The Real Reason Steakhouses Are Disappearing

  • Published on Aug 14, 2018
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    There was a time that anyone wanting a special meal would head to a steakhouse. Anniversaries, promotions, birthdays, retirements and graduations were all celebrated in true American fashion: over a giant slab of meat. But the 21st century hasn't been kind to the steakhouse, and across the country, they're disappearing…
    Rising beef prices | 0:54
    Bang for your buck | 2:02
    Kobe beef left a bad taste | 2:54
    Animal welfare | 3:59
    Living in moderation | 4:59
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  • Mashed
    Mashed  7 months ago +716

    Do you still fancy a steakhouse for a big, important meal?

  • Hunt Mike
    Hunt Mike 10 hours ago

    And it's only going to go worse. Our young children and their kids will only be able to dream of real meats and sea food in the future.

  • Hunt Mike
    Hunt Mike 10 hours ago

    They forgot to mention the most important factor of all; population increase and especially growing demand from China's +1.5 billion people who now have the means to buy more than just a bag of rice...

  • Catatonic Pikachu
    Catatonic Pikachu 2 days ago

    You said a whole lot of nothing. Top reason people dont go to steak houses is because people dont have time or disposable income to go anywhere anymore. Wages are stagnant while prices are rising. If wages were rising then the Steakhouse owners could adjust their prices freely but they cant because revenue/ profit income is also stagnant or falling. Its a sign that the economy really isnt as great as it looks. We have been comparing modern numbers to Decades old analysis methods.

  • Brian Moon
    Brian Moon 2 days ago

    The only ones who would eat overpriced steak are suburban turds from down South

  • Jeff Smith
    Jeff Smith 2 days ago +1

    They are extremely overpriced and low quality.

  • Andrew Jackson
    Andrew Jackson 4 days ago

    My opinion?? Utube !! I buy Walmart steaks and do them better than any steakhouse could!! I sous vide em and reverse sear em on the grill. Good luck timberlodge!! My last meal with you I took my family there yrs ago and all our meals were garbage. Shame me once ...

  • Sedat Mehmed
    Sedat Mehmed 4 days ago

    You should remove the health reason. Recent studies show that dietary fats, sodium and cholesterol are completely irrelevant to your body fat and blood cholesterol and further more - these stats does not correspond to your hearth health. Humans were consuming a lot of dietary fat and salt (because salt was the only preservation method before refrigeration) and were not dying of heart diseases. In fact back in centuries if you reach adulthood you most likely will live to 60-70-80 years. Low average life expectancy in Medieval age for example comes from higj infant mortality.
    In conclusion - don't be afraid of eating meat because of cholesterol. Sugar is far more dangerous for your health and it is a lot more common in new so called healthy processed foods.

  • Charlie Bradley
    Charlie Bradley 5 days ago

    I still love steak houses. Sadly only ever maybe get 1 time a year to go as they are expensive sadly.

  • Russ F
    Russ F 6 days ago

    I haven't gone out to eat a steak at a restaurant in AGES!
    I prefer to pick my own beef at a real butcher, have him cut it extra thick... age it in my meat locker, and then cook it to MY satisfaction.
    I pay less than I would going out to a nice restaurant, and it's always cooked to perfection. Juicy tender every time.
    There's something about knowing nobody spit in my food too.
    Can't trust anybody these days.

  • Graham Reitz
    Graham Reitz 7 days ago +1

    Yeah, lost me at calling Ponderosa a steak house...

  • whynamit J
    whynamit J 8 days ago +1

    you are way off course.

    the cost of living has went up, the pay scale has went down. American beef processors are cheaping out, to the point of we not only are the number one world supplier of beef, but most countries will no longer buy our beef, and a high percentage of our beef now comes from mexico with no standards are being enforced. todays beef has limited flavor (or palatable texture) due to the chemicals used to raise them and the food they are fed..

    we have ruined our beef, and increased the prices, with out increasing wages. giving us less for more, in turn taking beef out of our diet (for the most part).

    Ironically, in most countries(at least third world countries) beef is the cheap meat, poultry and pork is more expensive.

