Extreme Arabian Street Food - FALAFEL JACUZZI + Best Ever Ful in Saida, Lebanon!

  • Published on Aug 28, 2019
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    SAIDA / SIDON, LEBANON - This was one of the best days and Lebanese food tours of my trip to Lebanon. The seafood for breakfast was delicious, but nothing compared to the outstanding hummus and ful - best I’ve ever had, and the king of falafel, in this ancient city! #streetfood #Lebanon #ArabicFood
    Thank you to USAID - My visit to Lebanon was supported by the USAID Lebanon Enterprise Development Project. Thanks to Ibrahim Osta (Director Middle East & North Africa, Chemonics International): ibrahim_osta ibrahim.osta.35

    Friends in the video:
    Maya and Ramil
    Fadi Abu Jaber: jordanality
    Kamel: feryal.boutique
    Here are the street food and places we visited in this video:
    Abou Al Abed Cafe - Seafood Restaurant - They are very cool, and you choose the seafood you want, and they will deep fry it all, and serve it with different sauces and dips. We ate seafood for breakfast, and it was perfect.
    Foul Abou El-Ezz - Kamel and Ramil both said this is the best ful in Lebanon, and it was no doubt the best ful I’ve ever had in my life. The amount of spices and additions, as well as the bitter orange, made it superd. Additionally, his fatteh and hummus were insane.
    Kahwet el Qzez - Old coffee shop - Probably the coolest old coffee shop in Lebanon, it’s a community social atmosphere, where people hang out, gather, talk, drink coffee, and play cards.
    Rahat el Halkoun - Turkish Delight - We stopped for a quick taste of Turkish delight in Lebanon.
    Dabane Palace Museum - Along with street food, we also enjoyed walking around the ancient souk market areas of Saida / Sidon. The Dabane Palace was impressive. Price - 5,000 LBP ($3.31)
    Falafel Abou Rami - Finally to end this street food tour, we ate at this legendary falafel spot, the king of falafel. One of the best falafel sandwiches I’ve ever had. Total price - 16,000 LBP ($10.61)
    It was another fantastic day in Lebanon, experiencing some of the best Arabian Lebanese food I’ve had.
    “Heavy Breeze” “Them Thieves”
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  • Jane VanSkike
    Jane VanSkike 7 hours ago

    Beautiful castle. The native stone reminds me of our Kansas native stone. I worked w doctors who are from Lebanon. Many grew up in the same communities. So interesting. The ful looked amazing. Such beautiful history.

  • Jane VanSkike
    Jane VanSkike 7 hours ago

    Mark is absolutely a beautiful person! Such personality and always so happy! His friends Fadi and Kamil are so handsome!

  • Miriam Aviado
    Miriam Aviado 22 hours ago


  • Sindhu Ajiji
    Sindhu Ajiji 2 days ago


  • Trina Stevenson
    Trina Stevenson 2 days ago

    I love watching him after he eats he always closes his eyes then say WOW!!! so funny

  • Victoria Miranda
    Victoria Miranda 2 days ago


  • Divan Le Roux
    Divan Le Roux 3 days ago

    just wished you could stop chewing before you spoke. ffs

  • Will Howard
    Will Howard 3 days ago

    Can someone send me! Love this video

  • Will Howard
    Will Howard 3 days ago

    I definitely want to go there.

  • Mustapha Hadhri
    Mustapha Hadhri 3 days ago

    I love saida im from tunisia

  • Areba Areba
    Areba Areba 4 days ago +1

    انا من العراق احببت كل ماتنشره روووعة

  • ezekiel mohammed
    ezekiel mohammed 5 days ago

    Mark, your videos are amazing and inspire me to travel the world, meet different people from different cultures, and relish in the fact that no matter where you go you will have some amazing food! Thank you so much for posting your adventures. Stay blessed!

  • Ayanita Ayan
    Ayanita Ayan 5 days ago

    Am so happy my people their welcome u.

  • Ali Hassan Alihassan

    You are great man. I watch your every video. One day I will meet you.

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  • Eugenia Syro
    Eugenia Syro 8 days ago

    Wonderful looking food!!!!!!!!!

  • Taha Abdelatife
    Taha Abdelatife 8 days ago

    and also august 28 is my birthday!

  • Taha Abdelatife
    Taha Abdelatife 8 days ago

    I am a muslim and I think you should become muslilm because it is the best religion out of all other religions

  • Om mouhamad Mouhamad

    لبنان بلد صغير طبيعة جميلة جدا جبال خضراء انهار صافية وبحر رائع شعب بسيط ولكن أينما تذهب الزبالة والقذارة في الطرقات الناس تأكل وترمي الزبالة من شباك السيارة يتنزهون في المناطق الجبلية وبعد أن ينتهون من اكل المشاوي يتركون زبالتهم واوساخهم ويمشون لا يوجد حمامات للسواح في الأماكن العامة عندما تدخل الى صيدا تستقبلك رائحة كريهة. الوساخة صفة سيئة ومقرفة تدل على التخلف علينا أن نتخلص منها.

  • Jay23
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    Sudarshan Suresh 11 days ago

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    Michael Nguyen 11 days ago

    Saidon's sister city is Saigon Vietnam

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  • Norma Kassim
    Norma Kassim 12 days ago

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  • Norma Kassim
    Norma Kassim 12 days ago

    Amazing crunchy goodness of falafel.

  • Norma Kassim
    Norma Kassim 12 days ago

    A jacuzzi bubble of oil OMG what a great description.

  • Norma Kassim
    Norma Kassim 12 days ago

    Ayham taqi I do agree with you. Mark is the best person to be awarded forhis good effort.

  • Angela TraumaMama
    Angela TraumaMama 13 days ago

    i am opening my mouth for a bite!

  • Jocelyne Aoun
    Jocelyne Aoun 13 days ago

    Welcome to lebanon

  • f rahal
    f rahal 14 days ago

    Absolutely love this Lebanon series. Your wife and son, Maya, Fadi, Kamal and your whole team are so sweet to follow along!
    But may favorite here is (at 17:08) when Kamal says to Mark "I'm going to allow myself to upgrade your dish" as he mixes his foul. I was dying 👌😂. Beautiful!

  • sportsmusiclover
    sportsmusiclover 14 days ago

    Visited Lebanon a few years ago. Never returning back.
    Lebanese food is great. But the Lebanese people are another matter altogether. Arrogant, Racist and needy. Ughh.
    Prefer Israel or Jordan personally.

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    For your child’s safety: please don’t let him drink double dipped.

  • maabdou2000
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    YEAH , But this is not Arabian food ...IT IS EGYPTIAN FOOD

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    Professional chefs I mean best place for food
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    Shamanin Sheikh 26 days ago

    Rather than concentrating on the fake news the mainstream media shows, people should watch your videos as you show the most raw stuff associated with any culture of ethnicity.

  • Alice A D
    Alice A D 28 days ago

    Great Job Mark, always show the positive side of different culture, this episode is amazing and normal people just wanna live a good and enjoyable life, it's politics that made it sour

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    G. S. Month ago

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