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  • Aylissa Smith
    Aylissa Smith 6 months ago +835

    so true im finna be a freshman and my sister tells me all this you speaking facts PIN THIS IF YOU LOVE YOUR SUBSCRIBERS

    • Gaberoni XD
      Gaberoni XD Month ago

      Same sis 😭 2022 babies

    • Esther Paul
      Esther Paul 5 months ago

      😂 I’m nervous but mostly excited about high school I mean... Wow high school 😂 Class of 2022!!!

    • Chaotic Zinx
      Chaotic Zinx 5 months ago

      Aylissa Smith lol noob

  • Missflexer
    Missflexer 13 hours ago +1

    🤣🤣😭 “ we do not talk to boysssssss “ YESSSSSS GIRLLLL PREACHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

  • eyoel beyene
    eyoel beyene 21 hour ago

    dayum you really came for boys.. but honestly.. i do wanna know your favorite color 💀

  • Abbas Al
    Abbas Al Day ago

    High school is not prison

  • Nkenge Brown
    Nkenge Brown 3 days ago


  • toxic dreams
    toxic dreams 3 days ago

    I literally have no friends, everyone in my class has their own groups and I just sit there, like a loser, cause my emotional little ass is too shy to have a conversation with people, help, please give me tips!!!

  • J M
    J M 3 days ago

    ~ *surviving highschool* ~

    step one: *become homeschooled*

  • Jaylene Z.
    Jaylene Z. 4 days ago

    I AM SOOOOOO SCARED for high school I’m in 8th grade and I’m ssooooo small I’m 4’8 SO IM SO SCARED if anyone sees this and is short and is in high school PLZ HELP ME I HONESTLY wanna take online school bcz I’m terrified!!! PLZ HELP

  • Bita Kayy
    Bita Kayy 5 days ago

    These tips are really good. I’m in 8th grade this year and I’m not even in highschool and just hearing these tips helps me a lot! Thanks boo

  • abbie mitchell
    abbie mitchell 5 days ago

    i already have a boyfriend , & he’s going to another highschool- this ain’t it man 😂 class of 2023 & i’m already over it. my hs doesn’t have cliques though so i’m not really worried

  • Ember reyes
    Ember reyes 5 days ago

    I’m very nervous that I won’t meet my fitness goal I set for myself and that I won’t be able to keep my grades up

  • Rosemary Santos
    Rosemary Santos 6 days ago

    Tbh my freshman year was the best I love all my memories and just be your self

  • oh boy
    oh boy 6 days ago

    do not
    on boys

  • raya hana
    raya hana 6 days ago

    ur so pretty and ur lips are so cute what lipgloss are u using😻

  • Liyah The HOT Cheeto head

    Is she Shirt less/naked

  • Desiny Acosta
    Desiny Acosta 8 days ago

    Anyone class of 2023 😂

    DEMONITIZED 8 days ago

    Tbh I dont even know why I watch these videos but great video! I'm a Freshmen rn, and I'm going to be a sophomore

  • chloe faith
    chloe faith 9 days ago

    ik im late but im in 8th grade and im kinda the mean girl n i need advice to stop ;(

  • Gemma Mahler
    Gemma Mahler 11 days ago

    I’m going to high school next year and I’m super excited actually but also nervous bc I’m going to a private all girls school and I’ve heard bad things about it and apparently there’s a ton of drama

  • Dallon Weekes
    Dallon Weekes 13 days ago

    So basically don't have fun or new experiences😂

  • Karyns Ortega
    Karyns Ortega 14 days ago

    3:17 when your ex say they wanna get back together

  • I’m in luv with namjoon Ok bye

    “DO NOT FOCUS ON BOYS let me TELL you girl”
    *_laughs in lesbian_*

  • Lilylilylily
    Lilylilylily 16 days ago

    Your hair is so cute!!!!