  • RJ Weissenborn
    RJ Weissenborn 8 days ago

    Because no one wants a half a** steak they could have made better at home for half the price

  • C P
    C P 8 days ago +1

    Ponderosa, Bonanza,- steak houses??? its Is like calling Mickey Ds a gourmet burger house

  • Plantifolia Plantas
    Plantifolia Plantas 9 days ago

    Fuck you vegans

  • john kean
    john kean 9 days ago

    It's Wetherspoons who are kicking not only other pubs in the bottom with their value but because its cheaper to eat out than to shop in supermarkets. Before you comment - yes l too have breakfast at the Ritz and shop at Fortnums but champagne and strawberries every day would soon become a frightful _ennui._ (And a bit of rough trade never hurt anyone. 😉)

  • N/A N/A
    N/A N/A 9 days ago

    Too expensive for me and recently I learned how to cook a perfect steak at home

  • Peter Myers
    Peter Myers 9 days ago

    Nothing like a big well cooked steak, an icy cold beer, a baked potato and a wedge of Iceberg lettuce with Russian dressing. Nothing fancy. Everything you need for a perfect meal and nothing you don’t need.

  • Edward Malone
    Edward Malone 10 days ago

    We eat too much beef as is, I'm not a vegetarian but as a whole we eat too much.. it's not good for our health or the environment

  • Chief Seadawg
    Chief Seadawg 11 days ago

    Yup, I used to work at Mr. Steak, which at its peak operated 278 restaurants throughout the United States and 4 in Canada. The corporation went bankrupt in 1987 and all Mr. Steak restaurants were gradually closed off by the mid-1990s. I no longer go out to any steak restaurant, because I know I can grill or cook a MUCH better steak at home at a MUCH lower price. After all, I have cooked literally tons of steaks during my restaurant days, so I've got the art of preparing steak down pat. And Angus & other prime steaks are readily available at very reasonable prices at the local supermarkets.

  • Sergio Munoz
    Sergio Munoz 12 days ago


  • Practical Tactical
    Practical Tactical 12 days ago +2

    Texas has no problem with its steakhouses

  • R. B.L.
    R. B.L. 12 days ago

    I am happier to buy a better than average cut of meat but BBQ it at home and save $$ while having a good quality cut.

  • Kenny Davis
    Kenny Davis 12 days ago

    I started eating at steakhouses in the late 70' s. By the early 80' s I had settled on Quincy's as my favorite. This was back when American beef was still of a high quality. I always ordered cheaper cuts cooked well or medium well. Even at an inch thick it was always tender and juicy. And the best yeast rolls with honey-butter....
    Since then,American beef cows have been bred with size and weight as the most important characteristic and, sadly, flavor and quality isn't even an after thought. And good luck finding a pure bred weigu for homegrown Kobe style beef. By the way. Grass toughens beef.Feeding hay and special grains to a 2 year old weigu for it's last year is the secret to real Kobe beef.

  • Captain1 Jones
    Captain1 Jones 14 days ago

    It's probably because mid level steak houses sell low grade steaks at above average prices and people realize they can make the same thing at home for cheaper. While high end places are to expensive for the average person i.e. the middle class.

  • stingray427man
    stingray427man 15 days ago

    Still eat steak but no more eating it out because you can perfect it at home. Also working on the BBQ transition, got a pellet grill so I will no longer be buying that either.

  • Kevin Via
    Kevin Via 16 days ago

    Your first mistake was calling Outback a staple...

  • Jeff Aholics
    Jeff Aholics 16 days ago

    Maybe trash chains are closing , but legit steakhouses in major cities on the come up .

  • Tiqerboy
    Tiqerboy 18 days ago

    Don't become vegan, I beg you. It's a huge missed steak!

  • jose jimenez
    jose jimenez 19 days ago

    Don't tell me how to live my life

  • joe bob 47
    joe bob 47 20 days ago

    maybe because they serve shit food. the last couple of times I went the steak (using the world loosely) was a gray looking meat that looked unappetizing and tasted like boiled shoe leather. even ruths chris, at $150 for two for lunch was less than stellar. I would not eat at an outback even if you paid. and the wait staff has their head up the ass. yes, I am sure you are just killing time until your movie contract comes in, but that is not MY problem.

