• Published on Jul 22, 2018
  • y’all better listen! Take my advice I’m a pro😤
    Forgot to mention this in the video, but BE YOURSELF AND ENJOY YOUR HIGHSCHOOL YEARS!
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  • Aylissa Smith
    Aylissa Smith 10 months ago +1605

    so true im finna be a freshman and my sister tells me all this you speaking facts PIN THIS IF YOU LOVE YOUR SUBSCRIBERS

    • Oh yeah yeah
      Oh yeah yeah 2 months ago

      995th like

    • and i oop-
      and i oop- 5 months ago

      Same sis 😭 2022 babies

    • Esther Paul
      Esther Paul 9 months ago

      😂 I’m nervous but mostly excited about high school I mean... Wow high school 😂 Class of 2022!!!

    • Zinx
      Zinx 9 months ago

      Aylissa Smith lol noob

  • _Razzy_Pop_
    _Razzy_Pop_ 2 hours ago

    0:00 so middle school all over again?

  • nobody
    nobody 15 hours ago

    At first I didn’t take this video seriously as someone who has never watched you and judged you. I’m sorry , after sticking around you said some actually real shit. Please forgive me for judging you from your looks , your smart and can give some actual great advice. Stay you gurl 💖

  • Adventure Society

    You remind me of Rico Nasty

  • Pûppy Løv3
    Pûppy Løv3 2 days ago

    Ok got it seniors boys=hell no player

  • Exposed Secrets
    Exposed Secrets 2 days ago

    Girl get it PERIOD😍😍

  • Kasandra Gonzalez
    Kasandra Gonzalez 2 days ago +3

    Im the scared class of 23'

  • chaee_
    chaee_ 2 days ago +2

    Class of 2023! Imma make sure to pack my thot spray 👍

  • Alysa Aylen
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  • Brooke Reyes
    Brooke Reyes 3 days ago +1

    She’s so gorgeous ❤️😊

  • ally montero
    ally montero 3 days ago

    hey! i’m scared for lunch like i don’t wanna sit alone, i’m going to a completely new school because i moved.. i don’t know how everyone acts or what they like or anything, i’m so nervous for lunch idk why it might sound dumb lmao but i don’t wanna be a weird kid sitting in the corner.. pls reply anyone? thank u😇

  • Calia Grinston
    Calia Grinston 3 days ago

    Najja is so freaking pretty OMG.
    Plz go support my small channel.

  • Hannahdiynation
    Hannahdiynation 4 days ago +2

    Class of 2023

  • angelina !
    angelina ! 4 days ago +1

    class of 2021 lol

  • lauren alexis
    lauren alexis 4 days ago

    thank youuuuu

  • Bloom Gonzalez
    Bloom Gonzalez 4 days ago +1

    it's 1 am and I'm about to enter high school, I was freaking out and scaring myself but after watching this video, you helped me calmed down. Thank you :)))

  • Mya Chanél
    Mya Chanél 6 days ago +3

    Class of 2023 gang🤪‼️

  • confused trash
    confused trash 6 days ago

    I get the highschool boys but... what about highschool girls? Ya'll are probably gonna b like get outta here homo but seriously how are the girls?

  • Emma Gamble
    Emma Gamble 6 days ago

    Ok but my bff is different. He's a guy. (Any advice?? I'm crushing) 😩

  • Sophie Tourtual
    Sophie Tourtual 6 days ago +1

    You are so freakin funny!

  • Mariah King
    Mariah King 6 days ago +1

    Both of my sisters are juniors and im about to be a freshman lol they've already gone over this with me but I still wanted to hear it again... I'm sk scared for highschool tho😬😬 at least they'll be there with me🤷🏽‍♀️

  • gabby and frankie 123

    You are really pretty

  • It's Linz
    It's Linz 7 days ago

    yooo thank you sm for this 💓

  • nightcoregirl75
    nightcoregirl75 7 days ago

    Real advice 💯💯

    MARIONNA WATSON 7 days ago

    I followed all your advice and my year went by so smooth proud to say I'm a sophomore 💜

  • Kadence Phillips
    Kadence Phillips 8 days ago +3

    Class of 2023 stand uppp!

