How a Fuel Pump Works

  • Published on Jun 19, 2017
  • Here's what's inside the fuel pump and how it works on your car.
    The fuel pump, or fuel sender unit, is responsible for sending pressurized fuel to the fuel rail on the engine. It is normally situated inside the gas tank, cooled by surrounding fuel.
    The fuel pump assembly consists of an electric DC motor with a paddle, a pickup screen, float, tank level sensing unit, filter, pressure regulator as well as the empty level sensor.
    The DC motor drawings fuel through a turning paddle in through the housing of the motor, past the rotors and brushes out the top.
    Fuel then saturates the filter, where it can then make its way up the top to the fuel line leading to the engine. Excess pressure built up in the filter is bled off through a pressure regulator valve at the bottom of the assembly, where the fuel is returned to the tank.
    The tank float attaches to an arm that attaches to a metal head. The head moves in a semi circular pattern against a circuit board with printed resistors. The measured resistance values are relayed back to the instrument cluster to determine fuel amount.
    The empty level sensor is a device that looks like a resistor. When submerged in fluid, it reads 2K ohms. When dry, it reads an open circuit and turns the light on the dashboard warning of low fuel in the tank.
    Assembly of these components are held together by plastic pieces which are clipped together. Often these require disassembly when replacing defective pump units, as only the motor needs to be replaced.
    The fuel pump in this video was removed from a 2001 Toyota Corolla.
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    Very good tutorial. All we do is sit and drive our vehicles. Without the fuel pump we are going no where.

    • Paul Varathan
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      @speedkar99 Yes...thats right..

    • speedkar99
      speedkar99  9 days ago

      Agreed. Just as vital as...your tires or engine.

  • Paul Vickers
    Paul Vickers 14 days ago +1

    I bought a 2000 f150 recently.The owner put a new fuel pump in.It ran good for about 1,500 mi then it began hesitating between 30&40 mi.per hr.
    I figured out that it will run good at full tank until I use about 6 gal.Then it starts to malfunction.When it begins to malfunction it might run good for 2-3 mi.then it starts to hesitate at the speed mentioned.
    Any answers or advise?

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    Does the fuel pump cause my car to rattle when I start it in the mornings ? When I drive it for the first 5 min, it’ll rattle but then it stops for the rest of the day

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    Can it be a 2 way pump?

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    Excellent video ... Are electricity pumps only exist in the injection system ??

      YACINE YACINE06 2 months ago

      @speedkar99 👍

    • speedkar99
      speedkar99  2 months ago +1

      Older vehicles have mechanical pumps drivien off the camshaft

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    Perfect presentation. Everything covered. Thanks

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    So much technology and details in a fuel pump, it is a magnificent complex of ingenuity. The more he cuts to find details, the more I appreciate engineering.

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      I agree! I have a totally different perspective on cars, engineering and mass manufacturing now.

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    Is open circuit on sensor that will light up low level warning? How is the circuit?

    • speedkar99
      speedkar99  2 months ago

      That's built into the cluster

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    It's called an impeller

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    Prasad Chinthaka 3 months ago +1

    And can i know how to find the common fuel pump + and - wire by colour coding. bcoz i need to put a reply. So please kindly explain

    • speedkar99
      speedkar99  3 months ago

      Wiring diagram
      Trace wires to motor
      The two thicker wires are typically the power on the harness

  • Prasad Chinthaka
    Prasad Chinthaka 3 months ago +1

    thank you sir, very valuable for me

    PHENOMENAL VLOGS 3 months ago +1

    My sending unit looks similar to mine. 2003 4Runner. My problem is it primes and I hear it after replacing it. But for some reason it must not be getting gas to the engine

      PHENOMENAL VLOGS 3 months ago

      @speedkar99 Don't know, but I'm at a loss with it

    • speedkar99
      speedkar99  3 months ago

      Maybe you have a blockage in the line or regulator

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  • speedkar99
    speedkar99  4 months ago

    Replacement fuel pump motors can be found here:
    A basic metric socket set is all you need to access it:
    If you are having issues with fuel pressure, check it using this tool from OTC:

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    how much fuel inject per second in 12xw ace crane engine and produced how much energy so we know how much fuel consuming every hours if 2200 rpm and 48 bhp give by engine

  • G Lasser
    G Lasser 4 months ago +1

    Thanks for this perfect AtoZ system presentation. 👍🏻
    I thought my pressure regulator was shot but now I see it may really be the filter media that is all plugged up 😂
    These simple designs are called RETURN-LESS fuel delivery systems.
    The pressure regulator stays cooler in the tank than in the engine bay.
    Zero electronic control involved, just a simple diaphragm & opposing spring.
    Very resilient German design when it's made for Japanese cars.

    • speedkar99
      speedkar99  4 months ago +1

      Returnless is way better than dealing with two fuel lines

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    I chastised a popular TVclipr not so much for using shop air to do EVAP smoke testing but for not disconnecting battery and other disregard for the hazard created while doing it.
    Normally, there are hydrocarbons in tank and no oxygen present so an energized fuel pump isn't a concern.
    BUT, when shop air displaces the hydrocarbons then all bets are off!
    If one choses to use shop air to do EVAP smoke testing, at the very least DISCONNECT the battery!

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    My car is suddenly stopping after running for 10 to 12 kms and engine is getting heat do u think there is a fuel pump issue in it..

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      Very unlikely to be the fuel pump. Symptoms are different - like car won't drive fast, only slow if fuel not pumping properly. Check your coolant and your oil levels. Make sure the engine is not overheating and seizing.

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