  • Mark Dolan
    Mark Dolan 20 days ago +1

    The meat at Sam's club is competitively priced, well marbled, and no additives. I only eat rib eye and cook a prime rib for holidays. The key is having 7-800 degree heat to sear the juice in..

  • ไอ้มดแดง

    I go to asian/mexican restaurants. Wayyyy Cheaper and more delicious

  • McDermott Aquatics
    McDermott Aquatics 21 day ago

    the reason steakhouses like Ponderosa have disappeared is the price of beef. for some reason feeding on grass is expensive all of sudden.don't tell me rain either because they have hay too that you can put up over grass and that doesn't have high costs.

  • Rob Sturgeon
    Rob Sturgeon 22 days ago

    The reason these steak houses are closing is because the meat sucks

  • Pendulum Panda
    Pendulum Panda 22 days ago

    Any company that bends over for vegans is pathetic in my book.

  • depressed man
    depressed man 23 days ago

    i’ve not eaten in 3 days and now you’re killing me

  • Peter Peter
    Peter Peter 24 days ago

    If you want to be cheap, do all the work, clean up and sit in the ambient surroundings of your home then fine. Don't go to experience the cinema either but wait until it's cheaper available to stream online or DVD on your TV. Don't visit a bar instead but your beer from Walmart and drink at home.
    It is cheaper but it's hardly treating yourself compared to eating, or drinking out and socialising outside the confines of your home. Staying at home doesn't feel like a night out and getting served on and deciding what you may want to eat and drink on a whim. Staying at home you have not gone nowhere, you just made another home dinner. Hardly a memory experience.

  • theedrstrangelove
    theedrstrangelove 26 days ago

    This is complete bs. In Orlando we have at least a dozen family owned steak houses. As far as the chain places she are a moron if you go to such places.

  • Nick Hall
    Nick Hall 27 days ago

    I much rather grill up my own steaks at the house.

  • Sarah Gray
    Sarah Gray 29 days ago

    Not eating meat because it is expensive makes sense, but not eating meat for "health" reasons is stupid, because eating excessive amounts of carbohydrates, sugar and soy (the primary components of many "vegan" diets) is worse for you than eating too much meat, and not eating meat because you don't want to make animals suffer is ridiculous because plants are also alive and feel pain. As such, if you're going to indulge yourself a nice steak is healthier than a soy milk frappe latte or similar nonsense.

  • Shanjo
    Shanjo Month ago

    I can't cook a steak as good as a steakhouse can, but I can still cook a steak... technically. However, if you were to ask me why I hardly go to steakhouses anymore... my answer would be "Anymore?". I go to steakhouses now as often as I always have. Seldom. I do enjoy steak, but I always thought it was overrated. Me being a chicken person has something to do with that, I'm sure.

  • Mr. Sirhoffer
    Mr. Sirhoffer Month ago

    I have always been able to cook a steak that I liked more than any restaurant....the only reason why i go out for a steak is so I do not have to do the cooking and cleaning. It is only for a time where "my time" is more valuably spent visiting and laughing with my loved ones than it is doing the cooking and cleaning.

  • Jo LC
    Jo LC Month ago

    Meanwhile some people still make the mistake of believing that veganism is healthy 👀

  • Storm T
    Storm T Month ago

    the real reason is cost. cows drink a lot of water and the world is drying out :( its just not worth the cost when the profit margin is too tight. plus cows meat puts a huge strain on your metabolism and digestive systems and people understand this better than ever so only indulge in smaller cuts or stir fry strips of it.

  • cooldbz12
    cooldbz12 Month ago

    Ive learned to cook a steak enough that when I go out to eat they don't taste as good as my home grilled steaks at a 1/4 of the price.

  • Kathryn Ruhl
    Kathryn Ruhl Month ago

    People are hearing from Harvard and the WHO that meat is carcinogenic and causes heart disease. Organic Veggies, salads and soups are the healthier way to go. The dairy and meat industry lies are making people drop like flies. MS, brain disorders, heart problems and Parkinson's are linked to dairy. Milk becomes acidic in body and causes calcium depletion.

