Types of High Schools

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
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    Types of High Schools
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    • Prospex RK
      Prospex RK Day ago

      I’m at the Texas school

    • RideThePegasus Bro
      RideThePegasus Bro 2 days ago

      That high school is in Frisco Texas (Dallas area) they have a 70million dollar football satdium

    • Tonyen Hill
      Tonyen Hill 3 days ago

      Right now I don't shout out to you a shout out the the football person Shanghai Disneyland shut off the booth I will be doing a giveaway 11 earbuds

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      loveliveserve 😉😗🥰

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    Joshua Stark 24 minutes ago

    Omg it’s deestroying

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    Marc_by_2s 26 minutes ago

    gmhs my hornetssss green and gold

  • Ferdi Nesa
    Ferdi Nesa 35 minutes ago

    Country school is not like that country school is a school without AC and fan

  • Devin Wilrye
    Devin Wilrye Hour ago

    Uu rr

  • Lashawine Shaw
    Lashawine Shaw Hour ago


  • Trist Sanchez
    Trist Sanchez Hour ago

    Deestroying was in this video

  • Blue Moon218
    Blue Moon218 3 hours ago

    For us in public school the BMW i8 is battery powered car. I had to look it up in my iPhone 6s

  • my name is jeff
    my name is jeff 5 hours ago

    “I don’t have any chicken!” 😂

  • Elijah Graham
    Elijah Graham 6 hours ago


  • Lil Xz
    Lil Xz 17 hours ago

    He destroying

  • Blue Lion
    Blue Lion 18 hours ago

    Aye rhino reppin Texas tech

  • Jorge Valencia
    Jorge Valencia 19 hours ago


  • Ven Plays
    Ven Plays 19 hours ago

    A boarding school is a school that the school keeps you for the entire school year

  • Ernesto Ramos
    Ernesto Ramos 19 hours ago

    That's the Byron Nelson High School it's a public school in Trophy Club, Texas.

  • Jeremiah Villarreal
    Jeremiah Villarreal 19 hours ago

    That is destroying does anyone not notice it

  • M Daniel
    M Daniel 20 hours ago

    Im Weak af🤣🤣🤣💀

  • mhh ok
    mhh ok 20 hours ago

    0:53 WOW

  • Sue Adighibe
    Sue Adighibe 20 hours ago

    I thought that school in Texas is UNT High school

  • Ekrema Mohamednour
    Ekrema Mohamednour 21 hour ago

    I learned this today in class 6:50

  • goldenjarvis
    goldenjarvis 22 hours ago

    Why is the black team have. Awhite person and the white team have a black person.

    Btw im a huge fan of deestroying check him out.

  • Λzerkリ
    Λzerkリ 22 hours ago

    im black and your white stop saying the n word damn you rastic scum bag
    but i stil love noah

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    4:31 he took off his pants🤣

  • Dark Jose
    Dark Jose 23 hours ago

    Since hes mixed he can say the n word

  • Bronze _Toucan22

    At 4:50 I would've been encouraging the fight

  • josh31308
    josh31308 Day ago

    Imagine the behind the scenes of this

  • Lizardmime
    Lizardmime Day ago

    Destroying ayyyy

  • Evan Tangorre
    Evan Tangorre Day ago

    Hey I'm a senior here its Allen High school in Allen,Texas. We also have the 3rd largest high school football stadium in the state and largest band in the country

  • Nelson Oke
    Nelson Oke Day ago

    RIP noah

  • 10,000 Subs with 0 videos

    ‘One of my best friends is a n***a’ haha had me dying

  • Monte Ter-Aleksanyan

    9:23 they are at the mall I go to and for the boarding school skit they were at pierce college. 10:41 I’m pretty sure they’re at the park I go to

  • Ewan Whalen
    Ewan Whalen Day ago


  • Kapil1
    Kapil1 Day ago

    4:07 it looks like waka flocka xD

  • Baton Rouge Rp
    Baton Rouge Rp Day ago

    Allen gotta big school but dem niggas soft asf, lmaoo weeaaakk

  • YNVG_KidOG
    YNVG_KidOG Day ago

    We all just gone ignore Deestroying in this video

  • bøobå
    bøobå Day ago +1

    I'm not rasist

    *Proceeds to say hes from the hood*

  • bøobå
    bøobå Day ago

    That boarding school one😂

  • Catch_Dat_ Boi_32

    Aye it's my boy deestroying

  • jonah hebel
    jonah hebel Day ago

    that football scene reminded me of the waterboy

  • Thicc pants
    Thicc pants Day ago

    The only high school I know in taxes is STRAIGHT SHIT which is on Dallas

  • xbox gamer
    xbox gamer Day ago

    the ending was 😂😂😂😂

  • Xavier Wilson
    Xavier Wilson Day ago

    I'm doing the same lesson in school rn as the people in the run down school

  • Elijah Galaviz Pacheco

    5:02 when deestroying was saying slime 😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • Summer Tramun
    Summer Tramun Day ago

    Destroying every obstacle that's destroying

  • Jameir Scott
    Jameir Scott Day ago

    A boarding school is a school you live at

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith Day ago

    Paforming arts is my school look it up

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith Day ago

    The radiers is my team to at scpa

  • Zeke Thibaudeau
    Zeke Thibaudeau Day ago +1

    The college is Texas &m

  • Darron Doss
    Darron Doss Day ago +1

    The high school in Texas is allen high school omm lunch be smacking that pizza be hitting different 🤣🤣

  • cash king
    cash king Day ago

    Texes longhorns

  • Fortnite dummy
    Fortnite dummy 2 days ago

    Destroying my boy

  • CookieFace
    CookieFace 2 days ago

    DOEs linton middle school count as all the bad ones besides the sports one

  • GokuIsMyDad
    GokuIsMyDad 2 days ago +1

    Yes, they're a legit school. They are called Allen High School and they also have a full sized college stadium there. I don't go there but we hear about them all the time.

  • lil lime
    lil lime 2 days ago

    Its legit

  • Focus Tr3yW4y
    Focus Tr3yW4y 2 days ago

    Hell nah that’s is not Texas I live in Texas and we don’t got that in the school we get nasty ass lunch in HTX it’s probably a mall or some

  • Lenarr The kid
    Lenarr The kid 2 days ago

    2:02 that cow got drip thoe ngl

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    Yo my boy deestroyin

  • I am the developer of the CBR Thomas exe

    0:08 I'm not any of them cuz I'm not born lol

  • Tiago Junior Massingue
    Tiago Junior Massingue 2 days ago +1

    Isn't 2016 when they abolished slavery 😂

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    Alexander Griffith 2 days ago

    Damn y’all got Deestroying on here!