  • Caylie Alyssa
    Caylie Alyssa 16 days ago

    Idk what yawl going on but I can have a boyfriend and have a gpa over 3.6 ..... you just gotta focus

  • Charlotte Lowe
    Charlotte Lowe 17 days ago

    not talking to boys is easy when you go to an all girls school😒

  • Jay’Lorraine
    Jay’Lorraine 17 days ago

    How did you do your intro? Also you gained a new sub! 😍

  • hej hej
    hej hej 17 days ago

    Wow this hit me hard:// im going to one year highschool in USA from sweden... and now it feels really really bad..

  • Kaylee Mikulec
    Kaylee Mikulec 17 days ago

    If we like reading and writing can we take AP English

  • Kaylee Mikulec
    Kaylee Mikulec 17 days ago

    I dont like sports tho

  • Mahalaboo Xuantave
    Mahalaboo Xuantave 18 days ago

    First day of 8th grade and I’m so ready to drop out

  • Drama Daily
    Drama Daily 19 days ago

    Girl I'm a senior in hs too and you spoke facts👏🏾

  • theylovetyraa
    theylovetyraa 19 days ago

    you look like sza

  • mfk_ _ashley
    mfk_ _ashley 19 days ago

    🌻Class of 2021 wya? 🌻

  • x_. Mercedes
    x_. Mercedes 19 days ago

    Just clicked too look at your hair

  • Regular Dog
    Regular Dog 20 days ago

    Class of 2024

  • xkinda
    xkinda 20 days ago

    listen i love so much ur amazing but 2:47 and 0:25
    ur voice😂this isn't hate!!!!

  • Kylee Mccrery
    Kylee Mccrery 20 days ago

    When she blinks her bangs move with them

  • Kiarra Santiago
    Kiarra Santiago 20 days ago

    I'm so scared to leave middle school in a few months and then going to high school tell me a tip on how to not be scared p.s LOVE YOU NAJJA xoxo

  • olivia lasky
    olivia lasky 22 days ago

    why u so pretty?????

  • ꧁Succes꧂ ꧁Blessings꧂

    You look like sza

  • wow
    wow 24 days ago

    i’m in a relationship and we don’t want sex till we’re both ready. we help each other with classes and everything. we also are super invested in each other’s feelings and life. so i think i’m in a really good relationship.

  • blueblossom231 MCPE
    blueblossom231 MCPE 24 days ago

    Class of 2025!!!!!😁😁😂

  • Demitria Wicker
    Demitria Wicker 24 days ago

    my boyfriend cares we been together for a year lol

  • amarissa s.
    amarissa s. 24 days ago

    i’m sorry, i can’t focus. YOURE GORGEOUS

  • Dalayzia Chambers
    Dalayzia Chambers 24 days ago

    Main rule dont talk shit or you gon get that ass taped 💯💯🤫

  • Stephanie Gordillo
    Stephanie Gordillo 25 days ago +1

    TBH when I get into highschool on the first day of school I'ma dress hella ugly then the next day I'ma be Poppin just to see whose fake or who would make fun of me lol

  • Nafisa Tunkara
    Nafisa Tunkara 25 days ago

    Where is your tapestry from it’s soo cute😍😍

  • Kay
    Kay 25 days ago

    guys I am going to highschool in September 2019 I’m going to public school Nd went to private school al my life ooofff

    • yourgirlmax d
      yourgirlmax d 25 days ago

      i was also in a private school and i am now in a public school and it's its my first year here.... its kinda normal 😂

  • Shelby Thomas
    Shelby Thomas 26 days ago

    When I was a freshman I dated a junior and here we are two years later still together and going strong 😂🙋🏻‍♀️

  • Grace TV
    Grace TV 27 days ago


  • yer local rat friend-
    yer local rat friend- 27 days ago

    watch half of my entire class get with the older dudes

  • Ky Berry
    Ky Berry 28 days ago

    6:43 *hits the subscribe button*

  • Manga Peleti-Tavete
    Manga Peleti-Tavete 28 days ago

    Nothing but FACTSSSS.If your a soon to be freshman or you are a freshman FOCUS ON SCHOOL, who gives a damnn about that guy or your bff that left you it won't matter in 4 years when your leaving high school. WORK HARD IN SCHOOL!!!

