• Published on Feb 16, 2019
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    Faker's Tank Sylas Top Gameplay! League of legends Sylas Season 9 gameplay!
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    Season 9 Sylas runes guide League of Legends
    Grasp - Shield Bash - Bone Plating - Revatilize
    Manaflow Band - Transendence
    10% CDR - 10 AP - 6 Armor
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Comments • 200

  • SoloRenektonOnly
    SoloRenektonOnly  7 months ago +34

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOM WHAT UP! Been loving sylas so hope you guys dont mind another sylas video so soon :) Want more content from me? Check out my SRO Highlights channel for the Road to Challenger series when you are done here -> tvclip.biz/video/lGyTSgQFFs4/video.html 😍❤️😍

    • Kyle McDaniel
      Kyle McDaniel 6 months ago

      Making the best of a terrible team comp

    • DubstepGs
      DubstepGs 7 months ago

      So far for me into tanks I like using Conq and Klepto,it just leads into a massive early game and any build works on him very well like ROA,SV,Tooth,Archangels and IBG with like 410+ AP on it,but Secondary tree is mandatory to get Manaflow and Transcendence.

    • Steve Knight
      Steve Knight 7 months ago

      That "bad" karthus ult at the end killed Nami. GGWP Mike.

    • Tyler Yale
      Tyler Yale 7 months ago

      In the Video description you said you took the CDR but in video you went both adaptive forces. just lettin you know

    • spongiplays
      spongiplays 7 months ago +3

      Roses are red
      Violets are blue
      RIP cannon minion
      Mike misses you

  • Gabor
    Gabor Month ago

    can SoloRenektonOnly vs Jay Sea on top lane?!?!?

  • Smonk
    Smonk 3 months ago

    that sylas champ

  • David Jeremiassen
    David Jeremiassen 4 months ago

    1 read at sylas abilities.
    1 view of sylas spotlight.
    I think some1 should go him tank.
    Search youtube: Faker does it! :D

  • TheKnudie
    TheKnudie 4 months ago

    13:14 what a cheese ball lol
    "Who put friendly fire on?!"

  • Alwyn van Deventer
    Alwyn van Deventer 5 months ago

    Maybe for a "tank" build, you needed a bit more, well, armor? Then you wouldn't die so quickly from Caitlin who obviously were dealing massive amounts of damage.

  • Alwyn van Deventer
    Alwyn van Deventer 5 months ago

    Jesus...and then at 14:41 you repeat the all in death you had at 8:26 by doing the exact same thing again. Don't stand in Karthus' E while 1v2...

  • Alwyn van Deventer
    Alwyn van Deventer 5 months ago +1

    That all in at 8:26 was painful to watch. You were literally standing inside Karthus's E while fighting 2v1. Karthus just stood there, blasting you with Q's while his E basically countered whatever heal you were planning on getting with your W.

    • cretyn
      cretyn 2 months ago

      On top of that he could just take maokai's r to root him under tower

  • GENOCIDE2099
    GENOCIDE2099 5 months ago

    watched the vid to learn sylas but now i want to main Vi again

  • Wreck
    Wreck 5 months ago

    This man simply cannot get cannon minions!

  • Jp Mathis
    Jp Mathis 5 months ago

    Does he looked stoned to you guys

  • Seb the Mally
    Seb the Mally 6 months ago

    Man my only issue here is you call this 'tank' but your last items are damage. Gotten a Randuin's instead of a Bane and Cait woulda been a non-factor. Stick to the script, SRO. xD

  • Jake A
    Jake A 6 months ago

    Hey solo! I find myself getting iceborn gaunt first and win late game. Should i stick to rod of ages? Would it help me trade better?

  • Wasabi Fart
    Wasabi Fart 6 months ago

    Nice ads bald cunt

  • The Player's Channel
    The Player's Channel 6 months ago +1

    I appreciate you putting the rune page details in the description. Its something minor but helps alot. Great video.

