a day in my high school

  • Published on May 13, 2019
  • in this episode I bring you along to my school & I vlog the whole day, lets just say it got interesting...
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  • Sasha Barry
    Sasha Barry 3 hours ago

    bro i legit did ‘of mice and men’ in 8th grade !!!!!

  • MS
    MS 6 hours ago

    The boy in the gray hoodie, heeee cute

  • Lochlyn Seelig
    Lochlyn Seelig 7 hours ago

    @7 minutes why was the guys face blocked

  • Ann Rose
    Ann Rose Day ago

    This video makes me wanna go to school😂

  • Anna Meridian
    Anna Meridian Day ago

    when she said “I like to dance to my blinker sometimes” I could not relate more. I thought I was the only one😂😂✌🏻

  • Maddu Souza
    Maddu Souza Day ago

    I love see videos in American schools , im from Brazil 🇧🇷❤️

  • sweet things.
    sweet things. 2 days ago

    She says school is easy and I'm out here wishing for a truck to kill me on my way to school.

    • Nicole Niinemets
      Nicole Niinemets 17 hours ago

      Look, there is no such a test or exam that is more worthy than your life. I know this sounds like something your mom would say, but it is true. I'm pretty sure you are capable of good grades. Just remember that school is just a quite small part of your lifetime and soon you will be able to choose your ways in life. You are important and please never let things like that destroy your inner peace.

  • User 1243 1
    User 1243 1 2 days ago

    Why are your classes like 99% boys

    GUM BOLAS 2 days ago


  • Frazer Carrigan-Fleming

    Lobe how they’re doing of mice and men when there like 16-17 and we done it when we was 12

  • Emi Kokolesi
    Emi Kokolesi 2 days ago

    I have seen this video so many times and ur outfit is cute af ❤️❤️Love you hope you notice it 💜💜

  • Grace Atencio
    Grace Atencio 3 days ago

    Wait what’s wrong with school???!!!!! I love school

  • Capri Howard
    Capri Howard 3 days ago

    cam is baby thanks

  • Purple Turtles
    Purple Turtles 3 days ago +1

    I love your dead shirt

  • kai leyna
    kai leyna 3 days ago

    I only commented nto male it 1k comments.

  • Elly Froglegs
    Elly Froglegs 4 days ago


  • Elly Froglegs
    Elly Froglegs 4 days ago


  • Elly Froglegs
    Elly Froglegs 4 days ago


  • Elly Froglegs
    Elly Froglegs 4 days ago


  • Sarah Kim
    Sarah Kim 4 days ago

    U brushed ur teeth after u did ur makeup 👏🏼

  • Zo to The Bo
    Zo to The Bo 4 days ago

    School.... don’t allow... backpacks?

  • ABBIES Vlogs
    ABBIES Vlogs 5 days ago +1

    no one:
    mya: *dances to her indicator*

  • Hilary Lai
    Hilary Lai 5 days ago

    I found the random picture part is so cute so I like the video lol

  • Kaiden Suiter
    Kaiden Suiter 5 days ago

    Did anyone notice she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt

  • Ghada RA
    Ghada RA 5 days ago

    literally i love ur style🤤

  • cassidy !
    cassidy ! 5 days ago

    love your personality!!!! 💗💗💗

  • samantha vega
    samantha vega 5 days ago +1

    no this is high school when u have friends

  • Jack Friend
    Jack Friend 6 days ago

    Why isn’t her school allowed backpack ??

  • laura abroad
    laura abroad 6 days ago

    your friend in the red hoodie with the blond hair literally said guten morgen which means good morning in German and I was like she just spoke german yeyyy 😂❤️🙈

  • Giorgia Grace
    Giorgia Grace 6 days ago

    How do you wake up so pretty whilst I wake up looking like a rat

  • Rex II ForSure
    Rex II ForSure 7 days ago

    I got over 20 trophies in the high school for sports. I’m in The Who’s Who because of that, and I have more trophies from after high school

  • Dragonator99
    Dragonator99 7 days ago

    This is exactly what high school is like.

    If you’re popular or have friends.

    Otherwise it’s terrible.

  • hoeykyla xD
    hoeykyla xD 8 days ago

    in love with ur handwriting like omggg

  • ii_narilee gacha Taylor

    At 3:08 dude that’s 3rd grade work I could ace that!

