1. Introduction to Human Behavioral Biology


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  • Jacob Martin
    Jacob Martin 2 hours ago

    If science was behind everything, wouldn’t that mean we don’t have souls or free wills

  • christina giannaros
    christina giannaros 6 hours ago

    This Prof makes me really really want to study his course.

  • mediocre bankai
    mediocre bankai 9 hours ago

    I'm on Christmas break and found that I actually miss having class. Missing mental stimulation maybe? It's odd that I wanted a break so much and now I want to go back?

  • Dia Nunez
    Dia Nunez 11 hours ago

    Absolutely awesome lecture! Thank you and grateful!

  • One Little Indian

    Stanford university is one of the most Nazi infiltrated school through operation paperclip.

  • Russell Langley
    Russell Langley Day ago

    My god this guy is a good lecturer. He's so engaging. Every single professor I've had in university runs through their typical power point slides: title at the top, sub headings underneath, consisting of definitions and points relevant to the title. Then there's this wizard, equipped with a couple odd pages of random notes and some white boards with pre-drawn examples. Fack man, hes got a wicked beard and pony tail too. Come to Trent U

  • Χρυσα Μιχαηλιδου

    I just became 10% smarter today!!
    Thanks for everything man, Amazing lecture 👌❤️

  • Patrick
    Patrick 3 days ago

    Good lecture, except for Sapolsky's leftest philosophy slant. He is giving you a leftest version of history.

  • Anthony Raymond
    Anthony Raymond 3 days ago

    This guy is good 🖒

  • Dan Winter
    Dan Winter 3 days ago

    I am transsexual. I am the proof that men and women have different zones in the brain that are responsible for sexual identification! Transsexualism is an prenatal disruption of sexual dimorphism of the brain. Due to a prenatal hormonal disorder, the brain of the embryo can develop into a sex different than a sex of the body. But, feminism hides it! They impose on people that there is only gender. That is all just a choice! Feminism mixed transsexuals with gender mud! This is a huge feminist biopolitical war against all mankind! Feminists have mixed transsexuals with people who have serious psychiatric problems!!! They call all this transgender people. So feminism hides the fact that men and women are different! As a result, women do not receive proper neurological treatment (for females brain), and transsexuals continue do suicides!
    Transsexualism is a neurological disease! But look what happens!?
    Help us please!!!!

  • Clark Magnuson
    Clark Magnuson 3 days ago

    I can understand how some people might like this lecture... but it reminds me of 1971.

  • greyes11
    greyes11 3 days ago

    Phenomenal lecture

  • Darth Pro
    Darth Pro 4 days ago

    came to look for a quote -

    watched half a lecture :D

  • inarisound - Anime Music & Memes

    I personally don't agree on the projection of profiling and some other points in this video.
    Profiling is a very useful tool, and if you would just throw it away (don't use) profiling, in a quick-critical paced situation you would end up in danger or loosing something/someone.
    Therefore understanding when to use profiling and when to use distant or "global" thinking is very important.
    I also didn't like how he connected some Nazi scientists to the idea of profiling......just because bad people were using it dose not mean everyone who use it are Nazis
    Diminishing other researcher just because he/she selected different career path (sales/marketing) is very low blow.... people have different values... maybe he (researcher) realized that he would be stuck in poverty or in need if he proceed being researcher/scientist......
    in fact, I have two friends that quit very prestige science positions because they didn't want to end up in a lower or middle class bracket when they retire.
    I will listen to that professor a bit more (next videos) .... but I sense no substance in lecturers like this.... books are x2 much better and faster to consume and absorb valuable information.
    If you've read till the very end of this comment could you reply with what did you learn from an hour long lecture like this? everything you could think of? (I would like to see, maybe I've missed some valuable info).... it's also a good practice for you to secure what you've learned =)

  • KT Reznin
    KT Reznin 5 days ago

    Well... I was going to take a nap. But around 6:50 I decided not to.

  • inarisound - Anime Music & Memes

    Anyone want to synchronize ?

  • Cricket Shoes
    Cricket Shoes 6 days ago

    youtube, so harsh with the condensed wise words

  • observer7418
    observer7418 6 days ago

    Thanks for posting this lecture

  • Hayat Q. Alziyadi
    Hayat Q. Alziyadi 6 days ago

    I didn't understand his point when he said he was in a room with others in college and they said something and then he synchronized by August 1st. Can anyone please explain this for me? Thank you in advance.