    • Stefan L
      Stefan L Month ago

      The biggest carcinogen is oxygen! During the metabolic process an o2 molecule breaks up in mono-atomic oxygen which is a free radical. If those free radicals happen to bump into a DNA molecule, it will do damage. If the wrong genes get damaged, you get cancer.
      Also heart disease is NOT caused by eating steak. I eat steak at least 3 times a week, sometimes more. I recently had a heath screening. My Good cholesterol is high. My Bad cholesterol is low, and my Blood sugar is excellent (72 enough though I didn't fast before the test). Heart disease is an inflammatory disease. It's caused by inflammation in the walls of your arteries. There is growing evidence the Heart/diet/cholesterol theory is at best an oversimplification and perhaps even an outright myth. Genetics, stress, and excercise seem to have much more to do with it than what you eat.

  • meatboy7223
    meatboy7223 Month ago

    When I can cook at home and the food is 100x better for A LOT cheaper why would I eat out? For example on Valentines I made jumbo New Orleans BBQ shrimp and a side of.asiago alfredo pasta & fresh french bread. Less than $30 for ingredients & we had 3 pounds of jumbo shrimp. A gourmet meal for a family of 4 for less than $30 is why we cook at home. We love good food! At a local steak house in my town they serve new orleans bbq.shrimp as a tapa. 3, yes 3 jumbo new orleans bbq shrimp there cost $12!! Are you kidding me? This is why we.rarely eatout anymore

  • SpartanSolja
    SpartanSolja Month ago

    I love steakhouses my favorite is texas roadhouse but cooking it at home is cheaper but also more work it jus depends on how I am feeling and what my bank account says I can do at the moment lol

  • Nelson De Los Santos

    Even food becoming politicized is why freedom of speech will lead us to Socialism and self destruction. Millennials-who have no idea of what reality is, are driving us to a fantasy world called hell. Just race an animal, feed it, kill it and 😋 eat it! How can we have more compassion for an animal -than that of a baby life? How absurd our society has become. Narcissistic’s - imposing their fallacious arguments while incarcerating, entrapping themselves into slavery. They’re not deceived- they are willfully deceive. Double moral standards at every corner. EAT THE DELICIOUS STEAK & ENJOY LIFE!!
    I see words that got crossed out on my end. Even the internet is censoring our freedom of speech- under the banner of hate speech. Who decides what is, or not hate speech? Most probably a hater, Socialist, Marxist idiot! Who chooses to live me more 🥩 to eat. Thank you!!

  • Henk -
    Henk - Month ago

    I already watched this two times... Why does youtube keep recommending this to me?

  • Jose 8A
    Jose 8A Month ago

    Fuck you bitch

  • Lupul Alb
    Lupul Alb Month ago

    Never saw one and never will... Why is this in my feed??

  • Hick Billy
    Hick Billy Month ago

    I love steak.. i raise some.. i wack um... and i eat um... yum yum... then i like to go to texas rd house when i'm lazy end don't want to cook.. that place is packed full every day of the week... just sayin. Animal rights activists..... i raise and butcher meat rabbits too.... warm fuzzy lil bunnies.... damn they taste good..... go eat a peanut... I'll keep my meat and potatoes. I'm a workin man. Got no time to be protesting anything you whiny lil babies.... go get a job.

  • Not Nice
    Not Nice Month ago

    just because of those gordon ramsay bushit about prefect steak n crap.

  • mr rebel
    mr rebel Month ago

    At the local Hoffbrau Steakhouse its ridiculously expensive . 23$ for a small ass steak.

  • silajeep1
    silajeep1 Month ago

    Annoying narrator voice .....end video after 1 minute

  • Jim Byers
    Jim Byers Month ago

    The Aussie-accented narrator obviously has no idea how beef is raised in the USA. While I buy a grass-fed cow, have it butchered and fill my freezer every year, most beef in the USA is raised in feed lots and fed corn, soy beans and distiller's and brewer's left overs. Drought? drought where? Iowa, Illionois, the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Indiana, Minnesota, Texas, etc., etc, -- all sources of cattle feed. Check the commodities prices over the last 10-20 years. Corn is down 20% since 2008, soy beans are down 25%. Drought my ass, how does lower feed costs lead to higher prices? Guess again. The price of beef may be going up, but it isn't because of drought. Inflation, demand, government regulation, and plain old corporate greed and price fixing due to lack of competition are much more likely causes, not to mention the cost of real estate and other business costs.

