Ryan Gosling Would Play Batman If…

  • Published on Sep 12, 2018
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    John answers viewers questions about Ryan Gosling playing Batman.
    AngryIrishBenjamin writes, Hey, John! Love the show. Ryan Gosling recently said he'd be willing to be in a Batman movie if it was directed by the dude who made La La Land and First Man. It's an interesting notion, even if it's unlikely to happen anytime soon.
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  • Dario de Valencia
    Dario de Valencia 3 months ago

    Ryan Gosling as Prometheus

  • Gus Mimikos
    Gus Mimikos 3 months ago

    Ryan Gosling as Batman as the Notebook Heartthrob he would capture a whole new audience of fans. Especially Women. There would be more women coming over to watch the batman movies as before. The Batman Dynasty needs fresh Blood and a New Look especially a Sexy appealling guy that Ryan Gosling can bring to the table. Ben Affleck was great but he ran his time and now it's time for a Blast of fresh air. Maybe it's time for a Crossover. Disney needs to hookup with the Batman Franchise the DC Universe and have the Dark Knight tangle with Darth Vader not on you tube but on the big screen. Maybe a Black Hole Time warp space invasion of Earth by Darth's Forces would make a great film. Look out Darth VS Ryan Batman

  • The Goddess
    The Goddess 4 months ago

    Armie Hammer is perfect to be Batman ... his heights and his body .. his voice and his looks and he's a good actor .. etc . No other I could see to play the coveted role of Batman but Armie Hammer !

  • davelanger
    davelanger 9 months ago

    Ryan Gosling is an awful actor who would be a terrible batman. Karl Urban should be batman. Just watch DREDD and you will see what I mean

  • Bucky Barz
    Bucky Barz 9 months ago

    Batman no. GL hell yes.

  • ed invested
    ed invested 9 months ago

    Thanks for showing the actual comment your one of they who does so many others just sell the narrative that is more insisting or dramatic. I don’t get how you even get that he would only be in a batman movie if it was Damian directing from that quote

  • C MACK
    C MACK 9 months ago

    Andrew Lincoln should be Batman

  • The Villainous Dude
    The Villainous Dude 9 months ago

    Ryan is the perfect choice for playing Hal Jordan.

  • MisterE1976
    MisterE1976 9 months ago

    I think he could be a good choice for Green Arrow if it ever went to the big screen.

  • The Legend
    The Legend 9 months ago

    John tell me you did not just say CRINGE

  • The Legend
    The Legend 9 months ago

    NOOOOO Hes good actor but no Batman...no no no ..The flash ..yes !!!!!!!!!!!!! Green Lanturn..maybee,,,,,????? AquaMan Deffffff

  • Hey, it's Nick!
    Hey, it's Nick! 9 months ago

    No way- bring back Val Kilmer!...Bring Val back! Bring Val back!

  • Kevin Black
    Kevin Black 9 months ago +2

    NO. No Gosling. Thank God it's just bullshit, because Gosling as Batman or Bruce Wayne is awful idea. He is too boyish and doesn't have any darkness about him/ this aura some actors have.

  • krishtian Sev
    krishtian Sev 9 months ago

    If you are going for older bat, then john hamm, younger bat, then gosling

    • Kevin Black
      Kevin Black 9 months ago +1

      No. Gosling is terrible choice. He is too boyish and doesn't have this ''Batman'' darkness about him at all. He would be great older Flash/Barry Allen, but not Batman/Bruce Wayne.

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez 9 months ago

    I cant see him playing Batman but as bruce wayne yes.

  • Tramaine Terrance
    Tramaine Terrance 9 months ago +1

    As much as I like Ryan Gosling, I don't see him as Batman. It just doesn't fit to me. Honestly, I would have to see it first. As of right now, I just don't see it all.

  • vigorlilover
    vigorlilover 9 months ago +9

    It’s interesting though people all for him or against him playing Batman would loose their sh*t if he said he had no interest in playing Batman. Just like with Ethan Hawk and Peter Jackson saying he doesn’t have an interest in directing superhero movies. Even though they are constantly being asked these questions. And when they say how they really feel, fans take it as a personal attack on their precious movies. So called superhero movie fans are so emotional and take everything so personally. They really need to stop.

