I Gave A Subscriber An Extreme Body Makeover (PCOS)

  • Published on Apr 21, 2019
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    For the first time ever, I gave a subscriber an Extreme Body Makeover! I learned so much from Kristi and was extremely honored to be a part of her journey. Thank you so much to everyone who submitted! Our team is looking forward to which subscriber we can work with next!
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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  4 months ago +7728

    Your outpouring of love in these comments means the WORLD to both me and Kristi. I also wanted to update you guys -- in the few weeks since we finished filming this episode, Kristi's glucose levels have normalized since the first time since her diagnosis, AND she lost another half inch off her waist through her nutritional work with Brandon.

    • Amanda Dooley
      Amanda Dooley 9 days ago

      This episode is kick ass! Would love to see a check in in season 2 or a later episode!!!

    • Mariam ibari
      Mariam ibari 25 days ago

      Michelle Khare can you help me I want to get abs. I’m a huge fan inbox me please please 😭.

    • Melissa Escutia
      Melissa Escutia Month ago

      can we get an update on her nutrition? I have PCOS and found this video very informative. Thanks girl

    • Lynn Hathaway
      Lynn Hathaway Month ago

      Go Kristi!!!

    • Reagan Cook
      Reagan Cook Month ago

      Your not crying... I am

  • victoria Mesham
    victoria Mesham Day ago


  • Alondra.Elizabeth Herrera

    I love her attitude, so positive and likable.

  • Lyla Cin
    Lyla Cin 4 days ago

    I have PCOS too and endometriosis and hypothyroidism. So it's a triple whammy for me. I'm doing my best.

  • samantha ross
    samantha ross 4 days ago

    She did so freaking awesome. I also have PCOS and it is very very hard to lose weight. I also work night shift security and have 3 kids so its hard for me to even try to work out bc most of the morning hours im trying to catch some ZZZ's and then once i get up its full force mom mode. Im on my own weight loss journey now and i can only hope to see the results she got from this. Your doing a great public service here bc when you try to look up weight loss programs for women with PCOS, you find very little information if any at all. Thank you for doing this for her and us women struggling with this on a daily basis. Great job Sis!

  • Lily Pad
    Lily Pad 8 days ago

    I need one of these as well

  • mayelaar
    mayelaar 8 days ago

    Thank you Kristi, Michelle for this episode. I loved how you emphasized the fitness journey vs the weightloss aspect and how careful the Fit team were with working with a woman with PCOS. It's one shitty little bastard and makes working out/ eating healthy so hard because many times, there are no visible results so motivation has to be completely intrinsic. Thanks for showing it. Keep rocking, Kristi!

  • Ellisa Bell
    Ellisa Bell 9 days ago

    "FREE OF CHARGE!!!!!????????????" - ......lucky

  • Happyme!
    Happyme! 9 days ago

    Michelle is so sweet and supportive!

  • Katie C.
    Katie C. 11 days ago

    Thank you for shining light on the PCOS. I appreciate it more than you know.

  • MissNurki
    MissNurki 12 days ago

    The numbers might not have been insane, but it's visible difference for sure, and if she keeps going it's going to be a massive difference in no time. :)

  • Natosha Womack
    Natosha Womack 12 days ago

    I have an appointment Aug. 23rd to help determine if I have PCOS or another hormonal disorder. I'm often discouraged by the fact that I eat well and exercise and am still very overweight. Thank you for sharing this story.

  • Heidi Christensen
    Heidi Christensen 13 days ago

    Great transformation!
    I wish i could do this. Unfortunatly i do not have the money right now to get the help i really need to get the body i want and the right ways to train and eat correctly. :/ And i've been struggeling with stress and depression for the last 2 years, so going to the gym i normally feel really beat and i look down on myself and meassure myself against everyone, which does not do anything good for me... It's a struggle but hopefully it will come one day.

  • Karoline Faarlund
    Karoline Faarlund 13 days ago

    It is so good that you have helped her along this way!
    But dont make it seemes like PCOS is a burry to live with, i have it & you can see how i live with it myself, @karolinefaa

  • Ashlee Lynn
    Ashlee Lynn 13 days ago

    Awe the support from her office was so cute.

  • Sheryl Seijo
    Sheryl Seijo 14 days ago

    Is there any way I can get a makeover??

  • cath taylor
    cath taylor 14 days ago

    Kristi you have done brilliantly, well done xx❤️❤️

  • enchainedtreasures
    enchainedtreasures 14 days ago

    DDR! I miss that game so so much...

  • Eren Magnus
    Eren Magnus 15 days ago

    One glass of milk a day?! My British arse couldn’t cope without my tea!

  • deborah a
    deborah a 16 days ago

    this ending made me want to cry they were the sweetest! this was an amazing video and helping her get healthier. 🙌💗

  • Bri Beaver
    Bri Beaver 16 days ago

    Kristi is sooooooo prettyyyyy

  • Lnpsycho
    Lnpsycho 17 days ago

    Hello ! nice video !
    I'm french and i think that there are mistakes in the conversion inch to cm. Like.. 42 cm is impossible for a waist, ilts more like the size of a tigh, or a muscular biceps. haha.
    Big BRAVO for all the job and congratulations !

