• Published on Sep 18, 2019
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Comments • 48 818

  • Taco Bella
    Taco Bella 30 minutes ago

    Fuck ksi

    EXTROMAZE 53 minutes ago

    14:49 look at the husky after logan spit water.

  • Tanker 101
    Tanker 101 2 hours ago

    I'm not a fan of either of these guys but I just love how overconfident they both are. Pros realize how good their opponent is and respect their athleticism, neither of them are pros

    PRIMAL WALEED320 2 hours ago

    I think youll win this year

  • Hinata.Hyuga.feels.
    Hinata.Hyuga.feels. 2 hours ago

    Ur dog still enjoying the taste of maverick ?

  • Alex Larson
    Alex Larson 5 hours ago

    You haters are all missing the point of this, you guys take anything you can use to make him look bad, like damn get off the channel if your gonna be hating.

  • Camila Prosser
    Camila Prosser 7 hours ago


  • Oli Price
    Oli Price 7 hours ago

    Logan kept saying I’m going to beat up this kid that sounds like he hurting a 10 year old

  • savage julian x yotadee
    savage julian x yotadee 7 hours ago +1

    Logan: Guys listen im not in the mood for jokes today.
    8 hours later
    Logan: jj has no dick

  • Elijah Eguia
    Elijah Eguia 7 hours ago

    Lol I just saw u on law n order

  • charlene docherty
    charlene docherty 8 hours ago

    Fuck ksi

  • Ace
    Ace 8 hours ago

    I’ll wait to you after init

  • Dabengamer
    Dabengamer 8 hours ago +1

    Good he made cry what else

  • Rapid Fire Boxing
    Rapid Fire Boxing 8 hours ago

    Roasted Geordie 😬

  • RageBomb Ritchie
    RageBomb Ritchie 10 hours ago +1

    Yo I’m actually impressed that both LP AND KSI actually have integrity when their not together but mess them selves up when their together

  • Fatload98
    Fatload98 10 hours ago

    All of this comment section is roasting logan paul and i love it 🗿

  • godzilla 435
    godzilla 435 11 hours ago

    Deam broley is much more big then the last time I seen him oh my god hes huge

  • Kerìs Mìah
    Kerìs Mìah 11 hours ago

    Logan just stop. Ever since u did that video ur crap .

  • TWNS 10
    TWNS 10 11 hours ago +1

    KSI literally said he talked about Jake and didn’t talk about you Bc it would piss you off. Mission accomplished.

  • Zarar Khan
    Zarar Khan 12 hours ago

    first thing i do is talk about his brother deji who disowned him but if ksi talks bout jake first then what is wrong with him smh

  • mohammed hussein
    mohammed hussein 12 hours ago

    Ha im not surprised what else r u gonna use for views

  • Hrk gfrz
    Hrk gfrz 12 hours ago

    fuck your dog hahaha

  • tired af
    tired af 13 hours ago

    Imagine this dumbfuck becomes successful and suddenly one day fights andy ruiz or aj and just chants "AJ HAS NO DICK AJ HAS NO DICK" or "RUIZ IS A FATASS RUIZ IS A FATASS" like wtf is that

  • HarryWallace Music
    HarryWallace Music 15 hours ago +1

    Logan Paul
    Is going
    To WIN
    KSI you

  • Chris Malcolm
    Chris Malcolm 16 hours ago

    RIP ksi

  • Bizzrom moghor
    Bizzrom moghor 17 hours ago

    Logan Paul

    I hope they will remember you

    WHATSCLOUT 17 hours ago

    He looks so good 😍😩!

  • Abbas Hussain
    Abbas Hussain 18 hours ago

    McGregor wannabes it’s actually so sad to see

    BRO PUG 18 hours ago +1

    You are gonna won.
    I know that.
    Infinite percent of you winning.
    JJ does not hav a dick ,balls and his friggin adopted.

  • Daniel Saisani
    Daniel Saisani 22 hours ago

    dude, change your profile pic to show ur growth

  • Dustin Martinez
    Dustin Martinez Day ago

    You literally have to be the stupidest person on earth to literally think ksi is going to win,not because I favor Logan more the ksi but literally the first fight everyone knows Logan won,it was embarrassing for ksi the guy can’t box worth a shit,I got you Logan fuck his ass up dude

  • Boxmansteve 12
    Boxmansteve 12 Day ago

    So I guess no balls with his Responses

  • jema cedillo
    jema cedillo Day ago


  • Angel Diaz
    Angel Diaz Day ago

    Ksi doesn't even speak proper English 😂😂

  • Poutoa Tiitii
    Poutoa Tiitii Day ago

    KSI gonna beat you

  • santiago barrios

    I love how supportive Jake is to Logan

  • kate shotgun
    kate shotgun Day ago

    i fucking loooove you logan get into my skin already

  • Aeserixx_
    Aeserixx_ Day ago

    Jake Paul man...

  • DatOneTiger -YT
    DatOneTiger -YT Day ago

    Logan knows he’s gonna lose that’s why he put so many ads to get as much money before his career ends.

  • PatrudingVango3243


  • Shayaan Ahmed
    Shayaan Ahmed Day ago +1

    KSI will knock you out do you know why cuz he is my guy

  • Shayaan Ahmed
    Shayaan Ahmed Day ago +1

    Yo Logan your a bitch

  • Shayaan Ahmed
    Shayaan Ahmed Day ago +1

    Hahaha kong is dead I ate that son of a bitch

  • Classic jey
    Classic jey Day ago

    why do u hate him so bad?

  • Lucky Gaming
    Lucky Gaming Day ago

    Ur not a prefosinol boxer ksi Will 💥knock u down

  • Nahar samsun
    Nahar samsun Day ago

    What is the background music of this video ????

  • Tia Farrow
    Tia Farrow Day ago

    Logan: I wanna be serious
    Also Logan: Jj has no dick jj has no dick
    Btw I’m team ksi

  • Ella Welland
    Ella Welland Day ago

    Ksi trains at the same boxing club as me

  • Sophie Bandoni
    Sophie Bandoni Day ago

    Your gunna lose this fucking fight end of fucking story viddal riley would smash you up you fucking dickhead

  • Major Allen
    Major Allen Day ago

    Ksi has always had that brown spot on his eye u can look In older videos u can clearly see it in ksi reacts to Logan Paul

  • xLasered
    xLasered Day ago

    Logan: Vidal had to encourage JJ to come up
    Briggs: Let’s go champ to Logan

  • Luis Rene Lopez Jeay

    King Logan . All ksi supporters. On your knees. KSI talk rubbish. He should go a comedian social club.

  • Orangatang
    Orangatang Day ago

    11:47 has an edge Logan is taller but jj is gonna win

  • Not good Gamer
    Not good Gamer Day ago

    I love u Logan

  • Massa_Starwars
    Massa_Starwars Day ago +1

    20:07 yes because u never hook up with any girls

  • Massa_Starwars
    Massa_Starwars Day ago +1


  • Thicc Croissant
    Thicc Croissant 2 days ago

    21:43 why the fuck would you make that sound

  • Clay AND Lego
    Clay AND Lego 2 days ago

    i like you bro

  • stefano mills
    stefano mills 2 days ago +24

    Logan: WHERE IS DEJI
    KSI: first lets talk about jake
    Logan: that's your opening he starts with talking about my brother wtf

  • smug buck
    smug buck 2 days ago

    U r a nonce