    • Robert Weston Lee
      Robert Weston Lee 9 months ago +9

      100 % agree with you, I've been saying this for years now : comic book fans have become the most entitled, spoiled, childish, hateful bullies ever. When some actor is announced as first choice to play their fav superhero - at first they hate him, then when movie is a success - they love him, and then, after yrs they hate him again, because suddenly they can find 1000 little things they hate, even if this hate/ the reasoning is almost always the most ridiculous& irrational thing ever. This is what is happening now with Nolan Trilogy. Nolan&Bale did smth extraordinary and they said from the get go it's gonna be different and not really pure comic version, they revived Batman franchise, ppl loved it & they should be grateful to Nolan/Bale for what they did& these masterpieces, yet now with all the fighting online who is better Batman & all the hate from comic purists, for whom nothing is ever good enough - I see childish tantrums & hate. Bullshit hate - because again, these idiots can't really explain what they hate it's all really jumping on bandwagon, but hate is the only thing they're consistent with. They can also hate an actor even if this actor has not started playing the role yet. And they are all ''experts'' on filmmaking. Pathetic. This is why I don't blame actors like Hawk when he says what he said or Christian Bale, who said he will never do another superhero/ comic based movie again. Who needs this toxicity? Ben Affleck also got tired of all this shit, fans don't see it, but the mess with current DCEU is, partly, fans fault - their constant whining also pushed WB in the worng direction (but this is another topic). Anyway, what is great for ppl who really love movies/cinema in general, not just superhero movies (like me) this is actually liberating. I don't need the most ''comic accurate'' movie/superhero, it is boring and bland, so I'm thankful for all creativity & original approach, I love Nolan's version and Bale's Batman, but overall I just love good, great movies, I love both Hawk and Bale - great actors, I also like Gosling very much and I want them to play as many great, varied roles as possible, so for me it's actually better. They don't need this comic book universe toxicity. And good for Hawk that he stood by what he believes. I actually agree with him - I'm so tired of superhero movies by this stage, it's just too much now and for me, except the Nolan Trilogy, its all really repetitive and unoriginal.

  • vigorlilover
    vigorlilover 9 months ago

    I love Ryan Gosling but no he would NOT be a good Batman.

  • André Tavares
    André Tavares 9 months ago

    This dude would kill as batman

  • kostasz7z
    kostasz7z 9 months ago

    Everybody does it but im not saying its wrong....
    Thats the problem with people nowadays. They know when something is wrong but hate to stand their ground in fear of offending someone or some people.

  • RenaissanceKing
    RenaissanceKing 9 months ago

    Skinny, lanky, long faced, blonde haired Batman........? Yeah, yeah, Val Kilmer was blonde Batman..... But NO..

  • Sanwal Yousaf
    Sanwal Yousaf 9 months ago +1

    Ryan Gosling can play my husband in real life....and I am straight dude.

  • Shameful Nut
    Shameful Nut 9 months ago

    Ryan gosling seems more like a nigh wing

  • Siedious Swift
    Siedious Swift 9 months ago

    Nah man, Ryan Gosling is my favorite actor because he plays so many different roles!
    Let’s be honest, a comic book movie would lock him down for a while and paint him in a corner!
    He doesn’t need a comic book casting to be the great actor that he is.

  • Speek No Evil
    Speek No Evil 9 months ago

    And no in any language.

  • Mufti Hossain
    Mufti Hossain 9 months ago

    Gosling would be incredible.
    He's tall enough and can bulk up. Physicality isn't an issue there.

  • Solomon Allen
    Solomon Allen 9 months ago

    Scott Adkins or GTFO 👈

  • MG23
    MG23 9 months ago +2

    I don't even want him as Batman. Maybe he can play a young Hercules or something......

    • Shawn Mathew
      Shawn Mathew 9 months ago +1

      Ralph Clotaire same here it’s a shame it didn’t last longer as well as Hercules the legendary journeys

    • R Clotaire
      R Clotaire 9 months ago

      MG23 Yes! Loved that show as a kid!

