tom holland being a dork for 12 minutes and 46 seconds

  • Published on Jul 12, 2019
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  • editsbyrebecca
    editsbyrebecca  Month ago +6235

    2% of the comments: *talks about parts of the video*
    98% of the comments: “tHiS iS cLicKbAiT, yOu’rE oNe SeCoNd oFf”

    • DatDogeDude
      DatDogeDude 3 days ago


    • Emma W
      Emma W 6 days ago +1

      it's because you wasted like 20 seconds doing the damn spider-man shit with the shirts

    • Tristan Baier
      Tristan Baier 11 days ago +1

      lol on the homepage it’s 12:46 in the video it’s 12:45 lol

      3PIC GAMING KAT 18 days ago +2

      Lol 98% percent doesnt know sometimes youtube adds a second but when you press on the vid they remove the second they added XD

  • wolf *
    wolf * 17 hours ago


    THE ALPHAWOLF 20 hours ago

    Ending with
    Was funny as hell

  • Alexia damarvelfan
    Alexia damarvelfan 20 hours ago +1

    10:54 "Does Tom Holland have a spidey sense?"
    Me: No.

    He has a Peter tingle.

  • Amanda Kim
    Amanda Kim 21 hour ago

    After the intro said 12 mins 45 sec..... who checked to see if it actually was 12mins and 45 seconds?????

  • Seren Platt
    Seren Platt 21 hour ago

    jake scared tom, scared me, which lead to my dad asking if im okay

  • RagingGaming
    RagingGaming Day ago

    kwasont -tom holland 2019

  • Nicole Hernandez

    @ 11:59 I hear quake son instead of crossiant

  • darcy ¿¿
    darcy ¿¿ Day ago


  • Didi 1205
    Didi 1205 Day ago

    9:56 that little « please »

  • Hammad Shahid
    Hammad Shahid Day ago +1

    Actually for 12 minutes and 37 seconds

  • kaitlyn kristine

    i lose my shit everytime he does crow

  • Beatriz  Araújo
    Beatriz Araújo 2 days ago

    Why do I choose to do this to myself at 1am, when I am in clear need of sleep and want to sleep but can't?!

  • mew2latias
    mew2latias 2 days ago

    OKAY SO TOM KNOW EXCEPT AFTER C people in my life never have heard of that rule

  • Kyleigh Andrews
    Kyleigh Andrews 2 days ago

    1:38 I replayed multiple times and it scared me every time 😂😂😂😂

  • Roses Love
    Roses Love 2 days ago

    *MA'AM ARE YOU ALRIGHT ???!!!*

  • Luuc Van der sluis
    Luuc Van der sluis 2 days ago

    I ship em

    I mean tom and boldi

  • Shuree Crisp
    Shuree Crisp 2 days ago

    His laugh at 6 20. 😄😄

  • Ruby Folks
    Ruby Folks 2 days ago

    i just witnessed tom and jacob fan girling over the watch mojo woman

  • Delaney Andreasen
    Delaney Andreasen 2 days ago

    i laughed at the first clip so hard....


    But... The intro is 5 seconds long, so we only get dorky Tom Holland for only 12 minutes and 40 seconds

  • FamuosYutubar Mayn
    FamuosYutubar Mayn 2 days ago +1

    *nick furry*

    and all the other dogs are cute

  • Julieta O
    Julieta O 2 days ago

    i love this guy

  • Makinzie Cagg
    Makinzie Cagg 2 days ago

    During this whole video I was smiling the whole time

  • ·GachaEva ·
    ·GachaEva · 3 days ago +2

    Uhh.. Am I the only Tom Holland fangirl at the age of 10? Just me? Okay..

  • Remy Fagerstrom
    Remy Fagerstrom 3 days ago

    5:29 i can’t focus on anything he’s saying, his muscles are so defined

  • Erin L
    Erin L 3 days ago +2

    6:09 i would’ve said *hi i’m renata bliss and i’m your **______** dance teacher*

  • snacc attacc
    snacc attacc 3 days ago

    tom is the literal most attractive guy i’ve ever seen. like i love him.

  • Madison L
    Madison L 3 days ago

    hello darkness my old *doo doo doo doo doo doo*

    ATMODEPTH 3 days ago +1

    The Wii music! 😂

  • arion killion
    arion killion 3 days ago

    He is such a dorkkkk😊😊😄

  • arion killion
    arion killion 3 days ago

    Oml tom freestyle.... 😂😂😂

    Perfect dolphin tho

  • Dervs 2016 Fluffy
    Dervs 2016 Fluffy 3 days ago

    1:38 That made me jump.😂 Then, I put the video back a bit, and it made me jump again.😂😂

  • Cat Lady In the making


  • 130613방탄소년단


  • Allyza Van Cappelle
    Allyza Van Cappelle 3 days ago

    Isn’t this just
    Tom Holland being Tom Holland?

