Nature can be cruel - adult rabbit attacks baby bunny

  • Published on Apr 16, 2016
  • In an attempt to allow our rabbits to enjoy a dry, reasonably warm day out in our yard and to give them a chance to get some exercise and to socialize, we let them out in their protective pens, separating the adult males from each other and from the females and their litters. One adult female with an older litter of her own decided she did not like her sister's younger litter being in the same pen. She aggressively went after a few of the 3-week-old babies and finally succeeded in biting and crippling one unfortunate baby.
    Very shortly after, we came across a viral video where a similar thing happened to a baby bunny named Wheelz whose owners found crippled but alive and built him a little wheelchair out of dollar-store materials. This was a very moving gesture and was heartwarming in the hope it inspired. Unfortunately, their bunny ultimately passed away too from his injuries.
    The saddest part of the whole thing was some people's reactions to their video. They blamed Overlook Acres (Wheelz' owners) for what happened and accused them of cruelty and neglect for allowing their rabbits to freerange and 'suffer' outdoors.
    They ignored the explanation that an adult rabbit caused Wheelz' injuries and questioned their character and motivations for keeping rabbits and for trying to keep Wheelz' memory alive.
    I thought for a long time about whether or not to publish this video (as I simply wanted to forget this ugly incident), but felt it should be shared in defense of what the good people at Overlook Acres had said all along. An adult rabbit attacked and crippled their baby bunny through no fault of their own.
    People criticize breeders if they keep their rabbits in cages with wire floors (no matter the thickness of the gauge or the fact that it's ultimately healthier and cleaner for them), yet in trying to do better and offering them the ability to freerange... this too is treated by some as being criminal and neglectful.
    Not so and not fair.
    So in defense of Overlook Acres, I'm showing this video.

    This video is and remains my sole copyright.
    Do not repost or use without permission.
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  • Berkay Ak
    Berkay Ak Day ago

    Punish the adult rabbit by removing his skin and throwing him into a tub filled with salty water

  • Sombra
    Sombra 2 days ago

    aye that poor rabbit! am i the only one would would have beaten the living shit out of the adult rabbit.

  • jasper426
    jasper426 3 days ago


  • fvfgx
    fvfgx 3 days ago

    Ok the big rabbit gets capital punishment

  • TrueLove 17
    TrueLove 17 3 days ago

    Kill the adult rabbit

  • olaolapepsiman
    olaolapepsiman 4 days ago

    It's so...... weak.

  • fish cactus
    fish cactus 4 days ago


  • Dawn J
    Dawn J 4 days ago +1

    i swear 1 more baby rabbit hurt i will get my ruler... or my shotgun... I SWEAR!!!!!!!

    edit: thanks for 1 like... oh that was from me...

  • Rhiannon wilson
    Rhiannon wilson 5 days ago

    are weak are the baby bunny's legs?

  • goth witch
    goth witch 7 days ago


  • Jay Harper
    Jay Harper 7 days ago

    I would’ve picked up that rabbit and punched that fucker repeatedly

  • Daniel Ferreira
    Daniel Ferreira 7 days ago

    I feel El like grabbing a brick and but the adult bunny under it until its dead and if its not dead i would wack it with a metal bat

    • camilo martan
      camilo martan 5 days ago

      yeah sure... why so much hate to that rabbit damn salty kids

  • Luke Tipping
    Luke Tipping 8 days ago

    I’d skin the bloody thing!

  • Ancient Keyboard Warrior

    Send him out the coop see how long before a fox comes along

  • Rodolfo Majikina
    Rodolfo Majikina 9 days ago

    dog felt sorry for injured bunny nice

  • vadudha saviour
    vadudha saviour 10 days ago

    The same thing is happening with my one month old bunny and a huge rabbit...just same in the picture.....after watching this video...i ...just slapped the huge one with my hand...and kept it in other room....i m so scared. Help....

  • andrescaradepez
    andrescaradepez 12 days ago

    0:20 Jajajajaja
    Muy gracioso...

  • juju dude
    juju dude 12 days ago

    I would have thrown that rabbit in a cage with a stoat for doing that bunny like that

  • Saraphine S
    Saraphine S 12 days ago

    The rabbit may not have thought he would do such severe damage to the baby bunny. Really sad.

  • AnteiM 8800 The CENER Deeepr

    White piece of madda ..

  • Denise T
    Denise T 14 days ago

    two words: monty python

  • Aqua
    Aqua 17 days ago

    Worst auntie rabbit ever.

  • Bettina Hansen
    Bettina Hansen 19 days ago

    Var 😡😩😫🖕🏼

  • Kevin Nguyen
    Kevin Nguyen 19 days ago

    Sadly, that's how nature works.