  • ann_jj_04
    ann_jj_04 8 days ago

    What kind of dudes you meet in high school girl💀

  • peace_magic_light
    peace_magic_light 8 days ago

    This advice is so honest and true, thank you for all your advice!

  • Mostly Miyah
    Mostly Miyah 8 days ago +7

    Class of 2023 where you at??

  • King*Taehyung
    King*Taehyung 9 days ago


  • Bratzzz Hizee
    Bratzzz Hizee 9 days ago +1

    I’m gon be a freshman this year and I’m scared !!!

  • OMGitspizza !
    OMGitspizza ! 9 days ago +5

    Class of 2023?

  • Aspen Antoinette
    Aspen Antoinette 10 days ago +3

    Class of 2023?

  • TheDimondBow// TLB
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    That BUTTERY BISCUIT 10 days ago

    I'm so excited!

  • 자비
    자비 10 days ago

    I’m gonna start high school like in 1-2 months! And I’m a freshman! thank you for all this tips! yo bangs are slayin hun~ :)

  • Mini Titan
    Mini Titan 11 days ago

    Thank you i am going to go in a couple of months, I am needing some advice thank you and I like your channel and you are very pretty 💛💛

  • madison brown
    madison brown 11 days ago

    I only have like 4 friends and I'm ABOUT to be a freshman like I'm not even in highschool yet lmao wtf is gonna happen

  • esthetic user34
    esthetic user34 12 days ago

    2 piece of advice is the best

  • Nicole Le
    Nicole Le 12 days ago +1

    For my 9th grade course selection, there's options for classes that's either Academics, College Prep, or Pre-AP's. You explained what Pre-AP/AP classes are like but what about the other 2? Are Academics like "regular" classes? What about College Prep? If I got straight A's for all of middle school & are in GT (Gifted & Talented), so you suggest College Prep? You also said not to talk to upperclassmen but if it's the first day of school and I'm lost and can't find my classroom, it's fine to ask them right? If they actually nice, then do you suggest to become friends with them? For high schools that have at least 2 floors, for period 0, we walk up to class and wait there right? (I'm asking that because for my middle school, we had to wait to be sent up.) That no you to whoever might be answering this!❤

  • Elusive
    Elusive 13 days ago

    class of 2024


  • Zoila Deleon
    Zoila Deleon 13 days ago

    She gave me sza vibes with the bangs

  • DjHazel
    DjHazel 13 days ago

    You are so pretty

  • mary l
    mary l 14 days ago +5

    class of 2023 WHERE U AT

  • Sharik Copeland
    Sharik Copeland 15 days ago +3

    “High school more like prison “ every school prison that facts period 🔥😂

  • Love Lmh
    Love Lmh 15 days ago

    Its all start with you period🙄

  • Liyah B
    Liyah B 16 days ago +1

    I’m gonna be in high school soon and this was great advice thanks :) but I’m still kinda of nervous about it

    • uh no
      uh no 14 days ago


  • xox sharai
    xox sharai 16 days ago +4

    Class of 2023 wya ?

    • uh no
      uh no 14 days ago


  • Dejarae Latimer
    Dejarae Latimer 16 days ago +5

    class of 2023 wyaaaa

  • princess chanell
    princess chanell 17 days ago +4

    Class of 2023 wya

  • Morgan Johnson
    Morgan Johnson 18 days ago +1

    3:11 - 3:20 I’m dead you are so funny I can’t believe I haven’t seen you before on TVclip?! Subscribed!!