  • KittyCatCookie4
    KittyCatCookie4 3 days ago

    he has a british accent?

  • Puthinator
    Puthinator 4 days ago

    Is it just me or is toms accents slowing disintegrating?

  • aaisha baig
    aaisha baig 4 days ago +1

    1:37 i got foooooollllleeeeddddddd

  • Space GG boy sami
    Space GG boy sami 4 days ago

    He's being a Dork for 12:40 seconds

  • Olga Zuluaga
    Olga Zuluaga 4 days ago

    AAAAA He is literally the cutest thing in the world
    Is it weird that I blushed whenever he looked at the camera😂

  • J4K0BA
    J4K0BA 4 days ago

    I legit got scared by Jake too lol

  • Anne Shanelle Soriano

    Whats the name of the song??

  • Eevee _umbreon123
    Eevee _umbreon123 4 days ago +1

    *starts fangirling over watch mojo*

  • Eevee _umbreon123
    Eevee _umbreon123 4 days ago

    Jacob’s reaction to Tony Stark was hilarious 😂

  • Eevee _umbreon123
    Eevee _umbreon123 4 days ago

    Chris H: Tom, whose your favourite actor?
    Tom: gotta say, Liam Hemsworth is definitely up there
    Chris H: do I need to call upon Mjolnir?

  • Tatou Guyot
    Tatou Guyot 4 days ago +1

    Tom Holland < Benedict Cumberbatch

  • Kinky Simply
    Kinky Simply 4 days ago

    1:37 why tf did i also get scared

  • Sierra Stone
    Sierra Stone 4 days ago


  • Crying Montage
    Crying Montage 4 days ago

    someone tell me why I jumped when jake scared tom 1:37

  • Truly Greg
    Truly Greg 4 days ago

    Petition to make this 23 years long

  • _Bella YT
    _Bella YT 5 days ago

    Evil guy 😑😑

  • High pitched Gamer
    High pitched Gamer 5 days ago

    I have another dog related pun they could've used: Mary J. Dachshund

  • Bean Milk
    Bean Milk 5 days ago

    Excuse me its 12 mins and 45 seconds lol

  • Phillip Kubilius
    Phillip Kubilius 5 days ago

    Am I the only one who doesn't think tom isn't the best spider man? I prefer andrew garfeild, but andrew garfeild is the 2nd

  • Alex Stine
    Alex Stine 5 days ago

    am I the only person who is disturbed by the wii theme song in the background???

  • Lindsay D
    Lindsay D 5 days ago

    can we just take a moment to appreciate Jacob's laugh??

  • O T H E R
    O T H E R 5 days ago

    Video length: 12:45
    Video title: 12:46
    "These are confusing times"

  • wan juin Lee
    wan juin Lee 5 days ago

    Anyone know what the background song is called?

  • Gsbanwait Is Cool
    Gsbanwait Is Cool 5 days ago


  • Meadow Rie
    Meadow Rie 5 days ago

    tom making the dolphin noise is the same energy as me making my enemies deaf at school by screeching cockatoo in their ears

  • Eliyza
    Eliyza 5 days ago

    Zendaya says "croissant" better than Tom... shit xD

  • Myra Bishop
    Myra Bishop 5 days ago

    When he said how do I do this without getting on the flour I wuz like " oooh my bli finna show us some of his tricks in the bed!"

  • David Badger
    David Badger 5 days ago

    Jacob’s skin color is corn dog

  • Creeper, Aww man
    Creeper, Aww man 6 days ago

    Jacob Batalons laugh is the reason I get up in the morning

  • eviLL
    eviLL 6 days ago

    I want Peter Barker

  • Dudepilot 747
    Dudepilot 747 6 days ago

    I love how in the 2nd clip, Chris Hemsworth is asking Tom about his favorite actor, and Tom is saying every Hemsworth except Chris!

  • Unknown Makerxz
    Unknown Makerxz 6 days ago

    45 seconds

  • RedBearFazbear
    RedBearFazbear 6 days ago

    Coming to a theater near you

  • Isabelle Hynes
    Isabelle Hynes 6 days ago

    Did anyone else notice the wii music in the background???? Haha

  • Addy Z
    Addy Z 6 days ago

    Tom Holland trying not to spoil movies is me when I want to talk about a certain movie but my friends either havn't seen it yet or they are not intrested.

  • Elizabeth Hom
    Elizabeth Hom 6 days ago

    I was the 60kth like yay lol

  • ziggy stardust
    ziggy stardust 7 days ago

    “Tony Stark”
    Tom: Vietnam flashbacks

  • Beata Malobo
    Beata Malobo 7 days ago

    It takes a lot to shake me


  • Brenna Gleason
    Brenna Gleason 7 days ago

    At 1:39 when Mysterio screamed I jumped and threw my phone since I wasn't paying attention and my family looked at me like I was crazy 😅😅