  • Nahomi .reyes
    Nahomi .reyes 29 days ago

    I’m watching this 8 months prior 🥴

  • Blantnat lsoer
    Blantnat lsoer 29 days ago

    My opinion: Freshman year is the hardest, it gets easier from there.

  • A I
    A I Month ago

    i got recommended for all honors...

  • Kylee’s Vlogs
    Kylee’s Vlogs Month ago +1

    I love how she saying don’t get caught up and boys when when I go in the high school next year I will be a freshman dating a sophomore. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jessica Preston
    Jessica Preston Month ago

    Class of 2023?!?

  • radia Ahmedin
    radia Ahmedin Month ago

    We just had our first high school "talk" and omg the high school principal came and she was looking at me like "butch your stick w me"

  • Kayla G
    Kayla G Month ago

    Thanks Mother!!!!

  • Liliana Lopez
    Liliana Lopez Month ago

    Class of 2023✌🏽

  • jaleah kendrick
    jaleah kendrick Month ago +1

    class of 2024😂😂

  • Emma McGurk
    Emma McGurk Month ago

    Youre so pretty gal pal!!💖👾

  • Megan Sidor
    Megan Sidor Month ago

    My problem is I’m not sure what I want to do in life and I want to keep my options open and there’s so many different courses I’d like to take but of course I can’t take all of them :( Also I dance at my studio competitively minimum 6hrs a wk-maximum of 13 hrs a wk and I don’t want to give that up b/c it’s my passion 🤷🏽‍♀️💛

  • CAMILA Medina
    CAMILA Medina Month ago

    i love your mentality so much.

  • semibepoppinfoeva Thomas

    two things thats trippy this was uploaded on my birthday and Im watching mean girls during that health class scene

  • shekinah campbell
    shekinah campbell Month ago

    I’m a junior in college but all of these tips are FACTS🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣 especially making good relationships with teachers. I didn’t really do that and I still regret that

  • Krisalyn Bellavance
    Krisalyn Bellavance Month ago +3

    Why I'm scared to be in high school
    1. On the First day Im scared I won't find my classes
    2. FAILING
    3. Not being in the same classes as my friends/ making new friends
    4. And finally EXAMS

    • •KiingGus•
      •KiingGus• Month ago

      Krisalyn Bellavance well I’ve been a freshmen for 6 months almost done but I can tell you I did get lost on the first day but let me tell you almost everybody got lost there’s going to be teachers around so ask them :) just keep up with your work and omf please do your homework because if you don’t do one assignment your grade WILL drop 😭 and it’s really easy making friends and this is coming from a shy person you will get new friends eventually in the year. Your friends are probably going to hang out with other friends and most likely you won’t have the same friends as grammar school. Now finals. FINALS study for those 😭 DO your study guides for them because girl if you do not study oof expect to see that F💀 FINALS are very important so take them seriously. I’m sorry but they are going to be VERY stressful

  • itz. princesa
    itz. princesa Month ago

    y’all I’m funna be freshman this year in five more months , after I finish eighth grade. I’m scared asf 😂😂💯!! but I’m also excited because I’m gonna see my older friends. but yet again I’m still scared. y’all wish me luck 😂.

  • Life’s Backwards
    Life’s Backwards Month ago

    Ya know this is really true. Im in 8th grade but im already seeing the pattern. Like there be ppl that's be going to school with you for the longest. Im highly anti and ppl that been around me the longest all if a sudden like me. Like no honey that's for everybody

  • Bubble Beauty
    Bubble Beauty Month ago +3

    Class of 2023

  • Infinity Infinity
    Infinity Infinity Month ago +1

    wish i went to ur school we would have been good friends 😅

  • Casandra Aguiniga
    Casandra Aguiniga Month ago

    Oh my god, i dont have friends... soooo lol

  • Samantha Chen
    Samantha Chen Month ago

    Your a goddess

  • Kennziie.!!
    Kennziie.!! Month ago +1

    ISTG! Imma freshman and those sophomores were quite but those SENIORS GONE STEP! They perverts!!! 💀 and I’m not naive or stupid 👎🏾😂

  • Reptilian Overlord
    Reptilian Overlord Month ago

    Girl, you are so sweet and relatable. You are honestly such a great person. You realize your own faults and are just so great. This is the first video I’ve watched of yours and i fell in love. Great advice.