  • Doug styles
    Doug styles 6 days ago

    Thumbnail makes dude look like an inmate

  • Jon Bain
    Jon Bain 6 days ago

    To try and embed cognitive psychology into biology implies that cognitive responses are teleological and not determined.
    What that means is that when people think according to categories its because they have specific goals in mind; and not that they are (completely) driven by genes which control them.
    So it is our vision of the not-yet-existing future which drives our decisions. This is idealism. That the mind drives the body.
    An example is that he decides to convince everyone that there is no free will. This is his future goal.
    In a universe without free will nobody could have the goal of convincing anyone anything because all actions would be driven by historical causality.
    The very idea of free will would be impossible to conceptualize in such a completely determinist universe. All ideas would be learnt from the world. And freedom does not exist in that world.
    Thus his entire paradigm is self-contradictory.

  • Jay Aeecee
    Jay Aeecee 7 days ago

    How many think this guy is a derelict from the 60's?

  • Sohaib Khalid Mohanna
    Sohaib Khalid Mohanna 7 days ago +2

    this dude did a number on my brain

  • Anubhav Mahapatra
    Anubhav Mahapatra 7 days ago

    Biology indeed is utterly beautiful!

  • Pelkės Sraigė
    Pelkės Sraigė 8 days ago

    Uff, interesting insights :) very interactive professor. Let's continue watching these HBB lectures!

  • aida bach
    aida bach 8 days ago

    6:00 crazy americans

  • aida bach
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  • Crosis89
    Crosis89 8 days ago +1

    what a great professor

  • colin361
    colin361 8 days ago

    Anyone knows which one of his books he is referring to ?

  • Arash Venus
    Arash Venus 8 days ago

    Giving Nobel prize to inventor of frontal lobotomy, reminds me of feminism appreciation + LGBTQ pride nowadays. Sometimes society just can't regulate itself or better said misregulates itself.

  • rehab alomari
    rehab alomari 8 days ago

    he HATES john watson

  • Ak 08
    Ak 08 8 days ago

    A geat teacher I ever saw

  • aida bach
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  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe 8 days ago

    The core point of people labling, regardless of the masive differences between those they categorize together is legit........the rest - bull ____!

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe 8 days ago

    I just watched you pass judgement on historical scientists, and dr's...without any context of the problems in society at that time. It was shameful to watch you talk about peoples personal relationships...while glossing over the socialist reality. we GO TO WORK....this is irrelevent apparently - seriously what we do all day! but you focus on your percieved notions of todays home life. Well, maybe the reptition is far more pointless AT WORK, and largely for average people you are correct about homelives....we shouldn't pro-create....etcetra. The self shaming that proliferates western acadamia and media...
    I SOUND THE COMMIE ALARM!!! you are literally using manipulation techniques.

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe 8 days ago

    ughh professor...umm, can you please explain where the heck they found all these victims to lobotomize whom had "absolutly nothing wrong with them"? Moreoever, how has society evolved now to better treat people with mental problems? I heard many people with mental problems wind up unwanted, often in prison...or sorry "corrections".

  • iconoclast137
    iconoclast137 8 days ago

    i can't believe people pay for college. i'd take it for free

  • Michii Tejeda
    Michii Tejeda 8 days ago +1

    poor bagel guy that's the type of name that gets stuck for ages

  • Cliche KH Fan
    Cliche KH Fan 8 days ago +3

    is there a way I can get the homework associated with this class?

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  • AstoTube
    AstoTube 9 days ago

    This guy is a talented teacher

  • Loresk Canada
    Loresk Canada 9 days ago

    "Three and a half dogs, everything's standard"

  • Mr.
    Mr. 9 days ago +2

    Gotta love it. Had a bagel with cream cheese ready to go for people who think potentially openly. That' was a big bagel too. And a chicken joke.

  • ScottHMusic
    ScottHMusic 9 days ago

    ok, but this doesn't discard the idea that there may be a single categorical explanation that is the basis of objectivity.

  • Ian Hockin
    Ian Hockin 9 days ago

    TVclip has been suggesting I watch this for months. I'm glad it was persistent :-)

  • Yamaha_Supermofo
    Yamaha_Supermofo 9 days ago

    Thank you for sharing this video, what a lecturer he delivers this lesson brilliantly.
    I could absorb his knowledge all day

  • MegaErnieMAN
    MegaErnieMAN 9 days ago

    Lol I got 44 too smart guy! +10,+9,+11, +?