  • D Strachan
    D Strachan 9 months ago

    I think WB should take a break from making Batman movies for a couple of years. Build up the audience appetite and focus on other characters - I'd rather see The Flash and Cyborg getting their own movies than rehashing the Batman origin story so soon after Nolan and Snyder/Whedon's versions. Unless someone can put a dramatically different spin on it - leave well alone

  • Trevor Jeremy Roberts
    Trevor Jeremy Roberts 9 months ago +16

    He’d be a much better Barry Allen

  • Russell M. Hossain
    Russell M. Hossain 9 months ago

    Ryan Gosling should play Hercules... again!

    ROBIN InThAHooD 9 months ago +18

    Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne , Ryan Gosling as Batman Beyond !

    • JT Southernfried
      JT Southernfried 9 months ago +1

      Venom.. yea I know the guy you’re talking about.. I don’t know his name either but he could really make it work..

    • ROBIN InThAHooD
      ROBIN InThAHooD 9 months ago +1

      @JT Southernfried Yo that just made me remember . Idk his name but there is a guy from the Divergence movie and he is also in Underworld Blood Wars , the young dude . I think he could play Terry or Nightwing .

    • JT Southernfried
      JT Southernfried 9 months ago +1

      Clint Eastwood as Wayne.. the kid from Maze Runner as McGinnis

    • Zahinn
      Zahinn 9 months ago +2

      @ROBIN InThAHooD I guess so

    • ROBIN InThAHooD
      ROBIN InThAHooD 9 months ago +2

      @Zahinn definitely. But if he were to play Batman i would rather him be Terry than Bruce .

  • Russell M. Hossain
    Russell M. Hossain 9 months ago +8

    Karl Urban should be BATMAN.

  • Romello Malone
    Romello Malone 9 months ago +1

    I agree with John about reporters supposed to discuss about Ryan’s new movie First Man not asking him about playing Batman

  • macallan18year
    macallan18year 9 months ago +7

    Ryan Gosling as Batman didn't we already do this once with George Clooney??? LOL!!!

    • Peter Not Peter
      Peter Not Peter 8 months ago

      This is why Ryan works alone.

    • Mike Held
      Mike Held 9 months ago

      Ryan Gosling is a really good actor, drama, comedy, action . Dude can do it all.

  • Hard Boiled Entertainment
    Hard Boiled Entertainment 9 months ago +31

    To me, Ryan Gosling would be PERFECT as The Question. A soft-spoken tough guy with a thoughtful demeanor. JUST Ryan's bread and butter.

    • Hylian Legend
      Hylian Legend 8 months ago

      Sounds good. I'd also have Dylan O'Brien as Jason Todd Robin and Jesse Eisenberg as Riddler instead of god damn Lex Luthor

    • Jeffrey Goodwin
      Jeffrey Goodwin 9 months ago

      Hard Boiled Entertainment perfect casting!!

    • Steve Watkins
      Steve Watkins 9 months ago

      Wow, dude that is the perfect casting. Ryan gosling, as the Question. I approve that nomination!!

    • Hard Boiled Entertainment
      Hard Boiled Entertainment 9 months ago

      @Bob Thorton Oh, okay.

    • For the Lin Kuei
      For the Lin Kuei 9 months ago +1

      Agreed, point on.

  • RainFlawlessGaming
    RainFlawlessGaming 9 months ago +5

    The PERFECT Batman would be
    *Scott* *Adkins* you wouldn't even need CGI. He's already a Beast with Martial Arts.

  • Cameron Singletary
    Cameron Singletary 9 months ago


  • FaB92 N
    FaB92 N 9 months ago

    Ryan Gosling for IronFist comicbookmovie

  • Matthew Borrero
    Matthew Borrero 9 months ago

    Karl Urban

  • Matthew Whatshisname
    Matthew Whatshisname 9 months ago

    They probably thought First Man was another "man" superhero ala Batman, Superman, Spider Man. That must be it. BTW, First Man's super power is that he is always the first to comment on a video. If that was my super power I'd want to upgrade to Bat Man too.

