1. Introduction to Human Behavioral Biology


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  • Critical Thinker
    Critical Thinker 9 minutes ago

    Protein consumption (correct diet) could be absolutely considered to be an environmental control. The point is that anyone from any backgrounds CAN be anything. This guy thinks he’s much smarter than he is.

  • Carlos Andres Salvatierra Cortez

    How many people believe in free will? :)

  • EvilMAiq
    EvilMAiq 6 hours ago

    Things like this lecture make me question my decision to attend school.
    I understand Stanford is meant to be an exemplar of higher education, but instead I feel disillusioned by the limits of current teaching practices.

  • Chris Perkins
    Chris Perkins 3 days ago

    I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy. :)

  • Emmanuel Ponce
    Emmanuel Ponce 3 days ago


  • Emmanuel Ponce
    Emmanuel Ponce 4 days ago

    28:33 chemical neuro surgery?

  • Emmanuel Ponce
    Emmanuel Ponce 4 days ago

    26:09 dynamics and system functions

  • Emmanuel Ponce
    Emmanuel Ponce 4 days ago

    12:27 Splash

  • Emmanuel Ponce
    Emmanuel Ponce 4 days ago

    8:14 human behavior is regulated by value's.

  • Garret Jacobs
    Garret Jacobs 4 days ago

    I love how there's a point where he moves around a bunch and the camera is constantly just looking at the board because he moved again. I laughed because of the juxtaposition between that and what he was talking about at the time.

  • Maria Callous
    Maria Callous 4 days ago

    luv this guy but how do we move from here into what is moral and an understanding of God is unknown at this point. This is the problem humanity faces at this time. For those who know God is real there will have to be a new way of deleting hell even for atheists and immoral people. Hell is a terrible place for any person. It's a challenge. I think removing from schools the idea of evolution as it is currently preached paramount. Sapolsky is a moral man but he'll go to hell for disbelief.

  • Chandan Banakar
    Chandan Banakar 4 days ago

    Wow ..one day I'm gonna be like him.

  • ruddy illanes
    ruddy illanes 5 days ago

    27:00 when he talks about skinner, he is actually refering to J. B. Watson. He introduced the idea that it is possible to turn anyone into anything that somebody desire like a lawyer, thief or doctor. He really became really succesfull in advertisement, way beyond he ever could in academia.

  • Emilio Hernandez
    Emilio Hernandez 6 days ago

    What did the student say at 18:33?

  • Elena P.
    Elena P. 8 days ago

    Can't stand that person.Teaching behavioral science and looking like a bum!

  • Hilary Neilson
    Hilary Neilson 9 days ago

    I come back and back to Robert Sapolsky. He's very clear on many topics which interest me. More, I 'believe' he's right. Some of what you hear on the internet is so far from true it doesn't bear scrutiny. Of course, he's a university professor, but so's Jordan Peterson. Watch more of this and less of that, people.

  • Don Carlo Quita
    Don Carlo Quita 9 days ago

    That first guy who said 42 knew the answer but didn't know why. He just guessed an explanation but was all over the place. The last guy said 42nd thinking about a specific category; knew exactly why.

  • The Mountain King
    The Mountain King 9 days ago

    The Mike Scheidt of biology 👏

  • April Kester
    April Kester 10 days ago

    This has got to be John Malkovich's greatest role yet!!!

  • SAIDI Elhoussain
    SAIDI Elhoussain 12 days ago

    the quality of this course is excellent , the method of teaching is amazing ..... thank you Stanford University . thank you Doctor
    key words : categorize , behavior , John B. Waston , ....

  • Hao Pan
    Hao Pan 12 days ago

    3.5 dogs?

  • Kyprus J
    Kyprus J 12 days ago

    So I loved Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins. Now I love Peterson and Sapolksy. Can anyone recommend me some more?

