Tesla Model 3 Road Trip Experience

  • Published on Aug 12, 2018
  • We take a look at what it's like taking the Tesla Model 3 on a trip. This video covers the first two road trips I ever took in the Model 3. We take a look at the navigation experience, supercharging and much more.
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  • 6 Months Later Reviews
    6 Months Later Reviews  5 months ago +29

    If you watched the video and decided you want in on some Tesla goodness, make sure to get yourself 1,000 miles of free supercharging credits. Use a referral code like mine: ts.la/josh95038 or your friend’s, neighbors’, or from whoever. Just make sure you take advantage of these referral codes floating around.

    • Bill A
      Bill A Month ago

      You can get your own Tesla super charging station for only $45 bucks. ;D jk

    • sufall96
      sufall96 Month ago

      6 Months Later Reviews oh okay. That’s not bad. Thanks for the reply

    • 6 Months Later Reviews
      6 Months Later Reviews  Month ago

      They used to be for the Model S and X. No longer, you now have to pay for them. The company does use supercharging credits as rewards for people though, like through the referral program. Typically it costs me around $12-$15 to go from a near empty battery back to 85% using the superchargers.

    • sufall96
      sufall96 Month ago

      6 Months Later Reviews you mentioned Tesla has your credit card on file when you were charging. I thought the super chargers were free? My wife and I are considering getting a model 3.

  • tommy d u b b s
    tommy d u b b s Day ago

    Does the interior feel too bare?

  • MD Tafshir Uddin
    MD Tafshir Uddin 2 days ago

    Where electricity come in super charger?

  • Harrison Siakam
    Harrison Siakam 4 days ago

    Where you driving v from WV

  • LUCI Morningstar
    LUCI Morningstar 6 days ago +1

    Yup rhings only rich people can afford. While we lower class watch in amazements..yup cool

  • Ray Rothermel
    Ray Rothermel 6 days ago

    So all the eating places are next to the charging stations? How convenient!

  • chuckielong1
    chuckielong1 6 days ago

    tesla dead be the future lmfao. I do plan to get one in the future.

    CRYPTOMAN 8 days ago +1

    Why Tesla doesn’t install alternators to charge the batteries 🔋?

    • Som Yadav
      Som Yadav 7 days ago

      And what exactly would that do?

  • Ravi Yadav
    Ravi Yadav 8 days ago +3

    I think your overall experience would have been much more greater if you had autopilot for this video

  • Mo IBal
    Mo IBal 9 days ago

    If you use your Tesla in winter it will Damge the battbattet

  • ucheucheuche
    ucheucheuche 11 days ago

    Can't wait for charging to be quicker than fueling

  • Darryl Nelson
    Darryl Nelson 11 days ago

    Super charging is Super easy.

  • Richard Little
    Richard Little 13 days ago

    So what happens when you need service or have a broken/cracked windshield. If either of these things happens you are screwed.

  • Dyll F
    Dyll F 14 days ago

    It’s young Ant-Man!

  • AndyNyle
    AndyNyle 15 days ago

    Super useful video. Do you have any experience to comment on energy utilization during idling, e.g. medium to heavy traffic?

  • Victor Hugo
    Victor Hugo 17 days ago

    AP got disabled on single carriageways (no physical divider) or dual carriageways with a narrow divider that may be confused for a lane because there is (at least at the moment) a risk that the neural net will interpret the opposing lane of traffic as a neighbouring lane to your left and attempt to merge you into oncoming traffic. AFAIK.

  • William Finnegan
    William Finnegan 19 days ago

    If I go to a fast food drive thru instead of a 40 minute sit down lunch can I still recharge my Tesla?

  • Thomas Lewis
    Thomas Lewis 23 days ago +1

    Hopefully, Tesla will recalibrate the software and or change the sensor. In the meantime, try using some Rain X, it does a great job at keeping the glass clean in both light and heavy rain.

  • Supra
    Supra 24 days ago

    Are you using the phone to record this vid ?
    If you do, tell me the phone’s name

  • Thermostatistics
    Thermostatistics 25 days ago

    This car wont survive driving much longer in the countryside

  • BertSesh
    BertSesh 26 days ago

    Do you pay to supercharge the model s and x?