  • Vendy Vavrekova
    Vendy Vavrekova 19 days ago

    I would kill tha fat bunny and bake in owen for what he done

  • Ivan Espinoza
    Ivan Espinoza 20 days ago

    I just want to hit that adult rabbit.

  • SteamSteak IsAlive
    SteamSteak IsAlive 21 day ago

    Wow this is really sad

  • Hunter DINO
    Hunter DINO 22 days ago

    Did you hear the dogs...
    I felt like they were really really really sad about that
    Maybe they cried...

  • Hunter DINO
    Hunter DINO 22 days ago

    If that adult bunny was in the place of the baby bunny...
    She would see what kind of demon she is...

  • Hunter DINO
    Hunter DINO 22 days ago

    Felt really bad for that baby one...
    I have a pet rabbit which is brown...
    **goes outside to see his pet**
    **slaps his bunny**
    “I will buy you a baby BUT if I see something wrong with it...
    You will face big troubles...”
    For real I said that

  • the man
    the man 22 days ago

    everyone in the comments: im angry that this animal was cruelly and unfairly harmed so i think its only fair that the other animal is also cruelly and unfairly harmed! like what? its bad when an animal suffers but its right when it "deserves it"?

  • Zoya Tanveer
    Zoya Tanveer 26 days ago

    Hey guys plz tell me what to do for my baby rabbit.. He's badly injured by own mother rabbit... Plzzz i want to save him.. At any cost.... Plzzz

  • Hammerschlägen M
    Hammerschlägen M 26 days ago

    Am I the only one in the comment section that likes the adult and kinda thought it was cool when she bit the kit?

  • dynamatlancer
    dynamatlancer 27 days ago

    big bunny asserting dominance when the smaller one won't submit

  • ghost
    ghost 27 days ago

    1 like = 1 prayer

  • isaiah bellamy
    isaiah bellamy 27 days ago

    Very sad. But it happens.

  • luis soto
    luis soto 29 days ago +1

    Is this porn ???

  • allie scott
    allie scott 29 days ago

    Vegan sees cute bunny sniffing a baby "aww how cute who could hurt such a thing so so cute" *choooooooomp* "kill it it should die!!!"

  • Brian
    Brian 29 days ago

    Jesus christ "I can't imagine animals being so cruel,oh my god senseless violence.." It's the animal kingdom, get the fuck over it.

  • Fictional Battle Omniverse

    I would throw both to a croc. ~Beyonder

  • Angry Combat Wombat

    Damn spinal tap

  • Michael Cote
    Michael Cote Month ago

    Rabbits are rodents!

  • Titartitore
    Titartitore Month ago

    Drift king

  • KING Spitta
    KING Spitta Month ago

    Goddamnit Max. Ruby told you to fuck off

  • Dante M
    Dante M Month ago

    Stupid bunny, feel sorry for the baby rabbit,
    😢, mus5 of bit the spinal cord

  • Jackson Griffith
    Jackson Griffith Month ago

    Your fine. Just walk it off...

  • Sydni C
    Sydni C Month ago +1

    Rabbit teeth are long af. Bit straight through her body.

  • Lil leo gecko
    Lil leo gecko Month ago

    throw a grenade at that cruel monster

  • superhoggbike
    superhoggbike Month ago

    feed it well and it will still be good eating in 8 more weeks

  • Noone Important.
    Noone Important. Month ago +2

    Why ;(

  • Teco Taco
    Teco Taco Month ago +1

    i'm sorry but i'd beat the hell out of the older rabbit

  • bright eyes
    bright eyes Month ago

    shit happen's it's life now shot the baby rabbit

  • Ancient Power
    Ancient Power Month ago +1

    That adult rabbit should be executed

  • ryukenb2k
    ryukenb2k Month ago

    That adult rabbit needs its fluffy ass whooped. It really needs dem hands after the fuckery bruh

  • Ictpilot Ictpilot
    Ictpilot Ictpilot Month ago

    And the adult rabbit was dinner that night.

  • domosaurus rex
    domosaurus rex Month ago +1

    For some reason I wanna beat the fuck out that rabbit. I dont know why I just do. Poor baby bunny.

  • P Sher
    P Sher Month ago

    Dude Rabbits be vicious. Haven't you read Watership Down?

  • KatieTheNiceStar YT
    KatieTheNiceStar YT Month ago +1

    I have a Bunny and a Dog and they are friends after my bunny died my Dog always was sad.

