MINO(송민호) - ‘아낙네 (FIANCÉ)’ M/V

  • Published on Nov 26, 2018
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  • Mary Abello
    Mary Abello 11 hours ago


  • Mary Abello
    Mary Abello 11 hours ago


  • Mary Abello
    Mary Abello 11 hours ago


  • Mary Abello
    Mary Abello 11 hours ago


  • 파코
    파코 12 hours ago

    어차피 차트1위는 송민호!

  • coffe haru
    coffe haru 12 hours ago

    So unique 👏👏


    Qué isso fie?

  • Maryan 510
    Maryan 510 13 hours ago

    The beat is my taste of music👏

  • 새우먹는새우
    새우먹는새우 13 hours ago

    신기한게 한국인은 없네

  • Stephanie Matilda
    Stephanie Matilda 13 hours ago +2

    I’m still here

  • 태양
    태양 14 hours ago +1

    잘생겼다 행님

  • hafeF Nonsei
    hafeF Nonsei 14 hours ago +1

    *while doing the composition test*
    We need to respect old people because-
    (It makes nonsense)

    • sadiya r
      sadiya r 12 hours ago

      +hafeF Nonsei thank you 😅

    • hafeF Nonsei
      hafeF Nonsei 13 hours ago +1

      +sadiya r it's okay don't worry

    • sadiya r
      sadiya r 13 hours ago +1

      +hafeF Nonsei oh sorry my bad😂😂 I completely misunderstood your comment 😂😂

    • hafeF Nonsei
      hafeF Nonsei 13 hours ago

      +sadiya r i wasnt complaining sweetie, i was just saying that the song came to my mind during the test, because the classrom was silence and i was bored

    • sadiya r
      sadiya r 13 hours ago

      Are you aware that Mino is pretty popular in Korea?? Like the general public loves Mino, he's currently Korea's "it" boy and people from all the ages are crazy about him even old aged people that's why this song is so popular right now even after 3 months after it's release it's still charting with 1M str3ams in Melon, and speaking of old aged people they have no problem with that line or this song in general, recently last month there was this video out where Mino was shooting something on the streets and all the public surrounded Mino and there were 2 people one man and one old grandpa who were also amongst the crowd and this former person was taking Mino's video and that grandpa asked him "who is that person (referring to Mino)??" To which that man replied "He's song Minho" and grandpa was still clueless, then again that first man replied " he's anagknae(fiancé)" and then the grandpa recognised him immediately and he started shouting "oh anagknae anagknae" excitedly!!😂😂.....so the moral of this story is 😂😂😂 even though this song is sensual and it's for mature audiences, the general public love it so much 😂 hell even small kids are obsessed with this song there are so many videos of parents who've shared where their small babies really enjoy listening and dancing to this song 😊 so it's not a problem if Mino uses that line

    DONG YEUN KIM 15 hours ago

    연산군 느낌 물씬나네 ㄷㄷ

  • 캌퉤
    캌퉤 15 hours ago

    이게 힙합이냐?

  • Semi lunar
    Semi lunar 15 hours ago +1

    WOW next 40M ->50M ->60M .....🙏🏻💙💙💙💙

  • Nguyệt Dương Minh
    Nguyệt Dương Minh 16 hours ago +2

    this song is so good

    • sadiya r
      sadiya r 13 hours ago

      Your probably the first Vietnamese who's saying that 😂 but seriously thanks for respecting Mino and thanks for appreciating the song😊💙🙏

  • 게임세상
    게임세상 16 hours ago +1

    한국인 찾아요!!!

  • Kia kia
    Kia kia 17 hours ago +1

    Omg I have been coming in here Everyday!! I just cannot stop from listening to this song!

  • purple kpop
    purple kpop 18 hours ago +1

    2019 but this song is still a bop 💗💗💗💗

  • Mira 96
    Mira 96 18 hours ago


  • Mobbuyt Mobb
    Mobbuyt Mobb 19 hours ago +1

    36 M 🔓
    40 M 🔒
    45 M 🔒
    Go go IC 💪

  • 류블{LAND}
    류블{LAND} 19 hours ago +1

    오늘 입덕😍

    • ikkie16
      ikkie16 18 hours ago


  • C loud
    C loud 20 hours ago +2

    support you💙

  • sadiya r
    sadiya r 20 hours ago


  • Joshua Shin
    Joshua Shin 21 hour ago +1

    I don’t know why this isn’t as popular Blackpink. Tbh i feel like Yg treat ikon and winner like shit and blackpink like princesses

    • sadiya r
      sadiya r 13 hours ago

      +ikkie16 yup true!!😊💙

    • ikkie16
      ikkie16 18 hours ago +4

      It's all about marketing, dear. Anyway Mino and WINNER will last long after their military duties as they can make their own songs.