  • Larry Butler
    Larry Butler 27 days ago

    Let's take as many dead Teslas to a local charging station as there are cables to plug into them, a full load on your local "supercharger" system. Then, let's make a video of the results and see what charge rate your new supercharger can provide to a full load of dead Teslas........or any other load of EVs at other charging stations. Having 20 charging plugs at 350KW each doesn't mean the little pole transformer is gonna come up with 8 Megawatts for all those cars. It's bullshit!

  • Ed Pardy
    Ed Pardy 28 days ago

    Here’s an idea ; why not have electric cars that instead of having to wait to charge them up , we go to a station and swap out a battery pack for a fully charged one ?

    • 6 Months Later Reviews
      6 Months Later Reviews  27 days ago

      Tesla actually tried that and deemed it not a practical or cost effective solution. They're focusing on decreasing the rapid charging time, which they recently did a few months ago when they introduced supercharger v3.

  • tran hau
    tran hau Month ago

    Talk too much! Did he need to do that?

  • SweatySlob
    SweatySlob Month ago +3

    my volvo 240 works just as fine.

  • Jackal the Bat Pony
    Jackal the Bat Pony Month ago +1

    Honestly the length of charging combined with just how insanely quiet a Tesla is makes me kinda vomit at the idea of getting one

    I wanna hear my engine when I'm driving and speeding up, and also not spend over an hour charging a car, currently it's a 1 day trip down to my grand dad, that would probably become a 2 day trip with a Tesla, and that would be assuming charging stations are at every gas station in the UK and there's a free spot

    • katie nye
      katie nye 4 days ago

      Jackal the Bat Pony true but personally I charge my Tesla with energy from solar panels so environmentally friendly :) and Tesla even sell solar panels too

    • Jackal the Bat Pony
      Jackal the Bat Pony 6 days ago

      @katie nye Not really, where do you think all that electricity comes from? power plants is where it comes from, there's also the process of creating the cars, and the lithium mining for the batteries used

    • katie nye
      katie nye 6 days ago

      Personally for me it’s worth longer charging time because it’s much better for the environment

    • Natalie
      Natalie Month ago

      I agree with you! I hate the idea of waiting to charge up when filling up takes a few minutes. BUT if you ever get a chance to drive one, DO IT. It’s honestly the smoothest/nicest car I have ever driven.

  • Rommel Enriquez
    Rommel Enriquez Month ago

    I am still so confused on how i see others getting a higher kW while my kw MAX 44~ This is me when I have about 30% charge left... Any ideas? Im a new Tesla owner

    • Nimil Patel
      Nimil Patel 16 days ago

      First of all is this at a supercharger or a regular? Supers will give you more kw. Also, make dure you are not right next to anyone as youll be paired to the other charger. Also, move around and try another charger! Youll look strange but itll help

  • Alf Martin Olsen
    Alf Martin Olsen Month ago +2

    " a ton of storage". Well, you have no kids?

  • Prince Jadon
    Prince Jadon Month ago

    It doesn't have voice control nio has that

  • con mc
    con mc Month ago

    The stuttering wipers are when there isn't enough rain to lubricate the wipers properly causing it to skip across the glass.

  • Jay s
    Jay s Month ago

    Damn that’s a whole tv in there

  • Electric cars in Norway Sweden Denmark EV

    New Kia e-Soul 2020 Check my inside the car video. English version. Apr 28, 201 tvclip.biz/video/qjnctbLr3Qw9/video.html

  • giofyr
    giofyr Month ago

    Cars with no class.

  • richardmg9
    richardmg9 Month ago +1

    This man blasts Christina Aguilera on road trips. XD lols

  • Zissou Moonshot
    Zissou Moonshot Month ago +3

    Does an app on your phone tell you if a prankster comes by and unplugs your charger while you are off eating lunch or getting a rub-n-tug or whatever?

    • MyCatFooed
      MyCatFooed Month ago

      The "Rub-N'-Tug" is actually the very specific cause of the Model3 wiper-twitch issue...

