TRYING INSTAGRAM BEAUTY HACKS ft. Rebecca Zamolo | MeganBatoon


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  • Phoebe Joy
    Phoebe Joy 5 months ago

    Oh my gosh the two most weird youtubers come together to make the weirdest collab ever

  • Anita J Timms
    Anita J Timms Year ago

    Sarcasm LOL

  • That Weird Random Channel

    The lipstick one works, you just put to much on.

  • Dabqueen99 ruiz santiago

    4 thumbs

  • it is rihanna white HOUSE

    do u not like Christmas

  • Savannah Pryor
    Savannah Pryor Year ago

    you a sooooo good!!! I want a hoverboard!!! love you guys!!!!

  • Victoria Pitt
    Victoria Pitt Year ago

    wow! I kneed to try that!

  • Hugo Valentin Gaming

    😂😂😂 that thumbnail tho

  • jasmin duro
    jasmin duro Year ago

    i love boh of them cause they are so nice and open with there feelings

  • kiara moses
    kiara moses Year ago

    I love makeup soooooooo much

  • CLPastones
    CLPastones Year ago

    4 Thumbs.

  • Bill Shaw
    Bill Shaw Year ago

    You know if you learned it on the internet it's gotta be correct!😀

  • Valeria Cardona
    Valeria Cardona Year ago

    After every video i watch with Megan... i just always leave thinking "wow why can't i be her?" She is the perfect female seriously

  • Insert Name Here
    Insert Name Here Year ago

    Watch Rclbeaty101 and it will show you how to do it correctly

  • Jacob Mettner
    Jacob Mettner Year ago

    She is easily worth 1mil subs. She is interesting & funny enough to keep tuning in!!

  • Keira & Allany
    Keira & Allany Year ago


  • sara ama
    sara ama Year ago +8

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  • Anne DS
    Anne DS Year ago

    four thumbs up 😂

  • S N
    S N Year ago

    Do a video with MANNY 😭😭😭

  • Renata T
    Renata T Year ago

    where is Rebecca's shirt from?? whoever designed it should be fired if they don't even know how to use contractions...

  • Megan Malone
    Megan Malone Year ago

    my name is spelt the same way as Megan's

  • Sierra Smith
    Sierra Smith Year ago +1

    The red lipstick hack works if you have red undertones in your skin. Normally it works best if you have a darker skin tone as well.

  • princeanil2013
    princeanil2013 Year ago

    Megan watch Dilara duman Videos ..

  • Evie Spencer
    Evie Spencer Year ago

    Love you Meghan and rebecca

    • Ladee Bug
      Ladee Bug Year ago

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  • Evie Spencer
    Evie Spencer Year ago


  • Mrs. President 2020
    Mrs. President 2020 Year ago +1

    Who else wants a tutorial on Megan's eyeshadow?

  • Nicolas S
    Nicolas S Year ago

    famous last words "well let see how this goes"

  • Jaritzza Jauregui

    Skincare routine please!!!

  • Marco Martinez
    Marco Martinez Year ago

    I wanna help you get to 20 mil just because you deserve it

  • JadiBear 101
    JadiBear 101 Year ago

    You tried really hard

  • Piper Poteet
    Piper Poteet Year ago +1

    It looked like she had pink eye

  • Truly, Christina
    Truly, Christina Year ago +7

    Lol Megan you wanna blend the red out with your finger or a different beauty blender and then use a clean beauty blender for concealing. Silly goose

  • JD Starr
    JD Starr Year ago

    You should do a challenge with Markiplier!

  • Emma Isabella
    Emma Isabella Year ago +10

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  • agnes wilson
    agnes wilson Year ago +11

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  • Marie
    Marie Year ago

    Does anyone know where Megans jacket is from?

  • Aurellia Clairine

    the red lip eye hack actually works a lot for me.. you're just putting too much megan, and you should not wait for the lipstick to dry a bit first and then you blend it with concealer

  • bhai bhai
    bhai bhai Year ago

    free 5k instagram followers here

  • Sophie Lawrence
    Sophie Lawrence Year ago

    Love this!!!!

  • Candace Formosa
    Candace Formosa Year ago

    OMG yayyy I'm so proud of Lilly

  • Jeff Kydd
    Jeff Kydd Year ago

    I'm a dude. but i don't know why im liking it.. keep it up Gals

  • eden stacy
    eden stacy Year ago +1

    Rebecca Zomolo you are amazing!! I've been commenting on every one of your videos and STILL haven't won anything. My favorite one was the glitter for you eyes. I don't have snapchap but does work? If so @ eden_bug
    Plzzzzzzz pick me I have tried soooo hard to get this!!! I'm also a BIG fan of dance moms I've watched every season so I LOVED watching you guys play the trivia because I almost got them all right!!! I think I only got two wrong! Thank you and if you don't pick me that's alright but I will just keep trying until you do.

    • eden stacy
      eden stacy Year ago +1

      srry this was supposed to be on your video rebecca but please read the whole thing!!!