  • buhus Costel
    buhus Costel 7 months ago

    Looked at some streamers and they all lose from time to time .... but this guy never lose dude .. wtf

  • stochastic24
    stochastic24 7 months ago

    so a mao with over 1000 hp and a big passive heal is 'literally 2 hp under tower'. Ok Mike... ok.

  • Diesoon Nick
    Diesoon Nick 7 months ago

    Feels like Sylas did no Dmg to Maokai but since he could of spam'd more he "out" matched him
    That was nice to watch the early fight. Super long trade no death

  • Justin Goyer
    Justin Goyer 7 months ago

    tvclip.biz/video/NLpQg9ClN_g/video.html The commentary at this time is awesome. Just his reaction goes from blanned to Jesus. "oh your gonna die probably, OH HE INTERRUPTED IT INSTANTLY" while waving your hand in the air. The reaction of complete surprise. BOOM.

  • Ryan McCleary
    Ryan McCleary 7 months ago

    my little brother really wants to main this champ as support, any solid build for that?

    • Allah
      Allah 6 months ago

      tell him hes retarded to even think of it

  • Zerum
    Zerum 7 months ago

    "full tank"
    One half ass armor item

  • Blissful Panda
    Blissful Panda 7 months ago

    You can cast second part of E cancel the animation with Q its a clean quick burst

  • erik king
    erik king 7 months ago

    you know i want to know what happens is sylas steals heimerdinger, karma, or shyvana or kled all this champion needs to other things to use they re ults be it empowering the other spells or a passive

  • ShedGaming
    ShedGaming 7 months ago


  • James Miklasz
    James Miklasz 7 months ago

    Karthas jg still OP

  • moshy
    moshy 7 months ago +2


  • Drew Kun
    Drew Kun 7 months ago

    AAahaaaaa 14:45 he said it himself ... Katarina her R Does 0 to no dmg or in his words little dmg ... Me and my friend got into a discussion about whether all you do is Press R or not and he basically told me she is as braind ded as garten and all u do is press R

  • chaos kush
    chaos kush 7 months ago

    omg im not the only 1 that fuks cs off
    and ints like twice then feels sad about it I used this build to stomp earlier btw ty mans.

  • IliMusicStream
    IliMusicStream 7 months ago

    i was just waiting for someone to fucking play tank sylas!!!!!! thank you dude.

  • RaventhortheWarrior
    RaventhortheWarrior 7 months ago

    So this is coincidental. Because maokai is my favorite tank. I love infinite sustain and just not dyong on tanks, so this build looks great. The only issue I see is what exactly do you do? You won't lose a 1v1, but you dont do enough damage to be a threat, and you don't have enough CC to function as a utility tank. You're like a worse mundo, I guess?
    Just look at the teamfight toplane when you caught the maokai while kalista was under tier 1 tower. You did nearly nothing in damage, while Vi did a ton.
    Granted, this still looks hilarious. I just don't really see what you accomplish outside always living. But I feel like you're just stalling to get SHREDDED by adcs late. And god forbid the enemy team doesnt have good ults.

    • Smiles ツツ
      Smiles ツツ 7 months ago

      I had the same thought, maybe if you go demolish, you can split push?well maybe not split push exactly cus the damage, but at the very least you can get people to leave lane or get the jungle to focus you.
      Time spent dealing with a top laner is time not spent helping bot or mid

  • Bobby LeNeave
    Bobby LeNeave 7 months ago

    "we should definitely kill this guy under tower hes like 2 hp" SRO talking about a half health maokai XD

  • Mirza Mesic
    Mirza Mesic 7 months ago

    Your videos are too long

  • N2ition
    N2ition 7 months ago

    23:54 EEEEEEEEEE

  • Igor Tarasov
    Igor Tarasov 7 months ago

    That was a really nice one man. Good team plays. P.S. Is it D2 league, or higher?