  • Paris
    Paris Month ago

    Why am I watching this I’m freaking home school 🤦‍♀️🤣🤣

  • Tati Rose
    Tati Rose 2 months ago +4

    Class of 2023

  • Ingrid N
    Ingrid N 2 months ago

    omgg, you're literally speaking facts!!!

  • KeepinUpWithNique
    KeepinUpWithNique 2 months ago +1

    You look like SZA😍😍

  • avèss
    avèss 2 months ago

    I’m actually applying for high school right now sadly. Any tips for applying?

  • enderpus
    enderpus 2 months ago

    Begon thot

  • Psychopathic Barbie
    Psychopathic Barbie 2 months ago

    Love her with bangs 😍

  • Frances Lopez
    Frances Lopez 2 months ago

    THE HONEST truth i speak facts ppl:if u have 50 friends subtracted 40. so 40-50 an the amout u have left is the amount of friends that aren't fake💭

  • Poppin Lyrics
    Poppin Lyrics 2 months ago

    is those fake bangs or did u cut it??

  • Fried Potato
    Fried Potato 2 months ago

    Omgggg, I'm going to be a freshman next year and everyone calls the school I'm going to ghetto, I'm terrified...

  • Alyvia Francis
    Alyvia Francis 2 months ago

    Whose gonna be FRESHmen in 2020

  • maire 14
    maire 14 2 months ago

    I'm a freshman rn and I hate high school already

  • MissLilieSnaps
    MissLilieSnaps 2 months ago

    Easiest year? I’m a freshman and trust me I’ve never gotten this much work in my life

  • Masona Kamara
    Masona Kamara 3 months ago

    Facts. As a senior everything comes full circle

  • liveit likeliyah
    liveit likeliyah 3 months ago

    R.i.p. x

  • Mika mi
    Mika mi 3 months ago +7

    Anyone watching to prepare? 2023??

  • Brianna B.
    Brianna B. 3 months ago

    This needs to be told to college girls and some adult girls too 😭😭

  • Livrat
    Livrat 3 months ago

    Hahha, yeah forget highschool fuckboys, im as straight as a crippled circle

  • Zai Belli
    Zai Belli 3 months ago +1

    Well i didn't start drama.But my class mates hate me(the girl)and i only have 2 friends in my class and we are 7 girls so...they always make fun of me for no reason and look me with disgust.Thanks god i have some friends in onether years.Im in sophmore

  • Gabriella Paliotti
    Gabriella Paliotti 3 months ago +1

    I honestly hate how ppl be like boys suck or high school boys suck cuz they just sayin that cuz they never had a good relationship like there r boys out there that r worth ur time and that r good enough for u like there’s good guys out

  • Gabriella Paliotti
    Gabriella Paliotti 3 months ago +1

    This girl is just saying don’t date and boys in highschool suck cuz she’s never dated in highschool

  • hey its sara
    hey its sara 3 months ago

    i disagree ab the boy thing because i’m talking to a sophomore and he’s a virgin. he’s never brought up sex or pictures.

  • Juan Zavala
    Juan Zavala 3 months ago

    I understand your point of view of relationship but there ARE people in school that do genuinely care about both genders. You can graduate with a 4.0 while still in a relationship. Guys if your reading this she not completely right. I don't know what school you have been subjected to but in my school people are humane

  • Juan Zavala
    Juan Zavala 3 months ago

    it was going good unitl you said "boys are trash" you just generalized all boys