  • MJ Echavez
    MJ Echavez Year ago +2

    Megan you look like Emily bett Rickards from the tv show Arrow

  • Alida I.
    Alida I. Year ago

    Megan's jacket though 😍

  • Melanie Leidi
    Melanie Leidi Year ago +1

    Megan please make a video about any skin routines or products you use for your face because it is so flawless

  • Sarah King
    Sarah King Year ago +2

    Ok the red lipstick thing totally works if you just use a tiny bit under your eyes! I just dab a little bit on to counteract the blue/green tone...then do my concealer and foundation. If you don't use a ton (MEGAN😂) this trick is awesome!!

  • Angelina Novales
    Angelina Novales Year ago +1

    The ants will be so happy because of the cocoa powder

  • omomoification
    omomoification Year ago

    this was a great collab! pretty sure y'all could've done anything and I'd have enjoyed it.

  • Antonio
    Antonio Year ago

    Merry Crustmas to you twoo!!

  • 한아름
    한아름 Year ago +1

    Manny being a troll

  • juleena agustin
    juleena agustin Year ago

    4 thumbs

  • bananaboomer
    bananaboomer Year ago +4

    sweet jacket megan

  • Bradley McCracken

    Thumb thumb thumb thumb

  • ramenfever
    ramenfever Year ago

    do you want ants? thats how you get ants

  • Wolf Hound
    Wolf Hound Year ago


  • MGIC Active
    MGIC Active Year ago

    Megan ur so pretty

  • Adrian Moreno
    Adrian Moreno Year ago

    You two together... Amazing

  • kevin coots
    kevin coots Year ago

    is it doing it?

  • Jo Hanna
    Jo Hanna Year ago

    that glitter hack 😂

  • laynee x books
    laynee x books Year ago +1


  • Bovic Leuterio
    Bovic Leuterio Year ago +6

    LoL I'm in this unknown territory but Megan posted it, so gotta watch it😂😂

  • rotten tangerine
    rotten tangerine Year ago +2

    im gonna give you on the count to 3 to get your --------- out my door. 1 2 AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA merry christmas you filthy animal and a happy new year

  • SalvaPride
    SalvaPride Year ago +1

    "And a Happy New Years"

  • Isabella Tan
    Isabella Tan Year ago +1

    4 thumbs

  • that’s interesting


  • Leslie Mendoza
    Leslie Mendoza Year ago +6

    You girls are hilarious!xp

  • Jade Brewer
    Jade Brewer Year ago


  • Pablo Alejo
    Pablo Alejo Year ago

    I got you Megan ❤️

  • Sinead Paglinawan

    God loves a tryer

  • adam corrales XO
    adam corrales XO Year ago

    made it before 1000 :)

  • Tina Bitch Ass
    Tina Bitch Ass Year ago +26

    You ladies don't even have to try... 😑 Megan, you're like a Sunday morning sun shining through my window...

  • Rie Denielle Bertuldo

    The red lipstick at the end tho 😂😂

  • Julia Manalo
    Julia Manalo Year ago

    I lovee you soo muchh! ❤️❤️🙈😋

  • N Benn
    N Benn Year ago +4

    Came here from Rebecca's and subbed! Love you megan

    • N Benn
      N Benn Year ago +1

      Rebecca Zamolo REBECCA OMG I SOBBING I LOVE YOU ❤️💕😘

    • Rebecca Zamolo
      Rebecca Zamolo Year ago +6

      xoxo Love her too!

  • beatsbyheart
    beatsbyheart Year ago +1


  • N Benn
    N Benn Year ago +1

    Thumb thumb thumb thumb

  • anjelica pelaez
    anjelica pelaez Year ago

    I love you guys

  • Just June
    Just June Year ago +1

    I love Megan!!!

  • Renata Gafarova
    Renata Gafarova Year ago +6

    i SCREAMED when you used Lilly's lipstick GAH
    loved those hacks,defo going to try them out!!

  • Rebecca Zamolo
    Rebecca Zamolo Year ago +123

    Well....we tried :)

    • Phoebe Joy
      Phoebe Joy 5 months ago

      I love your videos soooooo much Rebecca and I just watched your documentary and it made me cry so bad because I have had one of my older brothers die and it ruined my life

    • toni macdonald
      toni macdonald Year ago

      Rebecca Zamolo what only eight replays maybe nine now

    • Silvia Quezada
      Silvia Quezada Year ago

      Rebecca Zamolo I love you

    • Thalia Vlogs
      Thalia Vlogs Year ago

      Rebecca Zamolo filthy animals😂✌🏼️

    • Chloe Lee Francis
      Chloe Lee Francis Year ago +1

      Rebecca you dont need make up to look pretty your beautiful.

  • Nicole Marie
    Nicole Marie Year ago +3

    This collab is amazing!!

  • Joelio •
    Joelio • Year ago +10

    We're gonna dismiss any puns used today, as a little Christmas present from us to you, Miss Batoon.

  • soccerwannabe123
    soccerwannabe123 Year ago +1

    Hey Megan! love you!!

  • Jennifer Jaime
    Jennifer Jaime Year ago

    Meghan I love you!!!

  • Marianne M
    Marianne M Year ago +11

    Can I get a fist bump for Megan Batoon?👊🏽

    • Klaus
      Klaus Year ago +1

      Tresha Ayag 👊

    • Spider Man
      Spider Man Year ago +2

      Tresha Ayag 👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽

  • Nina Ferrer
    Nina Ferrer Year ago +1

    HI MEGAN 💕

  • Jordy San
    Jordy San Year ago +3

    omg ! i clicked so fast !