Up Close: Miss Universe Barbados Shannon Harris

  • Published on Jan 21, 2017
  • Get to know Miss Universe Barbados Shannon Harris before she competes at the MISS UNIVERSE Competition happening January 29th 7/6c LIVE on FOX from the Philippines. Download the Miss U App here: bit.ly/MissUApp
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Comments • 42

  • Angkorian Boy
    Angkorian Boy Year ago

    Great personality and beautiful lady 😘🤟

  • issa princess
    issa princess 2 years ago

    Oh she's pretty

  • Agent
    Agent 2 years ago

    She's one of my favorites.. i love her from the very beginning.. i just hope thejudging panel this year would notice her..

  • Zanee Krish
    Zanee Krish 2 years ago +3

    she only win because of who she know

  • Ginga Tetsudō Surī Nain

    intriguing... she could be in the Top 5

  • Mandy Cummins
    Mandy Cummins 2 years ago +2

    Go Shannon! I'm so proud of you!

  • Michelle Leguia
    Michelle Leguia 2 years ago +13

    She is diffidently a person of mixed heritage. But she beautiful and I love the Barbadian accent🇧🇧❤💙

    • Trini UsaCutie
      Trini UsaCutie Year ago +3

      Exactly she white not mixed letting a natural tan and accent fool them

    • John Muhleisen
      John Muhleisen Year ago +2

      She is not mixed race. She is white and both her parents are white.

    • Le Bêbeve
      Le Bêbeve Year ago

      Finally, thank you.
      Someone else also realizes she's mixed race.

  • Bob Kh
    Bob Kh 2 years ago +1

    that rihanna way of speaking:p

  • Jeanne R
    Jeanne R 2 years ago +8

    Barbados, Belize, Nicaragua are definitely darkhorses. Watch out, girls!

    • ollieF yung
      ollieF yung 2 years ago

      tanza eve agree. i would add miss belgium too..

  • ever5622
    ever5622 2 years ago +6

    she deserves a spot in the top 12 hopefully the organization will not ignore smaller nations and have the same countries be in the semifinals as always

    • Zanee Krish
      Zanee Krish 2 years ago

      ever5622 through a false representation ok.

  • amancay gonzalez
    amancay gonzalez 2 years ago

    Beautiful video and person :) Go Barbados!!

  • Zanee Krish
    Zanee Krish 2 years ago +1

    she is not a good representation of barbados

    • Le Bêbeve
      Le Bêbeve Year ago

      You know she's part black, right?

    • Contantina46
      Contantina46 2 years ago

      Yes she is

    • nini
      nini 2 years ago +3

      Chantal Beale thank you I didn't want to get into back and forth with him he clearly needs to educate himself

    • Chantal Beale
      Chantal Beale 2 years ago +6

      wow the ignorance i'm reading here! Zanee Krish - you said it yourself, you VISITED Barbados so you know nothing about the island - strictly tourist point of view. I actually am from Barbados and i'm white, so what I don't represent the country either? Please be quiet and do your homework. Bajans come in all shapes and colors, Shannon represents us well. Go Barbados! #246

    • Terry-Berry Reid
      Terry-Berry Reid 2 years ago +5

      I understand your stance but though you have that opinion, as a Barbadian myself, of African and Scottish heritage, I can tell you that she does represent our people. You must realise that you VISITED Barbados. As a citizen I have learnt that most Barbadians are indeed mixed withe white and black. They are just as much a part of our culture as dark-skinned blacks. I urge you to not judge her for her outer appearance for as a person who has interacted with this magnificent queen, I can tell you that she truly reflects our people... Strong, diverse and resilient. Barbados is proud of Shannon, Our Miss Barbados.

  • Zanee Krish
    Zanee Krish 2 years ago +2

    I didn't know Barbados was a white country I thought it was carribbean ppl

    • Trini UsaCutie
      Trini UsaCutie Year ago +2

      no both parents are white. check her ig

    • Le Bêbeve
      Le Bêbeve Year ago +1

      I'm tired of telling people this but,
      SHE's MIXED. She's BLACk and WHITE.

    • Chantal Beale
      Chantal Beale 2 years ago +4

      So what if the majority is black? Minorities don't count?? Barbadians come in many different colors - FACT

    • Damorris Sapp-Hinton
      Damorris Sapp-Hinton 2 years ago +5

      Zanee Krish your right !!! Majority Of It is black!!!! She was the lightest that won

    • J. Chris Payne
      J. Chris Payne 2 years ago +15

      Barbados has a little bit of every race. Feel free to visit sometime and see for yourself.

  • M. H.
    M. H. 2 years ago +3

    Wow, so glad these profile videos are out and I get to see other contestants other than the early favourites. Barbados os beautiful.

  • josephine Ellah JM
    josephine Ellah JM 2 years ago +4

    Good vibes for Miss Barbados Shannon Harris

  • MP C
    MP C 2 years ago +3

    I love the island vibe and life.