  • Zissou Moonshot
    Zissou Moonshot Month ago

    As soon as the car goes 300 miles between charges, and charging takes the same time that filling up my gas car takes, I'll switch to an EV. Should be around the corner if Tesla can implement the Maxwell Technologies dry cells and super capacitors. Hopefully existing cars can be upgraded if newer/better battery banks come to market.

  • Keviniiiiii
    Keviniiiiii Month ago

    Dont you need a license plate at the front of the car?

    • Jaden Tremelling
      Jaden Tremelling Month ago

      Keviniiiiii north carolina only has license plates in the back

  • Bill A
    Bill A Month ago

    You can get your own Tesla super charging station for only $45 bucks. ;D jk

  • Qays Shehadeh
    Qays Shehadeh Month ago +1

    Hold up you have to pay for the charging station for Tesla

    • Mz_Sulas
      Mz_Sulas Month ago +4

      Yes, but it’s like less than 10 dollars, definitely way more cheap than Gas

  • Navjot singh
    Navjot singh Month ago


  • XxX_PussyDestroyer_XxX

    Personally i’d never get one of these cars, i prefer engine noise and i prefer to hear the revs and everything of a traditional IC engine.

  • craigsclocks
    craigsclocks Month ago

    How does the A/C work and the heat work?

    MIKE GEORGES Month ago


  • E P
    E P Month ago

    Was that the C&D canal bridge in Delaware??

    • 6 Months Later Reviews
      6 Months Later Reviews  Month ago +1

      Shots consisted of NC, VA, and Washington DC. Sadly no Delaware, though I’d love to make a trip up to the Northeast in the car at some point.

  • Ralph Erizonie
    Ralph Erizonie 2 months ago

    Im suprised no one unplugs the cars when charging kids round here certainly would

    • 6 Months Later Reviews
      6 Months Later Reviews  2 months ago

      The charger is locked into place while charging with Tesla chargers, so it’s not really an issue. If someone tries to mess with the car, Sentry mode will most likely record what they do for the owner to show to the police.

  • Sooke Wildlife Cam
    Sooke Wildlife Cam 2 months ago

    Is this a long range RWD?

  • Zainab Dar
    Zainab Dar 2 months ago

    Did I see a Toyota Prius in the background at 3:09?

  • Red Pill Mila
    Red Pill Mila 2 months ago +19

    Police: Sir you have drivers license
    Me: Self Driving Car
    Police: 😰

  • Slava Slavia
    Slava Slavia 2 months ago

    In a way you are boycotting and stopping feeding the oil companies with your hard earned dollars. And saving the environment is a plus.

    • Slava Slavia
      Slava Slavia Month ago

      @Buddy hirshfield Water, air, coal and nuclear reactor.And at your place?

    • Buddy hirshfield
      Buddy hirshfield Month ago

      Slava Slavia what do you think powers your electric station

  • Slava Slavia
    Slava Slavia 2 months ago

    Extremely ugly console.

  • Rich Johnny
    Rich Johnny 2 months ago

    nah. nah. this is wrong. watch this vid. tvclip.biz/video/ekLOHZXlBqs/video.html

  • gooldii1
    gooldii1 2 months ago

    Your Eyes look like a Husky! ;-))

  • Austin Michael
    Austin Michael 2 months ago

    It seems the biggest and most previlent thing people are using to shit on Tesla's is some sort of hypothetical thousand mile trip. Like people do you not realize that most people in the United States don't drive over 35 miles a day? Shit I would say 95% or more people don't drive a single charge both ways in a single day. So your 1% use case you are trying to use against Tesla doesn't really work or matter for pretty much everyone.

  • Rommel Enriquez
    Rommel Enriquez 2 months ago

    I had about 146 Miles left of my Model 3 and the kW on the supercharger went from 33 kW to 16-13 kW! I never got kW more than 33/34.... Why is that?!?!?

  • Carl Lafleur
    Carl Lafleur 2 months ago

    Wait I thought super chargers would always give at least 80 percent in 30 minutes, he was already at about 50 percent. Did it take 45 minutes because of the guy next to him?

