1. Introduction to Human Behavioral Biology


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  • Charles Brightman
    Charles Brightman 4 hours ago

    The 'GOD FORMULA' explains it all.

  • Job Rabbeljee
    Job Rabbeljee 4 hours ago

    Propaganda and technology/angles and symbolic conditioning; context and dialectic morphology

  • Charles Brightman
    Charles Brightman 4 hours ago

    BUCKETS: Un-named concepts -> Given a name (sign, symbol, sound, etc) -> With an attached meaning -> With even possibly other meanings depending upon context -> And possibly even other names with the same meaning.
    In a way, aren't these ALL the 'buckets' truly in existence that all other buckets fit inside of including the singular 'existence' bucket that exists within itself?

  • Job Rabbeljee
    Job Rabbeljee 5 hours ago

    Thank you!

  • Charles Brightman
    Charles Brightman 5 hours ago

    Isn't this course so far just basically saying:
    "Whatever bucket you exist in, come over to my bucket which is the 'real' bucket"?
    How exactly does anybody know that is truly the 'real' bucket?
    Edit: Thinking that there is no bucket, is in fact still being in a bucket.

  • Charles Brightman
    Charles Brightman 5 hours ago

    Absolutely nothing at all exists, EXCEPT for the singularity in the form of all things. It's our human perception of reality which puts differences upon that singularity. If we were compiled differently, we would perceive reality differently. But it is not us existing, but the singularity existing as us. Absolutely nothing at all exists, EXCEPT for the singularity in the form of all things.

  • Charles Brightman
    Charles Brightman 5 hours ago

    Why did the chicken cross the road?
    It was caught in a hurricane.

  • Charles Brightman
    Charles Brightman 5 hours ago

    We try to digitize an analog actual reality. (ie: particle mentality of reality when in fact reality are interacting fields of energy).

  • Geoff DB
    Geoff DB 5 hours ago

    Where have I seen this guy before ?

  • Charles Brightman
    Charles Brightman 5 hours ago

    EVERYTHING in existence are 'gem' photons and interacting 'gem' photons, including our consciousness, memories and thoughts. Hence also, the mind, body, universe interconnections.

  • ______ ______
    ______ ______ 6 hours ago


  • ______ ______
    ______ ______ 6 hours ago

    This ZERO CONCEPT OF FREE WILL = NO SCHOOLS in the future ---- This man is only capable and certified to commit crimes in the name of science ---- I see a future criminal ---- HIS STUDIES WILL BE SEEN HAS SENIAL AND CRIMINAL IN THE FUTURE - He better not put those beliefs into practice in a medical office bc this man Laughs Off that free Will change ----that is going against human nature ----

  • zai lee
    zai lee 8 hours ago

    I always learning from two ways first is youtube and second is questionshouse.com. Questions House is an E-learning platform where we asking questions and get an answer by experts.

  • Aaron Jaben
    Aaron Jaben 12 hours ago


  • Tess Peng
    Tess Peng 18 hours ago

    Tessa love this human Behavioral Biology and the corky Prof Roboer teaching. For the first 5 minutes, I was cracking up by none kids answering the selections provided by Robert. It seems like he talked to whole bunch of rocks in the lecture... hahaha after warming up, now they responded. It is an interesting lecture for me to attend by TVclip only; but I have a great time. Behaviours can be linked with biology; it is the case and intriguing. I will continue to attend this class................................ STF..........................................

  • Supaket
    Supaket 18 hours ago

    When Searching for ' Should i date a single mother' lands you back in school getting lecture

  • Tdray24
    Tdray24 21 hour ago

    This is one of the most interesting lectures I've heard in my life, and its just day one?? I hope the other lectures are online, but i Won't get my hopes up.
    This definetly needs to a neccessity before graduation from any college. It mixes so many different studies of life into appliable variables we use everyday.
    Like the Professor said, from the leaders of the nation, to the voters that submit a ballot, understanding what influences our ideology, mind and psysiology needs to be understood by all. Whats even better, is that he actually is a teacher, allowing interaction and laughs through the lesson to teach and hold attention.
    I'm 25 and I'm just astounded...