  • bathrobeheroo
    bathrobeheroo 7 months ago +15

    Killing Karthus with his own ultimate is already a won game.

    • Mateusz Panasiuk
      Mateusz Panasiuk 4 months ago

      Kiling Darious his own ulti is like wining a 10 games XD

  • Steve Davis
    Steve Davis 7 months ago

    Bro stop spamming your spells into his aftershock and wasting them 😂😂 just wait

  • Stefan Milivojevic
    Stefan Milivojevic 7 months ago

    No one:

  • Holden Porter
    Holden Porter 7 months ago

    By the by, love that you're diggin' Sylas! Keep crankin' the content and stop missin' those cannons!!!!

  • Holden Porter
    Holden Porter 7 months ago

    BOOOM Whattup SoloRenektonOnly IN the Top Lane....seriously have never heard such a catch phrase be used so much in all my life. BOOOOM! It's addicting.

  • doyouneed somehelp
    doyouneed somehelp 7 months ago +2

    Everytime he backs, he makes a sound, “hwoo”

  • ramona yassin
    ramona yassin 7 months ago

    Play vi top

  • Sunny Macwan
    Sunny Macwan 7 months ago

    I love it when you say "Get destroyed sir". Even when you just pop a yasuo shield.

  • Misfit Logic
    Misfit Logic 7 months ago

    So out of the new champs sylas over neeko in terms of learning to play

  • Geion
    Geion 7 months ago

    That VI play got me so hype.

  • Mira SC
    Mira SC 7 months ago

    Can an overheal Sylas work?

  • josh swan
    josh swan 7 months ago

    sol is a dick played a game with him and hes negative and only nice on his vids. unsubscribed

  • Daddymooch
    Daddymooch 7 months ago

    every time you tunnel vision over invested in top Vi was carrying everywhere else making the real plays

  • Haibrayn42
    Haibrayn42 7 months ago

    Vi hyper carried and wasn't enough to get number one damage

  • Rita Rubary
    Rita Rubary 7 months ago

    I dont want to play like faker, I want to be him!

  • Devouring Gamer
    Devouring Gamer 7 months ago

    Same build I've been using

  • Hans Loo
    Hans Loo 7 months ago

    is this the new inting Sylas strat in which you psych your enemies by killing yourself repeatedly?

  • Pixinguinha Iago
    Pixinguinha Iago 7 months ago

    Does sheen apply on those a.o.e. AA?

  • RainbowRandolf
    RainbowRandolf 7 months ago

    After the armor item it would have been more correct to do Voy's tech of Nashor's Tooth imo.

  • MarvJay Gaming!
    MarvJay Gaming! 7 months ago

    I have been away for a while. But is renekton slimming down? Or am I tripping?

  • Ethan Hurlbut
    Ethan Hurlbut 7 months ago

    Sylas needs a Nerf to his heal

  • Reginald Kelly
    Reginald Kelly 7 months ago

    I dont ubderstand why people build him like an assassin. When hes an ap bruiser.....

  • jacob gordon
    jacob gordon 7 months ago +2

    This champ is absolute aids rn, he is way too strong. Screw the nerf hammer, this boy needs a nerf predator missile.

    • Jake A
      Jake A 6 months ago

      He's only super strong if he's landing his stun. If you Minion block and it's wasted you'll out trade

    • Allah
      Allah 6 months ago

      @Andrew Helms ^^

    • Andrew Helms
      Andrew Helms 7 months ago +2

      I've never fought a good sylas lol. They usually suck.

  • Shuku
    Shuku 7 months ago

    I have great succes blasting ADC's with hail of blades tahm kench in the toplane. (full tank)
    Also, what would you have build as your last item? (considering you have transcendence)

  • Cripp4
    Cripp4 7 months ago

    u killed nami with that karthus ult at the end tho

  • Imperial Guardsman
    Imperial Guardsman 7 months ago

    did you just say ''buff tanks''?