  • Jeremy Thinnes
    Jeremy Thinnes Month ago

    What a dumb rabbit

  • Rob gaming 2
    Rob gaming 2 Month ago

    the eyes

  • MasaGambit214 X
    MasaGambit214 X Month ago


  • reymicroc
    reymicroc Month ago +2

    Looks like you are feminist who assumed a female can do no harm

  • robert brack
    robert brack Month ago

    No! That's not very except able. Why did the fluff attack her own kid? Boohoo. Now baby Judy Hopps is hurt.

  • Dan M
    Dan M Month ago

    shove that adult bunny in boiling water and close the lid

  • DrinkwithaMexican
    DrinkwithaMexican Month ago

    I would have fucked it in the ass.

  • toodles gurl
    toodles gurl Month ago

    My bunny does this to my baby bunny that’s like three times smaller I put them in separate cages for now. Any advice?

  • Sio Sketch
    Sio Sketch Month ago

    I heard that rabbits have a temper and will lash out. I remember being bitten by a pet rabbit for trying to pet it. It growled and lashed out and bit my hand

  • Reilly Kemhus
    Reilly Kemhus Month ago

    Pathetic bunnies

  • Dylan Corbin
    Dylan Corbin Month ago

    I agree sure for sure sharp

  • Honeysuckle Subliminals

    *that adult bunny shall be released into the ocean*

  • Autumn Rain
    Autumn Rain Month ago

    Poor baby 😢

  • Turtle8205
    Turtle8205 Month ago +4

    0:22 how my younger sibling reacts when I just touch them

  • Brian Brown
    Brian Brown Month ago

    Did you eat it?

  • Nasty business.
    Nasty business. Month ago

    Time to set the dogs on the adult . Fucker

  • uncle ruckus
    uncle ruckus Month ago

    kinda like to bash that rabbits face in a wall

  • Hargle Bargle
    Hargle Bargle Month ago


  • bak j
    bak j Month ago

    Im thinking adult bunny had cut baby's spine

  • John Rumble
    John Rumble Month ago

    Did you let the dog play with the adult rabbit, best way to stop a bully is introduce them to another that makes them the vulnerable ones?

  • Hairizal Dahrin
    Hairizal Dahrin Month ago

    Put that adult bunny outside leashed at night. Foxes are there and they know well how to deal with it.

  • canalm02
    canalm02 Month ago

    Make another video but instead grab the baby bunny scream in till it it's quite

  • justacomedian
    justacomedian Month ago

    Animals are dumb as fuck.

  • Hubert Eichson
    Hubert Eichson Month ago

    Lol rekt, i headstop that piece of shit to death, if you can't defend yourself you deserve to die.

  • Bursting Boi
    Bursting Boi Month ago

    Yo look at his legs and him squeaking i got no heart

  • Bursting Boi
    Bursting Boi Month ago

    Lol i could just image all the people in the comments are going to say i will kill them 1 day later fat ass starts eating chips saying im going tommorow doesnt go still

  • Taylor Wenzlaff
    Taylor Wenzlaff Month ago

    Lol that is funy

  • Bill Klacks
    Bill Klacks Month ago

    laughing out fucking loud

  • sans o esqueleto
    sans o esqueleto Month ago

    She is an monter!!! And a zombie

  • heather nicole
    heather nicole Month ago

    I would have pick that fucker up and broke his shit

  • Jay Hickey
    Jay Hickey Month ago

    Well there goes easter.

  • DmndLife612
    DmndLife612 Month ago


  • ExtrolexGamerBR
    ExtrolexGamerBR Month ago


  • joei the legend
    joei the legend Month ago +2

    Wouldn’t happen if the bunny had a gun

    • merc
      merc 9 days ago

      won't happen again if you paint the walls with the farmer's brain using a gun. especially if done in front of their children. even better if done in front of the farmer's parents. nothing makes a better example than being killed in front of your own parents.

    • Absolutely Dreadful
      Absolutely Dreadful Month ago

      We need to ban assault bunnies



  • Rug
    Rug Month ago

    This will be some good dinner tonight, bye bye adult rabbit.

  • Happy Boi
    Happy Boi Month ago

    The bunny’s eyes were red, Teh killer bunny

  • Jalex Fine
    Jalex Fine Month ago

    All the assholes talking about hurting the adult bunny. Fuck all yall. It's sad enough.

  • Princess Luna
    Princess Luna Month ago

    If I were you I’d go to the vet and put that big bully rabbit down for good!

  • Lisa L
    Lisa L Month ago

    Do the adults always injure the babies in this manner?

    • merc
      merc Month ago +1

      and yet they didnt. they chose not to

    • Lisa L
      Lisa L Month ago

      +merc the breeder should know better than to do this.

    • merc
      merc Month ago +1

      only when the farmers have no idea what they are doing

  • Sunshine Lavacat
    Sunshine Lavacat Month ago

    That's really sad I would kill the thing I would save the babys