I'M IN A FREAKING MUSIC VIDEO ( Feat. Ideal World By Wantaways )

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
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    Ideal World By Wantaways
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    IDEAL WORLD by wantaways - Song Lyrics
    You see it all on TV
    You see it all on demand
    You see it all in a photograph
    You really want to believe it
    You really want to react
    You see it all in a photo
    We all want to live in our ideal world
    'Til we all get hurt once again
    Just when we thought times couldn't be more tough
    Watch us stuff things up again, again
    You see when you're working
    You see it when you relax
    You see it all in a photograph
    You really want to be angry
    You really want to react
    But in the end it remains a fact -
    We all want to live in our ideal world
    'Til we all get hurt once again
    Just when we thought times couldn't be more tough
    Watch us stuff things up again, again
    The head and the heart
    Where do they meet up?
    The head and the heart
    We all want to live in our ideal world
    'Til we all get hurt once again
    Just when we thought times couldn't be more tough
    Watch us stuff things up again, again
    Ken Seto - vocals
    Lyndon Wesley - guitars
    Dan Marolla - bass
    Brendan Marolla - production

    "Special Thanks to our Inner Circle of Friendship and Family Tier Patrons"
    Kat Curtis
    Edvin Olofsson
    Alex Anzivino
    Erich Lee
    Mariam Gegechkori
    Arjun Blair
    Amy Mayfield
    Ariana Bransford
    Molly Dowling
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Comments • 5 766

  • lps lillian
    lps lillian 3 hours ago

    odd1s out were coming for you!

  • CarlClaude Diaz
    CarlClaude Diaz 8 hours ago

    sorry i was late commentting i was in work!!!

  • Mike Jensen
    Mike Jensen Day ago

    At 0:46 is when it starts I mean 0:55

  • Mariana Avelar
    Mariana Avelar Day ago

    The meaning is keep on trying

  • FreddyPg god
    FreddyPg god Day ago

    pizzas try to make him so he can win the battle

  • Vortex 24/7
    Vortex 24/7 Day ago

    I think the hidden meaning is

    Nobody’s perfect

  • Jozhuelle Delagdon

    Is this about creating you?

  • Dark Angel
    Dark Angel Day ago +1

    Is this a song about pizza?!?!
    That what it kinda looks like i thing

    Or something about qe are made how we are and stuff

    It looks more like a pizza song idk anymore

  • jacquelyne
    jacquelyne Day ago

    Not everything is perfect

  • Quintin Sharpe
    Quintin Sharpe Day ago +1

    So was the whole point of the Alex clark making so you can beat James in chess boxing? Why that is a waste of time for the pizza people.

  • Fortymiles Gaming
    Fortymiles Gaming 2 days ago

    James got mussules we got pizza

  • Corgi Games
    Corgi Games 2 days ago

    I was expecting the answer to the meaning ;-;

  • Olivia 2099
    Olivia 2099 2 days ago +1

    I don't get it

  • Pearla Birnadous
    Pearla Birnadous 2 days ago

    Or does it mean to be like a pizza throw away the bad one and keep the good ones and number one pizza!

  • Pearla Birnadous
    Pearla Birnadous 2 days ago

    Does it mean (being the one you can be?)

    JD PLAYZ 2 days ago +1

    Is this were babies came from?

  • Mason
    Mason 2 days ago

    Anyone know epic minequest? Wantaways made their songs too.

  • it's that boi
    it's that boi 2 days ago

    It's means not everything and everyone not perfect just be you

  • B.H. games
    B.H. games 2 days ago +1

    James: happiness
    Jadien: sandness
    Adam: anger/resentment
    Alex: .......? I don't know? Pizza?

  • TheGuest1s666
    TheGuest1s666 2 days ago

    0:44 Music Starts

  • khaled pro
    khaled pro 2 days ago

    DOES THE Pizza Made You🌚?

  • Tyler'sEpicVideos 2009

    Alex I loved when you made a vid with scotty sire Lonely!

  • KJG&L
    KJG&L 3 days ago

    I think I know.. it's Alex getting dolls of merch

  • Patricia Duremdes
    Patricia Duremdes 3 days ago

    Plushies there that's my contribution to the comment section

  • Da Dee Fam
    Da Dee Fam 4 days ago

    3:37 when thanos fights until all avengers return and one's who were still alive

  • Martin pazmiño
    Martin pazmiño 4 days ago

    3:25 was i the only one who thought that was

  • hollow
    hollow 4 days ago

    The real meaning to this is that if we all work together to make something and never give up, you can succeed.

  • YeBoiChappie ツ
    YeBoiChappie ツ 4 days ago +1

    I think I found out the meaning behind the song Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork! Or if you fail always try again

  • The Calm Before the Yee-Haw

    The meaning to me is repetition is annoying

  • Yan h liu
    Yan h liu 5 days ago

    James: wait, what the?