  • james
    james 9 days ago

    24:00 reminder

  • Peter Sheville
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  • CanadaOSRS
    CanadaOSRS 9 days ago

    rick grimes?

  • WTF how bizarre
    WTF how bizarre 9 days ago

    This is awesome. Fress Stanford University level classes.

  • Ricky Tenderkiss
    Ricky Tenderkiss 9 days ago

    I want to go back to school … a GOOD one, like this, with professors like him … so very, very, VERY much!! 😢

  • WTF how bizarre
    WTF how bizarre 9 days ago

    The fact that everyone laughed during the part where Robert says 'What all of these have in common are that these have all been used to explain the behavior of a murderer in courts of law' it's actually kind of disturbing, not something to laugh at.

  • Gena L.
    Gena L. 10 days ago

    Grow a stupid beard and throw in youth and you get democrats! Lol

  • Ethan Williams
    Ethan Williams 10 days ago

    Calls all numbers just to troll.

  • Mary Cremo
    Mary Cremo 10 days ago

    interesting comments of color, in our language color ,is defined by different shades in nature, example would be green, which in our languages is a tree color ,example a balsam fir which is green.

  • S.0.S
    S.0.S 10 days ago

    Warping minds 1 at a time

  • NaoXDRandom♪
    NaoXDRandom♪ 10 days ago

    Someone else comes from MIGALA's video?
    /Alguien más viene del video de MIGALA?

  • Nymphfy
    Nymphfy 10 days ago

    After getting a bachelor degree in a social science - I had started to doubt a lot of claims of biology and evolution. This man re-ignited my belief in biology and claims made by biologists about the genetic influence on our behavior. Thank you for sharing.

  • Gowtham Kanagaraj
    Gowtham Kanagaraj 10 days ago

    I wish I had TVclip when I was 11 or 12, I studied in a boarding school up until I was 16. I had no access to the internet and I was forced to read the same books over and over again. I used to smuggle story books into the campus and read them. The one place I got variety was with films and music, that too was during the week ends. Thus I went on to pick technical studies after my grade 10, to study media and design, despite having done well academically.
    I’m 19 now, It’s been three years since I’ve gotten regular access to the internet, and these three years have been the most productive, academically speaking. I wish I’d been able to get access to different books, eloquent Teachers earlier in my life, at least that way I might have aspired to get into Stanford.
    I have to serve two years in the army before I can choose what to do with my life. My plans from 15-18 was for me to make films, documentaries and do travel photography. Now, I wanna study more about psychology, evolutionary biology, machine learning, filmmaking and photography, before I go on to make my films.
    If you have a kid, learn his strengths and make sure he’s able to build upon them, don’t just throw them into hardship just for your convenience.

  • Rainy Van Rides
    Rainy Van Rides 10 days ago

    I drive a Vincent Van that Gogh's. - Vincent Van Gogh

  • Katy Chit
    Katy Chit 11 days ago

    Loved the lecture. But saying language and compassion etc are novel and dont occur in other species isnt honest imo. For example, other primates, elephants and cetaceans have demonstrated language and/or grieving behaviors. They just lack the technologies (written language not excluded) to express them, and we lack insight on how best to explore them (like why tf don't use smell instead of sight when testing for intelligence in dogs?). Anthrocentrism is an easy trap to fall into, and maybe for the purpose of this class it's useful to claim elements of our nature are completely unprecedented. I just dont think that's a fair take, and certainly shouldnt be claimed as an absolute.

  • Mike Stitch
    Mike Stitch 12 days ago

    can't believe i watched this till the end.

  • JamRock Bless
    JamRock Bless 12 days ago

    This...seems almost like a paradox. Or hypocrisy.
    So we're going to teach you how to think in the 'category' of a human behavioral biologist to prevent you from thinking in categories-because all those other guys suck.
    Many of the examples in the first half, from my pov, doesn't show a problem with 'categories', but are rather manipulative falsehoods that exploit lack of knowledge, as opposed to problems with 'categories'. The New York student was also thinking in categories...but he had more knowledge than the non-New York students so he was able to see a pattern and discern the correct answer.
    And even as he was explaining how they would 'not think in categories'...what I heard was 'we are going to think in multiple categories rather than the singular stereotypical caricature I concocted to mock other disciplines'.