  • Swagger Haidz
    Swagger Haidz 21 hour ago +1


  • Paulina gtz
    Paulina gtz 21 hour ago +2

    Proximo comeback: ''Fierro pariente''


  • YEN JOO옌주
    YEN JOO옌주 22 hours ago +2

    노래 내스탈인뎅?? 새벽 4시 잠에서깬 왕자님이
    공주를보러 마법에걸려 커진붉은새를 타고
    공주에게 날아가 몰래 둘만의 비밀결혼식을했는데
    마녀가 장미를뺏 아 내가뭔소리하는거냐

    • ikkie16
      ikkie16 18 hours ago

      오오 그거 파랑새로 다시 써주세여 ㅋㅋ 뭔가 이야기가 될 듯하다 ㅋㅋ

  • 히죽#
    히죽# 22 hours ago +1

    한국인 찾습니다 ........... !!
    Korea people where ??

  • Duong Doan
    Duong Doan 23 hours ago +5

    This song is a winner in my heart 💜. I can't dislike this song, this is too great

  • 빡이꿈
    빡이꿈 23 hours ago +3

    똑똑 그대 보고 싶소 넘볼 수 없고 가질 수 없어 (So, sad)
    뚝뚝 눈물 쏟아내도 그 고운 자태 한 번 비추지 않고 (너무해에)
    내게만 까칠한 그녀는 유명한 화이
    서울의 별 다 어딨나 Oh, in your eyes
    걔와 함께면 넌 디스토피아, 내 발걸음 따라오면 유토피아
    Pretty woman
    워 워 귀티나네
    이리 봐도 저리 봐도 이뻐 이뻐 넌
    나의 아낙네 이제 알았네
    아낙네 나의 파랑새 (Woo yeah)
    꼭꼭 숨어라 나의 님 (나의 님)
    머리카락 보일라 어딨니 (Where are you?)
    못 찾겠다 꾀꼬리 (꾀꼬리)
    그대 있는 곳으로 가리, 나 가리
    쉿 아무 말 하지 말고 도망치자 멀리
    나만 보고 이제 그만해 제비뽑기
    한여름에도 걷고 싶어 너의 그 눈길
    우리 둘이 야리꾸리 무리무리 Oh
    그리워 너의 몸, 그리고 외로워
    여기 밑 빠진 Dog 물 맥여 줘
    배배 꼬아 마치 코브라 부끄러워마, Alright?
    Pretty woman
    워 워 귀티나네
    이리 봐도 저리 봐도 이뻐 이뻐 넌
    나의 아낙네 이제 알았네
    아낙네 나의 파랑새 (Woo yeah)
    꼭꼭 숨어라 나의 님 (나의 님)
    머리카락 보일라 어딨니 (Where are you?)
    못 찾겠다 꾀꼬리 (꾀꼬리)
    그대 있는 곳으로 가리, 나 가리
    너는 그림 속의 움츠린 떡, Woo 난 침이 꿀꺽
    넌 나의 주인공, 난 너의 츄잉껌
    Woo, let's boogie on & on
    우린 불이 튀어, 이제 숨통이 틔어, 영원히 네게 충성
    아름다운 넌 이뻐, 이뻐
    랄라라라랄라 랄랄라
    랄라라라랄라 랄랄라
    랄라라라랄라 랄랄라라
    Where ma bishes at 내 아낙네
    꾀꼬리 (삐요삐요삐요)
    나, 가리 (엥엥엥)
    꾀꼬리 (삐요삐요삐요)
    그대 있는 곳으로 가리

  • vongole pasta one dish

    there's a pageant in my university and the girl who is the rival of our class representative dance (coz its a talent portion) this fiance of mino and Idol of BTS and fvck im goin wild af like I support her quick instead of our class representative lol