  • naquoia Young
    naquoia Young 18 days ago +5

    Class of 2023 where you at‼️‼️

  • Dance page DD KAZZI
    Dance page DD KAZZI 18 days ago

    Please make videos like this generally because not all boys in high school ONLY want sex, some actually care about you and some relationships actually last for a LONG time. This advice can basically only apply to your highschool or your community high schools because mine is NOT like this

  • Paint Drop
    Paint Drop 18 days ago +2

    Class of 2023 😶

  • Hkeczco Mkeclco
    Hkeczco Mkeclco 19 days ago +5

    Am I the only one in class of 2023? 😂😂😂

  • Katerin Piper
    Katerin Piper 19 days ago +3

    class of 2023 ?

  • Purrple Lemon
    Purrple Lemon 19 days ago

    Dont focus on boys? Our classes are separate from the guys so it's chill

  • Ñätälïe Kent
    Ñätälïe Kent 20 days ago

    Immma a freshman now!!!

  • Tamia's Camera Roll
    Tamia's Camera Roll 20 days ago +15

    Scared as hell and class of 2023 STAND UPPPP!!! 🤪💙

  • Kia Sup
    Kia Sup 22 days ago +3

    Class of 2023 were y'all at

  • Hoshi gj
    Hoshi gj 23 days ago +1

    sza is that you?

  • Sarah Leason
    Sarah Leason 24 days ago +5

    Class of 2023????

  • Janeshza Ellison
    Janeshza Ellison 24 days ago

    I did think y

  • Adamaris
    Adamaris 24 days ago +5

    For any incoming class of '23!!!
    How to not get people to hate you:
    - Don't be loud in the halways, it's annoying and you'll pick up enemies on the way.
    - Don't be an ass to the teachers, I know their annoying but it doesn't make you seem cool or funny just really disrespectful.
    - Don't be talking shit about someone just cause you have a vibe that they hate you, trust me everyone bassicaly has a resting bitch face cause their tired of
    How to survive and tips:
    - upperclass barely go for freshman, it's easier to be friends with them than date them.
    - it's okay to date it won't fuck up your life, just make sure your smart enough to not make dumb choices, honestly dating is a great distraction from all of the Bs that goes around.
    -you don't have to attend every game, their fun and all and I love them but it's okay if you miss one.
    -its also okay to not take honors or AP they help but it's the same as normal classes just with harder problems and more work.
    - it's okay to skip classes here or there but let me just warn you once you start it's a bitch to stop.
    -dont walk slow
    -you don't really need a locker, I needed one just because I had sports but other than that you don't really need one.
    -if you're already gonna be marked as absent for one class might as well be absent for the whole class
    - you might not get invited to parties and that's okay.
    -dont go around saying you lost your virginity to everyone it makes you sound hoeish
    Last but not least high school is fun enjoy high school, it's not really that bad, and if you really do need help sophmores, Juniors and seniors are glad to help we're not really assholes but oh get prepared to be called the most annoying class yet
    I forgot to mention this but my physics teacher gave me this tip, I don't know if it's for all High schools or just my state, but the college's don't care about your highschool CPA however to graduate high school you need a 2.0 or 2.5

    • uh no
      uh no 14 days ago +1

      This was really helpfull i screenshotted

    • Adamaris
      Adamaris 22 days ago

      Also feel free to ask more questions!! Honestly I have a lot

  • brianna fusani
    brianna fusani 25 days ago

    girl cut yo bangs goddam 😂

  • River -_-
    River -_- 26 days ago +2

    "We don't talk to highschool boys, period."
    Me, a highschool boy: Facts

  • Mel Vlog
    Mel Vlog 26 days ago

    I’m not even in highschool yet and I already wanna dropout of highschool👋🏽

  • BabyFace Leeyah
    BabyFace Leeyah 29 days ago +1

    I’m so freaking nervous for high school😩 but you helped ease me a bit lol

    • Pimpcess Pop
      Pimpcess Pop 17 days ago

      You’ll be fine it was easy for me I just did work and didn’t care what anybody had to say