  • Prudhviraj Masapu
    Prudhviraj Masapu 2 months ago

    I watched this boring video for auto pilot... But it's not there in the video...

  • eiji81
    eiji81 2 months ago

    Tesla owners need to show what's actually around the charging stations (restaurants etc).
    Timing a meal is fine but what if you want to take a trip at night after you already ate? I assume you sit in your car for however long it takes for it to charge

    • LegacyEnds
      LegacyEnds Month ago

      eiji81 gonna add, shopping centers are usually around the super chargers.

    • Evan Bertrand
      Evan Bertrand 2 months ago +1

      You can do whatever you like with the time spent charging the car. I like to go for a walk or run. Play some atari games on the big touchscreen, go for a bicycle ride if i have it with me, take a nap, get a coffee, talk to other Tesla owners, clean the car up a bit. Catch up on emails or text messages. There are many options on what to do while charging the car.

  • Mohammad Yaseen
    Mohammad Yaseen 2 months ago

    All I could say while watching this was Allah o Akbar

  • Daniel Dickey
    Daniel Dickey 2 months ago

    Thanks for the video, I HATED the intro though, probably won't watch any of your other videos...

    • 6 Months Later Reviews
      6 Months Later Reviews  2 months ago

      Thanks for the feedback! We’ve gone away from using the animated into in later videos

  • ON
    ON 2 months ago

    This is really good video quality for the size of this channel. Good work!

  • Brandon Ware
    Brandon Ware 2 months ago

    Bro what do ppl do while they charge their Tesla. I want one so bad

    • Brandon Ware
      Brandon Ware 2 months ago

      @6 Months Later Reviews its like a whole new world!

    • 6 Months Later Reviews
      6 Months Later Reviews  2 months ago

      Play games on the screen, go walk to a coffee shop or have a quick bite to eat, check social media, sleep, talk to other Tesla owners, take a walk (my personal choice most of the time). I’ve seen it all.

  • Fast Pony
    Fast Pony 3 months ago +2

    I hope tesla will make a powerbank

    • Zaid Zubair
      Zaid Zubair 2 months ago

      For mobile phones? They already do that

  • dan parish
    dan parish 3 months ago +1

    Lol... I had to back my model 3 up like 6 more inches during my first supercharging experience as well.

  • kingdre TV
    kingdre TV 3 months ago

    I think every electric car company should do business with every house hold power company like if you near a power company n need charge the should send them out to charge your ev for a fee

  • Joonas Oskari Homanen
    Joonas Oskari Homanen 3 months ago +3

    Good to see people with nice and honest attitude. Good video

  • Itech Iwizard
    Itech Iwizard 3 months ago +2

    That car looks BEAUTIFUL in that color. Chrome accents enhances the looks too. Unlike in black and red colors where the chrome accents does the opposite. This car looks the best in Pearl White and Mid Night Silver colors in my opinion.

    • 6 Months Later Reviews
      6 Months Later Reviews  3 months ago +1

      Agreed, I also think the sport wheels are a must in this color. They really complement the chrome accents and make them pop.

  • CyberLykan
    CyberLykan 3 months ago

    I watched this video 6 months later.

    • YT11
      YT11 3 months ago


  • 19G 95LJ
    19G 95LJ 3 months ago +2

    Buying one this year. Very excited

    • 19G 95LJ
      19G 95LJ 2 months ago

      I actually got a used 2017 model S! I’m in love with it lol

    • Ulti
      Ulti 2 months ago

      @19G 95LJ i be interested to see it as well maybe if you wait which telsa are you getting just out of curiosity?

    • 19G 95LJ
      19G 95LJ 3 months ago +1

      Sunshine Jackson maybe I should 🤔🤔🙏🏽🙏🏽

    • Sunshine Jackson
      Sunshine Jackson 3 months ago

      Oh wow...congrats! Maybe you should follow up with your own review!

  • Nilesh More
    Nilesh More 3 months ago

    I'm interested in charging station or tranning please call me

  • Ken Free
    Ken Free 3 months ago

    Hi. How much does the connectivity (LTE) cost?