    BTW, my way of buying beef is actually cheaper than buying it in the supermarket.

  • hammer slammer
    hammer slammer Month ago

    Beef is around $1.50/lb on the hoof. Sombodys making a train load of money but it's not the producer and not the steakhouse,but the packers. A 16ounce steak should be $6 and everybody would get a decent profit .

  • Michael Easterwood
    Michael Easterwood Month ago


  • Schwarze999
    Schwarze999 Month ago +2

    this video is unwatchable with that annoying accent

  • Karim Amin
    Karim Amin Month ago

    Overpriced for the crap they serve. Most can't properly prepare a steak which isn't that hard. Greed got the best of them and now it's too late to change. Heck, Since I've been watching shows like MasterChef and Hells Kitchen, I can make a better steak than most places

  • XZoro X
    XZoro X Month ago

    Steak doesn't taste of anything

  • Donovan Jackson
    Donovan Jackson Month ago

    Pretty poor video. They touched on it only briefly but the real reasons steak houses are hurting are price and quality.
    Why would I go and pay ridiculous prices for gmo/chemical laden corn feed steak that is no different than what I can get at the local supermarket (I'm talkin to you ruth chris)
    Consumers are much more savvy than they used to be. If you can offer me something special (Bison/Lamb/Elk/Venison etc.), that's healthier (100%Grass Fed), that I can't easily get and not charge me ridiculous prices then you have a customer...

  • Michael Kennedy
    Michael Kennedy Month ago

    I haven’t had a good steak in a restaurant since the seventies. Back in those days much of the meat was from grass fed cattle now they bulk them up in feed lots and the meat lost a bit of that wild or gamey taste. I only eat steak once and awhile and only at home.

  • DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer

    Stripclubs Primal Urges? Nah Primal is walking up to someone flexin seducing them and fucking not Looking

  • roger B
    roger B Month ago

    those are not true steakhouses, they are corporate run low quality garbage. real steakhouses are still everywhere.

  • Omar Feloose
    Omar Feloose Month ago

    Salt Bae putting them out of business..lmao

  • Johnny Smoke
    Johnny Smoke Month ago

    Over priced and the chance you get a steak that is 1/2 pure fat and gristle. Nothing like biting into a gristled steak the terminator couldn't chew.

  • Little Mouse
    Little Mouse Month ago

    Shoot the one time I went to a steak house to to have a nice steak I ordered it medium well and I got a nice almost black steak that I couldn't chew. And I paid 35.00 for that. Um no.. I'll pay 20.00 for 2 and have my roommate fire up the grill and put his amazing skills to work. Save money and be able to have something with Hella ton more flavor.

  • FlankerVT
    FlankerVT Month ago

    Nothing better than a steakhouse. Real steakhouses are great,, but the chains are not good.

  • William Overly
    William Overly Month ago

    Cattle have unionized.

  • John Tousseau
    John Tousseau Month ago

    Chain restaurants in general are on the decline. But chain steak houses aren't very good anyway. The best ones I've ever been to are always locally owned; sure you pay a little more, but you're supporting local business owners.

  • Mt Eat
    Mt Eat Month ago

    They are animals, they are made for food. They don’t need “high quality living conditions”

  • Clarice Henderson
    Clarice Henderson Month ago

    ...And people are paid MINIMUM-WAGES.

  • j w
    j w Month ago +1

    I miss the all you can eat salad/food bars! And don't suggest Ryan's as an alternative! I'd rather eat a raw rat abortion than eat there.

  • Y Not
    Y Not Month ago

    🍿🤛😉👌Well, the low demands for growth hormones marinated along with antibiotics injected cows are at lowest demands in these declining middle class days...😋🍕🤣👌

  • Michael Wargo
    Michael Wargo Month ago

    Love steak

  • MG W
    MG W Month ago

    You can’t find a decent steak anywhere, most of it is mass produced and disgusting tasteless crap. I am becoming a vegan.

