tom holland being a dork for 12 minutes and 46 seconds

  • Published on Jul 12, 2019
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  • editsbyrebecca
    editsbyrebecca  5 months ago +9240

    2% of the comments: *talks about parts of the video*
    98% of the comments: “tHiS iS cLicKbAiT, yOu’rE oNe SeCoNd oFf”

    • Tabby Corn
      Tabby Corn Day ago

      My names Rebecca too 🙂

    • Hunter Hess
      Hunter Hess 5 days ago

      +editsbyrebecca With the jacket merch plug its less tom holland so even more bait.

    • Cookie Monster
      Cookie Monster 8 days ago

      I didn't even notice lol

    • Kaylee
      Kaylee 10 days ago

      but you didnt clickbait tho

    • Divine
      Divine 10 days ago

      I haven't seen anyone talking about it being 1 second off

  • JayBraps 365
    JayBraps 365 28 minutes ago

    Last clip Tom when American

  • AKA .#SAM
    AKA .#SAM 7 hours ago

    Chris : *Cries from the inside
    Tom : I like india Hemsworth

  • AKA .#SAM
    AKA .#SAM 7 hours ago

    45 seconds

  • gijs kuijken
    gijs kuijken 9 hours ago

    when tom got jump scared at 1:35 i got jump scared as wel and dropped my laptop of my lap on the ground

  • silly chipmunk
    silly chipmunk 11 hours ago


  • Itswildgaming
    Itswildgaming 13 hours ago

    1:24:10 that was gold

  • Rumi Lee
    Rumi Lee 14 hours ago


  • Minty’s Gacha
    Minty’s Gacha 19 hours ago +1

    Does Tom Holland have a spidey sense?
    He doesn’t...

    He has a Tommy Tingle

  • ainsley kirkbride
    ainsley kirkbride 21 hour ago

    P.S. Whats your phone number?

  • ainsley kirkbride
    ainsley kirkbride 21 hour ago

    You r my favorite marvle charter

  • Jakerz lmao
    Jakerz lmao Day ago

    As soon as I started the video I’m like “ohhhhhh yes! No sweatshirt ads!” I thought

  • David Dealaman
    David Dealaman Day ago

    Titled said 46 seconda

  • Melody plays -making roplays for yt

    isn't his spidey sense just anxiety?

  • wildcats 11085
    wildcats 11085 Day ago

    Poor Chris, he just wanted to feel praised during the interview

  • Brittany Holt
    Brittany Holt Day ago

    12:40 seconds correction

  • TST_ItzOskarDk
    TST_ItzOskarDk Day ago

    Actually 12 Minutes and 40 seconds

  • Lunar Phantomhive

    When you get mad at your dog and they give you this face:

  • SierraJoFox
    SierraJoFox Day ago

    Dork holland

    FOG SERGIO Day ago

    6:50 tom could make a nice asmr video

  • Mr.Potato
    Mr.Potato Day ago

    They all gangster till blue shirt dude scars the crap out of you

  • Jackology
    Jackology 2 days ago

    Friend: Don't say it
    Friend: Please don't say it
    Friend: Come on ma-

  • Cheyenne_The_Mermaid_Princess

    tom: * tries to act all tough *
    me: *PUBBY*

  • Quel farce Voilà pourquoi!

    Does the best friend of Spider-man die of diabetes in the next one? ;)

  • Angela Zelaya
    Angela Zelaya 2 days ago

    There are one second offf and I’m fucken TRIGGERED

  • Turtlely121
    Turtlely121 2 days ago

    1:38 I actually got jumpscared lmao

  • Ice_Wallow_Come
    Ice_Wallow_Come 2 days ago

    The "Tom Holland" part of the video actually ends at 12:40, doesn't start until 0:05, and from, 1:40 to 2:03, it's wasted time. So, the title should be "tom holland being a dork for 12 minutes and 13 seconds" But you forgot to capitalize and add punctuation, so the final title should be "Tom Holland being a dork for 12 minutes and 13 seconds."

