Haven's Candies Making Salt Water Taffy

  • Published on May 22, 2009
  • A nice news piece showing how Haven's Candies makes Maine's best salt water taffy. This chewy treat is a summer favorite!
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  • kikiprettylife18
    kikiprettylife18 5 years ago +18

    Salt water taffy is so gooooooood!

  • carmy60
    carmy60 5 years ago

    My favorite!

  • Rustio
    Rustio 6 years ago

    im eating rum flavor now

  • flukeman022
    flukeman022 6 years ago +1

    You can order it online

  • November Moon
    November Moon 6 years ago +1

    I'm eating some right now! :D

  • aliciachin0305
    aliciachin0305 6 years ago +1

    We don't have it here in my country :-

  • julia horan
    julia horan 6 years ago

    omg i just clicked on this not knowing it was in maine....im from maine. WOOT WOOT

  • Josheann TV
    Josheann TV 7 years ago

    1:00 yummy

  • Emeliine V
    Emeliine V 7 years ago

    @peachcockadoodle Diabetes : D

  • Clearance Collector 清倉收藏家

    So this is salt water taffy! Seen it before numerous times at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Will have to buy when I go there this summer.

  • DWawa
    DWawa 7 years ago

    @peachcockadoodle 3 people.

  • Joar F
    Joar F 7 years ago

    We dont have taffy in sweden......

  • vicksvki
    vicksvki 8 years ago

    love salt water taffy:)

  • Naturepheonix
    Naturepheonix 9 years ago

    Do you know how to get into this Career?