  • Isabella Bettoni
    Isabella Bettoni 19 days ago

    This is not just for losing weight,this is for health and happiness;)

  • I Am A Mess
    I Am A Mess 19 days ago

    This was so beautiful and omg the things they did for her and the impact! I cry

  • Paola Urcuyo
    Paola Urcuyo 20 days ago

    I wish I could also get that same tailored nutrition and workout, as even myself have PCOS and losing and gaining that way in a year is exhausting

  • Jimine the mochi
    Jimine the mochi 20 days ago

    8:07 I was laughing so hard at that man behind 😂😂😂

  • Nique’s Officials
    Nique’s Officials 20 days ago

    Yhu Should Do A *Where Are They Now* To See Where Their @ After Their Journey Of Working Out With Yhu In The Gym‼️

  • Kevin Veal
    Kevin Veal 21 day ago

    Kristi! That was so incredible! I hope you're still keeping up the hard work and feeling amazing and healthy. I'm on my own journey, and watching videos like yours keeps me motivated and gives me hope. Thank you!

  • Lily Poon
    Lily Poon 21 day ago

    I.have pcos too!

  • Myia Renee'
    Myia Renee' 23 days ago

    Where can I send a submission video?

  • Livi Drawz
    Livi Drawz 23 days ago

    I need to do this 😫

  • Joselin Almazan
    Joselin Almazan 24 days ago +1

    Brandon looks like a truly genuine person who deeply cares about the people he works with look a him writing so many notes, accommodating to situation the person is struggling with and most impotantly trying to make sustainable meal plans... such a sweetheart!

  • Jennifer Rodriguez
    Jennifer Rodriguez 25 days ago

    I absolutely loved watching this video. As a woman who has PCOS and has always struggled to lose weight it was comforting to see someone in my same situation. I go to the gym 3x a week and eat okay but it is discouraging at times when you don't see the weight drop. So seeing Kristi gave me hope and made realize that it's not all about numbers, that's something I have been working on keeping in mind. It's not about losing lbs it's about keeping me healthy. Thank you for making this video.

  • KacieExplainsItAll
    KacieExplainsItAll 25 days ago

    I'm so glad I came across this today. I have pcos and it's super frustrating when doctors just focus on the meanings on the scale and blame you when it's actually the underlying health issue that they know you have.

  • Herminia Reyes
    Herminia Reyes 25 days ago

    Can you give me an extreme makeover? I want to get in shape. Please.

  • نوال المرواني .

    This girl is so inspiration and strong

  • Mariam ibari
    Mariam ibari 25 days ago

    I love you Michelle . can you help me please inbox me I want to get abs I need help.

  • Danielle Mccoy
    Danielle Mccoy 27 days ago +1

    I reallllyyy I loved her positive attitude and how the trainers wanted to continue a journey without charge!

  • Gail
    Gail 27 days ago

    Jusy vieqed this vid and it so accurately describes what I’ve been going through. Started working out 3 times a week since feb and no results on the scale. But feel waaay better than before

  • Anna pat
    Anna pat 27 days ago

    please help me I want to look good for my brother's baptism and get myself back so if you ever see this comment please consider helping me

  • Esmeralda
    Esmeralda 27 days ago

    Wow I’m smiling. You a good person who wanted to help someone. We need more yous! I’m so happy for krisi

  • Megan Peatt
    Megan Peatt 27 days ago

    I have PCOS and have been feeling so discouraged with my health and fitness journey; just feeling like I can't improve myself. But this really gave me hope, so thank you :) and congrats to Kristi!

  • Estefania Giraldo
    Estefania Giraldo 27 days ago +7


  • Stacy Whaley
    Stacy Whaley 27 days ago

    Ready to cry my eyes out. I was diagnosed with PCOS at 16/17... I was able to get pregnant with the help of dietary changes but now as a mom of 4 it's so difficult to maintain those changes and manage my PCOS. I just started counting calories reducing carbs again today cause something has got to give!

  • Sugar thekitty
    Sugar thekitty 28 days ago

    Definitely my favorite Wix sponsorship. Nice to see it in a situation with someone who could actually use the boost. One of the most perfect partnerships ever.

  • dieter love
    dieter love 28 days ago +1

    The trio of michelle and the two trainers....wow! Very respectful and professional. True ethical scientists.

  • Rin The Cat Dumpling
    Rin The Cat Dumpling 28 days ago

    my last name is Fernandez I got thrown off Abit when I saw that xD I have high testosterone and can be quiet hairy and I also have a weight issue. I'm 346lbs and I'm only 20 turning 21. Watching Kristi do this with strength and power really motivated me ❤️ I hope she becomes a director and I can see one of her movies in the future !!