  • raelea wolfe
    raelea wolfe 8 days ago +1

    “school is just so easy there’s nothing to stress about” LMAO I WISH I COULD RELATE AHAISJWOXKWKXKWKDK :’(

  • Quincee Pope
    Quincee Pope 9 days ago

    #8 is true btw

  • Ella Sells
    Ella Sells 10 days ago +5

    " my mom cut my peanut butter and jelly in squares"
    dang... my mom dosent even make my lunch and im a freshamn 😔

    FUZZY 10 days ago

    1:43 probably because most people hate school BECAUSE ITS BULLSHIT

    FUZZY 10 days ago

    How much time do you have in the morning lol

  • saturn
    saturn 10 days ago

    I wish I was in public school. I'm home schooled and my parents refuse to put me I public school but they won't tell me why.
    I hate being home schooled, I wish I wasn't

  • Ellen Schachtsiek
    Ellen Schachtsiek 11 days ago

    Im from Germany and it was so funny when your friend Said Guten Morgen at 6.11

  • vita santa cruz
    vita santa cruz 11 days ago +1

    omg i get the same drink at starbucks it’s so bomb !!!

  • Jessica Wisenford
    Jessica Wisenford 11 days ago

    I love ur Chanel but 1:51 seatbelt??

  • Joy Huang
    Joy Huang 11 days ago

    ugh love her already 😭

  • Faith and Krissy
    Faith and Krissy 11 days ago

    I love my school. If u have a positive attitude towards it, eventually you will enjoy.

  • Victoria Jordan
    Victoria Jordan 11 days ago

    Cams cute

  • Jᴀʏᴅᴇɴ Editz
    Jᴀʏᴅᴇɴ Editz 13 days ago

    Why does it blur out the kids face now 😂💀

  • DerGamingGeneral
    DerGamingGeneral 14 days ago

    Want to be younger again when i see this. Miss meeting all my old friends everyday and laughing about everything like you in the video. Hope you enjoy(ed) the high school years. Never believed older people when they said it to me 10 years ago but so careless as in (high)school you will never live again (instead of university but there you always feeling bad for anything you're not doing haha)

  • Tacha Brooks
    Tacha Brooks 16 days ago

    omg i’m doing if mice and men too in the uk!!

  • Madison Hebert
    Madison Hebert 16 days ago +1

    What drugs is this girl on 😂

  • allie disponette
    allie disponette 16 days ago

    what starbucks dosent have a drive through

  • Alyssa Rileigh
    Alyssa Rileigh 17 days ago

    i also dance to my blinker i found my kind

  • MiliQueen
    MiliQueen 20 days ago

    When pop a friends pimple that’s true (gags) frienship

  • ローズcat-star
    ローズcat-star 21 day ago

    That moment that you notice that middelschool and highschool are in the same building.........

  • EqualsPro
    EqualsPro 24 days ago

    She has a car so it’s not authentic

  • Will Daly
    Will Daly 24 days ago

    ultimate white girl

  • lucskywalker84
    lucskywalker84 25 days ago

    number 8 was true

  • Finley Ruby
    Finley Ruby 25 days ago +1

    Ya'll won't need a comment to know your beutiful. You have a mirror

  • Makayla Thompson
    Makayla Thompson 27 days ago

    Your are going to be the new Emma chamberlain in a few months

  • Nisa Tokay
    Nisa Tokay 28 days ago

    please translate your videos into english i love you

  • Nisa Tokay
    Nisa Tokay 28 days ago

    please translate your videos into english i love you

  • shitfuckm8 a
    shitfuckm8 a 29 days ago

    Is this real? Do people in there really live like this i- skjkjsj what kind of utopian society is this, why the fuck does everyone have a car why the fuck do you all look like you’re in an episode of riverdale, child that whole country stinks

  • pavel pineda
    pavel pineda Month ago

    What school is that 😲

  • Ronnie Aro
    Ronnie Aro Month ago

    8 is true

  • Nadia Grieve
    Nadia Grieve Month ago

    Idk why I like her room so much do anyone else like her room ?!

  • giuli galanti
    giuli galanti Month ago

    i wish i could be this hype and good vibes at school :( :)

  • Josy Marie
    Josy Marie Month ago

    Dieser Moment wenn sie einfach so im Vlog Deutsch redet omg ich hab mich so gefreut 😂

  • Anika_ xox
    Anika_ xox Month ago +8

    why does everyone in her school look like a character from girl meets world if ya know what i'm saying
    3:31 looks like lucas
    mya looks like riley
    4:26 is literally farkle i can't what

  • Hailey Perales
    Hailey Perales Month ago +1

    am i the only one that ships mya and cam ❤️

  • Ronja 1305
    Ronja 1305 Month ago +7

    Why are this teachers so freaking cool. You can have an camera in the classes and in Germany we don’t able to drink something while we are in class. I’m really happy when I can do a student exchange in the USA.
    But I have to get into Highschool to do a exchange.