  • Manne Diaz
    Manne Diaz Day ago

    Once you see the lecture what’s the assignment to complete the class?
    Does anybody has the full program info?

  • Tommy Baja
    Tommy Baja Day ago

    I believe sapolsky is stuck in his political bucket and can't see out of it. He believes categorically that he is right. HMMMM.

  • welshpete12
    welshpete12 Day ago

    What a wonderful thing TVclip is . It is possible to listen to the very best tuition of what ever field of expertise you are interested in for FREE !!!

  • Franga Vita
    Franga Vita Day ago

    Fluid theory (Reproduction/Feed/Reasoning) decanted selfmultidimentionalover...
    The polydynamics of the movement generates pseudo-autonomy as material property, of the autogenous phenomenon; existing.(...)
    Simultaneous as my unidimensional variability...
    unidimensional variability = live-beings

  • Gabriel Palacios

    Amazing lecture, and very enjoyable lecturer. I will def keep going on this course. I'm a physics engi, you know all the disparaging inside jokes about physics vs bio, but this sounds fucking awesome! Thanks Stanford Uni!

  • Troy Richards
    Troy Richards Day ago

    2.4 million people have viewed this video... 40 thousand have upvoted it. 803 have downvoted it. I am curious as to why there was a downvote... I wish there was a survey with a comparison to one's genetic makeup, their IQ score, educational level, and some understanding of their basic upbringing.

  • Mahmut Servet Tümkaya

    Would you stop a minute Sir ? is the summary :)

  • Porsche Abraham
    Porsche Abraham Day ago

    LOVE his teaching style!! We’re friends in my mind 😎

  • Sergio Specalsiki

    I could take only 10 minutes of blah-blah-blah..... and I spaced out, just too boring.

  • Mr. A. face
    Mr. A. face 2 days ago

    38:49, actually animals can do all of these things, I'm sure there have been studies you could read. We are animals.

  • Rick Beam
    Rick Beam 2 days ago

    buckets are natural , necessary and useful.
    buckets codify themselves for observation.
    Observers can only benefit to the extent they remain free of codification.

  • Luge Mania
    Luge Mania 2 days ago

    I was staring at him, watching him talk, trying my best to not categorize concepts.
    Suddenly I saw his beard merge into his face till he looked like, to me, a person with a gigantic, enormous (two because it's hilariously huge) cleft chin. X'D

  • Job Rabbeljee
    Job Rabbeljee 2 days ago

    72bpm is 120% to the Pulse of the clock
    Plus it is said to be the average heart's beat
    Plus Ringo Star made that the most appealing speed of a catchy song
    72 beats

  • Job Rabbeljee
    Job Rabbeljee 2 days ago


  • Job Rabbeljee
    Job Rabbeljee 2 days ago

    Of the brain, only the... hurts.

  • Job Rabbeljee
    Job Rabbeljee 2 days ago

    Muscle Memory

  • Job Rabbeljee
    Job Rabbeljee 2 days ago


  • Job Rabbeljee
    Job Rabbeljee 2 days ago


  • Job Rabbeljee
    Job Rabbeljee 2 days ago

    Do you "align" with the full moon ?
    Please ...

  • Job Rabbeljee
    Job Rabbeljee 2 days ago

    If Just One syllable is not allowed to be expressed, it is like not being allowed to vote: then, freedom means

  • Job Rabbeljee
    Job Rabbeljee 2 days ago


  • Job Rabbeljee
    Job Rabbeljee 2 days ago

    Change your mind
    Change theirs
    Change quite much in relation to

  • Job Rabbeljee
    Job Rabbeljee 2 days ago

    Meta cook

  • Job Rabbeljee
    Job Rabbeljee 2 days ago

    " I AM attracted"

  • Job Rabbeljee
    Job Rabbeljee 2 days ago

    "bee" / "pee"

  • Job Rabbeljee
    Job Rabbeljee 2 days ago

    "we Will replay this lecture. Anyone that wants to learn reactive behavior? Whilst this on observed replay? Then you would share that with random watcher self talk."