  • SilverLeguar
    SilverLeguar 28 days ago

    3:59 boi.... y u holding a pencil like that

  • Shahzeb Shebi
    Shahzeb Shebi 29 days ago

    Why you no choose me?
    Me is a subscriber too!

  • Amber Poleet
    Amber Poleet 29 days ago

    i need this kind of help tbh

  • Prong's World
    Prong's World Month ago

    ahh I want to be on the Extreme Body Makeover too!

  • GCAM
    GCAM Month ago

    I find this dieting plans from internet very funny, they're like "cook salmon and low calorie this once a week" like girl if I had enough money to buy salmon every week/month do you think I would be eating pasta everyday

  • Bee beethebunny
    Bee beethebunny Month ago

    hearing ddr made me very excited... but then i saw the horrid soft pad xD i guess im spoiled lol

  • Maria Lawrence
    Maria Lawrence Month ago

    Hey Michelle!! This hits home soo much!! I’ve been diagnosed with pcos since I was 16 and I’m 23 now so a very long time. I’m so glad you had this video, it gives me so much hope that change is possible!!!

  • Kelli
    Kelli Month ago

    when i saw fencing i immediately thought of that one icarly episode 😂

  • Mandy M
    Mandy M Month ago

    im not crying..youre crying..
    okay yes im crying..actually BALLING.
    my god.
    Kristi you put yourself in so many areas of discomfort..I am so happy to watch just the beginning of a new journey.

  • ipek sayrak
    ipek sayrak Month ago

    my favorite episode so far, love Kristi

  • Brittany Guerin
    Brittany Guerin Month ago

    Literally I am crying and I don't know why. I am so happy for Kristi. Thank you for these videos Michelle!

  • sema asfari
    sema asfari Month ago

    wow i wish i could have had a body makeover

  • Gard Ninja
    Gard Ninja Month ago +1

    5:28 - 5:36
    "I'm afraid of failure. I already feel like the black sheep of the family because i'm not following whatever they want me to do." That is me and my mom from coming from a truly mennonite and amish family is hard because of the way we act just like going for a swim and im the only one without a shirt and its apparently such obscene nudity to them and i cant wear something with skulls on it because it "represents evil" and im like it just holds your brain, eyes, nose, and ears and everyone has one so everyone is evil now?

  • Cecelia Wheeler
    Cecelia Wheeler Month ago

    This was the best episode yet. It was a very touching story that was captured really well.

  • Marissa Willow
    Marissa Willow Month ago

    these videos are so inspiring! i really need heathly fitness inspiration as i can get SO down on myself mentally. this just makes me so happy 😊😊😊😊

  • Stutee Verma
    Stutee Verma Month ago

    i need makeover too🙄

  • alexandrahoang
    alexandrahoang Month ago

    $40 off studio fitness classes on class pass which gives you access to studios in most areas, use this link :) class.ps/njbZK

  • Mindy Wong
    Mindy Wong Month ago

    Thank you for making this video and picking Kristi.
    I was diagnosed with PCOS after I lost 20 pounds. It took me about a year and a half and was complete torture because I cut my calories to about 800 to 900 a day, while I exercised for about 2 hours every day. My hair started to thin, and I found out from my doctor that I had a high level of testosterone and referred me to an obgyn. However, my Obgyn wasn't supportive at all. When I told her that I lost weight, she completely ignored it and just flatly stated to me that I needed to lose more weight. I'm glad that Kristi is doing this in a healthy way because I know I didn't. I definitely will want to take steps to losing weight in a healthier manner and would like to refer to this video on the foods to eat.

  • Alisa Holverson
    Alisa Holverson Month ago +1

    I was diagnosed almost a year ago and I really appreciate this ❤️. Having answers to what had been happening to my body is only the first step-now I need to do something about it! This gave me hope ❤️

  • Ces Sully
    Ces Sully Month ago

    not even 2 minutes in and i’m crying (i have multiple invisible illnesses & only my close friends know- i’ve gained and lost and gained and lost weight but lately have been on such a positive path towards living healthier than ever)

  • Tina Moss
    Tina Moss Month ago +2

    Love this episode. Kristi seems awesome! 💖💖💖

  • Erica Aguilar
    Erica Aguilar Month ago +1

    Tell me why I started crying when Kristi hesitated in saying she wanted to be a director and Michelle told her to say it with pride. Actual t e a r s flowing down my cheeks rn. So much love.

  • Alessiaa
    Alessiaa Month ago


  • Paige Henke
    Paige Henke Month ago +1

    Thank you for helping a cyster!!!

  • Rebecca Brown
    Rebecca Brown Month ago

    Kristi is so pretty man and so lovely. I hope she gets to the point she can see that

  • Olive Enriquez
    Olive Enriquez Month ago

    I would wanna see a video dedicated for people that want to gain abs but find it difficult to do so because of scoliosis

  • thatonechick2344
    thatonechick2344 Month ago

    I’m not crying, you’re crying! Great job girl!!!

  • Gloria Velez
    Gloria Velez Month ago +1

    9:55 Michelle's ponytail is triggering my OCD.... I'm going there with a brush