  • Dr. Phil
    Dr. Phil 29 days ago +2

    Class of 2023 eya

  • Miss Victoria
    Miss Victoria Month ago +3

    Hello comments full of freshman! I'm going to take her advise for next year, and I wonder if everyone here took her advice and it worked!
    -a soon to be freshman

  • Lisa_Pizza
    Lisa_Pizza Month ago

    class of 2020-2021 hello ;)

  • Lisa_Pizza
    Lisa_Pizza Month ago

    ur intro IS FIRE

  • Taylor Brooke
    Taylor Brooke Month ago +2

    I have all ap teachers signed me up for them :_

  • Bree Conley
    Bree Conley Month ago +1

    Your so pretty

  • wubble bubble ball
    wubble bubble ball Month ago +1

    all the freshman girls at my school date seniors *blekkchhh*

  • Amelie Trevino
    Amelie Trevino Month ago +2

    Literally my eyes started watering from 3:40-4:00 all my hopes and dreams are 🔪 😵

  • Kasey Gray
    Kasey Gray Month ago +1

    Omg❤❤ you made me less nervous

    Luv u💚 new subscriber

  • Allison A
    Allison A Month ago +1

    At my high school we’re required to take 2 AP classes in order to graduate 😭 (college prep school) I ended up taking psychology and art history two of the easiest classes I could take and also all this advice is soooo accurate future freshman listen to this girl 👏 I’m a junior and I’ve experienced a lot of these things!

  • Gravity
    Gravity Month ago +3

    Class of 2023 where you at?

  • Kennedy S
    Kennedy S Month ago +4

    Class of 2023 anyone?

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    Joleigh Leonard Month ago +1

    class of 2024!!!

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    sherbert 20 Month ago +1

    song in the background? its so catchy but my shazam won't pick it up lmao

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    Marleyy Jacobs Month ago +1

    your bangs are so cute😩😍

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    minh le #ult Month ago +1

    i'll take this advice next year, you're so cute btw 😍😍

  • cringggeey
    cringggeey Month ago +5

    Class of 2023 where u at!?🤠

  • Moneybag Dee
    Moneybag Dee Month ago +2

    I’m literally a 7th grader going on 8th grade but I just want to prepare myself for freshman year💙

  • ratison ;P
    ratison ;P Month ago +1

    i used to watch all the og girly youtubers give hs advice back when i was like in elementary and now i gotta watch realistic people give me actual advice because im going into high school in august

  • 𝚖𝚊𝚒𝚊
    𝚖𝚊𝚒𝚊 Month ago +2

    *class of 2023 hereee* 🎓

  • Irene Mims
    Irene Mims Month ago

    Class of 2023 ???

  • jessica—amberg
    jessica—amberg Month ago +1

    her: don’t focus on boys!
    me, a lesbian: don’t worry, i won’t

  • sisis wavy
    sisis wavy Month ago +1

    class of 2023 and this helped ✌🏾☺️

  • Chloe Stefanidis
    Chloe Stefanidis Month ago +1

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  • grevaity Xx
    grevaity Xx Month ago +1

    as a lesbian i don’t have to worry about the boys i need to worry about the girls :/

  • Kennedy Hamm
    Kennedy Hamm Month ago +2

    I'm in 7th grade but tbh I'm already over highschool

  • gurren 009
    gurren 009 Month ago

    I'm a junior and this helped me so much

  • Antonia Monicque
    Antonia Monicque Month ago +1

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  • I like Kevin garnett

    Tale it from senior who just graduated make most of your friends OUT of school make sure your not in everyones face join a club you’ll love looking back at it in the day DONT slack off in the freshman year it WILL come back at snip you in the butt also..its okay to get in trouble as long as nobody dies or its nothing too illegal you’ll be fine the teachers dont want you out unless you are actually a threat trust me HAVE FUN FRESHMEN😘

  • Andrea Macias
    Andrea Macias Month ago

    Just getting prepared

  • Halle young
    Halle young Month ago

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