  • Sérgio D. M. Silva
    Sérgio D. M. Silva 12 days ago

    Sapolsky is brilliant. But he is also full of crap. Implying that Egas Moniz is responsible for the thousands of lobotomies made in the United States by Walter Freeman is deplorable. His problem is, he is more than willing to distort facts and even lie for a good story (the vampire bat mothers bringing blood to their babies always get me, because the reality is much more fascinating which is bats will often regurgitate blood to share with others in exchange for grooming). This said, much of the videos is well worth the watch. As always, it's a good thing to #Questionauthority.
    "Moniz hypothesized that surgically removing white matter fibers from the frontal lobe would improve a patient’s mental illness. He enlisted his long-time staff member and neurosurgeon Almeida Lima to test the procedure on a group of 20 patients, mainly with schizophrenia, anxiety, and depression. The surgeries took place under general anesthesia. The first psychosurgery was performed in 1935 on a 63-year-old woman with depression, anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations, and insomnia. The patient experienced a rapid physical recovery, and two months later, a psychiatrist noted that she was calmer, less paranoid, and well oriented. In the first set of surgeries, Moniz reported a total of seven cures, seven improvements, and six unchanged cases.[3]
    Moniz never performed a surgery himself, partially because of his lack of neurosurgical training but also because he suffered from severe gout that left his hands crippled.[3] Instructed by Moniz, Lima performed ten of the first twenty surgeries by injecting absolute alcohol to destroy the frontal lobe.[6] Later on, Moniz and Lima developed a new technique using a leucotome, a needle-like instrument with a retractable wire loop.[4] By rotating the wire loop, they were able to surgically separate white matter fibers.[6]
    Moniz judged the results acceptable in the first 40 or so patients he treated, claiming, "Prefrontal leukotomy is a simple operation, always safe, which may prove to be an effective surgical treatment in certain cases of mental disorder."[7] He also claimed that any behavioral and personality deterioration that may occur was outweighed by reduction in the debilitating effects of the illness.[7][8] He conceded that patients who had already deteriorated from the mental illness did not benefit much. The procedure enjoyed a brief vogue, and in 1949 he received the Nobel Prize "for his discovery of the therapeutic value of leucotomy in certain psychoses."

  • Nikki Velazquez
    Nikki Velazquez 12 days ago

    This is way better than any lecture I attended at the state school I went to. Maybe I would've shown up for class more often if they were like this.

  • skidrowsux1977
    skidrowsux1977 13 days ago

    condoleeza rice is such a bitch

  • X21
    X21 13 days ago

    Thank knowledge, I watched all 11 seasons of bones, took an extra ap anatomy 1 and 2 course during the summer and have 3 seasons worth of lines from lie to me memorized to help me understand a single word that this incredible professor is saying

  • Mo Barnes
    Mo Barnes 13 days ago

    why the fuck would I pay for college Stanford lectures are on youtube for free! what a time to be alive

  • George X
    George X 14 days ago

    Weird looking professor, as poorly groomed as a caveman and dresses like a slob. Whether he ever bathes or changes clothes, we will never know because TVclip doesn't come with a sense of smell.

  • Billy Kuan
    Billy Kuan 14 days ago

    He said it all when he said you should learn this by gun point!!!!

  • Ulf Adolf Gandalf Alf Elf MILf

    da hat der arsch aber kirmes

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  • Rodel Wade
    Rodel Wade 15 days ago

    I'm so involved I hope every class is online for me to watch, listen to... this is exciting

  • Aldijana Joffe
    Aldijana Joffe 15 days ago

    The world needs more books by professor Sapolsky. Allmost anything this man has to say in his field is precious knowledge.

  • MrFriskyWhiskey
    MrFriskyWhiskey 16 days ago

    There are so many subjects and topics that interest me. I'd struggle to pick just one to study indefinitely.

  • Radovan Šurlák
    Radovan Šurlák 16 days ago

    Thanks a lot for the videos guys :)

  • Jitty Thomas
    Jitty Thomas 16 days ago +1

    I have a mania, I feel God creates an elaborate horror story each time I watch porn despite my wife. I feel that this is a way of scratching ones nose from around the back of ones head. If God wants to teach me a lesson in morality he could do it in a kind and persuasive manner in tackling my behaviour. He punishes me irrationally confining himself to his ten commandments. Honestly I don't have control over my thirst for porn despite my wife. My psychiatrist refuses to accept my difficulty in having sex with my wife. After 18 yrs. we still have only one child. Is this a mania or misdemeanor from heaven? How can behavioral psychology help me get away from this vicious cycle? The horrors are like a leak springing in house plumbing when I don't have time to attend to it.