    • 6 Months Later Reviews
      6 Months Later Reviews  3 months ago

      Depends on which model I believe. On mine it’s free for life. They introduced a connectivity package for $100 a year. Last July. You can read more about it here: www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwjGscfm-OHgAhUETawKHdF6AfEQzPwBegQIARAC&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.teslarati.com%2Ftesla-premium-connectivity-internet-package-july-1%2F&psig=AOvVaw0On8doGpkUNFJxLML0zwPl&ust=1551564093874085

  • Josh Mann
    Josh Mann 3 months ago

    It’s like driving an Apple car lol. Everything about this car reminds me of Apple products. Why is that. I love my iPhone X and Apple in general. Tesla and Apple should hookup

  • L Royal
    L Royal 3 months ago

    I'm curious. Doesn't using touchscreen cause distraction? To use wipers or music or whatever, esp traveling at 100+ speed.
    Is one-stop-shop touchscreen instead of physical buttons practical?

    • Milcho Markov
      Milcho Markov 2 months ago

      No it's not, especially in the long run (5-10 years).
      Then again, if you spend that amount on a car with it, you're obligated to LOVE it unless you enjoy feeling like an idiot.

  • SDA Dan Cars
    SDA Dan Cars 3 months ago +1

    Cool video Thanks , i will Test it tomorrow in Europe. I will add the video on my channel #SDADan 🤩🤩👍⛔

  • Anthony Liu
    Anthony Liu 3 months ago +1

    Imagine your trip is 500 miles with traffic and inclinations, also you need to depart no early than 11am. Hehe, how many lunches would you have?

  • Daniel Brice
    Daniel Brice 3 months ago

    Live traffic with color markings for traffic congestion. OMG. Just like google maps

    • Daniel Brice
      Daniel Brice 3 months ago

      Apple car play on infotainment screen of new RAM 1500? That’s pretty darn big. Just sayin’ showing traffic with color markings isn’t innovative nor is it exclusive to Tesla

    • 6 Months Later Reviews
      6 Months Later Reviews  3 months ago

      Except on a GIANT screen compared to your phone or most car infotainment screens.

  • Everything Videos
    Everything Videos 3 months ago

    Tesla bodies are ugly that's my opinion.

  • Axel Munoz
    Axel Munoz 3 months ago

    Raleigh native too?

  • 晓
     3 months ago +2

    So you leave your car here charging and take Uber/Lyft to eat your lunch or dinner. So convenient

  • David Imayeguahi
    David Imayeguahi 3 months ago

    I’m watching this 6 months later

  • Charles Chris
    Charles Chris 4 months ago

    You should look at the studies that show when you manufacture electric car run it power it and then recycle it. You’re only a few tons difference in carbon versus a combustion engine.

    • Kaleb Swager
      Kaleb Swager 3 months ago

      Problem with most of these studies they put the gas powered cars in a vacuum where their fuel magically appears at the gas station. If you are like most people that go on "short" road trips once or twice a year the time you save not filling up all the time would dwarf the 2 extra hours. Everything depends on you what you need and EVs fit the bill for most people. If you travel 3000 miles a month EV might not make sense or if you live in a cold climate or you need a truck.

  • Charles Chris
    Charles Chris 4 months ago +1

    Were conditioned that refilling your car should only take 10 minutes. Taking an hour to charge your car up at 50% sounds ridiculous to me.

  • B HM
    B HM 4 months ago

    Shoutout to the 919!

  • Zencann
    Zencann 4 months ago

    Tesla is nice and all but the charging rate is not ideal for me. I like to fill gas in minutes compared to waiting for an hour.

  • Eddy Raj
    Eddy Raj 4 months ago

    Hi Tesla, Please provide wireless charging for hand phone even in shirt pocket.

  • Eddy Raj
    Eddy Raj 4 months ago

    Hi Tesla, Please remove the center console prime legroom area.

  • Eddy Raj
    Eddy Raj 4 months ago

    Hi Tesla, Please add a pivot function to the 15-inch touchscreen.