  • John S
    John S Month ago

    Will take a T-bone any day of the week, with garlic mash, and creamed spinich, cold brew, with the guys, yea baby. Majors Steak House (East Meadow NY), Franks Steak House (Lynbrook NY.) Uncle Jacks (Bayside NY). Peter Lugars (Williamsburg Bklyn) etc. etc. Always got a great steak and burger at Ruby Tuesday's and Outback too, drop a $50 bill on myself. I you have sticker (Menu) shock then a steak house is not for you. Yes you can BBQ a great steak at home, tough eating out is nice too, especially for special occasions. Why deprive yourselves, life is short.

  • D.A. Smith
    D.A. Smith Month ago

    Let's hope we'll hear that Black Angus will close they're doors, a horrible company to work for.

  • Theknowabout
    Theknowabout Month ago

    The real reason is that McDonald's is cheap.

  • Robert Hall
    Robert Hall Month ago

    Again with the sjw garbage.

  • Justin Su
    Justin Su Month ago

    here's why steakhouse fail
    -shit meat for high price
    -poor cooking
    -stale air
    -shitty service
    -bad parking (your customers are likely drivers, customers stop going unconsciously because of bad parking, and some of us just don't like valets.
    -not enough space for kids and people don't make kids anymore
    -shitty people who just want to be vegetarians because they would like to die slower living a miserable life

  • Gwendalynn Alvarado

    Olive Garden is a pasta place...

  • Madison Hammons
    Madison Hammons Month ago

    Anyone else cringe when the protesters were fucking with the costumers? Like, they pay to be there. Fuck off😂😂 just like you made a choice to "save the animals" they made a choice to have a nice meal the way they like.

  • samur ai
    samur ai Month ago

    Not In England there not

  • Brett Mog
    Brett Mog Month ago

    Lmao speak for yourself, Mashed.

  • usagi18
    usagi18 Month ago

    Well, my brother may be the most annoying thing ever, but he is a grill fucking GOD, for just a fraction of the prize, so... steak houses are something we can live without while still enjoying amazing beef cuts.
    Anyway, if there's a group of whining activists outside a restaurant, even if I'm already in a food coma, I'll gladly have a medium rare piece of cow, just for fun :)

  • Edward Reese
    Edward Reese Month ago

    I make respectable steak dinners at home. Complete with loaded baked potatoes, steamed corn on the cobb and Texas toast. Side dessert of lemon meringue pie, sweet tea. Total cost, $30 give or take a few (if you find a few sale items) I can eat at least 3 times myself or feed myself and two others. Restaurants....2 steaks smaller in length, lesser in width than your hand. Couldn't be chewed if you had shark’s teeth. And bout as flavored as a gym sock. Add midget sized baked potato (dry, damn near have to beg for a single square worth of butter), piece of corn cobb that wouldn't fit inside a thimble. Lastly a piece of Texas toast that you think it's toasted when in actuality it's stale. No dessert and a soda that's flatter than an ironing board. Price, $25.00. Per person at that.

  • MyPoetry
    MyPoetry Month ago

    Can we maybe not get a fucking Brit to be a spokesperson for America!?

  • Eyeout
    Eyeout Month ago

    TVclip showed me how to make a great steak myself. Thanks Gordon!

  • Terror Knights
    Terror Knights Month ago

    Cost of food is crazy, wages stagnant

  • gredangeo
    gredangeo Month ago

    3:55 Heyyy, that's Martin Starr from Silicon Valley. :)

  • Earl Haskell
    Earl Haskell Month ago

    I think this is vegan propaganda.

  • Earl Haskell
    Earl Haskell Month ago

    There are at lest 4 with in 30 mins from my house so i don't see how they are disappearing.

  • Monster12255
    Monster12255 Month ago

    Who else is eating a Kobe beef while watching this?

  • jeff gulbro
    jeff gulbro Month ago

    Terrible video

  • Christel J
    Christel J Month ago

    Well the food is over priced,barely good,and takes forever I’d rather just go to chick fil a or even cook my own steak

  • semi
    semi Month ago

    I read the uploader as Mtashed and I was confused af