  • Psychologist Gaurav Gill

    It was an awesome and riveting lecture ..teeming with a lot of intriguing insights by Professor Robert Sapolsky

  • TaLorde Hornbro
    TaLorde Hornbro 13 days ago

    dammit. God damn it! I swear to God it doesn't matter how many times I find a lecture I am genuinely interested interested in and offer my undivided and very much captured attention, excited, open minded and quite eager to learn and to engage, only true once again find myself savagely disappointed the receiving end of the exact same disheartening con okay. It's depressing once you realize the truth of the matter, that very nearly each and every time it's not been the fascinating presentation of knowledge with which to enrich one's understanding and further illuminate one's right, good, and true perspective(s) of the world. Minimally compromised by blemishes, a gift of "man's follie" yet forgivable entirely once the significant benefits of its entirety is considered. It actually I've come to understand the inverse is sadly the real truth. It is the Folly of man, his lecherous proclivities, shameless indifference towards his brethren, but most of all his invariably insatiable arrogance of which he eases the conscience sanctioning the trespasses against his fellow man. Rightly, he believes the subservience and subjugation of those "beneath" him to be a charity, and laudable as they can only hope to be lead by by his benevolence, this idea is informed by a "clear" supremacy. This evil is the the true intention in the narrative, not a mere unfortunate flaw. And it's within this the other is couch as distraction.

  • no name
    no name 14 days ago

    I lived with him

  • no name
    no name 14 days ago

    Named Micheal

  • no name
    no name 14 days ago

    Do you have a brother that lived in Toronto?

  • mayan camera
    mayan camera 14 days ago


  • JB Weld
    JB Weld 16 days ago

    Great lecture. Professor looks like a street bum though.

  • Matthew Fuller
    Matthew Fuller 18 days ago

    I really want to take this class.

  • sunjabib ahladeen
    sunjabib ahladeen 20 days ago

    the camera operator... you'd think university people would know how to zoom out instead of fucking up the shot for the whole lecture. 32:00

  • Shamanic Rites
    Shamanic Rites 20 days ago

    Fun Fact: over 50% of Sapolskys knowledge is stored in his beard

  • Archita Sarmah 16BMD0021

    Professor Sapolsky begins with a few captivating examples of ways in which changes in the genes or even diet can impact behaviour. He states that sometimes the stuff that's going on in your body can have a major impact on what goes on in your head vice-versa what's going on in your head can affect what's going on in your body. The course is about the interconnection between physiology and behaviour and the way that the psychological, neurological and biological elements impact each other to create the wildly unpredictable thing known as human behaviour. Because of the complexity of human behavior, we think about things in categories, which makes them easier to understand. But, there are problems with categorical thinking. They can limit, distort and misrepresent thinking. You have trouble seeing differences among items that are in the same category, you overestimate how different they are when there's a boundary between them, and when you're focused on the categorical boundaries, you don't see the big picture.

  • Aubrey Williams Jr
    Aubrey Williams Jr 21 day ago

    Put my business hw away and got distracted by this. Amazing

  • Klas Wullt
    Klas Wullt 22 days ago

    In other words, don't think, don't gather knowledge because you cant know
    anything anyway and don't try to become an intellectual
    and pursue knowledge and understanding
    of the universe at all,
    because that's what the nazis did.
    Just because you can describe knowledge in different
    ways don't mean that description is not connected
    to reality and not valid.
    All these exceptions to logical thinking are not the "big picture"
    they are incredibly small pictures.
    those categories are conditional they assume whatif,
    and if said conditionals would be true they would also be true.
    Behavoiral biology sounds like a complete waste of time,
    what is the point of talking about something that is not a category.

  • Klas Wullt
    Klas Wullt 22 days ago

    how can you possibly know anything,
    thinking is not possible without categories.
    If you know or believe something, isn't that an instance of a category.

  • Sierox
    Sierox 22 days ago

    "and you get a bagel with cream cheese" :D

  • Sierox
    Sierox 23 days ago

    the camera doesn't need to follow his head around for fucks sake. just zoom out a little and make it stable...

  • Oleg Shymon
    Oleg Shymon 24 days ago


  • svenlundergard1
    svenlundergard1 25 days ago

    This professor is a genius. I guess that's why he was awarded the Genius Scholarship to do research. Read the book BEHAVE, and watched on TVclip, STRESS PORTRAIT OF A KILLER documentary. Then we bought tickets to see him during his book tour and he's a fabulous lecturer. Can we clone this guy?

  • Greg Miller
    Greg Miller 25 days ago

    He reminds you of your weed dealer and how you wish 420 would get here already.

  • Greg Miller
    Greg Miller 25 days ago

    He is likable because he doesn't fit the category of the "typical professor "

  • Anastasia Bananastasia


  • Apryl Preusser
    Apryl Preusser 28 days ago

    Love this professor! I already love Human Behavior Biology and he makes you laugh as you learn, makes it even better!

  • aida bach
    aida bach 28 days ago


  • aida bach
    aida bach 29 days ago

    51:33 review.