  • Sparkle Master
    Sparkle Master 2 days ago

    Who else jumped at 1:39

  • Christian Leonardo
    Christian Leonardo 2 days ago

    His arms on the shirt on the puppy's bit...

  • Pan!c on
    Pan!c on 2 days ago

    I love their adorable freakout over the watch mojo lady

  • Pan!c on
    Pan!c on 2 days ago

    Yo whats up iron man dies

  • Pan!c on
    Pan!c on 2 days ago

    I love the Hemsworth joke

  • ETC_CuBIng
    ETC_CuBIng 2 days ago

    12 minutes and 45 seconds, not 46

  • Riley Savoy
    Riley Savoy 2 days ago

    why the fuck did you think it was a good idea to play shit fucking music in the background throughout the whole video

  • Emily Alabacos
    Emily Alabacos 2 days ago

    I literally jumped at 1:37, I felt like my life flashed before my eyes xd

  • Wren Giles
    Wren Giles 2 days ago

    *QUACK QUACK...*

  • M.A. R
    M.A. R 2 days ago +1

    Me if I ever met Tom Holland: *brings up the lip sync battle
    Tom: pls no
    Me: 😂
    Tom: why are my fans like this

  • Gabriel D
    Gabriel D 2 days ago

    Im literally fucking crying

  • Martha Turnure
    Martha Turnure 2 days ago

    1:47 when he scared Tom, I screamed to.

  • Marquis de Hoto
    Marquis de Hoto 2 days ago

    Why am I scared of spoilers? xD

  • Anooby 1172
    Anooby 1172 3 days ago +2

    Title: Tom Holland being a dork for 12 minutes and 45 seconds.
    6ix9ine: He’s lying

  • Alektro
    Alektro 3 days ago +1

    *Happy bursts into the room*
    YOu dÔNt gHOśt nÏcK FūRŶ

  • Derek Church
    Derek Church 3 days ago

    This is how many double checked the title versus the actual length and found they were different

  • Fortnite Awesome Player

    1:30 i am dead

  • Avenger Guy
    Avenger Guy 3 days ago

    3:54 I can't even tell if Tom is doing that weird sob or jacob

  • Camille Bates
    Camille Bates 3 days ago

    The fact that Tom and Jacob were fangirling over watchmojo😂adorable😍😭

  • •Ciello•
    •Ciello• 3 days ago

    Tom:I can't believe how i kept all those spoilers to myself..Well i know he died,we came back and captain america got----
    Also tom:I don't know how i kept those secrets.!!

  • Kevin Chen
    Kevin Chen 3 days ago

    1:37 that scared the shit out of me too

  • LNRulez
    LNRulez 3 days ago

    Zendaya is the biggest mood thanks for coming to my TedTalk

  • Jake the Parkourist
    Jake the Parkourist 3 days ago

    Stop with the Wii theme pls

  • Des Kel
    Des Kel 4 days ago +1

    Tom playing with puppies keeps my heart beating ❤️

  • Des Kel
    Des Kel 4 days ago +35

    When Tom gets scared he immediately goes into “ instant kill”

  • Michael Magill
    Michael Magill 4 days ago

    I say cwassont

  • Bappo Jujubes
    Bappo Jujubes 4 days ago +5

    To be fair, Jake's impression of Al Pacino is terrible.

  • airyballoon
    airyballoon 4 days ago

    Them trying to figure out SHIELD was an absolute delight

  • July War
    July War 4 days ago +1

    Do I have 12 min and 42 seconds? No
    Do I care? Not really

  • Rang Hart
    Rang Hart 4 days ago

    4:57 killed me

  • Chrono-Glitch WaterLily

    5:12 why is no one talkin about this

  • Meerah Almazmi
    Meerah Almazmi 5 days ago +1