• Published on May 14, 2019
  • I hate this game... I hate this game so much...
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  • ZoiidFX
    ZoiidFX 2 hours ago

    Cock baguettes and Pam baguettes are the best

  • Danvision10
    Danvision10 3 hours ago

    11:40 is where Mark showed us the true essence of this game...instead of going mad when you fail, just be always mad and calm down when you fail...

  • Chovey King88
    Chovey King88 15 hours ago +1

    Omg thx for playing GD ur the best youtuber

  • Jan Pospíšil
    Jan Pospíšil 23 hours ago +1

    I can t believe popular youtubers are so trash at this game ...

  • Maxwell Evans
    Maxwell Evans Day ago +1

    Mark, fans have made levels for yoooouuuu!

  • the rainbow death cat

    There are harder levels than finger dash...

  • Skye Collins
    Skye Collins Day ago +1

    ME: Oh, I've played this game and finished it.
    MARK: Let's play it!
    ME: Takes off my headphones.

  • brenner gavin
    brenner gavin 2 days ago

    it takes that long to load into that fivem server?

  • Dondlo
    Dondlo 4 days ago +1

    Play online levels lol many has a lots of details

  • Juan Rivas
    Juan Rivas 4 days ago

    What is he waiting for?

  • Nik The Gamer Chic
    Nik The Gamer Chic 5 days ago +1

    Cock baguettes, amirite?

  • GuyFromSomeWorld
    GuyFromSomeWorld 6 days ago

    The lyrics are actually "Cum buckets
    Feed the weed
    Begin to
    Harm the m8s"

  • LaCresha LaWson
    LaCresha LaWson 6 days ago +2

    I use hacks. Bye Italianapkdownloader.

  • Ultra Instinct Scooby-Doge

    I thought the lyrics were Lol Bucket...something E bee gel

  • LemmonsinGaming
    LemmonsinGaming 7 days ago

    *CUM* buckets FeEd Me ThE WeEd

  • LemmonsinGaming
    LemmonsinGaming 7 days ago

    *Mark 2702*

  • Anders Currah
    Anders Currah 7 days ago

    I was really hoping he would get to the spider part so I could see his reaction

  • Mateus Soares
    Mateus Soares 8 days ago

    Yes, it is *NOT* portuguese
    (I am one by the way)

  • Ben Odoms
    Ben Odoms 9 days ago

    Is that the Yuri eyes from DDLC??

  • Hexerion
    Hexerion 10 days ago

    Make him watch the verification of killbot

  • Abdelah Bouazaoui
    Abdelah Bouazaoui 11 days ago

    8:19, Just beautiful

  • Zahi Abd
    Zahi Abd 11 days ago +1

    One of the easiest level I had played

  • Casadi
    Casadi 12 days ago

    Tbh I totally forgot that makeup challenge xD

  • Listening noob
    Listening noob 12 days ago +1

    Lol mark should watch pros play the game.

  • GDAxiel
    GDAxiel 13 days ago

    Ive waited for this for YEARS

  • boyd fulton
    boyd fulton 13 days ago

    Me: Maybe c*ck baguette?

    Mark: C*CK BAGUETTE'S!!!!!

  • Ichigo Kurosaki
    Ichigo Kurosaki 13 days ago

    Finally a game im better at than Markiplier!!!😂😂😂

  • M3me_EAter YT
    M3me_EAter YT 13 days ago

    Even mark is trying to sing along with fingerdash

  • the derp potato
    the derp potato 14 days ago

    Bruh hes mostly on fingerfash

    TKELITE 15 days ago

    what gd song is that?

  • WillandOne
    WillandOne 15 days ago

    Wait his monitor is 240hz right?

  • AiErudito __-_-__
    AiErudito __-_-__ 15 days ago


  • Coppersoldier 992
    Coppersoldier 992 16 days ago

    Ah ha a noob that has 10millon++ subs...