  • Job Rabbeljee
    Job Rabbeljee 2 days ago

    The one acrylamid is not the other. Crunch, crisp, that stuff. I tend to trust the Asian approach.
    Cooking frying baking scorching

  • Job Rabbeljee
    Job Rabbeljee 2 days ago

    The relatively low amount of deliberation is still choice. The billion of automatoid Dicision trees depend on the considerate ones'.

  • Job Rabbeljee
    Job Rabbeljee 2 days ago

    3.5 dogs?
    No. Never get that dog pun stuff

  • Proitalian anthony
    Proitalian anthony 2 days ago

    How many people believe in circumstances because of their up bringing
    At a very young age ? JMTs

  • Its Cole
    Its Cole 2 days ago

    Thank you for this!

  • panther105
    panther105 3 days ago

    Is this an elementary school class?? Seems. Can't stand teachers who overwork the crowd like this guy is doing. Speak from experience and authority and I will respect you and listen to what you are saying. Otherwise, let me just get the class tapes and speed listen to them...

  • Robert Carroll
    Robert Carroll 3 days ago

    He was both wrong and right on the free will question. Life has a deterministic component and a free will component. We live in and and/is universe, not an either/or.

  • A Son Of The Sun
    A Son Of The Sun 3 days ago

    My favorite Russian! Smart fellow 😀

  • Waylon Wilson
    Waylon Wilson 3 days ago

    Guess Stanford University doesn't have a videograph/media class... Very distracting!

  • Athanasius Philopatoris Maximus Antonios

    Thank you Stanford

  • Infinity 528 Hz
    Infinity 528 Hz 4 days ago

    Bulls*it lecture,... ;)

  • MichaelJacksonPollock

    Bob Sapolsky has the same speech pattern and voice as Bill Murray's Peter Venkman in Ghostbusters!!

  • cyllan3
    cyllan3 4 days ago


  • Arthur Iglesias
    Arthur Iglesias 4 days ago

    omg this is on youtube and I've been watching bloody NETFLIX?

  • Unicorn Telecoms
    Unicorn Telecoms 5 days ago

    really wish the film maker would zoom back and stop following his head around the room, making me feel ill :D Great class but :) :) :)

  • ThereIsNoTry
    ThereIsNoTry 5 days ago

    I wish i had teachers like this when i was in school.

  • GC Ymous
    GC Ymous 5 days ago

    Today we do chemical lobotomies on those deemed "mentally ill" . These drugs(neuroleptics) are accepted because we compare these torturous, inhumane, life shortening pills and injections we compare to one a day vitamin and a simple injection of some antibiotic . It is scary how we base our social laws on our sensibilities rather than on common sense and scientific knowledge . Also big pharma and the DSM5 is a way to push these pills on us . Psychiatry can use all the cutting edge technological equipment they want . The problem is they leave out all the data and experiments which contradict their a priori hypothesis , that somehow neurochemical imbalance is the stimulus and the way we behave towards ourselves, other and how others behave towards ourselves is the effect .

    • B
      B 2 days ago

      yeah, no. i disagree.

  • GC Ymous
    GC Ymous 5 days ago

    14:38 Finnish dialect in English bear would be same as pear and thus the alternative apple .

  • GC Ymous
    GC Ymous 5 days ago

    around 11:45 mark . sorry for the digression . He mentions colors . I am no artist and never learned how to mix pigments to make different tones and shades of the primary and secondary colors and furthermore extending colors into an almost endless tertiary colors(endless = relatively speaking) . Recently and currently, i may very well be wrong, painting seems imho diminished with less variety of shades and tones , there seems to be less tertiary colors or at least shades and tones of primary and secondary colors . Be grateful for replies and corrections to my opinion .

  • Sun Rise
    Sun Rise 5 days ago

    He looks like Frank Zappa did as he was succumbing to cancer. Frank Zappa was one of my favorite people of all time.

