MINECRAFT SKELETON RAP | ZAMination Version (Animated Music Video) Dan Bull

  • Published on Nov 22, 2019
  • Zach gets caught in a bone-rattling scenario with a witty skeleton... We worked on this music video with the very talented Dan Bull! Consider checking out his channel to hear more of his raps and watch ENDING B!
    ALTERNATE ENDING: tvclip.biz/video/6BSfBEAAWEc/video.html
    ♫ Get this track: play.google.com/store/music/album/Dan_Bull_I_ve_Got_a_Bone_Minecraft_Skeleton_Rap?id=Bsftt7osz76jj2busnrmoiqrkky
    :cloud: Stream this track on Spotify: open.spotify.com/playlist/32AQ9fyLYoGdvfJ6DIncdX?si=PeK4Jj7WQs2zINiSB8tkJw
    Song by Dan Bull: tvclip.biz/user/douglby
    Check out the Behind The Scenes: tvclip.biz/video/XPWW1StKsUo/video.html
    Full length Behind The Scenes:
    Software: Blender
    Edited In: Adobe Premiere, After Effects
    Thanks for watching MINECRAFT SKELETON RAP | ZAMination Version (Minecraft Animated Music Video) Dan Bull
    Check out our minecraft DDLC music video "Just Monika": tvclip.biz/video/BHh-M3qi5Gw/video.html
    Animation: Zachary P, Micah P, CloudX, GraphicationMaker, RedTheAnimator, Mduck
    Rigs/Assets: Buttered Kieran, ZAMination, Boxscape Studios, Kyle White, Chase P, James Pelter, Noisechip, Jacob Van, SnowytheBear, Aktron
    Lighting/Effects: Micah P, Markraft, CloudX
    Editing/Post Effects: Zach P, Micah P
    Special Thanks To: Enchatedmob, Mangerang, and Isacx (3aDisplay)
    Software: Blender
    Edited In: Adobe Premiere Pro/ Adobe After Effects
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  • ZAMination Productions
    ZAMination Productions  16 days ago +1350

    CHECK OUT ENDING B: tvclip.biz/video/6BSfBEAAWEc/video.html

    • Erin Jones
      Erin Jones 3 hours ago

      @Caleb Olmstead no i did't

    • Kimberly Outley
      Kimberly Outley 11 hours ago +1

      best rap ever

    • my Wilham
      my Wilham 14 hours ago

      First you ran into a tree and then you got picked by the skeleton and got killed by the enderdragon what a bad day for zamination

    • Caleb Olmstead
      Caleb Olmstead 14 hours ago

      You liked your own comment

    • Luke Wittstock
      Luke Wittstock 14 hours ago

      Good luck on the next video.Make sure that you are going to make ir sin proof

  • la persona :v
    la persona :v 54 minutes ago

    It is the best thing I heard !!

  • Luke Marañon
    Luke Marañon Hour ago

    just turn off hard mode the skeleton cant braek the door at 2:28

  • Miguel Cota
    Miguel Cota 2 hours ago


  • Amanda Jimenez
    Amanda Jimenez 3 hours ago +1

    Me when I see a classmate or my cousins in public

  • Ulises Castillo
    Ulises Castillo 4 hours ago +1

    Like si eres el esceleto

    DESHUNNA DEAN 4 hours ago

    I skeleton cant bust though the door in Minecraft logic

  • Kyle's Place
    Kyle's Place 4 hours ago

    A friend of mine showed me this and while I was searching skeleton boomerang I found this

  • Mom of Two
    Mom of Two 5 hours ago +1

    The people that didn't see the easter egg:🙃🙃🙃

  • Frank Carter
    Frank Carter 5 hours ago

    Blaze rap :rain fireworks

  • Frank Carter
    Frank Carter 5 hours ago

    Feel the adrenaline

  • KoopaTroopaChannel
    KoopaTroopaChannel 5 hours ago

    I like megalovonia than this

  • Jamari Davis
    Jamari Davis 5 hours ago

    Villiger voice at end:ive got bone to pick with u little human bone to pick with u little human being ive---oh are we done I'd like to go home now Lol

  • El Rekt
    El Rekt 6 hours ago

    Perosnal taste, but at 1:40 - I feel he should have hit the ground flat, (assuming this wouldn’t kill him) yet the skeleton gets distracted by the jack ‘o lantern rather than finishing him haha, amazing tune and great animation (:

  • Herobrine exe. 2 the original

    How to kill them all go to creativi and /kill @e

  • da noob
    da noob 6 hours ago

    A skeleton dimension would be cool like if chu agree

  • ojslixs u
    ojslixs u 7 hours ago

    When does skeleton says a bone to pick with you me puns

  • 11 CLEITON
    11 CLEITON 7 hours ago


  • joca pro mc
    joca pro mc 7 hours ago

    Ajde spider rap

  • Fabiola Galvan
    Fabiola Galvan 7 hours ago

    Your videos cool 😎😎

  • Fabiola Galvan
    Fabiola Galvan 7 hours ago +1

    GOOD got a bone to pick with you 😝

  • e bp
    e bp 8 hours ago

    Dude, what would happen if this skeleton and Sans had a fight, cause there's so many sans references

  • Craze Blaze
    Craze Blaze 8 hours ago

    Achmed: Silence I kill u!!

