• Published on Jan 15, 2018
  • Let's speak about situations when somebody is bothering or disturbing you. How would you speak about it in Russian? How to say "to disturb", "to hinder", "to prevent", "to bother" or "to distract" in Russian? You will find three Russian verbs, that we use for these situations, in this video: отвлекать (отвлечь) - мешать (помешать) - беспокоить (побеспокоить). We will find out the difference between them and see them in examples.
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  • pastor bustamante
    pastor bustamante 10 months ago


  • Yi Qiao
    Yi Qiao Year ago

    she's good...

  • Mad Dog Charm
    Mad Dog Charm Year ago

    And what about перебивать? I think it means to interrupt, but not sure in what way- whether the interruption is a distraction or not, or when it would normally be used. In one dictionary, мешать is a synonym. Is it commonly used? (I learn a lot from song lyrics, this one is from Nyusha :) )

  • Ahmed Ajabi
    Ahmed Ajabi Year ago

    awesome video :)))

  • Stephen Robey
    Stephen Robey Year ago

    Sorry I forgot the other correction. To distract not distruct (my predictive text rejected it as a spelling mistake and substituted distrust) . There is another verb to destruct. The most suitable candidate is distract.

  • Stephen Robey
    Stephen Robey Year ago

    Excellent improved format. You corrected yourself orally over "Sorry to prevent you" It is always transitive in English. I am sorry to prevent you from doing something unless you are referring back to something already understood. I am sorry but I have to prevent you (where the possible actions are understood), So as you say but don't write "sorry to disturb you". Finally the concluding sentence should read, "I am bothered by the long silence". I hope this is helpful and thanks for your continued excellent support for us learners of Russian.

  • Tomas O Maonaigh
    Tomas O Maonaigh Year ago

    Меня беспокойт нехватка носителей русского языка здесь в Англии...

      RU-LAND CLUB  Year ago +1

      Пример отличный! А по поводу нехватки, к сожалению да... Но Интернет может помочь с этим :)

  • Jatin Agarwal
    Jatin Agarwal Year ago

    Great to see regular videos! Continue the great work, hopefully by next year I won't have to type this in English. Спасибо большое!