a day in my high school

  • Published on May 13, 2019
  • in this episode I bring you along to my school & I vlog the whole day, lets just say it got interesting...
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  • heyimhayden
    heyimhayden 21 minute ago

    School is easy that's why I hate being homeschooled. Because I don't interact with people and it's harder :(

  • 哈哈哈
    哈哈哈 5 hours ago

    We study 11 hours a day hahaha

  • Shahlaa Shifan
    Shahlaa Shifan 12 hours ago

    why did the boy dod the middle finger

  • Tinzalix
    Tinzalix 19 hours ago

    So you are the famous youtuber from my town everyone is talking about

  • violette johnson

    Egirlll lol

  • Lieanne Welch
    Lieanne Welch Day ago +1

    She’s such a mood I swear

  • Samantha Matland
    Samantha Matland 3 days ago

    Did anyone see the kid run across the background go to 6:13 to see

  • Omg Ezra
    Omg Ezra 3 days ago

    The whisper voice in the beginning

  • Cloouder N
    Cloouder N 4 days ago

    Girl I'm in 11th n I barely can afford a mc Donald's big Mac

  • Hunter FRASER
    Hunter FRASER 4 days ago +3

    is it just me looking for people commenting from her school

  • Sophia 59055905
    Sophia 59055905 4 days ago

    Love how she was very ready to pop the pimple 😂

  • xBaseballvibesx Vlogs

    I hate school

  • Panda_gaming 000
    Panda_gaming 000 4 days ago

    Bro the one kid who flipped off the camra

  • Brooklyn 0905
    Brooklyn 0905 4 days ago

    The heck, it’s a school and they don’t allow backpacks

    • Tinzalix
      Tinzalix 19 hours ago

      Yup, they don’t here for some stupid reason

  • Rebeca Negru
    Rebeca Negru 5 days ago +2

    watching this I realized how terrible is my life MISERABLE

  • vsco girl2345
    vsco girl2345 5 days ago +1

    i love you mya

  • Caroline Guidi
    Caroline Guidi 5 days ago

    Do an after school night routine please

  • Faiz Ariffin
    Faiz Ariffin 6 days ago

    "Well have fun paying that"😂😂😂😂

  • Laura Castro
    Laura Castro 6 days ago

    It's your mom

  • zBzaRx Pearl
    zBzaRx Pearl 6 days ago

    ‘peeing’😂😂 yeah right, that was your morning dump

  • rosario. k
    rosario. k 7 days ago

    What did she say in the beginning? I could not understand at all

  • hi pig
    hi pig 7 days ago

    I JUST REALIZED SOMETHING! in her q&a with her mother and sister she said who did she have her first kiss with, the answer was Cecil!!!! And in this video Cecil said a golf inspo quote at about 3:10

  • Ahmed AL_iraqi
    Ahmed AL_iraqi 8 days ago

    I like this school and amazing friend

  • Benny olson
    Benny olson 11 days ago

    We read that book

  • Benny olson
    Benny olson 11 days ago

    We did that same quiz this year in Prescott WI I’m in 9th grade

  • Hannah Zhou
    Hannah Zhou 11 days ago +1

    where did you get your socks?

  • Dila Celik
    Dila Celik 12 days ago

    Do you do homework or get homework ?😂

  • Zaina Jadalla
    Zaina Jadalla 13 days ago +1

    pls sub to me or I cry

  • Edithe Starr
    Edithe Starr 13 days ago

    When you go to that school now: 😳✌🏼

    • Edithe Starr
      Edithe Starr 13 days ago

      Harmony LO red wing high school.

    • Harmony LO
      Harmony LO 13 days ago

      Edithe Starr what skl is this

  • Ava Notch
    Ava Notch 14 days ago

    What school doesn’t allow backpacks

  • Manit Rastogi
    Manit Rastogi 15 days ago

    This feels so fun for me

  • Manit Rastogi
    Manit Rastogi 15 days ago

    Lol school in Asia are so shit

    AJANEE THA MEMELORD 15 days ago

    ur life if fr together if u were pajamas

  • salma bouchaf
    salma bouchaf 18 days ago

    go guys to the limits of 7:05

  • Rugerindinda Alice
    Rugerindinda Alice 18 days ago

    She does look like jenna ortega bit

  • Alivia Nelson
    Alivia Nelson 18 days ago

    “I like to dance to my blinker sometimes” 😅😅😅😅

  • Ana Duds
    Ana Duds 18 days ago

    Im Brazilian and when i see you driving i think omggggg in Brazil you can drive with 18 years old

  • Mr. Cat
    Mr. Cat 19 days ago

    .......I wish my school was like this.....our school is pretty boring...

    ..I mean...WTF

  • Jack Pizza
    Jack Pizza 20 days ago +1

    Who only eats the white of the egg ?

  • Cara Lou
    Cara Lou 21 day ago

    I only go to school twice a week and before I started going there I went to a tiny private school. So I’ve always wanted to see what a normal school looks likes. My parents might let me go just for a week

  • anon
    anon 21 day ago

    if u date me ill give you drugs

  • Olmo
    Olmo 21 day ago

    Very interesting. You should now show the negative aspects of your school. Is bullyng common at it?

  • Alxssa xKendrick
    Alxssa xKendrick 22 days ago

    my god england is so different 😂😂😂

  • Aziz Goode
    Aziz Goode 22 days ago

    When you drive please put your seat belt on

    CAREFULL CRASHES 22 days ago

    Are you a Taurus?

  • Xz6 Xz6
    Xz6 Xz6 23 days ago

    Boring asf

  • shoOk TEA
    shoOk TEA 24 days ago

    Small youtube here ✨

  • camruhn
    camruhn 24 days ago

    The mice of men worksheet 🥴🥴🥴

    ADIL AHNAF 24 days ago

    From Bangladesh

  • King Simba Gaming
    King Simba Gaming 25 days ago


  • ʍօօռɨɛ -
    ʍօօռɨɛ - 27 days ago

    Wait, you're allowed to eat in class ?

  • αмвεя
    αмвεя 29 days ago

    I Wish I went to American school I live in England and it’s awful

  • Gracie Moore
    Gracie Moore 29 days ago

    that’s so weird.... my name is gracie and her friends name is gracie and the movie they watched and work they were doing , i’m reading the book OMGG

  • Charleigh Kendal
    Charleigh Kendal 29 days ago

    George kills Lennie

  • Wrath !
    Wrath ! 29 days ago

    Wow you sound exactly like Alyssa Violet

  • Sandra M
    Sandra M Month ago

    How tf does she have time to chill her life and do her make up and stuff before going to school??? When I wake up I have exactly 25 minutes until I have to leave the house

  • Işıl Y
    Işıl Y Month ago

    bu okulsa bizimki tımarhane

  • Ashlyn Saladbar
    Ashlyn Saladbar Month ago +1

    “I like to dance to my blinker sometimes”
    Hahahahahhaahhaahhaahahha I laughed so hard at this

  • AlwaysAubrey
    AlwaysAubrey Month ago

    I wish mya’s mom is my mom

  • AlwaysAubrey
    AlwaysAubrey Month ago