    • quinlan teague
      quinlan teague 5 days ago

      Ronja 1305 not all high schools are like that. my school is pretty strict. we’re allowed no food and only water in clear plastic bottles.

  • Mikhail Merkulov
    Mikhail Merkulov Month ago

    So fucking annoying

  • Kıanne
    Kıanne Month ago

    I wish high school was as fun as yours:(((

  • Lacey Grace and Molly
    Lacey Grace and Molly Month ago +2

    she literally lives my dream life

  • XTZBubblegum 217
    XTZBubblegum 217 Month ago

    I dropped out of school to be a pro player on rainbow six siege

  • Jasmin Northway
    Jasmin Northway Month ago

    Hey I go to that school

  • Ella Hudgins
    Ella Hudgins Month ago

    wait why did i read of mice and men freshman year 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • The asmr Girl Asmr
    The asmr Girl Asmr Month ago +1

    Hey im a Big fan❤️

  • Kzxm 1_2dgrs
    Kzxm 1_2dgrs Month ago


  • Adisa Thaqi
    Adisa Thaqi Month ago

    Hello , what high school do you go on ?
    Pls reply back

  • lesa _d
    lesa _d Month ago

    Mya: School is soo easy. It can't even stress me out
    Me: Did this bitch really just...

  • Jai Sings
    Jai Sings Month ago

    I love your videos mya. I'm best friends with your cousin robbi

  • Narges Dastkhosh
    Narges Dastkhosh Month ago

    When I see your highschool's I get disappointed at my life because in Iran we have no freedom in our school at all and it's like slavery!
    I want to die!!!

  • Strange Jordyn
    Strange Jordyn Month ago

    I’m 20 seconds into a video of someone I’ve never watch and I’m just like damn she’s cute AS FUACK

  • Zebra stripey
    Zebra stripey Month ago

    God I hate Britain
    Ur school looks so fucking lit

  • skdksnd dnskdmx
    skdksnd dnskdmx Month ago

    Omg I actually love your bubbliness ahhhhhh 🥴

  • Julka
    Julka Month ago

    Hi from poland 💁‍♀️🔥

  • angel palmer
    angel palmer Month ago

    i thought i was the only one that danced to the blinkers 😂

  • Laura Neff
    Laura Neff Month ago

    Number 8 is false I think, I read that this year I’m a freshman

  • Its_Sushi
    Its_Sushi Month ago

    Your funny

  • Yass Okk
    Yass Okk Month ago

    U remind me of the daughter from George lopez

  • Cayden Benson
    Cayden Benson Month ago

    8 is true

  • Miss Ella
    Miss Ella Month ago

    what do u use for editing?

  • Flip'n
    Flip'n Month ago +1

    1. Why is your high school so big?
    2. Isn't it forbidden to use your phones in classes?
    3. Are you actually allowed to eat in class?
    If these things are real, then they are dreams for us here in Greece

    • Flip'n
      Flip'n Month ago

      @gi thanks for answering,you guys are very lucky!

    • gi
      gi Month ago

      1.Alot of schools really are that big
      2. Some schools allow them
      3. Again some schools allow them
      It really just depends on the school

  • Saleen Sabater
    Saleen Sabater Month ago +1

    I dont know if it's me but her camera has really good quality like really good quality😂

  • Lizeth Ledesma
    Lizeth Ledesma Month ago

    what was her starbucks order?😂❤️

  • Dara_Cop
    Dara_Cop Month ago +1


  • Autumn Rowe
    Autumn Rowe Month ago

    your school doesn’t allow backpacks lol what

  • Poco Loco
    Poco Loco Month ago

    This video is the reason which makes me not to want to go to school anymore!

  • Ilia Train
    Ilia Train Month ago

    Uh wish I went to an American school. I have to wear uniform and it’s strike in England.

  • Zoe Commissaris
    Zoe Commissaris Month ago

    I love this because it's like the only school vlog where you don't seem popular. Everyone else is so annoying but your friends are chill