Dennis Smith Jr. and LeBron James go back and forth

  • Published on Nov 13, 2017
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  • Mikey J
    Mikey J 11 months ago +1

    Lebron is trash😂

  • Steven D. Bennett
    Steven D. Bennett 11 months ago

    Why are the visitors in white?

  • Jasmin Mari
    Jasmin Mari 11 months ago

    The title should’ve been Dennis Smith dunks on Bron

  • smlfans4life
    smlfans4life 11 months ago

    Either TVclip employees got drunk or this guy might be a relative to one of the employees. Fuck off TVclip I'm going back to MySpace

  • Larry Sizemore
    Larry Sizemore 11 months ago

    Dear TVclip,
    Please rename the "trending" section to "Videos we'd like to see trending."
    Mr. & Mrs. Common Sense

  • Joshua Harris
    Joshua Harris 11 months ago

    When you’re a basketball fan hoping to find mutual fans in the comment section, but it’s only people bitching about TVclip’s trending system.

  • weasel
    weasel 11 months ago

    youtube fucked up

  • Trump2020
    Trump2020 11 months ago +2

    Are you fucking kidding me?

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 11 months ago +6

    Why is this same guy always trending ?

  • Erickenriquee
    Erickenriquee 11 months ago

    LeBron who?

  • Rooster Blues
    Rooster Blues 11 months ago

    LeBron cry baby lib, so TVclip will give him anything they can get, Why it’s viral.

  • David Steck
    David Steck 11 months ago

    Lebron looks old and slow

  • eustagoesout
    eustagoesout 11 months ago

    Sup with the quality!

  • Has Ligma
    Has Ligma 11 months ago +8

    This guy knows the youtube algorithm the way an Asian knows a rubix cube.

  • Jamison Sims
    Jamison Sims 11 months ago

    Why do people keep asking why this video on's in the fuckin name. Trend-ING. Not trended, the fuckin video gonna get views, stop worrying about it.

  • TheGamingPukes
    TheGamingPukes 11 months ago +3

    This is the second time this guy got on trending. How?

  • LazzyJames
    LazzyJames 11 months ago

    We uploading in 360P now?

  • Eli2005
    Eli2005 11 months ago

    How is this trending?

  • Genesis H.
    Genesis H. 11 months ago

    48 video on trending? ??????

  • James Bradley
    James Bradley 11 months ago

    should have flexed on him

  • Cos
    Cos 11 months ago

    Here come all the “why is this trending” comments

  • PoopLoserDa69th
    PoopLoserDa69th 11 months ago +1

    TVclip is broken

  • LightningSpark 124
    LightningSpark 124 11 months ago +4

    This guy has been on trending 2 times now this week. How?

  • Philip Ayoub
    Philip Ayoub 11 months ago

    Get that stuff outta here!...... temporarily

  • Graham Roth
    Graham Roth 11 months ago +1

    I’m very impressed by how attentive everyone in the comment section is

  • Spongegaar
    Spongegaar 11 months ago +1

    This guy always gets his videos trending even if they only have 1,000 views

  • Grandma Putin
    Grandma Putin 11 months ago +1

    Me: so, do ya think I could show my asshole on TVclip and get to trending. TVclip: Show a cute penguin or a sports clip and we will consider

  • Christopher Beherns
    Christopher Beherns 11 months ago


  • Mario Castillo
    Mario Castillo 11 months ago

    Thank you Magic Johnson and the Lakers for letting the best pointguard in the draft fall to the MAVS... BTW Ball will be a bust....

  • seahawkers101
    seahawkers101 11 months ago +1

    You've figured out the algorithm haven't you

  • Stevey Smile
    Stevey Smile 11 months ago

    Wait what?

  • ViperWave
    ViperWave 11 months ago +1

    WOW A DUNK NOT LIKE THATS BEEN DONE BEFORE!!!!!!1!1!1!1!1!1!!2!1!2

  • ViperWave
    ViperWave 11 months ago +3

    Another one of these trending basketball clips with under 1k views

  • Neriyahu
    Neriyahu 11 months ago


  • EpicNumber 79
    EpicNumber 79 11 months ago +16

    10 comments 5 dislikes and 11 likes
    TVclip: "this is going viral"

    • David Steck
      David Steck 11 months ago

      EpicNumber 79 youtube controls the traffic on videos and decides which one they can make the most money off

  • gladsomeant
    gladsomeant 11 months ago +2

    Oh fuck off youtube.

  • Fuppy Ko
    Fuppy Ko 11 months ago +3

    this guy's bball videos have been on trending like 5 times

  • ajthekid1992
    ajthekid1992 11 months ago +2


  • Elias Afshar
    Elias Afshar 11 months ago +4

    Like for Dennis Smith Jr

  • underedge100
    underedge100 11 months ago +3

    Its trending cus youtube bases trending off other website to

  • NamiK
    NamiK 11 months ago +4

    Why is this trending there's only 800 views?

  • 5K.RIDO
    5K.RIDO 11 months ago +7

    360p video on trending xD

  • Ben Corey
    Ben Corey 11 months ago +6

    Either TVclip is broke or there’s only 800 people on the site and they’ve all watched this video

  • JTA Mallari
    JTA Mallari 11 months ago +1

    why dis on trending

  • LLH
    LLH 11 months ago +20

    why is this on has 759 views, and im the first comment

    • smlfans4life
      smlfans4life 11 months ago

      Maybe one of the employees got drunk while going to work.

    • LLH
      LLH 11 months ago

      yo if you read my comment im the first one that asked cause i was the first to comment.

    • David Steck
      David Steck 11 months ago

      Why is there always that one asking why is this video trending on every fucking trending video is the real question.

    • HDFTW90219
      HDFTW90219 11 months ago

      LLH its fine bro

    • LLH
      LLH 11 months ago

      yo sorry wrong person