  • Little J766
    Little J766 16 days ago

    If this is a try not laugh challenge. I’m failing

  • Kiana Kamp
    Kiana Kamp 16 days ago

    *pom baguettes oui oui Eiffel tower*

  • Muhammad Revi Arnan
    Muhammad Revi Arnan 17 days ago +1

    hi :)

  • DragonTamer 9765
    DragonTamer 9765 17 days ago

    You should do a video on this where you take a shot every time you mess up

  • DivaThinMuffinPigeonZappa

    Does he not rage anymore?

  • SSlaymick UO
    SSlaymick UO 18 days ago

    Should we tell him about the demon levels?

  • ChalupaTroopa01
    ChalupaTroopa01 18 days ago

    CUM. buckets. Feed the weed. beGIN to harm the mates yuh

  • Z3N0N
    Z3N0N 19 days ago

    This reminds me of my newbie days in geometry dash

  • Hyun Xiao
    Hyun Xiao 19 days ago

    Ok who else haven’t passed level 1 and see Mark finishes on first attemp?

  • y4sh1r0_ !
    y4sh1r0_ ! 19 days ago

    It’s 2am and I’m crying my mom will be very concerned for me in the morning when I start saying Pam baguette all day *DYING*

  • Nigbey A
    Nigbey A 19 days ago

    I am a god at geometry dash

  • Minh Pham
    Minh Pham 19 days ago

    I play this on mobile

  • Ihere123
    Ihere123 20 days ago

    Geometry Dash isn't all about "skills"! It mostly requires memory and timing, just to perfect a level! Rage will occur, however...

  • Redstone Gamer
    Redstone Gamer 20 days ago

    Cock buckets

  • Kronikle
    Kronikle 21 day ago

    The fingerdash song sounds like its saying "chum buckets, feed to the queen, began in time, be be buckets, be be be be"

  • Dara Yeth
    Dara Yeth 21 day ago

    Now markiplier really played it.

  • Lil Dime
    Lil Dime 21 day ago

    Play more level

  • Sydney Davis
    Sydney Davis 21 day ago

    My childhood game (still in childhood/just got out of it I’m 15)

  • Dylan Mulvey
    Dylan Mulvey 22 days ago

    Cock baguettes mark .... cock baguettes

  • Dylan Mulvey
    Dylan Mulvey 22 days ago

    Mark you do not suck and anyone who thinks that is retarded

  • Dylan Mulvey
    Dylan Mulvey 22 days ago

    Listen all those people who say oof I bet you can’t even come close to marks score

  • Roseee Tinoco
    Roseee Tinoco 22 days ago

    Mark. Apiphany

  • [Gacha] StormSwitch1506

    Mark: Oh, I've Played Geometry Dash Before...
    **shows clip of the impossible game**

  • Reaper Radio
    Reaper Radio 22 days ago +1

    0:42 Im Number 2, Im Number 2
    Im Number...


  • Jokanaan
    Jokanaan 22 days ago

    Mark: COOOOOOOOOOCK!!!!!!
    Me: ......... baguettes.

  • Allison Hollis
    Allison Hollis 22 days ago


  • FanZT Canada
    FanZT Canada 22 days ago


  • Cory Nengz _/
    Cory Nengz _/ 23 days ago


  • Julian Lonowski
    Julian Lonowski 24 days ago


  • Reapers Winter
    Reapers Winter 24 days ago

    Dude finger dash is so fucking easy

  • Geometry Dash Cryst4l
    Geometry Dash Cryst4l 24 days ago

    *oh boy*

  • Dylan Sone
    Dylan Sone 24 days ago

    Mark singing the song in this game is me not knowing lyrics to a song I like but an attempt is made

  • No
    No 24 days ago +1

    “the the WHAT’S THE WORD?! the the the *testicles*


  • No
    No 24 days ago +1

    *coCk bAgUEtteS*

  • jammie shaw
    jammie shaw 24 days ago

    That was The Impossible game in and you were doing the makeup challenge

  • TDWL2
    TDWL2 25 days ago

    *Laughs in extreme demon*

  • Joel Sean Allen
    Joel Sean Allen 25 days ago

    There is a practice mode