  • J Mi
    J Mi 5 days ago

    Skip to useful bits 6:16 course overview (body affects brain & brain affects body), 7:45 to understand human behaviour (behaviour, social behaviour, exceptional behaviour), 8:26 coping in strategies

  • Soroush Darvish
    Soroush Darvish 6 days ago

    we want to understand human behavior. But in my department people who talk with this guy lack the common sense to not piss you the fuck off with poor judgement. Science is just a bs sometimes...

  • Beware of a racist sociopath

    *I would like to warn any colored (brown, yellow, black) student wishing to study at the **_University of Glasgow_** in the United Kingdom to beware of a person called Dr. Michael Kenyon, who is a lecturer at the School of Physics & Astronomy at that university. Kenyon is a narcissistic, twisted racist sociopath. In 1998, Michael Kenyon was an undergraduate at University College London (UCL), and he lived at an accommodation leased by UCL (on Doughty Street, London WC1). From the beginning, he took a dislike to his next door neighbor, an Asian student studying at UCL. This Asian student was quiet and did not bother anyone. But Kenyon was a very different character. He was a manipulative, racist sociopath who hated people in general, but colored people in particular. Kenyon, on one occasion, cut out words from a newspaper and formed the words **_I Am A Paki Wanker_** and pasted the words on a piece of blank A4 paper and stuck it on the Asian student's door late one night, thinking that the Asian student would not discover it until next morning. On another occasion, Kenyon persuaded another resident at the building to write the words **_Vaseline Boy_** next to the Asian student's name on the phone list next to the public phone inside the building, because Kenyon wanted to humiliate the Asian student. The student who wrote the words **_Vaseline Boy_** at Kenyon's behest later regretted it and TipEx-ed it off and informed the Asian student about it. Kenyon also tried to get a couple of friends of the student who wrote **_Vaseline Boy_** to beat up the Asian student. That is how much he hated his Asian neighbor.*
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    • B
      B 2 days ago

      what does something that happened in 1999 in London have to do with 2018 in California?
      you should be careful. there is a thing called libel.

  • Luke Herbert
    Luke Herbert 6 days ago

    Brilliant lecture. A bit unfair on Watson - the full quote (see Wikipedia) seems designed to mock the eugenicists, pointing out they argued that race etc determined outcomes, and that to make the statement he did was as ridiculous as to claim that race predicated outcomes.

  • MorallyDerogatoryCA
    MorallyDerogatoryCA 6 days ago

    “Zeitgeist: Moving Forward” brought me here.

  • Tony Kibbie
    Tony Kibbie 7 days ago

    I must apologize in advance for what I am about to say. I just ran across this video and was a bit shocked by the physical appearance of the speaker. I know that outward appearances usually do not reflect the 'inner man', but Geez! The guy looks like he just rolled off a southbound train. I wish I knew why so many college profs have adopted that seedy, '60's Hippy/Grizzly Adams look, because it is hard to take them seriously. Okay... I'm ready for the reciprocal onslaught of hate mail which is usually filled with vulgarity reflecting the reciprocator's lack of education. Go for it!

  • vermex0987
    vermex0987 7 days ago

    Anyone knows the name of the books? Please and thank you

  • Marcel Proust
    Marcel Proust 7 days ago

    What an electrifying thinker and teacher. Awesome.

  • J Pooley
    J Pooley 7 days ago

    I love Robin Williams....Never realised he lectured in his spare time tho???

  • Carloalberto Treccani

    Hi, can you help me to find the second book he mentioned (Chaos) I'm not sure I found the right one. Thanks

  • X YZ
    X YZ 7 days ago

    Fascinating documentary, but you won’t get an honest representation of an audiences views with a “ hands up if you believe.. ) session. People will vote with a perceived majority viewpoint in the audience, in order to conform...

    MEMEMEET 7 days ago

    10:24 this is why gender isnt a spectrum

  • Ricky
    Ricky 7 days ago

    6:50 Prick... I have anxiety and it's 1 a.m.....

  • As It is
    As It is 7 days ago

    Wow, TVclip just rerecorded this to me, I must be an intellect, or so they think.

