THIS. Put a light covering of Cocoa powder then grill HOT.

  • christopherscooper58
    christopherscooper58 26 days ago

    BULLSHIT !!!

  • jonnygogo bravo
    jonnygogo bravo 27 days ago

    We love burgers more...yo!

  • I am 40
    I am 40 27 days ago

    At first this video's title made me think that there are steakhouses that are selling synthetic food since the word 'real' is inside

  • Tyler Withers
    Tyler Withers 27 days ago

    Cause I can cook a steak better.

  • yonghoju
    yonghoju 28 days ago

    Please stop saying 'kobi beef 'ffs!

  • آكل الدهون
    آكل الدهون 28 days ago

    Grains have to go extent to allow place for healthy grass fed meat

  • MistyRose Lulu
    MistyRose Lulu 28 days ago

    Don't eat cows! Cows are friends! Save them! I'm glad the steak houses are closing! 😊

  • Lenard Berry
    Lenard Berry 28 days ago

    yall got me wanting a good steak dinner tonight...😂😂😂

  • Nevada Fur Trapper
    Nevada Fur Trapper 29 days ago

    Trump! Help bring back America's steak house diner industry!

  • Matthew Anderson
    Matthew Anderson 29 days ago

    Not disappearing where I live, they are popping up left and right

  • 1701spacecadet
    1701spacecadet Month ago

    When you see vegan protesters outside you know it's a good restaurant.

  • Michael Payne
    Michael Payne Month ago

    Go vegan ! 🤣😂

  • DinoMack1
    DinoMack1 Month ago +1

    fucktard libtards trying to outlaw eating meat, fully support the unlimited murdering of unborn children as "womens rights" fucking low IQ brainwashed hypocrites

  • Learning Solutions Group

    Could it be because people have discovered that the steak actually does not have any taste or flavor when compared to other meat dishes?

  • Alley
    Alley Month ago

    Why go to a steak house when you can just go to Golden corral and have unlimited steak lol

  • Jeff Liss
    Jeff Liss Month ago

    Went to Outhouse. What the hell is that horrible spice they use to ruin a good steak?

  • Jon Petre
    Jon Petre Month ago

    I miss "Keltie's Bum Steer" restaurants. Great steak joints.

  • Pedro Rodriguez
    Pedro Rodriguez Month ago

    High cost,not for Mama,Papa and two kids.

  • Michael Poling
    Michael Poling Month ago

    My ex girlfriend thought unless you spent a butt load of money and all the amenities that I had to spend she didn't have a good steak

    • Michael Poling
      Michael Poling Month ago

      Ruby Tuesday was my favorite restaurant, they had a pork chop that was out of this world. Unfortunately they closed a couple of years ago. Always busy and people waiting to be seated

  • seamorgh21
    seamorgh21 Month ago

    Fake News.

  • Michael Aguilera
    Michael Aguilera Month ago

    Cattlmens Steakhouse in Fabens, Texas are the best and biggest steaks. LOVE that place.

  • Elmaestrodemusica
    Elmaestrodemusica Month ago

    Prices up because we're exporting more?? Shouldn't Americans be eating first?? Will the president do something about this?? Oh wait, how do ranchers usually vote .... (making America great again)

  • Nick Roberts
    Nick Roberts Month ago

    When you control weather not too hard my loves

  • Nabil Massoud
    Nabil Massoud Month ago


  • joe dirt
    joe dirt Month ago

    Click bait animal rights bullshit. They can kiss my beef eatin' ass.

  • zack9912000
    zack9912000 Month ago

    What a load of liberal bs

  • Thomas Glynn
    Thomas Glynn Month ago

    millennial fruitcups...

  • Carol DeHaven
    Carol DeHaven Month ago

    I haven't had a decent steak since I lived In Chicago about 35 years ago....................

  • free noodle
    free noodle Month ago

    See I would buy my own steak but I think it's cheaper paying for a steak $10 more than the grocery market price, than burning my whole house down.

  • Kenny Tran
    Kenny Tran Month ago

    Come on, MSG is bad

  • larry69laing
    larry69laing Month ago

    Now I'm hungry.

  • John Dambrell
    John Dambrell Month ago

    All these places no nothing about a god steak

  • Dularr
    Dularr Month ago

    Overpriced and the employees don't know how to cook a steak.

  • Fly Oz
    Fly Oz Month ago

    I have stopped ordering steak or dining out as arrogant cough cough so called Chefs wont cook a steak as orderd. They think well done and medium inside is a no no? in whos book??

  • Lostgears
    Lostgears Month ago

    2008? That just means that were prefer to buy our own steaks and enjoy them with our family for CHEAPER. For a 20$ steak I can buy like 3-4 steaks and prepare them at home AND they even TASTE better. Olive oil, salt/pepper, italian seasoning, pan at high heat, sear and done. kthxbai~! We will not miss you. :)
    Also those who argue that we paying for convenience of not having to cook and clean. That is totally a non-issue because I am not fucking lazy. Shots fired. I can whip up a steak dinner with potatoes and veggies in under 30 minutes. Dishes and counters done in 10-15 minutes. No time wasted in waiting at a restaurant or gasoline used that day.
    Oh but wait, what about the poor servers and their jobs??? Sorry, you're gonna have to adapt and get a different or better job just like everyone else has to. No more tips for you.

  • Jdor D
    Jdor D Month ago +1

    Interesting video for sure, keep up the good work..."Yeshua (Jesus Christ) is the way"

  • Leon Allan Davis
    Leon Allan Davis Month ago

    The main reason no one goes out to eat anymore is cops waiting to pounce as soon as you pull out of the parking lot. A DUI can cost you north of $5,000 plus a crazy raise in your automobile insurance.
    I've never been busted for a DUI but then again, I stopped going out a long time ago. Why risk it?

  • Dadalordman 1
    Dadalordman 1 Month ago

    Red meat will kill you fast! Stop eating it

  • poikaa3
    poikaa3 Month ago

    For my birthday a few weeks ago I went to Red Lobster and had a wonderful steak and a free lobster tail! I'll be going back, only 16 bucks!

  • Pablo Aguilar
    Pablo Aguilar Month ago

    The steakhouses must all be going to Arkansas cause they are building one near the mall 😂

  • LinzzzZ Faust
    LinzzzZ Faust Month ago

    M eat protestors sit your ass down ya all have to much time

  • MasterStryfe
    MasterStryfe Month ago

    I could care less about animal welfare. As long as I get a nice steak, I dont mind if the cow was decapitated with a butter knife for 49 days.

  • Steve Mano
    Steve Mano Month ago

    The main issue is animal cruelty. We can’t just kill animals for food. They don’t want to be killed. Humans are just disgusting.

  • Mark Perry
    Mark Perry Month ago

    Hilarious. Salaries have not increased in 30 years for the USA. Pricea go up.
    Americans cannot afford it.

  • LednacekZ
    LednacekZ Month ago

    maybe in USA. There is no lack of stake houses where i live

  • Steven Tracy
    Steven Tracy Month ago

    Ponderosa and sizzler didn't and or do not serve wine and beer. Idiots.

  • Kevin Pippin
    Kevin Pippin Month ago

    Thats because their steaks are shit.

  • Fernando Shelka
    Fernando Shelka Month ago

    Are they though?

  • battu tulu
    battu tulu Month ago +1

    Blame Salt Bay...!