  • 哈哈哈
    哈哈哈 Day ago

    Esta bien chida está song ❤

  • Park Jimin-ssi
    Park Jimin-ssi Day ago +2

    Ngl at first I wasn't digging this song.... now I can't stop listening to it haha

  • Mundo das irmãs Mabi


  • Esha Newar
    Esha Newar Day ago +2

    "Pretty woman" Stole my heart

  • dd dd
    dd dd Day ago +2

    와이지에서 빅뱅의 거짓말을 처음 들었을때 만큼 쇼킹하게 좋다~ 이게 와이지지. 이런 음악은 와이지에서만 나올 수 있다. 진짜 너무 좋다

  • dd dd
    dd dd Day ago +2

    정말 좋다~

  • jullee🇰🇼🇰🇼

    36 M💓🌸💓🌸💓🌸💓

  • Calilo Cat
    Calilo Cat Day ago +2

    I like the crazy vibe(my opinion) in this song..this is a compliment and I really like it.

  • sadiya r
    sadiya r Day ago +2


  • Marija Watson
    Marija Watson Day ago +4

    I LOVE IT ❤❤

  • Cậu Buồn Vì Ai


  • Natacha ALEXANDRE

    The name of this song it is in french ?

  • fuzi utami
    fuzi utami Day ago

    Everytime I heard this song, it reminds me of JenKai lol 😂

  • Hamda Ali
    Hamda Ali Day ago +4

    I would say men are trash but this song is a bop!!!

  • 지은
    지은 Day ago +1


  • Mã Tịnh Nhi
    Mã Tịnh Nhi Day ago

    Copy mv SƠN TÙNG MT-P

    • Mira 96
      Mira 96 18 hours ago


  • ANDY G.
    ANDY G. Day ago

    Para el proximo CB esperen los corridos jajakdhjsyupcbzbqj

  • sin_uwu
    sin_uwu Day ago


  • 그림자
    그림자 Day ago


  • DoramasAsia
    DoramasAsia Day ago


  • DoramasAsia
    DoramasAsia Day ago


  • aQuietKerfuffle
    aQuietKerfuffle Day ago +4

    why did i knowingly deprive myself of this for months?! It even came out the day after my birthday, i SHOulD hAVe kNOwn!!

  • 레바의척화비
    레바의척화비 2 days ago +2

    한국인 손~~~~~!!!!

  • Wonuola Ajayi
    Wonuola Ajayi 2 days ago +1

    i absolutely LOVEEEE this song... it's been months and Im still not over it❤❤❤

  • 송 민호
    송 민호 2 days ago +9

    Yess 36M!!
    40M by this month
    50M by March (Minos birthday)

  • I'm not real I'm a ghost

    This is the kind of jam that makes you feel like a badass

    • ikkie16
      ikkie16 18 hours ago

      +I'm not real I'm a ghost ok gotcha~😂

    • I'm not real I'm a ghost
      I'm not real I'm a ghost Day ago +1

      +ikkie16 I know. What I meant is, it makes me feel hyped up. I get a total different rush of emotion when I listen to this song. So yeah 😁😁😁

    • ikkie16
      ikkie16 Day ago

      But the lyrics are not about a badass but desperate crazy love

  • Ann GSóý
    Ann GSóý 2 days ago +3

    Mino ♡♡♡

  • Slbll Song
    Slbll Song 2 days ago +2

    36M Minoooo💙💙

  • Hanee98. M
    Hanee98. M 2 days ago +3


  • Mimi
    Mimi 2 days ago +2

    Ein Bett im Kornfeld
    Where ma Germans at? 😂

  • tomoyo shiojiri
    tomoyo shiojiri 2 days ago +3


  • Farah Muzaffer
    Farah Muzaffer 2 days ago +3

    Amazing 😉

  • Tela
    Tela 2 days ago +4

    YG, hear this,, we want english song
    We cant be in pain anymore to not understand this talent,l would die to hear eng song from Mino

    • ikkie16
      ikkie16 18 hours ago

      +Tela ok fair enough. If Mino was bilingual like Tablo, he would have ruled the world already 😊

    • Tela
      Tela Day ago +1

      +ikkie16 i want just a song,not many,i will be happy with one as a fan,thank u for explaining

    • ikkie16
      ikkie16 Day ago +4

      I disagree. One of his great abilities is his lyrics with tons of metaphors an wordplays. With English song, his talent can't be expressed properly. You learn Korean or look up extended interpretations.And turn on the caption in this video.