  • Spookspear
    Spookspear 7 days ago +2

    The camera person should be executed💀

  • Raymond Walters
    Raymond Walters 7 days ago

    thought the thumbnail was chuck manson

  • Az0dd
    Az0dd 8 days ago

    Best thing about watching lectures on youtube is all of the assignments at the and that you DON'T HAVE TO DO!

  • PDN11141
    PDN11141 8 days ago

    Are we ruled by the seasonal weather and air pressure?

  • weejams
    weejams 8 days ago

    Biology is totally about predictability and instinct. Dogs with very little variation their behavior is ruled by biological instincts. Now the human animal is totally different from other species.
    I know what I am going to say is taboo but humans are special. But you can try and break down human behavior but the wrench in the works is self realization. This is pertaining to psychology of the human mind. A dog is a dog in their brains and in their minds and their behavior is predictable.
    I was face to face with a wolf pack once and that was scary. I am writing this so I guess I survived. Canids attack for one reason, survival. Humans are different though and so unpredictable.
    I just don't get his point and the whole human behavior biology is a paradox. Maybe either the psychology or neurology of human behavior would be a better title to the title. Holding a PHD in Psychology and a Parapsychologist I always keep an open mind.
    OK. This is the biology of the human brain? How about just being a human. The phone number deal says it all. The key is interacting with other humans. I just really can't believe this is a class. if anything it should be extra credit only but there I go though. Categorizing a BS subject into something special.

  • B Decorte
    B Decorte 8 days ago

    marc maron in beard disguise

  • Womble Robert
    Womble Robert 8 days ago

    Why does he keep moving one side then the other?. Is he trying to keep us awake or get his steps for the day up- its distracting

  • Joshua Botes
    Joshua Botes 8 days ago

  • Carmen Ray Anderson
    Carmen Ray Anderson 8 days ago

    I would really like to follow the remainder of the course but when I go to stanford.edu I don't seem able to find it..... where is it listed, please?

  • Carmen Ray Anderson
    Carmen Ray Anderson 9 days ago

    This is so interesting, but it is breaking my brain. The speed! Respect! I am intrigued and trying very hard to follow haha

  • Greg russell
    Greg russell 9 days ago

    What is most disturbing here is this guy is trying to pin point the origin of signals.... signals. The astrological influence is before thought or will to even think.... the primordial signal comes in an array of signals.... but matter follows signals.... this is pre human action...pre human thought... it is intuitive inspiration.... what is and will be is pre generated long before a person eats an apple or chocolate bar.... I feel this man is mid ladder in his approach to origins of biology... We as humans are prone pawns to frequency... this frequent cycle of above makes days and what happens and what is potential..... this becomes rather annoying and stupid after a few minutes of listening... signals and origins and the subtleties of them are not really being address but ill taught to ill condition minds away from true and good resonance to spiritual bodies....

  • Counterrevolutionary Tendencies

    The university he's teaching at is infested with "social justice" pathology that has the world headed for WWIII

  • catirerubio
    catirerubio 9 days ago +2


  • jeffrey pierce
    jeffrey pierce 9 days ago

    why does the jew always have to bring up the holohoax? jews never take responsibility for why people have hated them for thousands of years.

  • Marc Livid
    Marc Livid 9 days ago

    the fuck is wrong with this camera guy

  • Johnny M
    Johnny M 9 days ago

    LOL intellectual think they have figured it all out. this guy needs to get real, and get a shave and a haircut. he is an idiot, but he thinks he's so damn smart

  • G Town Dave
    G Town Dave 9 days ago

    Dr Bob truly inspires young minds to study biology; many choose it as a career.

  • salskrake
    salskrake 9 days ago

    I want to be an engineer, but damn this is interesting

  • Blake Parker
    Blake Parker 10 days ago

    Jesus Loves You whoever is reading this!

  • Chris Young
    Chris Young 10 days ago

    If this is the level of the professors at Stanford, I now understand why the high level universities churn out such dumb asses.

  • Emma B
    Emma B 10 days ago

    I thought they had since disproved the theory of period syncing in humans?

  • Shane Wilson
    Shane Wilson 10 days ago

    Take away all the buckets and see the world as one?