  • aida bach
    aida bach 29 days ago


  • Ken MacMillan
    Ken MacMillan 29 days ago +1

    I'd like to see an updated series of these lectures, including depression.

  • David Lindes
    David Lindes 29 days ago

    Hmmm. The menstrual synchrony stuff has been debunked, including in hamsters... [see, e.g., www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0018506X02918003 ]... Makes me worry a bit about how much credence to give overall. Which is a pity, because I'd rather just soak it in... loving his lecture style. Hmmmmm.

  • aida bach
    aida bach 29 days ago


  • Dev
    Dev Month ago

    Nobody posting summaries here, then?

  • Konrad My
    Konrad My Month ago

    Cream cheese bagels!

  • Amaan Khan
    Amaan Khan Month ago

    Is it still relevant in light of new researches or needs update... Just curious 🤔

  • Max Abraham James
    Max Abraham James Month ago

    Any mechanical engineering students here?

  • The Chrismeister
    The Chrismeister Month ago

    Just bought Chaos: by James Gleick….. very very excited! lol

  • momjeans
    momjeans Month ago

    the twinkie defense wasnt about junk food addiction, the case was about proving that Dan White was depressed and they used a change in diet to prove that.

  • Massage Flower Of Life

    very interesting lecture. a note for the the guy taking a video - STOP CHASING A PERSON WALIKNG BACK AND FORTH WITH A CAMERA!!! IT MAKES PEOPLE DIZZY! cannot watch it. very annoying. maybe its my hormonal level or a full Moon, i don't know lol

  • Lyle Hwong
    Lyle Hwong Month ago

    Dr. Jordan Peterson would Destroy this Libtard!

  • Calendar
    Calendar Month ago

    33.18, amazing and brilliant.

  • Alex 0202
    Alex 0202 Month ago

    Does anyone know the author for the book "chaos"??? please!

  • Lakshay Sagar Rana
    Lakshay Sagar Rana Month ago

    Catch up Leactures?

  • Ramdevi Nadiminti
    Ramdevi Nadiminti Month ago

    Encourage this kind of lectures n encourage people to know science

  • 西依
    西依 Month ago

    is this outdated ?

  • Steven Allahson
    Steven Allahson Month ago

    why you get stress by hurts of other kids,i tell you what you tamed by psychology moral manipulation you borned being nurture by Hitler 😄

  • Дмитрий Романцов

    But woman cycles doesn't synchronize according to current science point of view. It is strange that such a fact has not been verified.

  • Sumit Jha
    Sumit Jha Month ago

    This is one of the best lecture I have seen in a while. The way professor explains the things is simply Awesome!

  • numaru7
    numaru7 Month ago

    From: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menstrual_synchrony
    After the initial studies, several papers were published reporting methodological flaws in studies reporting menstrual synchrony including McClintock's study. In addition, other studies were published that failed to find synchrony. The proposed mechanisms have also received scientific criticism. A 2013 review concluded that menstrual synchrony likely does not exist.

  • hanestshirtsarecool

    The major problem with most professors (and liberals) are that they are "unable to think objectively (as evident at 42:55). At Gun point,,,, really?

  • hanestshirtsarecool

    Hey Professor Robert Sapolsky,,,,, you have a lot of passion and a lot of biased reasoning but you are wrong!
    Actions taken area result of continuous thoughts, which become habits and also shape our hormone levels.
    Humans are not victims of their genetics,
    and if you believe that billions of years ago,,,,, absolutely nothing "exploded" (for absolutely NO reason), and then formed everything we can see, feel touch, taste, and smell, (for absolutely no reason)(and with absolutely no matter to begin with);
    then I have some air I would like to sell you that will one day become a solar system of its own!

  • crewlj
    crewlj Month ago

    I couldn't stand to sit and watch this d-bag for an entire semester.

  • Cassandra McBride
    Cassandra McBride Month ago

    This was good!

  • Dave 5400
    Dave 5400 Month ago +1

    The one down point I have about this professor, is that his tone sounds as if he is talking to a much younger audience.

    • trashmyego
      trashmyego Month ago

      It's the opening lecture for an introductory course at a University. He's going to approach it like he's talking to 18 years olds and then some.

  • Dave 5400
    Dave 5400 Month ago +1

    Is this bloke really *that* funny?

  • Damián Rodríguez
    Damián Rodríguez Month ago

    La cita de Watson esta fuera de contexto.