  • lmgamer
    lmgamer 5 days ago


    is he selling merch

  • Xxsaberdragonstar #im cool

    No it’s probably fathers are close to there children

  • Xxsaberdragonstar #im cool

    I think the meaning is that Alex likes pizza

  • YouGottaBeKiddingMe OFFICIAL

    You already made LA so you are use to this.

  • mates a vratis cz
    mates a vratis cz 5 days ago

    What the frick

  • Carina aka Carinathekitten of love

    oh I get it it's how you were made by pizza
    welp that sounded better in my head

  • Justine Gacha
    Justine Gacha 6 days ago

    Wakanda song is this?

  • mike 360
    mike 360 6 days ago

    Idel world
    I'm British plz make a new song like that

  • NothingElseYT
    NothingElseYT 6 days ago

    I think “life if fun” and “I’m Something else” is the best

  • Egg roll Memer
    Egg roll Memer 6 days ago

    Everyone wants to have a perfect body and if they aren’t perfect they think they deserve to be thrown away?
    Or just keep trying and people get disrespected if they don’t do something correct

  • Tom Cunliffe
    Tom Cunliffe 6 days ago

    The theme is failure

  • Mrrgle the Mediocre
    Mrrgle the Mediocre 6 days ago

    All these imbeciles out here like "It's about being unique!" "It's about how we're all equal!"

    My theory is that Alex just likes pizza a lot

  • Miguel Nieto
    Miguel Nieto 6 days ago

    It is about the chess boxing with James if I'm wrong sorry and I'm also sorry if u already said something like this

  • Raegan Boyd
    Raegan Boyd 6 days ago +1


  • Jayden & Jazmyn
    Jayden & Jazmyn 6 days ago


  • Fido_Wadoudi2006
    Fido_Wadoudi2006 7 days ago

    i depend on ANIMATION to make me happy!

  • tokyo drifty
    tokyo drifty 7 days ago

    This song kinda sucks:3

  • Crazy Cam
    Crazy Cam 7 days ago

    Is it teamwork makes the dreamwork

  • airforce 331
    airforce 331 7 days ago

    The meaning is just because someone is different doesn't mean there is something wrong with them

  • Doge Worlds
    Doge Worlds 7 days ago

    Oh I see the secret pizzas make humans

  • Official SkylerMpYT
    Official SkylerMpYT 7 days ago

    Is the secret meaning? Pizza is life

  • brayden Balcombe
    brayden Balcombe 7 days ago

    the meaning is we don't make pizza it make's us

  • the amphibian master

    3rd time hearing it and its about chess boxing

  • Andrew Bakoledis
    Andrew Bakoledis 7 days ago +1

    the meaning is teamwork;
    this is how many people agree:

  • Some Weeb
    Some Weeb 7 days ago

    in my language bia is food soooooo ITS ABOUT FOOD!!!

  • jurnalul pisici
    jurnalul pisici 8 days ago

    i think i know the secret meaning

    if you lose try again , try again and again
    until you succeed

  • sister shook
    sister shook 8 days ago

    moral of the story :accept what kind of pizza you are

  • Cayden Brown
    Cayden Brown 8 days ago +1

    I think it is a son or daughter trying to live up to their dads expectations

  • Richard Magsino
    Richard Magsino 8 days ago

    I guess that the hidden message is that its hard to animate.

  • Tammy MacDonald
    Tammy MacDonald 8 days ago

    This is either perseverance, father-son story thing, or sometimes you can ask for help and not to be ashamed about that.

  • Kaveevin
    Kaveevin 8 days ago

    This song is deep.

  • Girl Perfect
    Girl Perfect 8 days ago


  • WikingMannTV
    WikingMannTV 8 days ago

    and this is how alex clark was made XD

  • Overheaddust173 _
    Overheaddust173 _ 8 days ago

    I think the meaning is if you work hard in life hard you can make it perfect if you work over and over again

  • Faze Plays
    Faze Plays 9 days ago

    You were made to beat James in chest boxing

  • Eliza_ playz7
    Eliza_ playz7 9 days ago

    The first time me and my brother watched this I must’ve been in a good mood because right when I saw the pizzas and Alex Clarks I knew right away. So yeah. That almost never happens. I usually have to listen to the lyrics. :D

    • Eliza_ playz7
      Eliza_ playz7 9 days ago

      It’s pizzas making humans instead of humans making pizza.
      *cries* BeAuTiFuL

  • Mike Jensen
    Mike Jensen 9 days ago

    I know the meaning your perfect how you are. if you don't have to be perfect

  • Tina Wilston
    Tina Wilston 9 days ago

    1:31 me when you wake me up

  • cheesy goodness
    cheesy goodness 9 days ago

    not many people get it but i have a guess i think is that you where a pain to your dad but then he realize that you wanted to be like him so he helps you and now he is training you to fight james am i right ?

  • xBeepBoop
    xBeepBoop 9 days ago

    I can’t stop hearing boat of crap when he says photograph. Thanks a lot TVclip subtitles.