  • Eddy Raj
    Eddy Raj 4 months ago

    Hi Tesla, Please add this safety feature: when the right/left turn signal is activated an image of the area to the right/left rear of the vehicle is shown on the 15-inch touchscreen.

  • Eddy Raj
    Eddy Raj 4 months ago

    Hi Tesla, Can we tap the energy from the wheels or other moving parts while driving?.

    • 6 Months Later Reviews
      6 Months Later Reviews  Month ago +1

      They looked into that actually, Elon’s last thinkings on it were the extra cost wasn’t with it compared to the energy produced.

    • Diego Arpino
      Diego Arpino Month ago

      Thats what I was thinking of. Or adding a transparent solar panel to a panoramic glass roof, hood, and trunk to add a little extra charge and increase range.

  • here's Butler
    here's Butler 4 months ago +2

    i guess teslas arnt for mothers who be like 'we got food at home' 😂

  • Valentin Marin
    Valentin Marin 4 months ago

    Bueno...en Europa esto se van a vender para los que tienen un sueldo por encima de 3000 euros al mes....para mi con 2 niños a cargo es imposible. O sea....tenemos metro....autobús o tranvía...

  • Jess Barnett
    Jess Barnett 4 months ago

    Hopefully one day this can be like a Toyota Corolla- best selling car in the world. Hopefully that can happen. Wish I could get a model 3 for 25k. Maybe in a few years they can be priced more affordable or even design a cheaper sedan than the 3.

    • Xavier Hurt
      Xavier Hurt 4 months ago

      Jess Barnett Standard battery is revealing this year, supposed to begin around 35k

  • Tyrone Fly
    Tyrone Fly 4 months ago

    In the near future you could charge a testa for a minute.

  • Tyrone Fly
    Tyrone Fly 4 months ago

    In the near future you could charge a testa for a minute.

  • noemi ghosh
    noemi ghosh 4 months ago

    Tesla paid buddy

  • Macio Luko
    Macio Luko 4 months ago

    Love the video. Thanks for posting!

  • Garrick Kidd
    Garrick Kidd 4 months ago

    So at no point were you worried that you might run out of battery juice while on your trip?

    • 6 Months Later Reviews
      6 Months Later Reviews  4 months ago +1

      Nope, not even once. Only time I’ve ever felt range anxiety was during the first week of ownership, just getting used to having a battery etc. After that, it’s been smooth sailing.

  • Marcelo Lazzaro
    Marcelo Lazzaro 4 months ago

    do you know how long is taking Tesla to deliver Model 3 currently?

    • 6 Months Later Reviews
      6 Months Later Reviews  4 months ago

      It also depends on if you’re waiting for a version of the car that isn’t currently being produced (35k version). But in general for the versions that are being produced, the wait times are far far less.

    • Marcelo Lazzaro
      Marcelo Lazzaro 4 months ago

      @6 Months Later Reviews great, I heard it took 12-14 months

    • 6 Months Later Reviews
      6 Months Later Reviews  4 months ago

      I think if you order one you can get it in a few weeks on average here in the US. I had a friend who got his the same week!

  • DSP
    DSP 4 months ago

    Too expensive, no range and and hours to charge.....even 38 minutes is too long for the partial charge....and there are not enough charging stations....in the city or for local trips....maybe....but for those who live out in the country these electric a]cars are not practical. My criteria is a 5 minute from empty to full charge, 450 mile range and a price tag of less than 20K. Otherwise I’m not interested.

    • Xavier Hurt
      Xavier Hurt 4 months ago

      DSP home charging,if available, basically removes the necessity of super chargers.

  • Peter S
    Peter S 4 months ago

    This may be a stupid question, but does this car have wifi? And how?

    • 6 Months Later Reviews
      6 Months Later Reviews  4 months ago

      Not a stupid question! It doesn’t right now, though I’m sure tesla will add it in the future. It only has an LTE modem used for data

  • Ralph Eddy
    Ralph Eddy 4 months ago

    you pay so little to charge because your fuel has no tax put the same tax as gas has and the cost will go up to charge.