  • Guy Simple
    Guy Simple Month ago

    English is not my first language, I don't have higher education degree. Still, I'm enjoying this lectures from professor Sapolsky. I deeply miss that I never had an opportunity to grade such education. Those few who had this opportunity must be very lucky and gratefull . Thank you, Standford for sharing it.

  • Zeynep Demirkale
    Zeynep Demirkale Month ago

    why don't you just zoom out you gave me a headache :(

  • Victoria W.
    Victoria W. Month ago

    Anyone have a link to his reading recommendation, "Chaos"? Or who the author is?

  • renab
    renab Month ago

    Sure, this lecturer is very smart. For all his scientific acumen, he is leaving out the uncertainty of the abstract of human thought and emotion, the unknown that one can call the soul. You can measure brain activity and the flow of hormones, but no one can read the story of what these biological activities are saying in a human beings thoughts, dreams and emotions. You can measure brain activity, but no scientist can say want thought is being experienced through the brain. Is the person thinking about his first date, what movie he saw last night, or what he plans to do tomorrow?
    What other animals can read and write? What animals pray to a higher power, daydream, or analyze the world around them into categories and buckets, to use his own words?

    • Dan Kelly
      Dan Kelly Month ago

      A lot of assumptions in your comment.

  • manuel_alfonso85
    manuel_alfonso85 Month ago

    If somebody had the syllabus to know to which video I should read what, it would be wonderful!

  • drewcheck
    drewcheck Month ago

    Wasn't the McClintock Effect/women's synchronized menstruation proven to be inconclusive in 2013?

  • Shivani Rawat
    Shivani Rawat Month ago +2

    Omg where had I been all these years .... I have definitely landed up to the right place fortunately at the right time. Thank you so much Prof for such valuable lectures :)

  • Zool Shift
    Zool Shift Month ago

    Where can I find this videos to download it. Please somebody help me

  • Nahian Hossain
    Nahian Hossain Month ago

    is this the same as behavioural neuroscience?

  • Zachary Morris
    Zachary Morris Month ago

    This is phenomenal.

  • daveyork0
    daveyork0 Month ago

    Need to have the guy's ph# for when I do a big crime and there's that need to have the expert witness to explain it all away

  • zei shei
    zei shei Month ago

    Placebo makes total sense to me and this lecture only validates my understanding of the placebo effect.

  • anomaly P
    anomaly P Month ago +46

    I'm not only in awe of his knowledge, but about his speaking skills as well. This was 1 hour of him constantly speaking without using any 'uuuhs', stopping words or hesitations in forming sentences...like he was reading out a book! Insanely good

    • Justin Wallman
      Justin Wallman 5 hours ago

      6:57 was an "uhhh" ;-)

    • John Ryan
      John Ryan 3 days ago

      anomaly P Professors speak about the same things many times so that does help a lot but yes I agree he’s a great speaker.

  • Rollurowno !
    Rollurowno ! Month ago +1

    Life skills should also be made a priority, tutelage in these area’s should be mandatory for primary and secondary education, the world over.

  • Rollurowno !
    Rollurowno ! Month ago

    Unreal lecture.

  • Empress Of Gold
    Empress Of Gold Month ago

    Makes me wish I wasn’t such an f*ck up in high school and got into a great university with intriguing professors.

  • Blue Grass
    Blue Grass Month ago

    Information overload.

  • Puthiyamukham
    Puthiyamukham Month ago

    ls 46 is not right?

  • Puthiyamukham
    Puthiyamukham Month ago

    How is it 42?

  • Tate Van Patten
    Tate Van Patten Month ago

    I wish they would show the hands being raised at the beginning

  • Debra Scheufler
    Debra Scheufler Month ago

    Great lecture; very interesting topic!

  • kalina
    kalina Month ago

    I love University education...without exams

  • b'Ache collison
    b'Ache collison Month ago

    I jave DEBATE DEBT about details of this in the front page of my family newsletter
    My 2017 acura backwards to peachtree in moscow Russia isnt a game to me either fellow foreigner hahahaha

  • Nad
    Nad Month ago +1

    This professor should shave & cut & wash his hair. I won't watch him, his presentational behaviour is pathetic.

    • Dan Kelly
      Dan Kelly Month ago

      You can't judge whether someone's hair is clean by looking at it in a video.

  • Phonic Dictation
    Phonic Dictation Month ago

    of course