    FUNERAL BILL II 9 months ago

    Ryan Gosling Would Play Batman If…HE GOT PAID UPFRONT!! lol

  • Lee Vue
    Lee Vue 9 months ago +14

    I think Scott Adkins would make a perfect Batman and Bruce Wayne in my opinion. He definitely has the looks for it. Not to mention, he has martial arts/stunt skills too and that would complement the character. The only problem is his height. Lol But I can still see him as Bruce/Batman. I can also see Adkins as Nightwing too. (Well at least for the film version since there's already a Dick Grayson on Titans.) Either one will be a good choice.

    • Nomad _1819
      Nomad _1819 9 months ago +2

      Lee Vue ... oh my god. There’s a reason he makes straight to dvd films he cannot act!
      And in big films he has no lines why? Because he cannot act!

    • Jan
      Jan 9 months ago +2

      The other problem is his acting. He sucks

      RONAN DAX 9 months ago

      Damn I thought Adtkins was like 6ft 2 or something, he always appeared taller to me. He'd still be a great Batman though.

    • J I M Jenks
      J I M Jenks 9 months ago +1

      I dont think he is a good enough actor to lead a major blockbuster especially playing Batman, he certainly looks the part but thats about it for me.

    • RainFlawlessGaming
      RainFlawlessGaming 9 months ago +1

      Christian Bale is 6'0, Adkins is about 5'10/5'11. It could work.

  • The Big Soup
    The Big Soup 9 months ago +5

    Richard Amitage (Thorin Oakenshield) was the guy just behind Ben Affleck in line to play Batman. They should get him. He is a very good actor.

    • Nomad _1819
      Nomad _1819 9 months ago

      Take into consideration when this film eventually gets made

    • The Big Soup
      The Big Soup 9 months ago

      oh wow he's only 1 year older than him.

    • Nomad _1819
      Nomad _1819 9 months ago

      Movie Banter he’s older than Ben Affleck

  • jeebs621
    jeebs621 9 months ago

    I’d pay to see a Ryan Gosling/Chazelle Batman production lol😂

  • Hylian Legend
    Hylian Legend 9 months ago +19

    Mad Men's Jon Hamm would be great IMO.

  • Leeto Nández
    Leeto Nández 9 months ago +3

    #HellNo. Great actor, but no.

    • Mark Parkinson
      Mark Parkinson 9 months ago

      You forget people's doubt about Heath Ledger as the Joker before the Dark Knight came out. It's not about the role, it's how they use it.

  • Official Filmilen
    Official Filmilen 9 months ago

    Ryan Gosling is a blonde. He cant be Batman. I want Jon Hamm to takeover Batman.

  • Corey Donaldson
    Corey Donaldson 9 months ago +2

    A Ryan Gosling/Damien Chezell Batman film would pretty interesting

  • Corey Donaldson
    Corey Donaldson 9 months ago +4

    The comic book fans need to chill

    • 65 Drums
      65 Drums 9 months ago +1

      Corey Donaldson for real

  • Matt Murdock
    Matt Murdock 9 months ago +7

    I hope DC just reboots. Gosling was my pick for Barry Allen Flash back in like 2007 because of his great drama and comedy chops as well as his looks, and his career since then has just proved what an incredible actor he is with a wide range. He could really play anything. I’d be down for him as Batman too. He can go quite dark, especially in a noir detective film. Would love to see him as a superhero at DC if they ever get their shit together. He’s smart to stay away from the dumpster fire DCEU.

  • Ben Covarrubias
    Ben Covarrubias 9 months ago +18

    Ryan Gosling would’ve been better as Flash . He was in talks to play him a few years back, I believe .

    • Nomad _1819
      Nomad _1819 9 months ago

      He was actually in talks for joker, batman, and the flash.

    • The JayShray Way
      The JayShray Way 9 months ago

      He was supposed to originally play dead shot

    • Ryan Sumayo
      Ryan Sumayo 9 months ago +1

      I agree, Chris Pine would have been a cool Flash too but does a good Steve Trevor