  • Randy Marsh
    Randy Marsh 17 days ago

    globalists could learn from this, that mashing humans together like dogs in a kenal is equivilant of giving a labotomy and giving themselves an piece award for it...

  • Jamshed Arslan
    Jamshed Arslan 17 days ago

    Bear and apple.

  • Kiyoshi Suzaki
    Kiyoshi Suzaki 17 days ago

    Fascinating! I worked as management consultant to work with companies around the world to see how ideas/ insights/ creativity of people may be well integrated for organization to function better (less waste, more utilization of people's talent) - also thru my books, videos. On the other hand I was interested in Zen/ meditation and learned the idea of "Sila- Samadhi-Panna" or simply said, with right conduct/ discipline (sila), and having a calm and quiet mind (samadhi), one will find wisdom (panna) - also thru my experiences (experiential wisdom) gained from vipassana meditation, etc. I think this is worth revisiting multiple times - not just work, or finding ways from suffering/ despair but collecting wisdom of people in the organization. Thank you so much! Kio

  • Marc Padilla
    Marc Padilla 17 days ago

    This guy is amazing. How can he recite all this information so formalized.

  • Tim Sullivan
    Tim Sullivan 18 days ago

    Best opening 5 minutes of a course introduction EVER! Sure has ME hooked!

  • Gary Maxion
    Gary Maxion 18 days ago

    19:50 I would've never gotten that. I've never seen a subway. I've eaten at Subway, but I haven't been even near an actual subway.

  • Adrian Dominguez
    Adrian Dominguez 18 days ago

    Protein malnitrition during prenatal life

  • ward wardy
    ward wardy 19 days ago

    He looks like guy they call when there's a gaint creature running lose on the city. They will need he's behavioural knowledge.

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  • Lee McKusick
    Lee McKusick 19 days ago

    Human Behavioral Biology has been the starting point of a number of terrible pseudo-medical theories and destructive treatment programs. Those ugly past errors are part of the basis for his concern with categorical thinking. TVclip also has Sapolsky on Depression, a sobering tour of the slow process of discovering and understanding some of the chemical processes affecting the brain.
    I work with severely disabled kids as a classroom aide. For months and years at a time I get to observe what a single person does. One of the things I understand (since I am getting older) is that mental activities take time. The more disability, the longer a complete mental activity requires. I am also discovering going slow and allowing time for the kids I work with to do things at their own pace leads to happy and interested kids. I think the professor's class needs a matching laboratory class where the students can do some simple experiments. Like he says, humans in large part operate very much like animals. The departures are interesting and worthy of study.

  • Osxkarallmyfriendsaredead

    What subject is that? Psychology? I mean what grade are the students in? Biology? Psychology?

  • Dorsey m
    Dorsey m 20 days ago

    checked out the (very old) MIT cs lectures.not my cup of tea. although the professor was really cool.this,however,is right up my alley! thank you Stanford for posting it.

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    thanks 🤗🤗

  • merrilymanthey
    merrilymanthey 20 days ago

    Met, heard, and grokked your topic … stress !! You profoundly shocked, ... positively and brilliantly affected the audience (mostly MDs, PhDs) as you delivered your material non-stop. The proof? The wildly enthusiastic standing ovation that went on and on.

  • Mateen J Music
    Mateen J Music 21 day ago

    I don't know why but I busted out in tears listening to this. Sapolsky is so brilliant. He's almost poetic in his speech and does an incredible job at subdividing the causes of our actions into genes, neurons, fetal development and so on. Wonderful lecture.

  • sev_07
    sev_07 21 day ago

    Can anyone tell me which book of his he's referring to when he says "buy a bunch of copies, bring me the receipt and you'll get a good grade in the course"?

  • Magic Bean
    Magic Bean 21 day ago

    Giving away your lunch to a student, that's called true dedication, aawweeee

  • Pretty Mommy
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    1st scenario...sounds just like bi polar

  • Black Nationalist X
    Black Nationalist X 21 day ago

    I just clicked this video because I thought this professor was a serial killer or a lunatic sociopath inmate

  • Katelyn Thomas
    Katelyn Thomas 21 day ago

    Hey I can’t pay for college bc I’m not old enough to work at most places but hey it’s fun to learn about this

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    mira culiao