    Skeleton: I’ve got a bone to pick with u!!

    Me:Double trouble!!

  • Bradley Dickerson
    Bradley Dickerson 8 hours ago

    Rap song idea: Do the Illager rap

  • Sergio Yachkov
    Sergio Yachkov 9 hours ago


  • Stephy Griveau
    Stephy Griveau 9 hours ago

    Omg i very loved Minecraft and crafting and building

  • Shmshom Slaman
    Shmshom Slaman 9 hours ago

    Can you make zombie rap?

  • P Polkowsk
    P Polkowsk 9 hours ago

    You should mąkę a villager version

  • Angelique Kruger
    Angelique Kruger 10 hours ago

    i like the whole song

  • Gaming TV
    Gaming TV 10 hours ago


  • Flame God
    Flame God 10 hours ago

    At 3:45 the villiager is still singing and everyone else are like boi

  • Elias Flores
    Elias Flores 12 hours ago

    Cause my throat's exposed to the elements

  • Evil Girl G A M E L O V E R

    Where's the skeleton horse those are in minecraft

  • lucas bebelușul
    lucas bebelușul 12 hours ago

    i bet that villager totally had to be killed cuz he had the absolute wordt trades ever

  • Kit katキューティー

    I think this is the best of Dan bulls songs

  • Ivan Torres
    Ivan Torres 13 hours ago

    I thought it was a uber until it just shows the scene of the villager just singing hahaha😂🤣😆

  • Alaa Beghdadi
    Alaa Beghdadi 13 hours ago

    Skeleton: i've got a bow to shoot at you little villagers.
    Iron golem : stop right now or...
    Skeleton:or what.
    Iron golem: or i pick your bones.
    Skeleton:okay you win and d'ont steal m'y bones.

  • under youtobe
    under youtobe 13 hours ago +1


  • Real Lefty
    Real Lefty 13 hours ago

    Skeleton: I’ve got a bow to shoot at you
    Also Skeleton: **doesn’t even hit Zach once**

    SKELETON 14 hours ago

    Sooooo amasing

  • Woolen Wolfie
    Woolen Wolfie 14 hours ago

    Next rap animations

  • Crimson
    Crimson 14 hours ago

    Duolingo when miss your Spanish class


  • Larissa Raha
    Larissa Raha 15 hours ago

    I love the rat tac tac

  • Nguyễn Tuấn
    Nguyễn Tuấn 15 hours ago

    Why the sekelotn can hit the door

  • Chetnaben Chauhan
    Chetnaben Chauhan 15 hours ago

    Bad no you did

  • Felix Bulgis
    Felix Bulgis 16 hours ago


  • Gacha_luna Fox
    Gacha_luna Fox 16 hours ago

    I love when the skeleton villager sings!🤣

  • Trouble Muppet
    Trouble Muppet 16 hours ago

    2:18 the boys face is every youtube thumbnail 😂

  • the primal guardian
    the primal guardian 17 hours ago +1

    make a wolf rap

  • Riley Brewer
    Riley Brewer 17 hours ago +1


  • lolo the killer
    lolo the killer 17 hours ago

    hola zamination te pido si puedes hacer a besar alpha

  • Bejo Bae
    Bejo Bae 18 hours ago

    What sekeleton

  • Патимат Джабраилова

    Классная песня 😉

  • gila08 Geming
    gila08 Geming 20 hours ago


  • Maria Home
    Maria Home 20 hours ago

    Lol he made a ghost sound

  • Kredoz
    Kredoz 22 hours ago

    FBI BE LIKE: 2:15

  • Rain Balajo
    Rain Balajo 22 hours ago

    Next rap is zombie rap

  • Ondřej Šot
    Ondřej Šot 22 hours ago

    you can actually hear another mob in here
    buti dont think its a villager

  • Mark Majewski
    Mark Majewski 22 hours ago

    Zamination tell Dan bull what I said

  • Mark Majewski
    Mark Majewski 22 hours ago

    Hey Dan bull about that skeleton rap maybe you should do a ghast rap that will be very cool