  • 한요미 [가수]
    한요미 [가수] 2 days ago +1

    와 개 섹시해

  • 고3건듀다!
    고3건듀다! 2 days ago +4

    한국아이돌인데 다 외국인만있어서 놀라셨죠? ...조용히 좋아요누르고 갑시다

  • baNANA
    baNANA 2 days ago +2

    When at first listen you absolutely despise this song but now this is all you listen to.

    • sadiya r
      sadiya r Day ago +3

      How can you dislike it😂😂 I became a IC after listening to this song 😊 it captivated me right from the beginning ...more like Mino impressed me a lot...and of course I searched up for WINNER and now I'm in love with all their songs, all the 4 precious boys💙💙 all their pets, team WINNER and of course last but not the least my lovely fandom Innercircle 💙 so this song is AWESOME 😍💙

    • Mira 96
      Mira 96 2 days ago +1

      But I love it from the first listen

  • Giang Nguyễn
    Giang Nguyễn 2 days ago


  • Slbll Song
    Slbll Song 2 days ago +2


  • Clau Cast
    Clau Cast 2 days ago +3

    I love this song

  • Jumaiyah Kamuning
    Jumaiyah Kamuning 2 days ago +1

    😂😂😂😂 kenapa ya aku kalo liat muka nya mino bawaan nya pengen ketawa ( muka nya kek pelawak 😂 )

  • 최두혁
    최두혁 2 days ago +1


  • 서진경
    서진경 2 days ago +1

    나만 한국인인가?

  • {강다니엘}_퓨롄_
    {강다니엘}_퓨롄_ 2 days ago +2


  • Wiktoria
    Wiktoria 2 days ago +4

    I listen to this EVERYDAY, DAY, EVERY, EVERYDAY

  • Lisa Galaxy
    Lisa Galaxy 2 days ago +2

    My prince 😍

  • Lina 12024
    Lina 12024 2 days ago +3


  • Mina Park
    Mina Park 2 days ago +4

    Casi 36M🙏🏻💫👑💕💙


    Let's stream this shit now! 🌚

  • shell kanavira
    shell kanavira 2 days ago +3

    2.6 M subscribers and 36 M views is on our way💨💨 !!!🔥🔥

  • seouljas
    seouljas 2 days ago +1


  • Qwertyuiop _
    Qwertyuiop _ 2 days ago +5

    40M 💪

  • joel malasag
    joel malasag 2 days ago +2

    this is a good song

  • 즤아코팬이다
    즤아코팬이다 2 days ago +3

    한국인 생존자 응답하라

  • DoramasAsia
    DoramasAsia 2 days ago


  • DoramasAsia
    DoramasAsia 2 days ago


  • I spill the tae
    I spill the tae 2 days ago +6

    I didnt know this guy is from a band now I'm doing a lot of research on WINNER

  • 딸기우유
    딸기우유 2 days ago +1

    진짜 송민호는 앞머리 내리고 머리 고데기 이런거 않하고 그냥 생머리가 개존잘

  • sadiya r
    sadiya r 2 days ago


  • 안윤선
    안윤선 2 days ago +1

    진짜 잘 생겼다!!!♡

  • ikkie16
    ikkie16 2 days ago +2

    A great saga song for one's lost valentine 💙

  • Ashley Mejia
    Ashley Mejia 2 days ago

    1:30 the one wit dimples is so pretty 😶

  • Shazlya Zuhri
    Shazlya Zuhri 2 days ago +2

    omg why is this song F$$$ing good

  • Jus tin
    Jus tin 3 days ago


  • 뽀뽀함구독 안 눌르면 찾아가서

    솔직히 좀 실망인데

  • Asthetickpopkick LOL

    'come out wherever you at'
    ME: sorry im eating sir

  • lestari 26
    lestari 26 3 days ago +1

    👏👏👏👏 WOW

  • Nazife T
    Nazife T 3 days ago +4

    The way he say pretty woman😬😍🔥